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160 Ex-Chinese leader Jiang Zemin on Train June 30, 2009
161 Death of Princess Diana in Car Accident (2) July 6, 2009
162 L'Aquila Summit July 9, 2009
163 Birthday of Taro Aso July 16, 2009
164 Aim of Organized Stalkers July 25, 2009
165 Rebiya Kadeer is Another Dalai Lama July 29, 2009
166 Fairness and Equality in Japan Aug 6, 2009
167 Verification of Weather Manipulation (2) Aug 9, 2009
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  June 17, 2009  #217
Japan's Conspiracy (157)

Prime Minister is Olympian

I am not a clay shooting specialist. I explain the story below with only internet information.

According to the Japanese Wikipedia, Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso was an Olympian and competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympics as a member of the Japanese clay target shooting team. After that, he became the chairman of the Japan Clay Target Shooting Association in 2000.

But the association was torn by infighting over an embezzlement scandal. It is said that he has been forced to resign.

Sporting Clays is a form of clay pigeon shooting. It is the art of shooting at special flying targets, known as clay pigeons or clay targets, with a shotgun or any type of firearm. But I remembered a tricky shooting story about the Kennedy assassination. Some people argue that there was more than one sniper, in addition to Oswald. And I came up with a trick in the clay pigeon shooting, too.

In the clay pigeon shooting, shooters in addition to the playing shooter can shoot the same clay targets, at the same time, from different positions with guns equipped with sound suppressors. Then, the player would never miss the targets.

I often criticize the prime minister. Yet I admit that Mr. Aso is above ordinary people in terms of character and experience, for sure. The trick I explain above is just an idea I personally came up with. I honor Mr. Aso as an individual. I am not a clay shooting specialist. My story includes hypotheses.

Gaffe Was Carefully Synchronized (added on August 8, 2013)

Mr. Aso is now Japan's deputy prime minister. But he is still feisty in spewing venom. On July 29, 2013, he said that they should learn from the shrewd constitutional change by Nazi regime.

Later he retracted some of his remarks. But it is obvious that he had carefully prepared the gaffe beforehand. This time Japan has successfully inscribed some historical events in the timeline of the history.
Controversial remaks on Nazi

Taro Aso, the sniper

Clay Pigeons

Sporting Clay

reference Indian guru Sai Baba started his mission
on September 20, 1940 in the Japanese calendar.
Former Japanese prime minister Taro Aso was born
on the same day in the Gregorian calendar
Taro Aso was chosen as President of the Liberal Democratic Party
on September 22, 2008
Three Major Political Parties Ridiculing September 11 Cup noodles and Taro Aso
Japanese Imperial Headquarters Birthday of Taro Aso L'Aquila Summit

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  June 23, 2009  #218
Japan's Conspiracy (158)

Suspicious Lottery Machines

As soon as I started Internet communication, I opened an anonymous homepage. At that time, some my colleagues were addicted to the lottery. So, I got a list of lottery booths in my region from a bank office.
In Japan, lottery money is controlled by an authorized bank.
I wanted to give people information on chances of winning at each lottery booth. I tried to come in contact with the lottery booth by sending a request mail. I believed that I could support the lottery business by offering advertisement opportunities.

Keeping Lottery Booth Information Secret

Unexpectedly, however, I received a complaint from the bank. The bank said that the lottery booth information was secret and that they wanted me to stop sending mails to the lottery booths. I was really surprised.
A Japanese Lottery called the "Jumbo Takarakuji Lottery"

At that time, I knew just a few locations of lottery ticket booths in my region. I thought that it would be very interesting to analyze statistically the lucky lottery ticket booths. In fact, there were more than 100 ticket booths in my region. Some of them were located inside the offices of construction companies or gas stations.

Later I heard that there were special circumstances in the Japanese lottery business. Come to think of it, I often read articles about lottery winners in weekly magazines. They are often bar proprietresses, and people around politicians.
Strange Story at Lottery

The story above, which was just my personal experience and assumption, soon fell into oblivion. One day last year, however, I happened to read a strange story in a website. The writer said that he had wasted his time with his girl friend at the lottery ceremony. He wrote that the open drawing was done once again. He didn't criticize the drawing at all. But the story had an impact all the more.

Since then, I have become increasingly skeptical about the lottery. And I have been suspicious about the automatic arrow shooting machine.

Turning Target Board Controlled by Computer

With certain speeds of a flying arrow and a turning target board, with adjusted shooting timing, the arrow can hit a specific number on the turning target all the time. But I thought that, given the subtle change of air resistance, humidity level and temperature would make it difficult for the arrow to hit the target number successfully. And I asked a physical scientist about the problem. But his answer was astonishing.

Adjusting not Arrow but Turning Target

He said as follows.
We do not necessarily have to control the arrow or the arrow shooting machine. The turning target board can be controlled too. We can make the arrow hit precisely a specific number on the turning target board by tracing the track of the arrow using a high-speed camera and by adjusting the revolving speed of the target board.
At first, I didn't understand it. But it took little time to get the new perspective.

Technology advances day by day. Nowadays, innovation of image processing capability of the high-speed camera is spectacular.

The three images (right) are one example. But the image processing capability of ultra high-speed cameras is beyond imagination.

If you need more technical information, please refer to this site.

If the arrow flies at 150 km/h toward the target which is 10 meters from the shooting machine, it takes 0.24 seconds for the arrow to reach the target.

It is said that the fastest high speed camera has the ability to take pictures at a speed of 200 million frames per second. If the arrow is filmed at a speed of 10,000 frames per second, then the revolving speed of the turning target board can be adjusted 2,400 times until the arrow hits the target board.

In fact, such minute adjustment is not necessary. But it reveals that the trick in the lottery is technically very easy.

The speed of the turning target is adjustable even if a man shoots an arrow.

The turning target is automatically controlled by a speed camera and a computer. So, the shooting machine may not be needed. Then, why is the shooting machine used all the time?

If the arrow hits different areas of the target, adjustment of the revolving speed of the turning target becomes very complicated and almost impossible.

In the future, it will become controllable. But currently, the computer can not adjust the revolving speed in different situations. If the arrow hits the same area all the time, it is controllable (figure 1). But if the arrow hits a different area, it becomes uncontrollable (figure 2).

In order for the arrow to hit a specific number on the target, the arrow must hit the same area all the time (at a certain distance from the axis of the target). This is the reason why the automatic shooting machine is used.

Caesar's wife must be above suspicion.

This story is a hypothesis. But the question is that the public lottery organization has introduced such a suspicious lottery system. And the fact that there has been no criticism against the system adds fuel to the speculation all the more. Nowadays, a missile can hit another missile successfully. Anything goes in this world.

reference Manhattan Project (Trinity), Final Decisive Battle Scheme
and Government-run Lottery were Actually "Trinity"

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  June 26, 2009  #219
Japan's Conspiracy (159)

Michael Jackson and Japanese Cult

Japan creates famous people. Japan can do everything with secret funds. However much money a singer receives from a ticket agency, he or she is never doubted. Wherever the tickets go, the money which is paid into a singers account is legal as well.

The accumulated money is technically personal assets. In wartime, assets owned by American citizens are rarely frozen by the government. Nothing is more convenient for Japan than this secret money.

The problem is celebrities' afterlife. They get older, too. There would be some disputes about the succession. Their assets may be transferred through marriage and divorce. But senile dementia is often uncontrollable. They may reveal their true colors. So, Japanese-made superstars often die an early death in unexpected situations such as suicide and accident.

Contact Point between Michael Jackson and Japanese Suspicious Businessman

Kazuyoshi Miura was a controversial and suspicious Japanese businessman. He was accused of being involved in the killing of his wife in Los Angeles. An American criminal defense attorney, Mark Geragos, who is best known for defending Michael Jackson, joined the defense of Kazuyoshi Miura.
Michael Jackson
in Japan 1987

Michael Jackson at a press interview on the establishment of Michael Jackson Japan Ltd.
(July 27, 1998)

Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Junichiro Koizumi

Michael suddenly married Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley. Former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is a noted fan of Elvis. Koizumi was born on January 8, 1942, one month after the Pearl Harbor Attack. The Japanese government designated the day as Imperial Rescript Proclamation Day. Elvis and Kim Jong-un, the successor of Kim Jong-il, share the same birthday.

Here, Again, North Korea

Michael died on June 25, 2009. But the day commemorates the North Korean surprise attack in 1950. In fact the Korean War was a tit-for-tat battle. The Japanese military government had officially admitted the defeat in the Battle of Okinawa on June 25, 1945.

Kazuyoshi Miura committed suicide at a prison in Los Angeles on October 10 last year. The day commemorates the "Workers Party Foundation Day" in North Korea.

Finally, Aum Shinrikyo Cult

Michael was previously nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 1998. The same year, the President of World Karate Federation, Daikaku Chodoin, announced that they were going to establish Michael Jackson Japan Ltd.. Chodoin was a well-known fixer. In the end, this plan was not achieved. But Michael had special relationship with Chodoin.

But, strangely enough, the day of July 27 when Michael had a press interview in Japan (picture above) was the birthday of Kazuyoshi Miura.

It was reported that Chodoin had special relationship with Aum Shinrikyo, too. He supported an evil financial broker, Mankichi Otsuka, who was reported to be an adviser for Aum Shinrikyo.

Those people and organizations seem to have a theme in common. It is the rule of the world. On the face of it, they have nothing to do with each other. But the conspiracy is always beyond imagination.

Michael Died on Day Symbolizing Tokugawa Clan (added on September 30, 2010)

I examined the date of his death. He died on June 25, 2009 but on that day in 1641, the Tokugawa shogunate ordered the Dutch East India Company on Hirado to move to Nagasaki. According to the Japanese calendar, he died on May 3 but on that day in 1868, the Tokugawa shogunate surrendered Edo castle peacefully to the new Meiji government.

reference Japan offered heartfelt condolences by synchronizing the resignation
of the prime minister to the death of Michael Jackson
Mark Geragos Jehovah's Witness

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  June 30, 2009  #220
Japan's Conspiracy (160)

Ex-Chinese leader Jiang Zemin on Train

Two passenger trains collided at local time 2:34 a.m. on June 29, 2009 at Chenzhou railway station, Hunan Province. Three people were killed and 63 injured. The accident was allegedly caused by a brake failure. But this is disputed.

Most Japanese media immediately reported that Jiang Zemin and his wife had been on board the train.

In fact, it was very hard for me to find the information above in English news outside Japan.

Smell of Conspiracy about Train Crash in China

the crash site in Hunan Province
On June 29, 1981, the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China adopted a communique, criticizing some of its past Cultural Revolution. For Japan, in a sense, the revolution was a very advantageous political upheaval within China. Behind the revolution, Japan achieved an economic miracle. But the communique paved the way to reform and opening-up and to today's prosperity in China.

Jiang Zemin followed Deng Xiaoping's reform and opening-up policies. But, on the other hand, he maintained an anti-Japanese policy.

Japan can tolerate neither the communique nor Jiang Zemin.

reference Chinese President Xi Jinping is probably a camouflaged member
of the Japanese imperial clan.
His birthday is the 145th anniversary of the birth of Napoleon III of France
and also the 50,000th day anniversary of the independence of Argentina
The train collision coincided with the death of a former Sudanese president
as the result of Japan's conspiracy.

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  July 6, 2009  #221
Japan's Conspiracy (161)

Death of Princess Diana in Car Accident (2)

In the previous page, I attempted an analysis of Princess Diana's car accident by examining the circumstances. But it was not very successful. And the date question continued to haunt my memory. But some conspiracies reminded me of a clue to them. When a conspiracy was carried out around midnight, the conspiracy mostly included a critical message in the date.

Conspirators have to convince people that the event occurred on a specific day. The result of the conspiracy must be known by people before the day is over. So, they choose a best time of the day for the conspiracy.

Some recent conspiracies include such circumstances.

the sinking of Titanic

the North Korean surprise attack in 1950

the train crash in Hunan, China

Secret Message in Date of August 31, 1997
Diana, Princess of Wales

Thomas Edison

And I tried to reexamine Diana's car accident. The accident occurred at around 12:23 a.m. on 31 August 1997. Victims do not necessarily instantly die in the traffic accident. So, conspirators need to carry out the conspiracy just after the midnight.

Actually, it was reported that Diana was dead two hours after the car accident. I believed that there was a secret behind the date. I examined the date of August 31, 1997. This day in 1897, the patent for the kinetoscope was granted to Thomas Edison.

Although it had been a very important invention, this anniversary was not reported so much in Japan. Yet, the kinetoscope had had a great impact in Japan, too.
But I couldn't detect any special causal evidence between Diana's car accident and Edison's invention. Yet I believed that, in the light of the conspiracy history, they would have had something in common. And I continued to investigate their relations in the Internet. Then I finally reached this website.

"100 Heroes Chosen by Japanese!!"

1. Oda Nobunaga
    (Japanese samurai)
2. Sakamoto Ryoma
    (Japanese samurai)
3. Thomas Edison

4. Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    (Japanese samurai)
5. Konosuke Matsushita
    (Japanese industrialist)
6. Tokugawa Ieyasu
    (Japanese samurai)
7. Hideyo Noguchi
    (Japanese bacteriologist)
8. Mother Teresa

9. Helen Keller

10. Hijikata Toshizo
    (Japanese samurai)
11. Saigo Takamori
    (Japanese samurai)
12. Diana, Princess of Wales

13. Albert Einstein

14. Hibari Misora
    (Japanese singer)
15. Fukuzawa Yukichi
    (Japanese writer)
16. Anne Frank
    (the Diary of a Young Girl)
17. Florence Nightingale
    (pioneering English nurse)
18. Shigeru Yoshida
    (Japanese diplomat and politician)
19. Walt Disney
    (film producer)
20. Beethoven

In this website, 100 most popular people in Japan are listed. Its information source is the TV program which was televised by Nippon Television. True or false it may be, the information is very close to the official view of the Japanese government. The broadcasting corporation is a de facto state-run company. Its founder was Matsutaro Shoriki, former class-A war Criminal.

Popular foreign people among Japanese

The problem is the ranking of foreigners. The TV program was broadcasted in 2007, 10 years after the death of Diana. If the survey had been carried out before 1997, the popularity of Diana would have been much higher. At least, she would have been more popular than both Mother Teresa and Helen Keller.

In 1997, two most popular foreigners among Japanese were Edison and Diana. I believe that Edison was chosen for the conspiracy against Diana mostly for insinuating some hidden messages.

And I believe that there was no country in which two most popular foreigners at that time were Edison and Diana except Japan. If that is the case, it is natural for Japan to be suspected.

Japan was particular about Edison in 1997.

1997 marked the 150th birthday of Thomas Edison. Celebrations were planned in Japan. Kazuyuki Hamada was nominated as leader of the celebrations. He became the president of a related research institute.

He published the book entitled "快人エジソン" about the biography of Edison. In fact the Japanese word "怪人" is a strange word he just coined. "快人エジソン" is pronounced as "kaijin Edison" in Japanese. And generally speaking "kaijin" means a PHANTOM. I believe that he never respects Edison and that on the other hand he simply tries to tease Edison.

TEPIA, or the Machine Industry Memorial Foundation, gave him a certificate of gratitude for having mobilized 250,000 people into the celebration project. TEPIA is a government-affiliated corporation. The president of this government-affiliated corporation is Shinji Fukugawa, who used to be the top bureaucrat in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry from 1986 to 1988. He retired from the government into senior management positions in private companies. The names and the number of these companies are really surprising.

French Conspiracy

Diana was transported by an ambulance to the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital. But it took about 2 hours to reach the hospital. And the ambulance is said to have neglected other full-fledged hospitals on the way. These French actions were obviously ridiculous. But the French police system is very similar to the Japanese one. French police are officially open and democratic, but in fact nobody knows what is going on behind their stage. The British government is reluctant to accuse and criticize the French government. This indulgence to French problems seems to embolden the French government. I see the Japanese-French alliance in this case, too.

reference Amazing Coincidences around Death of Princess Diana
Death of Princess Diana in a Car Accident (1) 7 July 2005 London bombings
Assassination of John Lennon Japan won World War II. Japan's Conspiracy in English History
Tokugawa Ieyasu and Forty-seven Ronin Brighton Hotel Bombing
Nobel Prize and Japan's Secret

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  July 9, 2009  #222
Japan's Conspiracy (162)

L'Aquila Summit

July 7th is the day of the Star Festival. But this day the world is busy every year.

2005 Train Bombings in London
2007 Live Earth and the New Seven Wonders of the World
2008 Toyako Summit
2009 L'Aquila Summit

But I have been expecting this commemorative photo of the summit. As I have talked about it, some leaders of G8 nations seem to suffer from a Napoleon complex.
L'Aquila Summit
The problem was why they are so small. Is it just a coincidence? At first, I checked the height of Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso. He is 175 centimeters tall. I was surprised. But it is the official information. How about other politicians?

Leaders Country Height Others
Nicolas Sarkozy France 165 cm Platform Shoes
Silvio Berlusconi Italy 167 cm Berlusconi compared himself to Napoleon.
Dmitry Medvedev Russia
163 cm 5 feet 4inches (5×0.3048+4×0.0254=1.63)
Vladimir Putin Russia
(prime minister)
168 cm ( 165 cm)
Pope Benedict XVI Pope 165 cm presumption

Japanese have been getting taller. But people in other countries have been getting taller, too. Nonetheless, it is rare for small political leaders gather in a hall. At least, I have never seen this kind of gathering before. But I wonder whether Mr. Aso is 175 centimeters tall, or not. In Japan, white lies are often regarded as a formal expression.

Aso met with Putin in May this year. As far as I see this picture, I cannot believe that he is 175 centimeters tall. Strangely enough, there are few pictures in which Aso stands with a celebrity, particularly with a tall person.

According to the Japanese Wikipedia, Aso graduated from Gakushuin University, an elite university having most of the members of the Imperial family. He didn't enter the University of Tokyo, one of the most prestigious state-run universities in Japan. Aso said that his father had encouraged him not to enter the University of Tokyo but to enter Gakushuin university. His father said to him, "State-run Universities are the ones where poor people study. If you go to the university, it would be the waste of tax payers' money."

I feel that this kind of excuse may be very similar to the white lie about his height.

At the summit, Aso wore a light blue suit though others wore dark suits. he looked like a television talk-show host. It is somewhat unusual.

Light blue color is an expansive color and black is a contracting color.

If this situation is a manipulated combination, the beneficiary will be only Japan. Here I see the Japanese conspiracy.

This story includes hypotheses.
Japanese Prime Minister Takeshita
(fourth right) at Toronto summit in 1988
Putin and Aso
Putin and Pope

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  July 16, 2009  #223
Japan's Conspiracy (163)

Birthday of Taro Aso

General elections are just around the corner. I cannot predict what's going to happen with Aso. Maybe time is running out for the Aso administration. So I try to complete the question on his birthday.

Different from Koizumi's birthday that is obviously related to the war, Aso's birthday is a little difficult to explain. My story may be somewhat far-fetched, but let me try.

September 20, 1940

On this day, Aso was born. But on this day, both the Japanese government and Aso family faced a critical moment.

Japan was busy negotiating the Tripartite Pact with Germany and Italy. But former ambassador to the United Kingdom Shigeru Yoshida had to clarify his attitude toward the pact. He was Aso's grandfather.

On September 19, 1940, the Tripartite Pact was authorized at the Gozen Kaigi, or the conference in the presence of the Emperor. The next day, Yoshida knew the final decision. In fact he was advocating pacifism in view of his former position.

Aso was born on this unhappy day. For Yoshida, it should have never been a happy day. But there lies the Japanese trick. Japan often sends a peace envoy to its enemy states just to put them off their guard. Today, the so-called China school in the Japanese Foreign Ministry is a well-known example.
Japan's Political Crisis
(July 2009)

LDP Secretary-General
Taro Aso in 2007

In Japan, politicians and diplomats play their special roles in negotiations with foreign countries. They are often divided into different factions such as the pro-China group and the pro-American group. But it is simply a setup or a hoax in which they intentionally play their roles. It is often beyond the imagination of foreign diplomats and Japan takes advantage of this tactic to dominate the world.

Shigeru Yoshida was a pro-American and Pro-British diplomat in this sense. But he was a militarist for sure. Having been born into a distinguished political family, Yoshida was distanced from the central government for the future Japanese leader after the defeat of the war. Far from it. He is said to have been detained by the military police for 40days just before the end of the World War II. It is natural to think that the detention was a deception.

Self-contradiction in Birthday

Quite a few Japanese politicians embrace a contradiction. In a word, they are double-tongued. There were many examples at that time, too. The birthday of former Socialist Party Chairman Sadao Yamahana was an understandable example.

September 20, 1940 was not an ordinary day.

To tell the truth, the next day, September 21 was the day when the Tokyo Olympics had been planned to open. Japan finally cancelled the Olympics because of wars including the Second Sino-Japanese War. But the cause and effect relationship is opposite.

In fact, Japan could not hold half-successful Olympic Games. Four years ago, Hitler had achieved the largest scale of the Olympics and the superiority of Germany. Japan could not fall behind Germany. Japan had to hold more successful Olympics than that of Germany. But strengthening of Japanese athletes was too late and unsuccessful. Then, Japan intentionally broke out the war and cancelled the Olympics. As a result, it was a right decision for Japan. In 1964, 19 years after the defeat of World War II, Japan held the Tokyo Olympic Games with the third place after the US and the USSR in the end.

Japanese wars are always related to the Olympic Games.

A week later, the Tripartite Pact was signed.

Japan enhanced its military power with the treaty as the driving force and attacked Pearl Harbor the next year.

Yokohama Mayor Hiroshi Nakada comes on the stage. (added on July 28, 2009)

I'm not interested in this politician. I don't think he is attractive. But he frequently makes the headlines. He announced his resignation as mayor. But the timing was a little strange. So, I investigated his birthday. He shares the same birthday with Taro Aso. He has climbed a political ladder very quickly. He is a prospective political leader in Japan. I finally knew the reason.

reference Minister as a Parody of a Samurai Lord My Computers Attacked.
No Better than the General Election during the War Cup noodles and Taro Aso
Prime Minister is Olympian. L'Aquila Summit

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  July 25, 2009  #224
Japan's Conspiracy (164)

Aim of Organized Stalkers

For many years, I have been frequently asked by the government and media workers why I am harassed by stalkers. And I now know how this question really annoys the stalkers' victim further. I examined the pattern of the question and I finally have known that the question was part of some well-prepared manuals.

This question is something like a question to a female victim in which she is asked why only she is harassed by unknown male stalkers. The questioner seems to say, "Are you so attractive that many young males want to chase you?"

Harassment is not Aim

In my case, as far as I know, my parents had been harassed since their marriage. Unfortunately, however, they could not realize, to the death, that they had been harassed by a united organization. Today, my family and I finally realized that the harassment continued to the next generation. In fact, I was not sure why I was harassed by unknown people for 30 years. But I did my utmost to investigate the stalking crime.

Under these circumstances, one question arose. Victims who don't know the harassing organization soon forget their ordeal if the harassment stops. So, such victims are harmless people for the organization. And the organization has no reason to continue the harassment against the victims' next generation, too. Such victims may bear a grudge against specific persons but they have no motive to bear a grudge against the organization as a whole.
China overtakes Japan
as world's
second-biggest economy

Japan as Number One

In addition, my parents were innocent and trusting. They never blamed others for their ordeal. Nevertheless, the organization repeated the same harassment against us (the next generation). What's this all about?

Story-telling about Japanese Navy

My father was conscripted into military service for about 10 years. Due to his lack of academic background, his last military rank was corporal. And he occasionally blew his horn about the battlefield over drinks. He talked about the spoils of war and favoritism in the military. But few listeners enjoyed his story and he finally stopped talking the story about the navy when I began to understand things.

But his inadvertent talking kicked off the harassment by the secret police. Although the Japanese military was dissolved, the Japanese police organization maintained the prewar totalitarianism after the defeat of World War II.

Why do the Police harass the Specific People for Generations?

This question was a mystery for many years. But the truth has gradually come out through the Internet information. I have finally known that I was an exceptional target.

Generally speaking, targeted people break down within about 10 years, economically, mentally or physically. But I endured the challenge. A neighbor hurled a hard ball at my mother on the back of her head. She later died due to the injury. My father died at the hospital. But during his last hours, rogues made a lot of noise around his hospital room. My elder sister has been hospitalized three times. She goes to see a doctor periodically.

Yet, I have maintained a normal life, fighting the evil people. I am really an exceptional person. But they have never given up. Then, unfortunately, I found their backroom organization.

Mobilized People

I have watched, examined and investigated those mobilized people for more than 30 years. Some of them include three generations. They follow the organization's orders from inheritance to marriage. They can not marry ordinary outsiders. They have to keep their special information completely among them. In my neighborhood, some family members harass me in three generations.

Aim is to strengthen the organization and to maintain the military power.

Today, we hear the militarism coming back to Japan and I finally noticed that the harassment against me was part of Japan's secret military training. It is obvious that Japan is far beneath the US in the military power. But Japan knows that guerrilla strategy and terrorism often beat the US army.

Adaptable Fighting Potential and Training on Routine Basis

In the US, reserved soldiers are trained periodically. But Japan has no such training system. But practice maneuvers are indispensable for emergency. Fishing vessels including whalers are used as naval ships in wartime. So, some of Japanese fishing vessels are used for practice maneuvers. They are actually the navy reserves.

How about in the ground forces? You may think that tanks and artillery guns are important in the war. But, in reality, spy operations including espionage, provocation and sabotage are much more important. It takes a long time to acquire such special skills. In order to keep about one million people effective in the battle field, it is very important to train them all the time.

They operate secretly and nobody knows their true colors except them. Even victims around me didn't know their true colors to the death. But, in the eyes of victims, they are apparently stalkers and harassers.

But the real training is not for the mobilized people but for the mobilizers themselves. The mobilizing skill is much more important than the sabotage skills. High-achieving mobilizers are promoted and sent overseas with excellent interpreters. The important thing is to inflict the biggest damage on the target with the least mobilization and in the perfect crime.

Security companies, anticrime patrols, children protection organizations and young men's associations are an asset as the army reserves. Of course, some of them know the real purpose, and others don't. In fact, however, only a few percentage of them have a part in the organized crimes. But others gradually know the reality. They turn blind eyes to the crimes. Thus, those organizations are united and strengthened year by year.

For this reason, everyone can be a victim. There is no reason for being harassed. Here lies the decisive trick for the perfect crime. "Tell me why they harass you!" When the victim seems to be puzzled, the policeman continues, "There is no crime where there is no motive. You had better go to see a doctor rather than going to the police."

Important National Interest for Government

The organized harassment is a crime for sure, but the ordeal of the victims is negligible compared to the national interest. So, nobody opposes the crime. But, there is more to it than that.

Huge Amount of Off-the-book Funds

For the authorities, nothing is pleasanter than to spend off-the-book funds. In addition, it is said to contribute to Japan's national interest. So, opponents are branded as traitors and are eliminated.

Enhancing the Organization

In a scene of a mafia movie, a boss tells his man to kill someone as a proof of loyalty. It is an effective tool to strengthening the organization. By the same token, group harassment really contributes to enhancing the organization. The members can not leave the organization. Such members will be turned over to the police. In fact, they themselves are the police and such members will be sent to prison soon.

Ultimate Goal is Preparation for War

When Japan does a dirty thing, it confuses foreign governments and the media by preparing a campaign against it. Some examples are the Kyoto Protocol versus weather terrorism, environment concern versus harassment by refuse dump trucks, introduction of a new citizen judge system versus miscarriage of justice, to name but a few.

Who Knows Number of Victims

At first, I thought that the harassment was ubiquitous in the Japanese society and that quite a few people were victims. I expected that someone would raise the issue some day. So, I continued to endure the ordeal. But the Internet information gave me a variety of clues to the harassment. And, after traveling some major cities in Japan, I knew that some people intentionally harassed me everywhere in Japan. The new perspective was that most information in the media was false or fabricated and that the number of victims was extremely small compared to the large number of organized people.

And, strangely enough, I found that I had been several times involved in bizarre incidents that had occurred exactly the same time when a historical incident occurred in some place in the world.

I know that you can hardly believe it, but I believe some people who share the same problem will understand it.

Least Victims under Most Victimizers

Japan legends talk about Hitobashira ("human pillar"), in which maidens were buried alive at the base or near some constructions as a prayer to ensure the buildings against disasters or enemy attacks. These victims are indispensable sacrifices for maintaining and enhancing the community. Those victims are chosen at random. Those victims have no particular fault. But this randomness makes others all the more scared. This logic still prevails in this secret organization.

In the light of cost and benefit, the most victims under the least victimizers may be efficient. But, in fact, too many victims at one time may reveal the fact to ordinary citizens. In this case, secrecy makes the harassment all the more eerie. So, nowadays, there are very few victims under many victimizers. But the ordeal is so deep that the victims die, kill themselves or break down within several years. Around me, at least more than 10 people were victimized for the past 40 years. On the face of it, they simply committed a suicide, died of a disease or were killed in the car accident, but now I believe that they were actually such victims. When a targeted person disappears, another target is chosen, often at random.

Ruling the World

This phrase is appealing. It has a supernatural power to drive out the opponent. A book entitled "The Japan That Can Say No" and another book entitled "Japan as Number One" took over the world for some time. This is Japan's ultimate goal. Organized stalkers are just the tip of the strategic iceberg.

This is the overview of Japanese organized stalkers. Japan started to try to rule the world about 300 years ago. Its history is complicated and bizarre. Let me talk about the detail later.

reference Japan's anti-stalking law is a completely fake law. It is a perfect fraud,
literally indicating good will but in reality including paradoxical conspiracy
against ordinary people.

The law came into force on the 50th anniversary of the issuance
of the order on restructuring the electric power industry.
The order was another corrupt law.
Probably the Japanese government intentionally chose
the same date for the purpose of ridiculing ordinary people.

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  July 29, 2009  #225
Japan's Conspiracy (165)

Rebiya Kadeer is Another Dalai Lama

On July 29, Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Wu Dawei summoned Japan's ambassador to China, Yuji Miyamoto, and called upon the Japanese government to prevent Kadeer from engaging in anti-Chinese separatist activities while visiting the country.

Kadeer is the president of the World Uyghur Congress, an international organization of exiled Uyghur groups. They claim that they represent the collective interest of the Uyghur people both inside and outside of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China.

To tell the truth, it has been reported that the Japanese ambassador provided about 3 million yen in exchange for state secrets to a Chinese journalist. I believe that it is the tip of the iceberg.

Misfortunes of China

Many of misfortunes in China have come from Japan. Going back to the history of East Asia, China always benefited Japan. There are no records in which China invaded Japan.

Invasions of Japan during the 13th century were carried out by Mongols. On the other hand, Japan has invaded Korean Peninsula and the Chinese Continent several times in historical times including the Battle of Baekgang, two Japanese invasions of Korea from 1592 to 1598, the First Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War. Wokou or Japanese pirates are thought to have been part of Japan's national strategy.
Rebiya Kadeer's
Personal History

Rebiya Kadeer
and Dalai Lama

Japan is said to have been an isolated country from the 17th to the 19th century. In consideration of those circumstances, however, Japan was far from being completely isolated under the sakoku policy. Rather, it was a system in which strict regulations were applied to commerce and foreign relations by the shogunate, and by certain feudal domains. This system is almost the same as the Japanese current trade system, so-called "corporate Japan".

Japan's International Strategy

Since the 17th century, Japan has sent special ninjas overseas. They are not such ninjas which you imagine. They live ordinary lives. The ordinariness is very important to deceive their neighbors. Their mission is secret trade, information collection and money laundering. There is one more important thing for them. It is to have babies, particularly half-Japanese babies. Their origin is always kept secret. They are given money periodically, something like a child support payment by a divorced husband or a welfare payment by the government.

As early as 1870, a Japanese samurai warrior went to Russia and entered Saint Petersburg State University. He explored Central Asia, including Bukhara, Samarkand, West Turkistan, Tashkent and Xinjiang. It is one example.

This idea was something like today's dream for the space. At that time, foreign countries were something like the space. On the one hand from the national defence strategy on the other hand from curiosity, a lot of money was spent. But Japan knew that it was much less than the money which was spent in the war.

Such half-Japanese are ubiquitous in many places of the world. They are obviously different from other mixed people. To make matters worse, they don't reveal their origin. So, nobody knows the number of them. I don't know Kadeer's origin, but there are many cases in which half-Japanese are used. Now that Japan allows them to use a lot of money free, their loyalty to Japan is indispensable.

Kadeer's Strategy

Kadeer's strategy is complicated. She was imprisoned for tax evasion and fraud. But she applied to the Chinese government for going to the US for medical treatment. In 2005, China allowed her to leave the country in exchange for stopping antigovernment activities. On arriving at the US, however, she did a complete turnaround. She became the president of the World Uyghur Congress in 2006. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Different from other Nobel Prizes, this prize is awarded by Norwegian parliamentarians. Like Japanese politics, it is not difficult to put pressure on politicians through supporters legally. It is one of Japan's specialties.

Germany and Japan Pulling Strings behind Scenes

The World Uyghur Congress is based in Munich, Germany. Kadeer has been in close relations to the Dalai Lama. Japan is always the secret supporter of such rogue organizations. Japan leaves no evidence. Dummy organizations such as Aum Shinrikyo carry out daily operations. But when the chips are down, Japan occasionally goes into action.

As soon as this site was uploaded, Kadeer left Japan.

I uploaded this Japanese site in the morning on July 30. But the news televised at noon reported that Kadeer cut short her stay in Japan to head home to Washington. Probably the Japanese government was afraid of the bad effect for the upcoming general election. But the quick response was amazing.

reference The conflict of Claims between China and Dalai Lama
Japanese news about China is almost a fraud. "Do I look like a demon?"・・・Dalai Lama.
Dalai Lama and Confucian Temple in Tokyo Hitler and Seven Samurai
Collusion of France, Russia and Georgia

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  Aug 6, 2009  #226
Japan's Conspiracy (166)

Fairness and Equality in Japan

A new trial system in which citizens participate as lay judges started on August 3. I have repeatedly said that the system is a fraud. But the government has employed expert groups to cover up the fraud. And it is not easy to explain the reason. So, let me show some tips of the iceberg so that you can easily understand.

Open Trial

In Japan, the trial is said to be open to the public in principle. But I wonder if it is really so.

In Japan, it is said that trials in which victims want to keep the case secret, such as rape trials, are often kept secret. But the idea of protection of privacy in Japan is questionable.

In Japan, privacy is not the thing to which individuals have the right but the thing to be protected by the government.

One of the the problems is that the prosecutors can keep the case secret even if the victims want to open it to the public. Particularly when the police don't want to reveal the case , the victims' privacy is used as an excuse.

Admission Tickets

When Japanese say, "It is fair and equal," it often includes a fraud. There are quite a few examples, including fixed games in sports, public elections, elections in the bar association and the Chamber of Commerce and auctions, to name but a few.

Courts are not exceptions. One of the basic tricks in Japanese frauds is "hand delivery". In most cases, participants cannot choose the numbered tickets or lottery tickets. Some lottery tickets, ballot sheets are handed over by the staff.

At the court, when spectators outnumber the gallery seats, admission tickets are handed over to them beforehand. But there is more to it than that. They are given numbered tickets beforehand, too.

Spectators make a line, receive numbered tickets and wait. Winning numbers are displayed on the information board. Admission tickets are handed over to the drawing winners in exchange for the numbered tickets. They go to the gallery seats and show the admission tickets at the entrance.

Well, there seems to be no problem whatsoever. But a kindergarten-style trick is hidden. When numbered tickets are delivered, prospective winning tickets have been already taken away.

Drawing by Using Personal Computer

Then, winning numbers which were prepared beforehand are announced as if they were determined by the PC. In reality, the first and second spectators become the observers. But it is said that those observers are usually sturdy, muscular and triumphant middle-aged males.
Justice Minister
Kunio Hatoyama
"My friend's friend is a member of al Qaeda."

Kunio Hatoyama Resigns

Justice Minister wearing a bird costume for the demonstration of the lay judge trial system

Some 2,000 people line up for a chance to get tickets for the 58 gallery seats.

Why are two different tickets handed over?

The reason is that the admission tickets are sold blatantly, in a sense, in a legal way. They need time and place to switch roles. If the winners were directly led to the court room, the fraud on the PC screen and the switch of the winners would be witnessed by others.

Fifty Dollars Part Time Job for Two Hours

Such a fraud is tolerated at the court. On the one hand, some related people who have come to the court from every region leave the court in disappointment. On the other hand, some prominent journalists easily go to the gallery seats by mobilizing a lot of part-time workers. The police themselves often mobilize such workers in order to keep the court secret if they don't want to reveal the court proceedings to the public.

They are not ordinary part-time workers.

Most of the part-time workers are those who have been particularly organized by the secret police. They usually earn money by suspicious jobs such as stalking. They hold their tongues. They can be mobilized in a mass at a certain time.

Some well-known journalists talk about the buying of the admission tickets.

They don't mind talking about the buying of tickets. They always appear on the TV news program about the court. Some of them dare to write about the buying of tickets on their websites.

Nowadays, gallery seats of a major lawsuit are filled with stupid journalists, plain-clothes policemen and mobilized stalkers.

Media's Double Fraud

The media mobilize part-time workers for the gallery seats and report the hoopla at the court.

Apparently for Coverage but in Reality for Cover-up

The media say that they mobilize part-time workers only for necessary coverage. But it is obvious that the media cooperate with the court and the police to exclude unwanted spectators. But I wonder how many Japanese know this terrible fact. The reality of Japanese trials is something like the Moscow Trials in the 1930s.

reference Justice Minister Hatoyama says that a friend of a friend is a member of al Qaeda.

In fact, al-Qaeda is established on August 11, 1988. And the day is Kunio Hatoyama's 40th birthday (August 11, 1948 in the Japanese calendar). So, the remark above is probably an intentional insinuation.

to be continued hypotheses are included
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Japan's Conspiracy (167)

Verification of Weather Manipulation (2)

Two years ago, on the page of the Verification of Weather Manipulation (1), I tried to verify the weather manipulation on Hiroshima Peace Memorial Day, August 6. In fact, I had predicted the weather manipulation on August 6, 2007 on some other Internet message boards. Strangely enough, however, there was a little shower before the memorial ceremony in Hiroshima. According to the record of the Japan Meteorological Agency, it rained 25 millimeters.

This year, I have carefully watched the TV news about Hiroshima. Nation-wide network news reported that it rained a little at dawn on August 6 with a video of the ceremonial site in Hiroshima in which workers were busy preparing the ceremony with open umbrellas. But it was a distant landscape and I was not sure if it was really raining there.

Later I checked the weather information at the JMA's website. But the weather record on August 6 in Hiroshima had not been updated although the same information in other areas had been updated. The next day I could see the updated information. The precipitation on August 6 was 0 millimeters. It is one example of information manipulation by the Japanese government. Their manipulation is really subtle and minute.

I feel that the degree of accuracy in weather manipulation has been dramatically enhanced. Nowadays a small amount of rainfall at a certain time at a local area can be easily created. It may deserve to be respected in a sense, yet it is a crime against humanity and nature.

I think most of the readers now understand the weather conspiracy theory to some extent. So, let me stop here. If you need further information, please refer to the sites below.

Weather Agency Ends Cherry-blossom Forecasts (added on February 16, 2010)

Japan's obsession with cherry blossoms was unusual. Cherry-blossom forecasts were made as part of job performance review in the Japan Meteorological Agency and the Japan Self-Defense Forces. It is a childish conspiracy, but let me explain here.
Weather Control as a Weapon
2012 Hiroshima Peace
Memorial Ceremony

cherry blossoms at
Yasukuni Shrine

Japan has conducted weather manipulation and environmental destruction. But nowadays the conspiracy may be revealed by some chance. People's awareness and knowledge about the weather was enhanced. And the number of wars and conflicts was decreased. Then Japan tried to improve its skills in weather manipulation in peace time.

In Japan some people are often given an insulting nickname of "rain man". In fact, some people are actually followed by rainfall, particularly at important events. I believe that the JMA and the JSDF are responsible for the coincidences.

At the same time, some of their colleagues spread rumors that they are rain men or rain women who are followed by the rain. Those colleagues are often secret stalkers organized by the police. Those victims rarely get garden party and hiking invitations for fear their presence will literally throw cold water on the proceedings. They are frequently left in the cold. For the past several years, timely rainfall when I go out has been intensified. And the improvement of the weather control skill was obvious.

In the past, when I went out under the cloud, it began to rain in 30 minutes. But I often dodged the rain attack by frequently changing my schedule. But two years later it began to rain in 10 minutes. It means that they established a technology with which they could create a rainfall in 10 minutes. But I believe that they have more secret technology.

Japan's conspiracy is complicated. The meteorological Agency and the Self Defense Forces gave their local staff the competition of blooming cherry blossoms at the target date. One of their purposes was to improve their weather control skills. At the same time, executives of headquarters may enjoy calling their local weather staff on their mobile phones, saying, "Good job! You will be promoted next year." I once joined such a cherry blossom viewing, though as a subordinate, and I understand the atmosphere and their mind-set.

The Meteorological Agency has designated the three cherry trees at the Yasukuni Shrine as the standard trees for forecasting the timing of cherry blossoms in Tokyo. From a scientific point of view, it is absurd.

I live in Kagoshima City, which is located on the southern tip of Kyushu, the most south-western island of Japan's four main islands. Nowadays, however, cherry blossoms bloom earlier in other areas including Tokyo than in Kaogoshima. It is part of their conspiracy.

And, probably due to criticism, the JMA suddenly announced the end of the forecast.

reference the relationship between the date and the amount of precipitation
Weather Terrorism (Summery 1) Hurricane Ultimate Ethnic Cleansing
Japanese Living under Car Washing Machine

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