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254 Putin Is Japanese Fen 29, 2012
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  Feb 29, 2012  #314
Japan's Conspiracy (254)

Putin Is Japanese

Russia has been full of conspiracies, too. Histories of conspiracy have come out one after another, and I can't find time to edit them. But as the Russian presidential election drew near, I dared to examine the political implications about Vladimir Putin. And some critical conspiracies have been exposed. Let me describe the gist of the result here.

The Russian calendar is confusing. In Russia, the Julian calendar had been used until 1918. And there are quite a few confusions even on the Wikipedia page. If you need some information about my calendar conversion process, please refer to this page.

House of Romanov Was Japanese Dynasty

The birthday of Michael Romanov, the first Russian Tsar of the house of Romanov, shared the same birthday with Japan's first shogun (de facto ruler of Japan) Minamoto no Yoritomo. And Michael also shared the same birthday with Minamoto no Yoriie, the second shogun following Yoritomo.

Mikhail I was elected unanimously as Tsar by a national assembly on February 11, 1613 in the Julian calendar. February 11 is Japan's National Foundation Day. In addition, Mikhail was crowned on July 22, 1613, sharing the same day with Minamoto no Yoriie.

Vladimir Putin Is Japanese

Putin's birthday is the 100th anniversary of the dispatch of a Russian expedition for Japan.

Nicholas I sends Yevfimy Putyatin to Japan in this expedition for trade negotiations. Putyatin leads a squadron of four ships including the Russian frigate Pallada. They arrive in Nagasaki on August 12, 1853.

But Putin and Putyatin look alike. Probably Putin is a descendant of Putyatin. Now that both the House of Romanov and Putyatin are Japanese descents, it is highly probable that Putin is Japanese descent.

Putin is well-known for his advanced-level of judo. He holds a black belt in judo. However the black belt is probably a parody on the coincidence between his birthday and the day of the first barcode patent issuance.
Vladimir Putin:
"80 to 85% Jews
in 1st Soviet Government."

Vladimir Putin's Long Shadow

Russia - Land Of The Tsars
Michael of Russia

Russia - Land Of The Tsars
Nicholas I

reference Stalin was Probably a camouflaged Japanese.
The birthdays of Yabe Sadanori and Joseph Stalin are puns
And their names (Yabe Sadanori and Joseph Stalin) are puns, too.
Tsar Nicholas II of Russia abdicated the Russian throne
in accordance with the Japanese history (March 15, 1917)
Nicholas's birthday was synchronized with the surrender
of the Tokugawa samurai government in Japan.
In other words, there were neither ideological, economic,
nor political reasons for the Russian Revolution
and the revolution was a mere historical parody
The coincidence of the birthdays of Putin and Medvedev strongly insinuates
that they are Japanese descents. In fact both of them are short-legged
Assassination of Alexander Litvinenko Bombing of Train in Russia
Japanese Secret Funds to the Russian Revolution Putin and Japanese Judo L'Aquila Summit

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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