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  Aug 14, 2009  #228
Japan's Conspiracy (168)

Japanese Politicians

Above the Japanese government, another government (hereinafter referred to as the “Imperial General Headquarters”) towers gallantly. This situation has continued since the Edo period (1603-1868). This organization has been kept secret behind the stage.

Japanese Diet members are actors on the stage at the General Headquarters' theater. An election candidate must get a General Headquarters' certification beforehand. Adult Japanese are qualified to run for the election, for sure. But they also know that they would be bullied in some ways, if they were to run for the election without the qualification.

All the legislators including ruling party politicians, opposition party politicians and independent politicians have been qualified by the General Headquarters. Recently, a unique political phenomenon has been touted as "Koizumi theater".
Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa was drunk at a Group of Seven press briefing in Rome on February 14, 2009. Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa looked down at him. image

But this hoopla has been created just because the traditional Japanese fraud has been exposed and just for the purpose of confusing innocent or naive (excuse me) foreigners and foreign governments.

Office of Prime Minister

Generally speaking, governments cherish their historic office buildings. It is natural if they admire their predecessors' achievements. But we don't see such attitudes among Japanese politicians.

Particularly, the office of the Japanese prime minister is ugly. It was completed in 2002. When I saw the building for the first time, I thought it was a warehouse of a delivery company.
Nowadays famous Japanese architects are mostly incompetent. I live in Kagoshima City. The prefectural office building in my region was completed in 1996. But when I saw the building from the bay for the first time, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was very grotesque.

Nowadays, the seaside skyline is very important for a city. Although this area is very hot and humid, the building has small windows, which are almost 2 meters deep from the external wall. At first, I didn't understand why the building was designed such way. The building doesn't take advantage of the sunlight. The idea is against the environmental reform.

But now the corruption of the government explains the reason very well. They simply hope that few people will peer inside their office. They don't mind the environment, let alone the disclosure of information.

Koizumi Smiles at Miserable Office.

It was really a mystery. It was inexplicable. But I got a clue to this mystery when I investigated the Japanese history about 150 years ago.

Japan is often said to be a country of collective leadership system without the real leader. History has proven that neither the Emperor, nor the Shogun, nor the prime minister, was the real leader.

Yet I believe that there is no nation without the real ruler as long as the nation consists of individuals. A strong man cannot stop his arrogance. So, this question has been a mystery for a long period of time.

But once I imagined a super government organization "General Headquarters", I was able to explain almost all the modern history of Japan. Under the organization, all the famous people in Japan have played their roles following the organization's orders.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi was exceptionally popular among Japanese. In fact, he was never a real ruler. He was simply playing the role of the real ruler.

The General Headquarters never allow their "actors" to live in really gorgeous palaces. This is the reason why the prime minister was satisfied with his funny and shabby office.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
Office of Prime Minister
Kagoshima Prefectural Government Office
(from the bay)
Kagoshima Prefectural Government Office
(from the South)

National Diet Building

You may think that Japan built its Parliament building soon after it gave up its samurai government system and started a modern western-style government system in 1868. But the building has dark and depressing stories. Let me show the story in the following timeline.

year events
1881 The Japanese government published an imperial rescript calling for the first session of the Imperial Diet to be convened in 1890.
1890 The first temporary Diet building was completed.
1891 However, the building burned down on January 20th, 1891.
1894 Rokumeikan was temporarily used as the Diet building. But the building was partly destroyed by the Tokyo Meiji Earthquake.
October 1894 The second temporary Diet building was completed.
1906 The construction of the full-fledged Diet building was determined.
1913 The construction of the Diet building was postponed due to the Taisho Political Crisis.
1920 The construction of the new Diet building began.
1923 The Great Kanto Earthquake occurred. Fortunately, however, the new Diet Building suffered little damage.
1925 The second temporary Diet building burned down and the construction of the new Diet building stopped.
1925 The third temporary Diet building was completed.
1936 The February 26 Incident occurred and forty Japanese battleships aimed guns at the Diet building under construction in Tokyo.
November 1936 The new Diet building was completed after a construction period that lasted seventeen years.

At a glance, you will understand that the Japanese Diet has had little power. Had it had real power, it would have not suffered the fire twice. Some Japanese earthquakes are artificial earthquakes. The Diet building was often included in the target of artificial earthquakes.

There is no doubt that Japan's real power lies in these buildings.

Olympic Games

Then, why was the construction of the Diet building prolonged? And why was it suddenly completed in November 1936?

In fact, the IOC had awarded the 1940 Olympics to Tokyo on July 31, 1936. In August 1936, Hitler had hosted the Berlin Olympic Games. It was a success in a sense.

So, Japan had to convince the IOC that it deserved to host the Olympics. Japan had no time to lose. Surprisingly enough, the Japanese government suddenly changed its attitude toward the construction of the Diet building. But, in the end, Japan was stripped of its host status for the Olympics and it attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941.

All in all, the Diet building was not constructed either for the legislators or for the Japanese at large.

Reichstag fire (Arson Attack on German Parliament Building)

When it comes to the fire of the parliament building, the Reichstag fire in Berlin is well-known. The event was pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany. It took place on February 27, 1933. At that time, Japan was particularly isolated from the international community. On February 24, the League of Nations Assembly approved the Lytton Report and adopted the Stimson formula of non-recognition of the Manchukuo government. The League also called on the Japanese to end their military presence in Manchuria. Then, Japan announced its departure from the League of Nations. Nazi Germany often acted in concert with Japan. In the light of the timing of the arson attack, it is natural to think that Japan was behind the arson attack.

Imperial General Headquarters

The Japanese General Headquarters are secret organizations. They are the conglomerate of the court, the police, the army, the Bank of Japan and government-affiliated corporations in the eyes of ordinary people. In short, money and weapons are the key elements of the nation and the headquarters control them.

In Japan, senior bureaucrats retire to high-profile positions in the private and public sectors. This practice is told as "Amakudari" in Japanese, literally meaning "descent from heaven".

There is no artful phrases than "descent from heaven". In reality, they don't descend. In fact, they ascend. The highest bureaucratic positions are never the strongest and the most powerful positions for bureaucrats. They are like section chiefs of a company. The retired bureaucrats climb the headquarters' ladders step by step. But why do such government-affiliated corporations have stronger power than the government itself?

Bureaucrats control huge amount of money. But it is not easy to embezzle it. However, government-affiliated corporations, the police and the army control a lot of secret money. It means that retired bureaucrats embezzle more money.

For example, the Ministry of Justice officially and technically controls the Public Prosecutor's Offices. But the Public Prosecutor's Offices are in reality independent of the authority of the Minister of Justice.

Far from it. The vice minister of the Ministry of Justice is appointed by a piece of paper. But senior public prosecutors are appointed by the Emperor in person. In this case, they have the same authority as that of government ministers.

As this example shows, Japanese official status has nothing to do with its real authority. So, the word "Amakudari" was created just to confuse ordinary people and foreign media.

Bank without Inspection

It is a conventional wisdom that banks are inspected periodically. But the Bank of Japan is a unique bank in this regard. I have been wondering why both the Financial Services Agency and the Bank of Japan conduct audits on ordinary banks. But the question is why the Bank of Japan itself is not inspected at all.

What is it all about? I was wondering for a long time. In a sense, I was mind cotrolled, too. But I finally realized a trick after I recognized that the Bank of Japan was included in an evil system.

In other words, the Bank of Japan wants to exclude itself from the inspection scheme. So, it deliberately conducts unnecessary inspections on other banks in order to convince bank workers and ordinary people that the BOJ is not the bank which is inspected but the bank which conducts inspections. This trick has been very successful.

This naturally happens as the BOJ has the authority above the government. When this authority becomes vulnerable, politicians and bureaucrats help it recover. Politicians who can play such a role are regarded as talented people in Japan.

Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa was losing his authority. The General Headquarters didn't ignore it and they ordered Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa to cut a poor figure at a press conference.

Not only that. The timing was set in accordance with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit to Japan. It was another provocation against the US.

Poor Entertainers

If you see todays Japanese news, you will understand what kind of people Japanese celebrities are. Politicians are not exceptions. They are really poor entertainers. I don't mean they are badly-off. I don't mean that they are bad actors. I mean that they are miserable.

reference The death of Minister of Finance Shoichi Nakagawa was probably fake.
The Japanese government needed a shocking distraction at that time.
Death and suicide are often fake in the Japanese history
The Great Hanshin earthquake occurred on the same day when Yasuo Matsushita became the governor of the Bank of Japan in the Japanese calendar.
On February 24, 1933, the Japanese delegation withdrew
from the League of Nations Assembly

But the day was February 1 in the Japanese calendar.
And February 1 was Hitler's birthday in the Iranian calendar

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  Aug 17, 2009  #229
Japan's Conspiracy (169)

Hamid Karzai

I don't like him. It is instinctive. I have no intention to evaluate a politician according to my taste. But I know that intuition often whispers the truth.

Karzai always grins before the camera while many Afghans are suffering the direst distress. Corruption stories are frequently reported around him.

The date for the Afghan presidential election is drawing closer. I examined the election a little though I was not interested in it very much. But the result started with the president's birthday.

Karzai's father had been assassinated.

Political leaders in South Asian countries have a misfortune of the family in common. They climbed up the political ladder after a parent or a spouse of them had been assassinated by their enemies. They stepped into the shoes of their predecessors as the national leaders. They have fought their political enemies. But they have had corrupt relationship with their enemies too. I don't say that all the related politicians have shared such corruption, but I'd like to say that they yet share a history of assassination.
Hamid Karzai (R) talks with Japanese Emperor
June 17, 2010

Afghan President's
Drug Lord Brother
on CIA Payroll for 8 Years

Country Position Name Events
Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai Karzai served as Taliban's U.N. ambassador in 1996. His father, Abdul Ahad Karzai, was assassinated on July 14, 1999. This day is the National Day of France.

Karzai was born on December 24, 1957. On this day in 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan quietly.

With regard to the complicated relationship among Japan, France and the Islam world, please refer to this page.
Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari Zardari's wife, Benazir Bhutto was Pakistan's first and to date only female prime minister. She was assassinated on December 27, 2007.

He was nicknamed "Mr 10%" in reference to the charges of corruption against him.
India Chairperson of the Indian National Congress Sonia Gandhi The mother of her husband, Rajiv Gandhi (prime minister; 1984-1988) was Indira Gandhi (prime minister; 1966-1977, 1980-1984).

Indira Gandhi was assassinated in 1984. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991, too.

Sonia Gandhi is popular to some extent.
Bangladesh president Sheikh Hasina Hashina's father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the first President of Bangladesh. He was assassinated on August 15, 1975. This day is the "Victory over Japan Day". And it is Napoleon's birthday, too.
Myanmar an opposition politician Aung San Suu Kyi Suu Kyi's father, Aung San, became a war minister of a Japanese puppet government in Burma. After Japan's defeat, he switched to the British side. Then he was assassinated in 1947.

Why do leading politicians in South Asian countries follow the same path.

This is not explained from the viewpoint of ethnic characteristics. Because politicians are neither too arrogant nor too stupid to forget to save their own lives. Far from it. They are the winners who have survived ill-fated ordeals. But they are easily assassinated once they become the political leaders. This means that they encountered a conspiracy they had never experienced before. Here I argue that some countries are involved in some conspiracies. This kind of complicated conspiracy is never plotted by ordinary individuals or organizations.

Japan always includes secret messages and puns in the names of places or persons, or the persons' birthdays. There is a good reason for this. Japan believes that the day Japan rules the world will come some day for sure. Then Japan is going to repaint the world history. Then Japan will reveal its conspiracy history to the world. But the foreign people will need some evidence to convince the history of Japanese conspiracy. Just for that purpose, Japan has left some critical secret evidences. So, Japan's insinuation and puns are not jokes but serious plots.

Patterns in which someone is chosen by his or her birthday.

There is a variety of patterns for the selection.
  1. to find a child who was born on a certain date and to educate him or her later
  2. to register a false birthday to the regional government
  3. to change the birthday when it is necessary
  4. to find a youth who was born on a certain date and to make him or her a leading politician with a lot of money and education
Karzai belongs to the category 4. Nicolas Sarkozy belongs to the same category, too.

reference Presidential elections are going to be held in Afghanistan on April 5, 2014.
But the day is particularly an auspicious day for the Japanese government
and the Japanese imperial clan.

It is the tip of the iceberg in the hard grip of the Afghan politics
by the Japanese imperial clan.
The clan obviously ridicules the elections.
Candidates are probably all Japan's puppets
Hamid Karzai was born on the 20th anniversary of the keel laying
of the Japanese Battleship Yamato in the Japanese calendar
Ahmed Wali Karzai, Brother of Afghan Leader Said to Be Paid by C.I.A.

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  August 25, 2009  #230
Japan's Conspiracy (170)

National Diet Building

I said that the Japanese Diet building had been built for hosting the Olympic Games on the previous page (168). But it yet takes advantage of the Diet building.

Japanese General Election, 2009

The attitude of the Aso administration toward the coming general election has been unique in a sense.
  1. Aso reiterated that he would decide when to dissolve the Diet.
  2. Aso always said that he would dissolve the Diet before the legislators' term ends.
  3. Aso has set 40days for the period of the election campaign based on the Public Offices Election Act.
At first, I couldn't explain his inconsistent attitude. However, when I edited the page (168), an idea that the current election has also something to do with the Olympic Games came across my mind.

Aso Administration's Mission

His primary responsibility was to win the bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. He often moved inconsistently. He frequently twisted and turned. Now his confusion is well-explained by the unpredictable bidding process of the IOC.

This year, the bidding is behind schedule a little bit, compared to previous years. The final elections were held in July in both 2001 and 2005. This year, the final election is going to be held on October 2.
Japan Emperor dissolves
the National Diet(=Parliament)
by the Cabinet's advice

The Diet building is covered with plastic sheets. It is not remodeling but cleaning. You will instantly notice how dirty the building has been if you compare the left side that has been cleaned up and the central tower that is not yet.

The weakness of Tokyo is the image of the government. The Japanese government pondered the best strategy. In the end, it chose to change its image by changing the government itself.

If it is so, the change of the government is neither the will nor the wish of the people. The government encourages and, in a sense, agitates the voters and stages a convenient political show.

Then, if Tokyo is selected to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, the Democratic Party of Japan will continue to rule the government until 2016. Otherwise, there will be another political realignment.

North Korea, Firm Supporter of Japan

North Korea moves to Japan's advantage all the time. When Japan tries to emphasize its reform, North Korea responds to it.

North Korea is busy, too. This year, North Korea announced the successor of Kim Jong-il. After the death of former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, North Korea sent a delegation to Seoul to pay respects.

North Korea particularly moves to the advantage of the Ministry of Defense of Japan. On August 31, 1988, North Korea launched a three-stage Taepodong-1 missile over Japan, upsetting Japanese media. At that time, Ministry of Defense of Japan was being embroiled in a bribery scandal.

Greek Forest Fires and Olympic Games

Unfortunately, and in a sense luckily, forest fires broke out in Greece. The news is really advantageous for Tokyo which wants to emphasize the risk of terror in Chicago and Rio de Janeiro. These days, the IOC members are busy studying the Olympic history in Greece.

I thought that a lot of liquid fuel such as gasoline had to be sprayed in a vast area in order to create the large forest fires. But I wondered how the fuel was sprayed. Aircraft spray is likely to leave evidence. If accidents happen, the plot will be revealed.

However, some people say that animals such as minks have been used for the forest fires. I was amazed. Its idea is similar to that of Japanese ninjas.

reference The Diet is a sanctuary for lawmakers. Japanese Politicians.
Typhoon Punishing Parliament Building. Mongolian government building Hikone domain residence
A Japanese nationalist committed suicide on Japan's National Foundation Day
in commemoration of the great achievement of former American General
and President of the United States Dwight Eisenhower.

In fact, Eisenhower died on the same day in the Japanese calendar

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  Aug 30, 2009  #231
Japan's Conspiracy (171)

Japan Went to War Once Every 10 Years

When I tried to find dead links on this site, I found an interesting comment on a linked Japanese page. The comment indicated that Japan had gone to war once every 10 years. To tell the truth, I have had the same question. This time, however, I convinced that it was never a coincidence.

From the First Sino-Japanese War to World War I

It is obvious that the First Sino-Japanese War (1894), the Russo-Japanese War (1904) and World War I (1914) broke out in every 10 years. But as I went back further in history, more wars have come out.
the Battle of Nanking (picture right):
A part of Chinese captives who were accommodated by Japanese troops (Dec. 16, 1937). Among 80,000 strong Chinese soldiers, 15,000 were captured. 200,000 to 300,000 Chinese civilians were massacred.
Vietnam War

This is the flag of the Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam. The dynasty introduced the flag in 1802. Two years later, Napoleon became Emperor of the French. Those days, Vietnam was an important base for Japan to expand its secret, diplomatic and commercial activities in Europe and the Middle East. The relations between the two countries have continued to this day through World War II and the Vietnam War. Sakoku or Closed-door Policy is a false interpretation of Japan's foreign policy from the 16th to the mid-19th century.

date war events
May 6, 1874 Taiwan Expedition Japan dispatched 3,600 soldiers to Taiwan in 1874, 7 years after the Meiji Restoration. The military expedition marked the first overseas deployment of the Imperial Japanese Army and Imperial Japanese Navy. The Japanese troops consisted of Satsuma samurai (the new Meiji government) on board two warships which had been formerly owned by the Tokugawa Shogunate government.
August 23, 1884 Sino-French War

Battle of Fuzhou

Gapsin Coup
The history of Vietnam is really inexplicable. The Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) was probably a dynasty of Japanese descent. Its national flag was almost the rising sun flag.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. Its former name was "Tonkin". Both "Hanoi" (河内) and "Tonkin" (東京) are identical in meaning and written form in Chinese characters to that of "Kawachi" and "Tokyo", respectively. Tokyo (東京) is the capital of Japan and the name means "eastern capital". Kawachi (河内) is the old name of Osaka, Japan and the name means the plain around the river. It is hardly a coincidence.

At the outbreak of the Sino-French War, the then Foreign Minister Inoue Kaoru insisted that Japan should join the war for France. But He gave it up as another minister vehemently opposed it.

While China fought French army in the southern China, Japan carried out a coup in Joseon Dynasty (Gapsin Coup : December 4, 1884). But the Chinese army quickly suppressed the revolt and the coup ended up a failure.

It is said that the name of Tokyo was created when it became the imperial capital in 1868. But in fact before that time some ultranationalists already called the capital "Tokyo" (udai kondo hisaku written by Sato Nobuhiro). The name of Tokyo was the symbol of ruling the world.
July 25, 1894 First Sino-Japanese War The First Sino-Japanese War was a war fought between Qing Dynasty China and Meiji Japan over the control of Korea. Mass poisoning in Wakayama was carried out to insinuate the war and to ridicule Chinese, Korean and Bangladeshi people.
February 8, 1904 Russo-Japanese War During the war, anti-American and anti-Semitic ideology became conspicuous in Japan. The date of the Pearl Harbor attack was set in commemoration of, by insinuation, the start of the Russo-Japanese War. According to the record, activities of government secret agents increased dramatically.
July 28, 1914 World War I Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia on July 28, 1914. On this day in 1794, radical revolutionaries were executed in the Thermidorian Reaction, which ended the most radical phase of the French Revolution. Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori had something to do with the day.

Japan sent Germany an ultimatum on August 15, 1914 (Japan time) and joined World War I. At the end of World War II, Japan made an unconditional surrender on August 15, 1945. August 15 is Napoleon's birthday.

World War I ended at 11:00 a.m. on November 11, 1918. The occasion is sometimes referred to as "the eleventh (hour) of the eleventh (day) of the eleventh (month)". This is the same pun as that of the date of Napoleon's coronation.

Why is the last digit of the year always "4"?

Then, you may wonder why the last digit of the year is always "4". But this is explained from the special relations between Japan and France. When Napoleon became Emperor of the French in 1804, Japan started a new era "Bunka". According to the Japanese calendar, February 11, 1804 was the New Year's Day. Later, the Japanese government designated February 11 as Japan's national foundation day. The relationship between Japan and Napoleon is no joke.

Then, what happened in the 1920s?

In those days, Japan believed that it had already the full-fledged emperor. Japan had already introduced Japanese imperial year calendar system. In addition, Japan was afraid of the secret pun being exposed by somebody.

So, although dates of some coups were related to Napoleon's history, the start of World War II (1939), the Tokyo Olympics (1940) and the Pearl Harbor attack (1941) were related to the Japanese imperial year 2600, which was 1940 in the Christian era.

reference On October 10, 1010, the Ly Dynasty moved the capital to Hanoi.
"Hanoi" is identical to "Tokyo" in Chinese characters.
On October 10, 2010, Vietnam held "Great Ceremony of the Millennial Anniversary".
Japan and North Korea celebrated the anniversary through date puns
The Tokyo Olympics commemorated the 10th anniversary of Vietminh's reentering to Hanoi.
Japan won World War II.

national falgs similar to the rising sun flag Nazi Germany Bangladesh
Palau Tibet Myanmar Romania

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  Aug 31, 2009  #232
Japan's Conspiracy (172)

Typhoon Punishing Parliament Building

This year, no typhoons have made landfalls in Japan. I remember that no typhoons last year, too. Nowadays typhoons seem to be busy attacking Taiwan (Typhoon Morakot).

However, after the landslide victory of the main opposition Democratic Party in the general election, I found that a typhoon was moving toward Tokyo.

In fact, the General Headquarters are punishing legislators.

As I am busy right now, I would like you to refer to the sites below.

The typhoon had another aim.

At first, I thought that the typhoon targeted the building of the opposition party in Tokyo. But some suspicious news revealed another conspiracy.

Foreign journalists tried to buy airline tickets for Tokyo in a hurry. Unfortunately, however, airline companies politely said, "Airline flights bound for Tokyo have been canceled. There is no information when they will resume".

Quite a few journalists must have given up going to Tokyo.

Japan Election 2009

Typhoon Krovanh at 6:00 a.m. on August 31, 2009

reference Weather Terrorism Disasters and Economy Typhoons are manipulated.

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  Sep 6, 2009  #233
Japan's Conspiracy (173)

Child Benefits Benefiting the Rich

Analysts say that the landslide victory of the Democratic Party of Japan, the main opposition party, in the general election last month is unlikely to change the Japanese economy drastically. However, there is potential risk that the implementation of some of the incoming government's policies could lead to future fiscal overruns or higher fiscal deficits.

Japan Heading for Extinction

More than 50 percent of households had children until the 1970s, but the number of such households has since plunged to 25 percent.

Therefore, the DPJ has pledged to offer new child benefits to parents regardless of their income.

The Rich Having More Children

The proverb that the poor have more children is well known among Japanese. And until recently I have believed the proverb.

However, when I investigated the child benefit policy, I found a government statistic which indicates that the rich have more children in Japan.

Attracting the Rich

The Japanese government seems to attract the rich on the one hand and to drive the poor out of Japan on the other. Some economists say that if Bill Gates lived in Japan, he could reduce the amount of tax payment by about 70 per cent. The Japanese tax system is very complicated with a variety of exceptions and loopholes. This capital gains tax system is said to have been revised, yet the tax system is hard to understand for ordinary people.
Railroading the
Child Allowance Bill

ROKS Cheonan
exploded and sank image

voting with children

Perhaps, the Japanese government would be able to boost tax revenues by attracting the extremely wealthy people from overseas.

Three Main Axis Powers Sharing Same Problem

Unfortunately, and surprisingly, Japan, Germany and Italy have the same problem. They are the lowest birth rate countries in the world except for Hong Kong.

On the Day of Controversial Child Allowance Law is Enacted

The Child allowance law was enacted on March 26, 2010. But on the same day, there were hideous incidents. But all of them seem to have been Japan's conspiracy, particularly by the police and the military. The purpose was probably to camouflage the fake law. The day was February 11 in the Japanese calendar (National Foundation Day). It cannot be denied that the coincidence was a conspiracy.

reference Toyota is pulling the strings of organized stalkers

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  Sep 8, 2009  #234
Japan's Conspiracy (174)

Spam Mail and Terror Organizations (1)

I came to know the true colors of spam mail from a completely irrelevant matter. Well, I can't say that the matter is definitely irrelevant. But it has nothing to do with problems that are caused by the spam mail.

Internet Wiretapping

I have been wiretapped for many years. About 20 years ago, I asked a government agency to investigate the wiretapping device in my house. I prepared about 10,000 dollars for it. The problem was so serious for me. The government worker said to me that he would arrange the investigation in a few days. But the next day, he telephoned me, saying that the examination was impossible. I asked him the reason but he refused to answer.

This kind of deal is often seen in the Japanese bureaucratic society. Everybody knows that some higher ranking bureaucrat secretly orders the worker not to do some specific job and that this kind of decision is irresistible.

The reason why I knew the wiretapping was that some people around me tried to provoke me by insinuating the wiretapping. But since there was no evidence except for their insinuation, I could not protest them. So, it was really an artful provocation.
Espionage, Revolution & Ruin

Why do they send
the spam mail?

The only way for me was to neglect their insinuation and forget the wiretapping completely.

I also knew that my internet communication was under complete surveillance. But I didn't use any email encryption software. I knew that commercially available software was more dangerous for me. I trusted neither the police nor the government. I made my own encryption device for the mail communication between my relatives and close friends, and me. Yet there remained a serious problem.

Sender and Recipient of the Mail being Identified

However I use my own encryption device, my coded communication will be decoded some day by analyzing my mail contents one by one. So, I thought about the way to outwit the wiretappers all the time.

I often used inactive message boards in the Internet. But my comments were soon identified through the Internet access records.

But one day I came up with an idea that many decoy messages are sent frequently to many mail addresses the mail recipient has already prepared. Those random messages will put heavy strains on the wiretappers. But it will not be perfect. In addition, it will be burdensome for the recipient to differentiate the original message from other decoy messages.


At that time, E-mail filtering service had just started. It was a convenient software. Yet, the risk of being decoded remained. I thought about the question for some time. And suddenly I came up with an idea.

Spam Mail

It was to send spam mail. It was to send irrelevant decoy messages to irrelevant people at random. In fact, I have not tried this kind of suspicious thing so far. I am under strict surveillance and it is too dangerous for me.

Finding Myself Something Like a Terrorist

And when I watched news on TV, in which spam mail troubles were reported, I found myself struggling in almost the same circumstances in which terrorists were fighting.

To tell the truth, I was looking for a secure communication system, in a sense, under the government's surveillance.

I found that terrorists were looking for the same thing I was looking for, in this regard.

reference A camera shop murder is synchronized with the establishment of a study group
on protection of children from harmful imaginary contents (April 10, 2006)
The crash of a prototype Transrapid Maglev train and the retirement of the F-14 Tomcat
are synchronized with the final report on protection of children from harmful imaginary contents.

The crash of the train indicates the end of the prototype of the floating train.
And the F-14 Tomcat is a US Airforce jet fighter (September 22, 2006)

continued to next page hypotheses are included
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  Sep 11, 2009  #235
Japan's Conspiracy (175)

Spam Mail and Terror Organizations (2)

I wrote about the true substance of the spam mail in the previous page. And in this page, I try to reveal the nature of the money laundering strategy.

Japanese Products Dominating the World

When I ponder over Japan's conspiracy, I always try to think about Japan's national interest as if I were a government bureaucrat. And one day a ludicrous but curious idea suddenly comes across my mind. I really think that I'm also Japanese.

Primary goal of the Japanese trade is not money but Japanese products' domination of the world. To achieve the goal is not difficult. It is good and enough to buy stocks and real estate in foreign countries.

If you sell something, you must buy something, too.

As long as there is a limit to the total money supply, unbalanced trade leads to market confusion. So, the more Japan sells their commodities in foreign countries, the more foreign goods are sold in the Japanese market. Yet, there is a means to increase the export without increasing the import.
Occupy Wall Street Protests

money laundering and terrorist finance

Economic Life is Key

The key is to export products with long service life and to import products with short service life. Although the trade is balanced from a statistical point of view, the Japanese economic power overwhelms that of its trading partner as a social phenomenon.

So, the Japanese government promoted the export of industrial products including automobiles and personal computers while it encouraged business firms to import agricultural products and industrial materials.

Most advantageous import products are those which never come to Japan.

Then I came up with the best products. They are often real estate and securities. Their business deals are categorized not as import but as investment. But in both cases money is sent to foreign countries and they are no different from other import products on this point.

Japan always demonstrates paradoxical logics.

Here again, scholars and media explain that Japanese foreign investment increased as the result of Japan's trade surplus. And Americans believe that human desire is universal and that the trade surplus is surely balanced in the floating exchange rate system. Here is a pitfall. If a government tries to control the trade secretly, it is quite easy to create a trade surplus.

The US insisted that Japan's trade surplus was caused by dumping and nontariff barriers and demanded the corrective and preventive actions from the Japanese side. But the accusation missed the point.

Increase of the foreign investment boosts the trade surplus.

Many people believe that foreign investment increases as the result of trade surplus. But in the case of Japan, it is not necessarily so. In fact, increase of foreign investment makes Japanese yen weaker. Then, weak yen boosts the export automatically. Neither dumping nor nontariff barriers are necessary. It is not true that Japanese buy US Treasury just because they have a trade surplus. In fact, Japan's trade surplus increases because they buy US Treasury.

You may think that China is in the same position. China enjoys big trade surpluses with the U.S., too. But Chinese yuan is pegged to the US dollar and the circumstances are totally different.

Make the money fly, and you will see the export increase.

Oddly enough, distributing (giving) money in foreign countries is the fastest way to expand trade surplus. In the past, it was foreign assistance. Particularly, grant assistance works very well. Yet, you may feel that you are losing money. In fact, the losers are workers who have to work for more time with lower wages. However, this problem is not obvious as long as the economy is growing.

More Effective Measure

It is to distribute money to collaborators in foreign countries, to make them buy and keep real estate, stocks and bank deposits, and to recollect the money when needed. When the deal is combined with the drug trafficking, you will achieve maximum effect.

reference Japan created the property right of carpenters.
And Beethoven's Ninth Symphony was the symphony which Japan concocted
in order to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the fake patent system

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Japan's Conspiracy (176)

Spam Mail and Terror Organizations (3)

Money-making Conspiracy

At this point I'd like to get off the subject a little bit and take a look at the changing factors of the foreign exchange rate.

I looked for a chart which indicated the vulnerable foreign exchange system. But when I found the chart (right: originally in Japanese), I was not a little surprised. The changing factors of the foreign exchange rate were just "Japan's conspiracy".

This fact finally explained some historical events which I had hardly been able to explain. In other words, Japan has conspired not only to rule the world but also to make money.

Floating Exchange Rate System

You may think that the floating exchange system started in 1971 when US President Nixon shocked the world by taking the US off the gold standard. But to tell the truth, Japanese were originally particular about money.

As early as the 17th century, there was a complicated exchange rate system in Japan. The samurai government tried to maintain the fixed exchange rate system. But the market often ignored it and the floating exchange rate system often prevailed.
The Japanese police raid pro-Pyongyang offices

changing factors of the exchange rate

By the way, here again, the day when Nixon shocked the world was August 15, Napoleon's birthday.

Easy to say in hindsight, but the floating exchange rate system should have caused all the evils. However, it does not necessarily mean that the fixed exchange rate system is better. This problem is something like the argument "In sports which is better, the knockout tournament or the round-robin tournament?" But if games are fixed, the stories are totally different. Today's exchange market is something like sports partly including fixed games. So, the problem cannot be discussed only from the viewpoint of systematic flaws.

Flow of Money to Terrorists

Since the 17th century, Japan has developed the exchange system. At that time the money transfer system was almost the most sophisticated in the world. Some merchants must have engaged in the bill discounting business.

As early as the 7th century, Japan had established a definite post system for the transmission of official mails. Combined with the exchange system, Japan had sophisticated communication and money transfer system in the 17th century.

Terrorists rarely send money, but they negotiate special financial tools. In the case of money transfer, there is a high risk that somebody may take the money and run away. There is also a high risk of being uncovered. Compared to the money transfer system, bill negotiation or bill discounting is absolutely safe and sure.

This logic may be a little too technical to understand. So, let me explain the system by showing an example in the Japanese pachinko system that is similar to the money transfer system.

Pachinko is really a gamble, but technically, it is not. If you win the game, you can increase your money, through a little complicated procedures.

If the player wins the game, he or she gets a lot of small metal balls. Then, the balls are exchanged for special tokens at the exchange center in the pachinko parlor. Then the player goes to another exchange center near the pachinko parlor, where the special tokens are exchanged for money.

In Japan, the police actually control the pachinko industry. The complicated procedures were introduced for the purpose of familiarizing people with tricky money laundering systems.

Roughly 80% to 90% are South Korean and North Korean. Other Japanese owners are usually outsiders in the region. It doesn't surprise me.

The Adult Entertainment Control Law regulates the pachinko industry, but in fact the law authorizes and promotes the pachinko business rather than controls it.

Pachinko Tokens and Drugs

Some pachinko tokens are as simple as pens or cigarette lighters. Few players actually use them because they are shabby ones compared to the exchange value.

In the same way, drugs are just tokens for money laundering. They are rarely consumed. Although a lot of drugs are said to be smuggled into Japan, I have never heard rumors about drug victims in my region.

reference The Japanese police raided offices related to a pro-Pyongyang organization in Japan. in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking and also the 100th anniversary of the birth of former President of North Korea Kim Il-sung.

In Japan's conspiracy, the more closely they collude with each other,
the more violently they pretend to fight each other.

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Japan's Conspiracy (177)

Fall of Tokyo Once Again

Yukio Hatoyama's Democratic Party of Japan won a huge poll victory on August 30, 2009, ending 50 years of almost unbroken Liberal Democratic Party rule. The new cabinet was sworn in by Emperor Akihito on September 16.

Some journalists compare his party's revolutionary victory to the bloodless victory during the Boshin War in 1868.

But I think that the Boshin War was a fraud like suspicious changes of government in today's Japan. In a word, the samurai government was afraid of the execution or expulsion by Great Britain and the US. Historians say that they were afraid of Japan's colonization. But I know that human beings reach ultimate selfishness in dire straits. We are not allowed to speak only fine words.

As it turned out, the Boshin War and the subsequent Meiji Restoration were just a grand historic theater performed by the samurai government. The theater is quite understandable if you think of "Koizumi Theater" or "Koizumi Children".

Since rumors and printed broadsheets were the only news media, it was very easy to manipulate information at that time.

Senior samurai in the samurai government eventually turned out to be senior bureaucrats in the new modern government through the revolution. They employed a variety of ninjas such as Saigo Takamori. Today, the ruling Democratic Party of Japan includes quite a few legislators who used to be the members of the Liberal Democratic Party. You may say that history repeats itself, but I want to say that some people repeat the history.

Katsu Kaishu and Saigo Takamori

Katsu Kaishu was the samurai government's army minister. Saigo Takamori led the victorious imperial forces. The revolutionary imperial forces surrounded Tokyo. But they reached an eleventh-hour agreement. Then the samurai government surrendered.

Today, faced with the change of government, senior government bureaucrats surrendered. They gave up their special exclusive meetings.

Surprisingly, head of the Budget Bureau in the Ministry of Finance, Eijiro Katsu, is a great-grandson of Katsu Kaishu. In addition to that, his brother, Shigeo Katsu is the regional vice president of the World Bank. Now, the samurai government seems to control not only Japan but also the world. So far, I have insisted that the samurai government still controls Japan. My insistence happened to turn out to be true.

Yukio Hatoyama can be compared to Saigo Takamori while Eijiro Katsu can be compared to Katsu Kaishu. But they seem to share one more thing in common.
Katsu Kaishu at San Francisco, 1860

Chief of the Budget Bureau Eijiro Katsu

Resional Vice President of the World bank
Shigeo Katsu

Their Relationships No Joke

In 1868, Katsu Kaishu and Saigo Takamori reached an eleventh-hour agreement. It is said that they actually saved lives of people in Tokyo. However, the Japanese history is often wrong or almost a fraud.

In fact, both of them seem to have been ninjas secretly employed by the samurai government. In 1896, 28 years after the war ended, Katsu was a senior government adviser. He proudly held a wedding ceremony between Saigo Takamori's son and his bride.

Today, Eijiro Katsu has surrendered. But if history repeats itself, he will control the Japanese government again someday.

reference About Opel, both the date of foundation and the date of the start of automobile production were coincided with the dates related to Katsu Kaishu, who was a consummate samurai and one of the founders of the Japanese navy. So, the company must have been owned by the Japanese Tokugawa samurai clan.
The Asama-Sanso incident (the battle between the left wing extremist group and the police in Japan) was the government's fabrication. The day was the 100th anniversary of the installation of the Ministry of War and Ministry of the Navy in the Japanese calendar.

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Japan's Conspiracy (178)

Two Samurai Heroes during the Imperial Restoration

Insulting Okinawa and Kagoshima

The Japanese government is much concerned with its history. It pokes into people's individual assets if they have something to do with the Japanese history. The Rokumeikan "Kagoshima-cry Hall", a large two-story building in Tokyo, was completed in 1883. Its site had been used as a costume arsenal for the Ryukyu Kingdom as well as the Satsuma domain.

The Satsuma domain rebelled against the government in 1877. Yet the naming was outrageous.

At that time, the Ryukyu Kingdom sent missions to Edo (modern day Tokyo). Before entering Edo Castle, they wore formal Ryukyu costumes at the arsenal.

Hikone domain residence

I investigated the location of the residence of Ii Naosuke, the lord of the Hikone domain and one of the samurai government's heroes. He carried out the Ansei purge in an effort to quiet opposition to his handling of the signing of the U.S.-Japan Treaty of Amity and Commerce. Ii executed opposing samurai including Satsuma samurai.

Surprisingly enough, today, the Diet Building is located on the former Ii's residence. Before World War II, the Ministry of War of Japan and the Imperial Japanese Army General Staff Office were located there. In other words, the headquarters of the Japanese government have yet been the samurai government.

It is said that, since the Meiji Restoration, people from Kagoshima and Yamaguchi have controlled the government as politicians, bureaucrats and army officers. But we should think again. The story is a large scale imitative deception. In fact, both regions have declined and have been desolated for sure.

Meanwhile, the Rokumeikan was demolished in 1941. Until last year, the building of the Yamato Life Insurance Company's head office had been located there. But unfortunately again, the company went bankrupt last year after the global financial crisis.

Saigo Takamori and Satsuma Rebellion

I have insisted that Saigo Takamori was a ninja employed by the samurai government. The reasons are as follows. There is no excuse for the futile rebellion.
Japanese History of Edo
period to Meiji Restoration

Katsu Kaishu

Satsuma Rebellion
led by Saigo Takamori

Constitution Memorial Center
  1. Descendants of Saigo never appear in public. Saigo's eldest son, Saigo Torataro, served as a member of the House of Peers. But there is no way to explain that a son of a rebel leader who killed more than 6000 government soldiers was treated so well by the government.

  2. Those who are said to have something to do with Saigo are mostly suspicious people. They often tell different stories. Saigo Takamori's popular portrait is often said to be the image of a different person.

  3. His rebellion was nothing more than a killing of many young men who would have born the region's future. It is inexcusable.

  4. He led a rebellion. But he never cooperated with other serious rebellions against the government. As the result, the new government became increasingly powerful.

  5. Although he was a rebel leader, he actually colluded with Katsu Kaishu who lead the government forces.

  6. Saigo frequently went abroad. He had children overseas. His life was almost the same as that of Japanese government's secret agents.

  7. He shared many things, particularly in historical dates, with Napoleon. Katsu Kaishu studied the war strategy in Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812.

Ansei Purge

Most people think that Ansei Purge was just part of the Japanese history in the Meiji Restoration. But if you investigate more deeply the event, you will surely know that the very purge symbolizes the basic structure of the samurai government, the Meiji government and the current Japanese government very well.

At the end of the samurai period, from July 1858 to October 1858, the samurai government gave in to the pressure of the US and Great Britain and signed Treaties of Amity and Commerce between Japan and the United States and other four European nations one after another. Soon after, the Ansei Purge began on October 11.

Ii purged not only opposing samurai from Satsuma and Choshu but also his colleague bureaucrats in the samurai government. His inconsistent attitude symbolized Japan's closed-door policy from the 17th century to the late 19th century. His attitude has still something to do with the trade policy of the current Japanese government.

Through the investigation, I thought that I finally had reached the essence of the Japanese history and its trade policy. This argument is very deep and let me talk about it later.

reference In 1993, the arrogant Japanese government bullied regions
of ethnic minorities, manipulating evil combinations of date puns
Paranoia Japan The landslide was the government's conspiracy.
Artificial Eruptions in Japan

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