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196 Mt. Pinatubo Eruption was Revenge against US Dec 14, 2009
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199 Effect-cause Reversal Conspiracy Dec 25, 2009
200 Artificial Eruptions in Japan (3) Jan 7, 2010
201 Coming of Age Day Jan 11, 2010
202 US-Japan Alliance Talks and Haiti Earthquake Jan 14, 2010
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204 Shimazu Clan and Japan's Conspiracy (2) Feb 2, 2010
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  Dec 14, 2009  #256
Japan's Conspiracy (196)

Mt. Pinatubo Eruption was Revenge against US

It is obvious that Mt. Pinatubo eruption was an artificial eruption. Though I have not described my investigation about it, I have had several experiences with regard to the artificial eruption. But I have put off the story about the investigation as I thought it was not yet persuasive enough. However, now that the negotiations between Japan and the US about the US bases in Okinawa have been increasingly alarming, I outline the investigation here.

The eruption conspiracy is rather complicated and I only list the fact-based story. I don't have enough time.


Japan instigated volcanic eruptions at Mt. Unzen and Mt. Pinatubo.

On June 3, 1991, Mt. Unzen erupted violently. A pyroclastic flow reached 4.5 kilometers from the crater and claimed the lives of 43 scientists and journalists. The eruption date was arranged in accordance with the US tactical plan on the Battle of Saipan, Outline Campaign Plan GRANITE II of June 3, 1944.
Mt. Pinatubo Explosion

Battle of Saipan
On the other hand, soon after Unzen's eruption, Mt. Pinatubo escalated its volcanic activities. On June 15, 1991, Pinatubo's eruption became climactic. There was more to it than that. Japan had prepared Typhoon Yunya to accumulate the impact. On the same day, Typhoon Yunya struck the island of Luzon. Hundreds have died from poor sanitation in relocation camps. Agriculture in the region also suffered badly from the effects of the eruption.

I wondered why there are no pictures on the day about the disaster. But I got it. The impact was so huge that few people could get good views and take pictures.

Clark Air Base and U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay, which were located at the foot of Mt. Pinatubo, were later closed following extensive damage. The bases were transferred to the Philippine government on November 26, 1991, after the United States decided to depart earlier than scheduled.

In fact, June 15 when Mt. Pinatubo erupted was the day when the US Navy forces had began landings in the Battle of Saipan (June 15, 1944).

In addition, both Mt. Pinatubo and Saipan Island (Northern Mariana Island) are located on the northern latitude of 15 degrees.

Japan carries out simultaneous terrorism in different regions on the same latitude. On February 8, 1904, Japan attacked Port Arthur and Baltimore simultaneously.

Why does Japan carry out such egregious conspiracy?
effects of ash fall
on a plane

Typhoon Yunya hit
the island
on the same day
Conspiracy originally has a distinctive feature. In consideration of the risk of being exposed, ending in failure becomes a disaster. In order to prevent such a blunder, the secret operation unit tries to arrange the most effective circumstances. In the Japanese conspiracy, they have a particular strategy for this arrangement.

I have already explained some unique strategies, but let me explain the "effect-cause reversal conspiracy" here. This conspiracy is so complicated that I have come up with no suitable phrase other than the "effect-cause reversal conspiracy", with which I try to talk about the unique strategy.

Effect-cause Reversal Conspiracy

Personally, I have been harassed by the effect-cause reversal conspiracy. But it took more than 10 years for me to realize the unique strategy in the conspiracy. The strategy is very complicated and including a variety of forms, but let me talk about one simple example below.
When I go out, organized stalkers harass me everywhere. But the harassment does not always occur but it occurs at random. The randomness increases the psychological damage all the more.

When I go shopping at a supermarket, organized stalkers harass me mostly around the cash register and on my way back to the parking area. But there is a good reason for that timing.

The possibility of fighting them back, protesting them or calling the police is lower in this case as I am in a hurry for home. I usually ignore their harassment in that case. However, the scenario gives the stalkers a psychological victory while it gives me a psychological defeat. Generally speaking, repeated harassment in this strategy gradually affects the victim's psychology.

Thus, the organized stalkers try to create the special circumstances in which I am apparently a loser running away from them even if I am simply moving on my way home.

US Forces Brought up Withdrawal Plan Earlier

Some media reported that the US forces had withdrawn due to the damage caused by the eruption and the typhoon. But the fact was opposite. Before the eruption, the US forces had proposed their withdrawal plan to the Philippine government. The reason was the fall of the Soviet Union and the subsequent decreasing need for the military deployment in the region.

Japan Views US Base Relocation as Opportunity for Conspiracy

Lately Japan has been provoking the US government with regard to the relocation of US bases. It is obviously an intentional plot. Japan wants to make sure that the US forces will leave Japan something like an underdog some day. For that purpose, Japan is creating favorable circumstances for the future conspiracy. In short, Japan doesn't want to see the US forces smiling in happy faces when they leave Japan. What a contemptible story.
Mt. Pinatubo and Saipan
on the northern latitude
of 15 degrees

Japanese military
command post

Unzen eruption (1)

Unzen eruption (2)

Mayon Volcano( map)

This Time Mayon Volcano's Artificial Eruption (added on December 16, 2009)

Now, one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the Philippines has escalated its volcanic activities. Lava cascades down the slopes of the volcano in Legazpi city, Albay province, about 310 miles south of Manila, at dawn Dec. 15, 2009. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has raised its alert level to three on a scale of five. Three thousand families who live at the foot of Mayon Volcano in Albay had been evacuated and moved to safer grounds.

Mayon's almost perfectly-shaped cone is considered by many people to be more beautiful than Mt. Fuji in Japan. But Japan attempts to destroy the beauty of volcanoes in other countries. And Japan always says, "Beautiful Japan".

reference Egyptian businessman and politician Naguib Sawiris is probably Japanese descendant.
But he is probably a blood relative of the Japanese imperial clan

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  Dec 18, 2009  #257
Japan's Conspiracy (197)

Artificial Eruptions in Japan (1)

I talked about Japanese artificial eruption in the previous page. And let me describe Sakurajima here. I have been personally convinced of the artificial eruption of Sakurajima. However, as I had not its enough evidence, I have been hesitating to summarize it.

But now that there have been quite a few evidences accumulated and COP 15 is currently underway, I try to prove the artificial eruption of Sakurajima by explaining the story I have so far summed up.

Sakurajima's 1914 Eruption was Artificial Eruption
Sakurajima eruption
(October 2009) 
Sakurajima's 1914 eruption was the most powerful in twentieth-century Japan. The eruption began on 11 January. Though I realized that the eruption marked the subsequent World War I, I didn't know the meaning of the date "January 11". But recently I have finally solved the riddle by checking the Japanese calendar.

The eruption began on January 11, 1944, which was December 16 according to the Japanese traditional lunar calendar. Mt. Fuji had erupted on December 16, 1707 (Hoei crater). Sakurajima's eruption was obviously a date pun. At that time, Japanese traditional lunar calendar was not officially used, yet it was used among ordinary people. And the Japanese calendar was often used for the conspiracy (reference).

I have explained quite a few examples of puns that are made in reference to the Japanese calendar (reference).

Astronomical Observatory was Volcano Observatory

Sakurajima erupted on November 8, 1779. It is said that an astronomical observatory was built on the opposite shore of the volcano in November 1779. But it is unnatural that an astronomical observatory was built on the shore and it was built almost coincidentally with the eruption. So, I believe that the real purpose of the observatory was not the astronomical research but the research on volcanic activities of Sakurajima.

And I suspect that the eruption in 1779 was also an artificial eruption.

Sakurajima was Originally Beautiful Volcano

According to paintings of Sakurajima in the Edo period, it is obvious that the volcano was originally a beautiful mountain like Mt. Fuji though it was not a perfect cone-shaped volcano. Generally speaking, today's Sakurajima is somewhat unusual. The summit of the volcano is jagged and rough. I think that the somewhat ugly feature of the volcano has been created as the result of the long period of volcanic activities.

Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University
Sakurajima eruption in 1914 that was viewed from Kagoshima City which is located on the opposite shore of the volcano

Mount Fuji, showing the Hoei crater

painting of Sakurajima
in 1815

Though I read the site, I could hardly get related information about Sakurajima. It includes pages on Sakurajima's volcanic activities, but the linkage is too complicated to get the needed information.

The Japanese government is suspected of creating artificial eruptions. I demand a complete information disclosure. Apart from research organizations, other organizations such as the Self-Defense Forces may engage in such activities. Complete investigation is absolutely necessary.

First of all, scientific research on nature should be carried out by local researchers. They have enough information about climate, geography and history in the region. Researchers who work for universities that have nothing to do with Kagoshima region and work in Kagoshima for a short period of time in turns will not achieve a good and useful result. Far from it. In consideration of the fact that Kyoto University has the research institute in Sakurajima for no reason, it cannot be denied that they are secretly doing vicious things.

Name of Kyoto symbolizes Exploitation of Kagoshima

The name of Kyoto is really insulting. Kyoto University supported the Japanese Red Army. Some of its members such as Fusako Shigenobu are said to be from Kagoshima. But people in Kagoshima are conservative and humble. I have never met extremists in my region. Far from it. I have met many crazy extremists in other regions in Japan. I occasionally see right-wing extremists in Kagoshima, but they are obviously from other regions.

In agriculture, Kyoto has systematically exploited Kagoshima for many years. Green tea is one example.

Kazuo Inamori is the founder of Kyocera Corporation. He is from Kagoshima. But it is a little bit unusual for a person from Kagoshima to establish a company in Kyoto with the name of Kyocera which is the abbreviation of "Kyoto ceramic" and to build a factory in Kagoshima. Inamori's family has a bizarre history in their ancestors. Let me talk about it later.

Shimadzu Corporation is based in Kyoto, although "Shimazu" symbolizes Kagoshima. In Japan many people speak of their ancestors and family origins, but most of them are untenable. This company should disclose full information about the name of the company. An extreme cult-like organization, Buraku Liberation League, has repeated blackmailing and exploitation in Kagoshima, but it is said that their black money was sent to Kyoto. There are more similar examples.

Why is it Kyoto?

This strategy represents the feature of the Tokugawa shogunate. Since the first shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, established the samurai government, the Japanese government has let people they don't like bully another people they also don't like.

As the result, both people have exhausted their manpower, money and resources. And Tokugawa people takes advantage of this conflict. The situation is something like the situation of three dogs in which two dogs fight for a bone and the third run away with it.

Samurai didn't like court nobles in Kyoto. On the other hand, samurai in Tokyo hated people in Kagoshima. They regarded Ainu and people in Kagoshima as aliens. In fact, people in Kagoshima were quite different from ordinary Japanese particularly in speaking words. The Tokugawa shogunate has exterminated Ainu. They are yet attempting to exterminate people in Kagoshima, for sure.

Their strategy is very long. They can wait for generations with ease.

Tokugawa Ieyasu initiated the attempt to exterminate Kagoshima people.

There have been quite a few examples of attempting to exterminate Kagoshima people. Today, people in managerial positions in most organizations in Kagoshima are those who were masterminded and were sent to Kagoshima by the Tokyo government.

I want to tell those vicious people to go home away from Kagoshima right away. Let me describe the detail later.

reference 1914 Sakurajima eruption was an artificial eruption instigated
by the Japanese government. It was really a playful and insidious provocation
Eruption of Mount St. Helens And Gwangju Democratization Movement
Eruption of Mount Vesuvius And Olympics Mt. Pinatubo Eruption was Revenge against US
Suspicious Eruption of Mount Fuji

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  Dec 23, 2009  #258
Japan's Conspiracy (198)

Artificial Eruptions in Japan (2)

I talked about artificial eruptions of Mt. Sakurajima. And I try to explain on this page the reason why artificial eruptions are carried out.

Japan's Obsession with Explosives is Unusual

In the early 17th century, Japan had the most guns in the world. It is not true that Japan closed its door to the outside world nor that guns went out of production in the early 17th century. Instead gun production was completely under the control of the Japanese samurai government. The Tokugawa shogunate organized gun squads. Guns were produced at a village near Kyoto something like today's high-tech complex.

Suspicious Eruption of Mount Fuji

Sakurajima's 1914 eruption was an artificial eruption in commemoration of the eruption of Mt. Fuji. If that's the case, Mt. Fuji's 1707 eruption was also the artificial eruption. Then, another conspiracy is revealed.

On January 30,1703, the Japanese samurai government concocted
a dramatic revenge killing. The date was arranged in accordance
with the execution of Charles I of England that occurred on
January 30,1649. In the same year, on December 31, 1703
(November 23,1703), a big earthquake occurred around
Edo (today's Tokyo). The earthquake was suspicious. It must
have been an artificial earthquake. Because, exactly four years
later according to the Japanese calendar, on December 16, 1707
(November 23,1707), a large-scale eruption occurred at Mt.

At that time, there were quite a few dramatic incidents. Most of them are suspicious. One conspicuous example was "Edicts on Compassion for Living Things".
Historically speaking, Japan has had two central authorities mostly all the time. Today, the Emperor is technically the head of state in japan, while the de facto national leader is the prime minister.

From 1192 to 1867, some lines of hereditary military dictators relegated the emperors to a position of purely theoretical supremacy. Those dictators were called Shogun in Japanese.
Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi was in office from 1680 to 1709. He was called "the Dog Shogun" because of his excessive animal protection. He prohibited killing animals and confused many people. But I believe that this funny policy was one version of the effect-cause reversal conspiracy.

The animal protection edicts were not necessarily released to make animals happier. But they were released to delude all the people into thinking that the shogun would not kill people by artificial disasters.

People are apt to regard animal philanthropists as pacifists. The samurai government tried to create such a reputation prior to the coming artificial eruptions and earthquakes. Their way of thinking is very similar to that of today's Japanese government, which initiated the Kyoto Protocol.

Edicts on Compassion for Living Things

By the way, it is said that Japanese lost the habit of eating dog meat to some extent around the 18th century. Today, few Japanese eat dog meat. Japan imported 5 tons of dog meat from China in 2008.

Gunpowder Plot

Tokugawa Ieyasu took over Osaka Castle on November 15, 1599. At that time, Osaka was temporarily the capital of Japan. In England, the Gunpowder Plot occurred on November 15, 1605. In consideration of the continuing Japanese conspiracies, it cannot be denied that Japan had something to do with the plot.

Eruptions of Mt. Fuji and Mt. Sakurajima
Teppogumi Hyakunintai
demonstration in Tokyo (1)

Teppogumi Hyakunintai
demonstration in Tokyo (2)

guardhouse of Edo Castle
(Tokyo Imperial Palace)

Mount Fuji, showing
the Hoei crater

picture of Mt. Sakurajima
in 1815

Kagoshima City was covered by deep ash during the 1914 eruption of Sakurajima volcano, in the distance across the bay.

The Japanese samurai government carried out the research and experiment on artificial earthquakes and artificial eruptions. In the beginning, it was the succession of trial and error. And they finally arrived at the goal. It was the eruption of Mt. Fuji in 1707. But in fact the samurai government was surprised at the big crater that was created by the eruption. Then they decided to carry out further experiments on artificial eruptions at Sakurajima which was located in Kagoshima, in which people they hated most lived. The Japanese government has been carrying out artificial eruptions at the volcano until today.

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  Dec 25, 2009  #259
Japan's Conspiracy (199)

Effect-cause Reversal Conspiracy

The "effect-cause reversal conspiracy" is a pattern of Japan's conspiracy. I explained one example on page 196. We see a variety version of this kind of conspiracy every day. Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama's fake campaign donation scandal is currently being reported by the media. But in fact this is a good example of the effect-cause reversal conspiracy. The problem is not the donation-related deception, but the fake news itself. Japan's conspiracy is really beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Hatoyama Administration at End of Rope
Protest against the security
treaty between US and Japan
Hatoyama administration is at the end of the rope. In fact the problem is neither the donation-related scandal nor the unlawful political donations within his party. Domestic issues can be dealt with at ease through the media control and the manipulation of public opinion. But the problem is that the US government is demanding the execution of the 2006 agreement to relocate the US base in Okinawa. Now, the US government will possibly demand the resignation of Hatoyama as prime minister. Possibly, the US government is suspicious of Pinatubo's eruptions.

This situation is very similar to the situation in which the then prime minister Nobusuke Kishi resigned amidst growing public furor over the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan in 1960.
At that time, Kishi was actually driven into resignation by the US. The US government didn't tell him to resign, but told him that the result will be serious unless the treaty is concluded.

At that time, the Japanese high economic growth would have been stalled if the US had looked the other way. This time, yet the situation has not changed.
The Japanese backdoor imperial headquarters never hoped that people in and around Japan would think that Kishi had bowed to the US pressure, although the resignation itself was an easy matter. And the backdoor headquarters mobilized a lot of demonstrators around the Diet building just before Kishi actually resigned. Technically speaking, Kishi resigned to take responsibility for the turmoil. It was an "effect-cause reversal conspiracy".

Fabricating Events without Hesitation

A lot of protesters around the Diet building was a fabrication. The government and the police ignored the escalating disturbances until the number of demonstrators reached 330,000. Then, the police began to jostle each other with the demonstrators in front of them. It was a fabrication that was created for reporting the dramatic turmoil around the government buildings. Generally speaking, demonstrators can be dispersed from behind at ease. There must have been enough number of riot police in Tokyo.

Another Strange French Word

The hand-in-hand demonstration (picture right) is called "French Demostration" in Japan. Believe it or not, there are quite a few strange borrowed words in Japan. This word represents Japan's obsession with the French Revolution and Napoleon very well.

Another June 15

The day when the demonstrators clashed with the riot police was June 15, when the US Navy forces had began landings in the Battle of Saipan in 1944. Japan really toys with dates. Recently former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told a strange story at a round-table talk.
Mr. Hatoyama said he felt a 'deep responsibility'

330,000 demonstrators
in the 1960 protest


demonstrators clashing
with the riot police

At that time Abe was five years old. When the antigovernment demonstration reached its climax, he was running around, with a hard hat, pretending to be the demonstrators, in the house of his grandfather, the then Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi. And he was chided by his grandmother for the mischief. Families of Japanese politicians are something like this. Even their grandsons know that demonstrations are fake.

The antigovernment demonstration in 1960 included other conspiracies. Let me talk about them later.

Hatoyama Ready to Resign

The Japanese imperial headquarters consist of bureaucrats, who try to do everything in perfect order. Sometimes their wariness backfires. Yet, they are fully prepared.

They don't need to end the Hatoyama administration. They are just preparing for the US demand for the resignation. If the US becomes serious, the Japanese headquarters will end the Hatoyama administration just because of the domestic scandal. Then, they will grin at the amazement of the US. This is one of Japan's unique strategies.

Another Japan's purpose is to give a signal to the US, indicating that the prime minister is ready to resign and that the US intimidation is no problem at all.

This kind of Japanese strategy is too complicated to understand with an explanation. So, I am going to explain it as many times as I can.

reference The massive protest against the security treaty between Japan and the US
was a parody commemorating the ratification of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce
between the United States and Japan 100 years ago

The story didn't stop there. The Great Chilean Earthquake,
the most powerful earthquake ever recorded, occurred on the same day

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  January 7, 2009  #260
Japan's Conspiracy (200)

Artificial Eruptions in Japan (3)

Since I was a child, I have thought that the eruption of Mt. Sakurajima can be controllable. But I simply thought that it would be controlled in the future and I never thought that the eruption had been already controlled.

I was born and brought up in Kagoshima City which is located in front of Mt. Sakurajima across the bay. I was trapped by the stereotypical views of Mt. Sakurajima (picture 2). Once in a while, I looked at the volcano from different locations when I took an excursion, but I mostly ignored its different views. When I became an adult, I had a doubt about the different features of Mt. Sakurajima.

When the volcano was viewed from the North, it was a cone-shaped volcano (picture 1), compared to the trapezoidal shape which was viewed from the West (picture 2). At that time I believed that the different shapes from different angles would be explained from the viewpoint of natural circumstances. And the doubt remained at the back of my mind.

Most Unsightly View from Front

Generally speaking, we have an emotional attachment to a view which we have seen since we were children even if the view is unsightly. Nevertheless, if the unsightly view has been created by malicious artificial eruptions, it is a whole different story.
Craters of Mt. Sakurajima are situated abreast on the top in a row at a right angle to Kagoshima City Hall (and Shiroyama Observatory, behind) (map 3, map 4). The angle is too perfect to be created by natural volcanic activities.
It takes many years to deform a big volcano artificially and secretly. And craters of Mt. Sakurajima have been arranged in order to create the most unsightly views from the main observatory at Kagoshima City. The result is that craters on the top of Mt. Sakurajima are now situated abreast at a right angle to the observatory. The arrangement must have been the most effective deformation.

Once Beautiful Cone-shaped Volcano

There are few old images of Mt. Sakurajima in the Internet. But let me take one image (painting 5). Though some old paintings are fake, I think that the painting is genuine.

Looking at the picture 1 carefully, I see the old ridge lines of the volcano. The image 6 is a composite image of the volcano. You can guess the old image of the volcano.

Suspicious Explanations about Origin of Name of Mt. Sakurajima

The Japanese Wikipedia indicates three stories about the origin of the name of Mt. Sakurajima. But neither of them gives any satisfaction. Generally speaking, when the Japanese Wikipedia is hard put to give explanations, there are often serious lies around the explanations.

But the Wikipedia indicates a historical fact. Shimazu Tsunataka, the samurai lord of Satsuma Domain, issued an edict and officially unified the name of Mt. Sakurajima in 1698.

The history of Shimazu Clan is very important to understand the history of Kagoshima. Let me talk about it later.
NBCNews.com July 25, 2012
Mt. Sakurajima erupts
in Japan

1. view of Mt. Sakurajima
   (from the North)

2. map of Mt. Sakurajima
Google Map

3. map of the summit
of Mt. Sakurajima

4.  painting of Mt.   .
Sakurajima in 1815

5. image of Mt. Sakurajima
from Kagoshima City
(from the West)
(with old ridge lines)

reference Artificial Eruptions in Japan (1) Artificial Eruptions in Japan (2)

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  Jan 11, 2010  #261
Japan's Conspiracy (201)

Coming of Age Day

Today is Coming of Age Day in Japan. But Japanese are a little confused about the date. Probably their awareness about national holidays has dwindled. But possibly the introduction of the Happy Monday System has accelerated their apathy toward the holidays.

I am going to talk about the strange relations between Napoleon and Japan. The story is based on the history, and I try to describe a hypothesis something like a novel.

Ambition to Dominate World

Previous investigations have been revealing that Japanese ambition to dominate the world is derived from Tokugawa Ieyasu. Napoleon Bonaparte was an epoch-making figure in their conspiracy.

Napoleon and French Revolution

Napoleon was born into a family of Japanese descendants on
August 15, 1769 ( July 14, 1769 in the Japanese calendar ).
Japan decided to carry out the revolution on the day of Napoleon's twentieth birthday. In hope that future generations would recognize its historical record, Japan ordered its revolutionary
squad to carry out the revolution onJuly 14, 1789.

World War II

Japan was preoccupied with puns on the French history during and around World war II.
Martin Luther King Jr.

Japan celebrates
'Coming of Age Day' image

Tokugawa Ieyasu - Shogun

Napoleon image

Rio de Janeiro's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue commemorates
both the Mongol Invasions of Japan and the birth of Martin Luther King, JR.

It is obvious that Japan is the mastermind of everything

It is highly probable that Martin Luther King, Jr. was Japanese
and that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is the American-style Coming-of-Age Day.

The first Coming-of-Age Day was celebrated in Japan on January 15, 1949,
which was King's 20th birthday.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed a bill creating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
on November 2, 1983. But the signing coincided with the new Constitution
in South Africa in the Japanese calendar

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  Jan 14, 2010  #262
Japan's Conspiracy (202)

US-Japan Alliance Talks and Haiti Earthquake

There was an earthquake in Haiti. But I instinctively thought it was Japan's conspiracy. I investigated the time, and it was coincidental. At that time, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada had just finished their critical talks at a Honolulu hotel. Let me describe a hypothesis in the novelistic form.

Japan's Ultimate Goal is Full Pullout of US Troops

Japan's ultimate goal is the full pullout of the US troops. The pullout should not be a triumphant return home but a miserable return home. In fact, Japan's tactic at the US military's withdrawal from the Philippines was successful. Japan aspires to achieve the same success in Okinawa.
Haiti earthquake footage
never seen before image
In 2009, Japan's general headquarters decided to replace the unpopular ruling Liberal Democratic Party with the opposition Democratic Party of Japan in the general election. But in this process, the headquarters pursued its maximum national interest. The headquarters added their own policy to the election manifesto of the DPJ.
Although most Japanese voters were apathetic to election manifestos, they rejected the ruling LDP. However, although most people were not interested in the opposition DPJ's manifesto, the DPJ said, "Now that we have won the election, we are going to implement our manifesto." The manifesto included the pullout of the US troops from Okinawa.
Japan's Delaying Tactics

On December 3, Hatoyama said that the Futenma relocation plan would be determined the next year. The US government responded immediately. On December 4, U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos, with anger, rebuked Japanese Foreign Minister Okada and Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa.

The US has increased pressure on Japan over the US base relocation issues in Okinawa. It was reported that Clinton summoned Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki without previous notice. Kurt M. Campbell, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, was present in the talks.

To tell the truth, Ichiro Fujisaki is a great-great-grandson of Ito Hirobumi, an outstanding samurai in the modernization of Japan.

Unreasonable Japanese Initiative in Negotiations

On January 5, Administrative Vice Foreign Minister Mitoji Yabunaka met with Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg in Washington. Yabunaka told reporters that the two governments were finalizing the schedule of the foreign ministerial talks. And the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, on January 7, that Japan-US foreign ministerial talks would be held in Hawaii the next week.

At 8:30 AM on January 12, Clinton met with Japan's foreign minister Okada at the Marriott Ihilani Resort in Hawaii. They talked about relocating a US base in Okinawa. At 10:25 AM, they ended the talks without reaching any particular agreements. Clinton headed to the US Pacific Command, and then she visited Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial at 11:35 AM.

However, just after the visit of Pearl Harbor, her mobile phone suddenly rang. It was an emergency message from the Whitehouse. There was a big earthquake at Haiti.

local time of Haiti Earthquake
region local time time differences
London January 12, 9:53 AM UTC+0
Haiti January 12, 4:53 PM UTC-5
Hawaii January 12, 11:53 AM UTC-10
Japan January 13, 6:53 AM UTC+9

Clinton Scraps Australia Trip Because Of Earthquake

Clinton delivered her major policy address at the East-West Center to an invite-only crowd of 150 people including Governor Linda Lingle. But because of the deteriorating situation in Haiti, she decided to cancel her trip to Papua-New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia.

It's been 25 years since a U.S. Secretary of State has come to Hawaii. Although her visit to Hawaii had been supposed to get a lot of media coverage, it was almost dwarfed by the Haiti Earthquake.

Japan believes that it has given a blow to the US. This kind of strategy is one of the Effect-cause Reversal Conspiracies, which I have already explained.
In hope of creating a situation in which it looks like Clinton runs away to the homeland, Japan instigated an artificial earthquake in Haiti, which is located far east from Hawaii. She did not run away but she actually moved toward the opposite direction of Japan. There was more to it than that. Haiti was a special place for Clinton and her husband, former US president Bill Clinton. They have a long involvement with Haiti, where they spent their honeymoon.

Persistent and Blatant Clinton Bashing

I have described some examples of Japan's Clinton bashing. If you read some pages below, you will understand the Japanese conspiracies to some extent.
Hillary Clinton and Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada on
September 2009

JW Marriott Ihilani Resort and Spa

U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos at Tokyo on December 4

Japanese Ambassador to the US
Ichiro Fujisaki

US Deputy Secretary of State
James Steinberg

Kurt M. Campbell and Mitoji Yabunaka at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 2009

January 12

Finally, I investigated the date. Why did Japan instigate the disaster on January 12?

I was not a little surprised. The day was the day when Mt. Sakurajima in my region erupted in 1914. I have just written about Japan's conspiracy with the eruption in the previous pages.

Strictly speaking, the eruption occurred on January 11, 1914. And the English Wikipedia rightly describes it. But strangely enough, most Japanese books say, and also Japanese Wikipedia indicates, that it occurred on January 12, 1914. Probably the Japanese government hopes that nobody will detect their date puns.

reference Japan gave soft serve ice cream to Haitian dictator Baby Doc.

The history of Haiti shows evidence of Japan's secret colonization.
Japan's related history also reveals the ugly attitude
of the Japanese imperial clan against their slaves.
The birthday of Deputy Prime Minister of Japan Katsuya Okada is
the 100th anniversary of the day when Matthew C. Perry,
the Commodore of the U.S. Navy, visited Japan (July 14, 1853).
Perry was Japanese descent. They look alike.
So, Okada is probably Perry's Descendant
Intimidating Hillary supporters to the Last Death of Sir Edmund Hillary
Hillary Clinton Neglected Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

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Japan's Conspiracy (203)

Shimazu Clan and Japan's Conspiracy (1)

The Shimazu clan have a longer history than other samurai clans. But I talk about the history specifically with regard to Japan's conspiracy here. Even today, there are quite a few prominent people in the Shimazu clan. And my comments may include their privacy, but I dare to add important comments. Some of them are working in public offices or prominent organizations. Their impact on the Japanese politics and history is yet huge.

I have no prejudice against people of high birth. I believe that people should be evaluated by their personality and by their deeds. But I would like to give an enormous credit to those who have kept their great ancestors' historical record.

Qin Shi Huang and Cross Emblem of Shimazu Clan

Shimazu clan is said to be descendants of Hata clan. Hata is the Japanese reading of the Chinese (state and dynasty) name 秦 given to the Qin Dynasty, and given to their descendants established in Japan. The notion that the Hata clan were among the Lost Tribes of Israel is central to the writings of various contemporary Japanese antiquarians. There are tantalizing indications that the Hata were Semitic or Central Asian in origin.

Most serious scholars have not jumped to the conclusion that some ancient Japanese were definitely Jewish, or among the Lost Tribes. Nevertheless, given a lot of historical fabrications in Japan, it is worthwhile to examine their history further. History between Japanese and Jews is profound. Saint Francis Xavier, a Catholic missionary belonging to the Society of Jesus, chose Kagoshima for their first visit to Japan. It is said that he regarded the cross emblem of the Shimazu clan as the symbol of Christianity. I could not agree more.

Renowned Shimazu Clan

The Shimazu clan is renowned for the loyalty of its retainers and officers, especially from the 15th to the 17th century. Some retainer families were determined to defeat any opposition to help expand the power of the Shimazu clan. The Shimazu are also famous for being the first to use firearms (arquebuses) on the battlefield in Japan, and began domestic production of the weapons as well. They were one of the most powerful clans in Japan at that time.

I have no personal relationship with the Shimazu. I am not indebted to them. Instead, I bear them ill will because of Japan's conspiracy. But I have to express my respect for some Shimazu lords, nonetheless. Unfortunately, however, after marriages with Tokugawa families, court noble families and other local samurai lord families, the Shimazu clan gradually lost their characteristics. In the latter part, their history became boring. It is regrettable, but probably there was no alternatives for them to survive.

One Riddle was Answered
original family crest of the Shimazu clan

Shimazu Yoshihiro
(Ijuin Station)

Shimazu Nariakira

Nobuhisa Shimazu
(picture left)

I am going to talk about the history of the Shimazu clan with regard to Japan's conspiracy in the following pages. But let me describe here the conspiracy against me which I happened to find during the investigation.

When I was young, I was transferred to Tokyo, by the company I worked for, for the job training program. I shared a dormitory room with a worker of a different company from other region. It was my first experience to live under one roof with people from distant regions. The roommate was a worker from Akita Prefecture. And the group leader of the job training was a worker from Tottori Prefecture. But I never thought there was a reason for the combination. In addition to that, one of my classmates in high school, who graduated from one of the most prestigious universities, the University of Tokyo, was transferred to Akita as soon as he became a government worker.

This time, I knew that some Shimazu lords married the daughters of samurai lords from Tottori and Akita Prefectures during the samurai period. And I realized that, even today, a nationwide samurai system works very well. Even the combination of mere workers is determined in compliance with the history of the related samurai lords. Unfortunately, however, almost all the ordinary people are unaware of the secret conspiracy.
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Japan's Conspiracy (204)

Shimazu Clan and Japan's Conspiracy (2)

The reason why I am concerned with the Shimazu clan is that the Tokugawa shogunate's conspiracy against the Shimazu clan was a little paranoid. The Tokugawa shogunate was a feudal regime of Japan established by Tokugawa Ieyasu and ruled by the shoguns of the Tokugawa family. The Tokugawa shogunate ruled Japan from 1603 until 1868.

But the conspiracy against the Shimazu clan was very similar to Japan's conspiracies in modern times.

So, let me talk about the Shimazu clan with regard to Japan's conspiracy. And I would like you to watch an intriguing story in the video right. I translated the Japanese explanation into English in the same page.
Battle of Sekigahara in 1600

Shimazu Yoshihiro

I investigated the history of the Tokugawa shogunate with regard to European history. Through the investigation, I happened to find some conspiracies against the Shimazu clan. Among them, conspiracies against Shimazu Yoshihiro was particularly acrimonious. So, let me talk about Shimazu Yoshihiro, at first.

His history is conspicuous. Among the Shimazu clan, I respect him the most. The reason is as follows.
  1. His historical records include even unfavorable events against him. I trust those records all the more.

  2. At that time, betrayal was common among samurai warriors. But the four brothers including Yoshihiro were always united. In fact, although some enemies abetted Yoshihiro to betray his elder brother, he was utterly unmoved.

  3. He was merciful to his enemies, too. At every bloodiest battlefield, he built monuments not only for his dead soldiers but also for the dead enemy soldiers.

  4. His stories include fantastic episodes.
    He cherished a horse. The horse once kneeled down at the battlefield when an enemy soldier tried to pierce Yoshihiro with a spear. The horse actually saved him. He rode the horse only at the battlefield. The horse lived longer. When the horse died, Yoshihiro built a tomb for the horse. The horse was particularly well-known among samurai soldiers.

Shimazu Yoshihiro

statue of Shimazu Yoshihiro in front of JR Ijuin Station
In his later years, Yoshihiro retired to the country and dedicated himself to educating youth. He died at the age of 83. However, 13 of his samurai retainers followed him by killing themselves though the cluster suicide was particularly prohibited. I think this story is quite natural in the light of his integrity. I have never heard of such a story other than him in Japan.

He suffered from senile dementia. But whenever his retainers blew a conch shell trumpet, he always remembered the battlefield and returned to his senses. He was a great hero, but he was a human being to the last.

He was a devoted husband, too. He sent a letter to his wife from a battlefield in Korean Peninsula. He wrote, "I have been fighting for 3 years here. This is because I love you and my children. I can't stop crying when I think of my children's future in case I die. You have many children and I hope you will thrive for your children. Rather than chanting a Buddhist sutra 10,000 times for me, it will make me happier."

Honorable Spirit of Kagoshima

Through the investigation on Japan's conspiracy, I have reached the honorable spirit of Kagoshima. When I happened to read the article about three Satsuma creeds, "Don't lose, don't tell a lie and don't bully the weak," I thought that they were the same as my sense of value. For the first time, I knew that it was derived from Kagoshima's unique educational system, goju, toward the end of the 16th century and is said to have influenced the foundation of the Scout Association. I am not a traditionalist who speaks of Japanese chivalry, but such a spirit is completely in my blood.

Today, the sense of value in the Japanese imperial headquarters is quite opposite. Their three creeds are probably, "To lose is to win.", "deception is the ultimate national interest," and "Bullying the weak is the best policy."

Well, let me stop here and talk about the main story in the next page.
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