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  2009/1/26  #190
Japan's Conspiracy (130)

A Mass Poisoning in Japan and the Father of Pakistan

These days, checking Wikipedia's calendar has been part of my daily routine. Though I am unwilling to do so, it can't be helped as nobody is likely to do it. And today, I have found another ominous event.

There is little reliable information about this case and my explanation comes mostly from assumption and deduction. But let me try.

Teigin Case

This case is really an old one. The person who remembers it would be pretty old.

But most people know the name of the case, for the government and the media have been making much ado until recently. I doubted the story of the case but I didn't dare to investigate it. However, now that I have recognized Japan's conspiracy, I can't leave the affair unsolved.

The Teigin Case occurred on January 26, 1948. The story about the Imperial Japanese Army is really lurid. But let me allow to spare the details.

I have got closer to the truth through tactics I so far used. I looked for unnatural factors in the incident. First of all, the name of the site of the incident came out. The incident occurred in a small district "Shiina-machi" in Tokyo.

To tell the truth, I lived in a company house in Tokyo for 2 years. The house was located several kilometers away from the site. But it was not until I tried to edit this page that I knew the name of the site "Shiina-machi".
Teigin Case
(Japanese movie)

short documentary
on Bhopal gas tragedy

the site of the Teigin Case

And two years later, on January 26, 1950, the Constitution of India came into force.

the Father of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah

In Bangladesh, Japan employed Masumi Hayashi for ridiculing the poisoning and the floods in Bangladesh. Soon, I found a pun that suggested Japan's hidden message on this incident.

The name of the district, "Shiina-machi", was the pun on the name of Jinnah.

The next hurdle was the date. The Constitution of India came into force on January 26, 1950. Today, this day is an important national holiday in India. Did India start the constitution following the poison case? That should have never happened.

Generally speaking, the nation organizes an event on a specific day. So I investigated the origin of the national holiday. And I found the origin.

Salt Satyagraha (Salt March)

On March 12, 1930, Mahatma Gandhi led the Dandi march to make salt tax free, with growing numbers of Indians joining him along the way. When he broke the salt laws, it sparked large scale acts of civil disobedience against the British Raj salt laws by millions of Indians. At midnight on December 31, 1929, the Indian National Congress, raised the tricolour flag of India on the banks of the Ravi at Lahore. The Indian National Congress, led by Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, publicly issued the Declaration of Independence on January 26, 1930.

Since then the day has been the symbol of independence for Indians.

On the other hand, the real culprits, Unit 731, were active also in India during World War II. The number of people killed by the Imperial Japanese Army germ warfare and human experiments is said to be around 580,000. They made bogus Indian bills.

Japan supported pro-independence politicians in India in order to expel the British from India. India and Pakistan became independent on August 15, 1947. In fact, however, Japan had no intention to allow them to be independent. And the two honorable leaders soon disappeared. Gandhi was assassinated and Jinnah suddenly became ill. Then the poisoning attempt began. Finally, on January 26, 1948, the Teijin case occurred. He died on another ominous day, September 11, 1948.

Truth in the False Accusation

In the end, Teigin Case was an act of intimidation against India and Pakistan. The arrested man, Sadamichi Hirasawa confessed after police interrogation which allegedly involve torture, but he recanted soon after. Since then, the media has continually reported his court as a false accusation. At last, Hirasawa died full of years in the prison. He was 95 years old. I'm sorry but I think that this case is very similar to the mass poisoning of people celebrating a festival in Wakayama Prefecture in July 25, 1998. I admit that I think that he played a role as part of the fraud. If my guess is right, I also think that Masumi Hayashi and Shoko Asahara will also die full of years in the prison contrary to all expectations. No wonder gorgeous prisons are now being built one after another under the slogan of privatization in Japan.

My investigation is based mostly on the Internet information. My purpose is not to impair a person's dignity but to reveal Japan's conspiracy.

reference The birthday of President of India Pranab Mukherjee is synchronized with
the Nazi history. In addition, the synchronization is used in the Hebrew calendar.
The establishment of the ruling party, the National congress of India,
strongly indicates Japan's conspiracy.
All in all, the Indian government (the National congress of India)
is a treacherous government which Japan created
The Bhopal Gas Tragedy occurred on December 3, 1984,
the 100th anniversary of the birth of first Indian President Rajendra Prasad
A mass poisoning occurred and an intense typhoon hit the Philippines
on the same day (in the Japanese calendar)
when Hideki Tojo took the witness stand at the War Crimes Trial
The Truth About the Army Noborito Research Institute
Fight to clear mass-killer's name unending

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2009/2/1  #191
Japan's Conspiracy (131)

Iranian Revolution

BBC News says that, 30 years ago today, Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Iran for the Iranian Revolution.

Speaking of Iran, I have already described the pun about the birthday and the name of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But I suspected that there would be more.

And there came another conspiracy. A national holiday "Victory of the Revolution" falls on Bahman 22. Bahman 22 in Iranian calendar is February 11. This day is also Japan's national holiday, "National Foundation Day". So, let me list up some national holidays as a reference.
Ruhollah Khomeini image

Nations and organizations that celebrate their foundation on February 11

Japan usually sends more than one hidden message. So, I investigated a little further.

Revolutionary Events in the 20th Century

Oddly enough, revolutionary events occur mostly in the year that has "9" in the lowest digit.

revolution year country
French Revolution 1789 France
Meiji Constitution (Meiji Restoration) 1889 Japan
German Revolution 1918–19 Germany
Great Depression 1929 US and other countries
Vatican's independence 1929 Vatican City and Italy
World War II 1939 global military conflict
Chinese Civil War 1945-49 China
Cuban Revolution 1959 Cuba
Tibetan exile administration 1959 India
Cultural Revolution 1966-79 China
Iranian Revolution 1979 Iran
Nicaraguan Revolution 1979 Nicaragua
Sino-Vietnamese War 1979-89 China and Vietnam
Death of Emperor Hirohito 1989 Japan
Tiananmen Square protests 1989 China
Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 Germany
Romanian Revolution 1989 Romania

It can hardly be said that these revolutionary events were just coincidence. It can hardly be denied that Japan and France have been behind the stage. Particularly, Japan's obsession was out of the ordinary.

Not only things around the death of Emperor Hirohito but also things around the death of Emperor Meiji were suspicious. Japan initiated informal secret relations with Romania (the Iron Guard) by using Ryoichi Sasakawa. The revolutionary Romanian flag indicated the combination of the then Romanian national flag, the flag of Soka Gakkai and the Japanese national flag.

The Constitution of the Empire of Japan (Meiji Constitution) was promulgated in 1889, the 100th anniversary of the French revolution. The 200th anniversary of the French revolution started with the death of Emperor Hirohito. The world was in turmoil throughout the year. And the year ended with the Romanian Revolution. Ceausescu and his wife were captured and returned to Bucharest on December 23, 1989, the first birthday since Emperor Akihito acceded to the throne. The flag that was then flown strongly indicated Japanese conspiracy over the revolution.

Flag of Romania (1965-1989). Flag of Soka Gakkai Japanese national flag.
Flag of the Romanian Revolution of 1989

This flag indicates a combination of the flag of Soka Gakkai and the Japanese national flag.

Around the Romanian Revolution, Japan reached its economic peak. I watched the revolution in the TV news. I remember the euphoria in the Japanese society at that time. The Nikkei Stock Average reached a peak of 38,915 yen in December 1989 but fell to around 10,000 yen in 2002 and then hit bottom at 7,600 yen in April 2003. Japan has been losing its prosperity. Romania joined the Axis Powers during World War II.

In the 1990s, the US started the Gulf War and gradually intensified the war against terrorism. So, revolutionary conspiracy that agitates the nation concealed itself. Instead, large scale terrorism and natural disaster terrorism such as hurricane terrorism came to the fore.

Let me get back to what I was saying. There is a reason why I picked up events other than the Iranian Revolution.

The Chinese Revolution after the Iranian Revolution

French and Japanese collaborators attempt specific conspiracy on a specific day. But some of them even die on a specific day. Nobody knows whether they kill themselves or they are murdered. I hear of a Japanese agent. He goes around the globe, marries minority women and has children. I hear that he recently died on one of the most important Japanese national holidays. Like the Japanese agent, Khomeini died on a specific day.

Khomeini died on June 3, 1989. But on this day, there was a great turmoil both in Japan and China. The then Japanese Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita was forced to resign on June 2 and the next Prime Minister Sosuke Uno inaugurated his new Cabinet on June 3. And on June 4, the June Fourth Incident occurred in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. When Japan attempts a conspiracy in a foreign country, it frequently prepares excuses. Its attitude is simple to understand.

In the end, Khomeini went to Iran for the Iranian version of the French Revolution and died in accord with the Chinese version of the French Revolution. It is obvious that a shadowy organization wanted to show that the global revolutionary tumults are connected with a piece of secret string.

The Recruit Scandal was a Fake Story.

Given the hypothesis above, Takeshita cabinet's resignation can be said to have been part of fabrication. Then, the Recruit Scandal which forced the cabinet's resignation should have been another fabrication.

In short, the fake story was performed for the purpose of enhancing the image of the new emperor as well as avoiding the media coverage about the relations between revolutionary events and Japan.

For this reason, the scandal was vaporized in the air and there was little influence on the Japanese politics. Later, Japan started to build a new political framework under the new emperor. Hosokawa coalition reformist government started in 1993. But its performance was too good to be true.

Japan's Bubble Economy was a Government's Fabrication

The death of the emperor was an unparalleled opportunity for the Japanese government to draw attention from all over the world. Japan fabricated a bubble economy and spread a catch-phrase "Japan as Number One", thinking nothing of the consequences.

The 1999 Nostradamus Prophecy was a Conspiracy by France and Japan

I hate superstition. As I edit this conspiracy site, I often come across the Nostradamus Prophecy theory. And I tried to ignore the theory. But, on an Internet forum, I found a message suggesting the coincidence between the Nostradamus Prophecy theory and the revolutionary events I explain on this site.

I was stunned. And I finally believed that the 1999 Nostradamus Prophecy was a conspiracy by France and Japan.

As I wrote above, nothing happened in 1999. The 1999 Nostradamus Prophecy tells the same thing. In addition, the prophecy indicates "July 1999". There is nothing surprising. The French Revolution broke out on July 14, 1789.

If this hypothesis is true, critics and writers who talk about the prophecy theory must have been agents employed by France or Japan.

In the end, the prophecy theory turned out to be the fabrication which intends to confuse and lead people away from the conspiracy.

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  2009/2/4  #192
Japan's Conspiracy (132)

Wen Jiabao visits Europe.

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum took place in Davos, Switzerland from January 28 through February 1, 2009. In fact, the world's financial landscape has changed hugely since the last forum. But the sky in Europe showed a dramatic change during the meeting. Let me list up events in time order below.

January 23 China announced Wen's visit to Europe.
January 25 Eleven people were killed by the fiercest storm in a decade in Spain and south-western France.
January 27 Wen Jiabao visited Davos in Switzerland.
January 28 Wen Jiabao visited Germany.
January 29 Wen Jiabao visited EU headquarters in Brussels.
January 30 Wen Jiabao visited Spain.
January 31 Wen Jiabao visited the UK.
February 2 the heaviest snowfall in 18 years in London
February 2 A protester has thrown a shoe at Wen Jiabao during a speech at Cambridge University.
February 2 Wen Jiabao left the UK for home.
Davos Annual Meeting 2009
Wen Jiabao

Wen Jiabao speaking at Cambridge University on February 2

The violent weather indicates Japanese and French terrorism.

As I have said time and time again, the violent weather was also part of a weather terrorism. Japan often try to reverse cause and effect.

Wen Jiabao didn't visit France. He failed to visit France not because he was afraid of the violent storm. In fact, France had invited him but he ignored the invitation. France was humiliated. So, they created storms for the purpose of making people believe that he was afraid of the violent weather and gave up visiting France.

For China, things went as scheduled. But the terrorist organization attempted to create circumstances under which Wen Jiabao ran away from the miserable situation. Their tactics are very similar to the tactics Japan employs.

A shoe was hurled to former US President George Bush at his final visit to Iraq, and to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on the last day of his visit to Europe, respectively.

There has been a variety of terrorism to drive a wedge between the UK and China.

July 7, 2005 Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi's visit to the UK and London bombings
April 11, 2007 Wen Jiabao's visit to Japan and bombings in Algeria
December 1, 2007 Japanese Foreign Minister Komura's visit to China and ETA's killing of two policemen
December 27, 2007 Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda's visit to China and the assassination of Former Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto
January 17, 2008 British Prime Minister Brown's visit to China and crash landing of a British Airways jetliner

reference Japan celebrated the 5000th day anniversary
of the birth of Chinees President Xi Jinping
by establishing the Matsushiro National Earthquake Center,
which is located in the Matsushiro Imperial Headquarters Site.
It was a large but secret underground bunker complex built during World War II.
The facility was constructed so that the central organs of government
of Imperial Japan could withstand and survive the war

The reason is probably because Xi Jinping is camouflaged Japanese.

He was born on the 50,000th anniversary of the independence of Argentina.

But the independence itself commemorated the Koki 660th anniversary
of Japan's historic rebellion
China's hard-line stance toward Japan has been led
not by President Hu Jintao, but by Vice President Xi Jinping.
The birthday of Xi Jinping strongly indicates his mission
about the territorial dispute against Japan
The birthday of Chinese President Hu Jintao coincided with the day
when the imperial conference which decided the implementation
of the "New China Policy" was held in Tokyo.
Thus, it is highly probable that Hu Jintao is included in the Japanese imperial family
The birthday of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao coincided with the day
when Japanese battleship Musashi was commissioned.
Musashi was the sister ship of Yamato

The birthday of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao coincided with the day
when USS Wasp, U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, was torpedoed at Guadalcanal
Examples of weather terrorism

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2009/2/9   #193
Japan's Conspiracy (133)

Japanese Secret Weapons

You may think that secret weapons are the integration of military technology. But things are a little bit different in Japan. The Japanese feature is better examined by historical analysis rather than the scientific investigation. First of all, I analyzed the Japanese characteristics in the science technology.
  1. Japan has created low-priced, high-quality products. But, in Japan, we see few innovative technologies that deserve Nobel Prize.

  2. At the initial stage of the Pacific War, Japan won one victory after another with their newest weapons including "zero fighters". But they lost their edge soon.
Japan's Last Secret Weapons image
  1. The American occupation forces disarmed the Japanese army. But the disarmament was not complete. Japan maintained their secret military technology after World War II.

  2. I have been annoyed by harassment with unthinkable devices. The harassers often employ animals and birds. Their harassment also includes weather manipulation such as sudden strong winds, sudden rainfalls and so on.

Japan conceals unimaginable military technology.

The study of historical evidence and the analysis of the characteristics of Japanese politicians, soldiers and bureaucrats reveal one of the reasons why they, even today, bring their belligerent insistence to the fore.

Japan has continuously accumulated its secret military technology since the Meiji Restoration in 1886 (maybe, since before that). In other developed countries such as the US or the UK, technology information is open to the public. Even military technology and weapons are open. Of course, the critical part of the technology is kept secret. But even the critical technology is utilized in the civilian production later.

But given the Japanese characteristics, this kind of development is unthinkable. Although it is a hypothesis, the following story must be true. In Japan, if a company worker invents a innovative technology, he is transferred to the government or the military. All his family members live with him isolated from the society. A lot of government money is invested and prototypes are made one after another. But related new products are rarely launched.

On the other hand, the innovative technology comes out open to the public under patent in other countries. Superficially, Japan has the same patent system. But the system is often manipulated. Under the patent system the disclosure of technology is accelerated in other countries. While Japan learns technologies from other countries free of charge, other countries are often left out in the cold. In most cases they don't know even the existence of the Japanese invention.

This situation can be compared to the cheating in the examination. Japan can look at others' answers unpunished, but others don't know even the fact that Japan is taking the same test.

If the situation is compared to the boxing match, Japan is an invisible boxer.

There must be no competition. Japan has continued this strategy for more than 100 years. For that reason, there is a great possibility that Japan owns unimaginable military technologies.

Some Japanese bureaucrats begin to believe that Japan will be able to defeat the US and to rule the world by using those technologies very well. When this greed surpasses pacifism, Japan provokes the war. The attack on Pearl Harbor was one example.

At an early stage of the war, Japan shows overwhelming military power, but it loses its edge soon.

At the early stage of World War II, Japan had a variety of secret military technologies including alloying technique, aircraft design and naval engineering. But the technologies are soon revealed to its enemy at the battle field. For example, when Japanese warplanes were fallen, the allied forces studied their structure. And they produced more powerful fighters soon.

Japan has accumulated its secret technologies for more than 60 years since the end of World War II. It also keeps old secret technologies before the war. Their destructive power may be beyond imagination.

Japanese Nuclear Development

Like the US, Japan was engaged in nuclear weapons development during World War II. It didn't complete the program simply because the US went ahead of it. Therefore, Japan is not qualified to criticize the US for its nuclear bombing.

However, Japan continued its nuclear weapons program after the war. The world community knows it, and the IAEA conducts strict inspections on related Japanese facilities. But Japan often snubs the inspection.

In fact, such inspections do not work very well. Japan can conduct nuclear tests in the territory of its allied countries including North Korea and Iran. France is another collaborator.

To make matters worse, clandestine nuclear tests are carried out in the disguise of natural earthquakes by detonating sequences of explosions (Japanese Wikipedia).

But military power is not the only means to conquer human beings. Nowadays, sinews of war can be kept in a variety of places by buying corrupt politicians, and supporting puppet politicians and puppet rich people who have been created through generations.

The Japanese government often talks about its "maizokin" (buried treasure). But it is an insinuation of such secret funds. For Japan, nuclear weapons are just part of its secret weapons (During World War II, Japan invented fire balloons, and bombs made from sea-fireflies).

Most of the recent natural disasters can be regarded as part of the weather terrorism, and also part of the terrorism experiment.

reference Japan ridiculed the Biological Weapons Convention by creating a funny pun,
insinuating that Japan has secret weapons which overcome any biological weapons
The purpose of establishing Unit 731 was to dominate
the world by Tokyo Olympic Games

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2009/2/13  #194
Japan's Conspiracy (134)

Colgan Air Flight 3407

It may be too early, but let me give short comments on the plane crash. Please make sure that they are hypotheses. As I was interested in the place and time of the crash, I examined it.

Date of Crash

February 12 is an important day for Canada. The 2010 Winter Olympics will be held on this day, in Vancouver.

Place of Crash

Buffalo is located near Niagara Falls and is very popular with Japanese tourists. Why did the airplane fall near the national border between the two countries. The US has been increasingly stronger in the Winter Olympic Games for the past 20 years. If the trend continues, it leaves little doubt that the US will win the most gold medals next year.

Time of Crash

The plane came down at 2210 (0310 GMT). I thought that the time of the crash was a little unusual compared to other plane crashes. At that time, Japan was a day ahead. It may be a coincidence, but the time of the plane crash was 10:10 pm and the time seems to be the pun on the date the Tokyo Olympic Games were held. They were held on October 10, 1964, on the tenth day of the tenth month.
the burning passenger plane
just after the crash image

2010 Winter Olympic

Opening Ceremony

US Medals by Winter Games

Year Games Gold Medals Ranking
1988 Calgary 2 9
1992 Albertville 5 5
1994 Lillehammer 6 5
1998 Nagano 6 5
2002 Salt Lake City
(host nation)
10 3
2006 Turin 9 2
2010 Vancouver ?? ??

Aircraft Manufacturer

The plane was a Bombardier Dash 8. Bombardier Aerospace is the third largest aircraft company in the world after Boeing and Airbus, but the way the Japanese media reported its related accident was a little unusual. To tell the truth, Bombardier airplanes have recently had a few troubles including All Nippon Airways Flight 1603 in Japan, particularly accidents on landing. The Japanese media invariably reported not with the name of the airline company but with the name of Bombardier Aerospace. It sparked controversies among critics (Japanese Wikipedia).

Just before the plane crash, an airplane delivery ceremony took place at the Japan Coast Guard hanger near Tokyo. The DHC8-Q300s replaced the outmoded YS11 propeller planes, Japanese domestically-produced planes, which the JCG introduced more than 30 years ago. Some nationalists must have ground their teeth in chagrin.

Widow of 9/11 Victim Aboard

Beverly Eckert was on the plane. She was a widow of September 11 terrorist attack victim. As co-chairwoman of Voices of Sept. 11, she pushed for a formal commission to investigate intelligence failures and for a proper memorial to the victims. This coincidence reminded me of another attack against the World Trade Center.


Though all of my stories are hypotheses, there are too many coincidences. I can't deny Japan's conspiracy. Yet I hope that my stories will be false, for sure.

reference The Colgan Air Flight 3407 crash and the 2010 Winter Olympics commemorated the 200th and 201st anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, respectively.
The Tokyo Olympic Games commemorated the 100th anniversary of the formation
of the General Council of the International Workingmen's Association
. (Timeline)

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2009/2/14  #195
Japan's Conspiracy (135)

People Chosen and Destined by Birthday

I saw Koizumi in the news after a long interval. But his news reminded me of my failure to check his birthday. About his birthday, I only have heard of his comment that he was born during World War II.

And, like Ahmadinejad, he was chosen by his birthday. It's too bad. Koizumi was born on January 8, 1942, one month after the Pearl Harbor Attack. On this day, the Japanese government designated the eighth day of each month as Imperial Rescript Proclamation Day (taisho hotaibi) and January 8 was particularly important for the celebration.

He is not the only person who was chosen by the birthday. Here I list the people whom I remember. It is just a hypothesis. You are the person who determines.

Another Desperate Performance

When I heard of Koizumi's visit to Russia, I remembered another similar situation. It was former prime minister Fukuda's visit to Russia last April. Russia is Japan's precious friend. Russia furnishes Japanese politicians with alibis.
Koizumi is a ROCK STAR

The then Japanese prime minister Koizumi shook hands with the then Russian President Putin on January 21, 2005.

Fukuda didn't want the Olympic torch relay to be held in Japan. So, he suddenly went to Russia just before the torch relay and returned home just after it. This time, Koizumi didn't want U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to come to Japan (She stayed in Japan from February 16 to February 18). Though she had no plan to meet him, he went to Russia on February 14 and returned home on February 20. This attitude is a blatant sarcasm. But I wonder why Russia cooperated with Japan. Maybe Russia is another Japan's ally. Otherwise, Japan may have bribed Russia for it.

Koizumi's sudden criticism against Prime Minister Taro Aso was just a pretense. In fact, he wanted people to know his visit to Russia. Without media report, his journey would have been a miserable one. Two US secretaries of state had been greeted by awful earthquakes in Japan.

People Who Were Chosen by Their Birthdays

name birthday event implication
Kensaku Morita
(governor of Chiba Prefecture in Japan)
December 16, 1949 Japanese battleship Yamato commissioned on December 16, 1941
Junichiro Koizumi January 8, 1942 Imperial Rescript Proclamation Day the imperial proclamation of the War of Great East Asia
Elvis Presley January 8, 1935 Imperial Rescript Proclamation Day the imperial proclamation of the War of Great East Asia
Kim Jong-un January 8, 1984 Imperial Rescript Proclamation Day the imperial proclamation of the War of Great East Asia
Yoko Ono February 18, 1933 the first aniversary of the proclamation of the State of Manchuria The State of Manchuria was proclaimed on February 18, 1932.
Shoko Asahara March 2, 1955 A Chinese prominent monk, Jianzhen came to Nara, the ancient capital of Japan in 754. a symbol of Buddhism
Saddam Hussein April 28, 1937 The first award ceremony for the Order of Culture in Japan was held on this day. This coincidence symbolizes Japan's appreciation for Saddam Hussein. He was captured by US forces on December 14, 2003. In fact, forty-seven samurai carried out a revenge killing on this day, December 14, Genroku 15 (January 30, 1703) according to the Japanese calendar.
Sadao Yamahana February 26, 1932 February 26 Incident the symbol of the Japanese militarism
Ahmadinejad October 28, 1956 The presentation and erection of the Statue of Liberty (1886)
Mino-Owari earthquake (1991)
The earthquake symbolized the anti-Americanism, and the end of the US.
Jacques Chirac November 29, 1932 Soviet-French Non Aggression Pact anti-American alliance
Nicolas Sarkozy January 28, 1955 Paris Peace Accords intolerable humiliation for the US
Shinjiro Koizumi April 14, 1981 the end of Abraham Lincoln and the end of Titanic the end of America
Kim Il-sung April 15, 1912 sinking of the Titanic fall of the West and rise of the East
Fusako Shigenobu September 3, 1945 Japan's actual surrender Main American troops landed on Japanese soil on September 3.
Kyu Sakamoto December 10, 1941 He was born just after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
many record sales in the US
attack on the US
Miki Nakasone June 23, 1944 Olympic day hosting the Tokyo Olympic games
the Battle of Okinawa
former Japanese prime minister Nakasone
Adolf Hitler 20 April, 1889 the birthady of Napoleon III of France (20 April, 1808) Napoleon's successor
Hitler was born in the year of the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.
Charlie Chaplin April 16, 1889 Hitler's birthday (April 20,1889) look-alike or double
Alberto Fujimori July 28, 1938 Peruvian Independence Day
the Thermidorian Reaction in the French Revolution
Fujimori became president on July 28, 1990.
Hamid Karzai December 24, 1957 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan on December 24, 1979. Afghan President
former president of the World Bank
Paul Wolfowitz
December 22, 1943 Cairo Conference (Japan's surrender) Japanese rule of the world
Kennedy assassination

Registering False Birthday (added on August 23, 2009)

I thought that the coincidence of the birthday was the result of the choice by the Japanese government. But it is not necessarily really so.
I am now watching an old movie on TV. One of the actors on the screen is Masaaki Sakai. For me, he has been an inexplicable figure for a long period of time. I see little talent in him. But he has been popular.

I checked the Wikipedia and there was an interesting story about his birthday.

He was born on June 6, 1946. But his father, who was an actor, too, forgot to register him at the local government office. Two months later, on August 6, his birthday was registered.

But no doubt the birthday can be registered retroactively. This excuse was a lie. I believe that his father intentionally went to the local government office on August 6, 1946, the first anniversary of the fall of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

That is the reason why the actor climbed the entertainment ladder very quickly.
This is one example of Japan's conspiracy.

reference Putin's birthday is the 100th anniversary of the dispatch
of a Russian expedition for Japan
Putin is well-known for his advanced-level of judo. But his black belt is probably
a parody on the coincidence between his birthday and barcode
Putin and Medvedev share the same birthday in the Japanese calendar.
Hitler's birthday was arranged in accordance with the Mongol invasions of Japan.
It reveals the fact in which Japan had planned a large-scale war as early as in 1889
Hitler was born on the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution in the Hebrew calendar.
It reveals the fact that he was a member of Jewish family,
in addition to Japanese conspirators

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2009/2/15  #196
Japan's Conspiracy (136)

Disaster and Economy (2)

In the previous page, I said that disasters brought some economic benefits. And I have often heard news which symbolize it.

No typhoons made landfall on the Japanese main islands last year. So, some buildings and structures are vulnerable and need periodical inspection. When they are neglected, there are accidents.
According to a Japanese news report, a signboard fell due to strong wind and hit a walking man on his head in Funabashi City on February 13, 2009. Fortunately he escaped with a minor injury.
It is not unusual that a signboard falls and hits a pedestrian. On the other hand, the society in which there are no such accidents is eerie. Yet the accident in which a pedestrian is killed by a falling signboard of a company will be a big scandal.

Periodical inspection is costly. It is nonproductive and unprofitable. Destruction of buildings and bridges by large scale natural disasters including typhoons and earthquakes gives some benefits such as payment of insurance. It enables building owners, construction companies and governments to get away with neglecting periodical inspection and avoiding responsibility without losing face.
school girls walking against a strong wind in front of JR Sendai Station

Governments, construction companies and other organizations have this compelling reason to maintain this evil but profitable system.

Reference Weather Terrorism
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  2009/2/18  #197
Japan's Conspiracy (137)

Repetition of Past Sarcasm

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Japan on February 16. I happened to watch the live joint press conference with Japanese Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone in the CNN news at 12:40 pm the next day. I changed to other Japanese channels in a hurry as I wanted to know how differently the Japanese media reported. But I couldn't find any related TV programs.

NHK, Japan's public broadcaster, was televising a breaking news, but the content of the program was totally different. It was Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa's press conference. He was resigning for his blunder amid claims that he had been drunk at a recent G7 meeting. Then NHK televised boring live Diet proceedings for a few hours.

But I soon remembered a similar occasion in the past. It was US President George W. Bush's visit to Japan in February, 2002.
Hillary Clinton
at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo
The Japanese government panicked because the president's visit was the first one since the 9/11 attacks. The political knockabout was very similar to the media's confusion this time. In 2002, the then prime minister Junichiro Koizumi dismissed two big-name politicians (Tanaka and Suzuki) and the vice minister of foreign affairs (Yoshiji Nogami) from their posts. Although the Nikkei stock index had been recovering slightly until that time, it sank to the 9400 level again.

One of the purposes of creating this kind of political knockabout is to hide the foreign celebrities' visit to Japan and to make people look the other way. Maybe they are afraid of the miserable result in the next election.

Some people say that the finance minister is a problem drinker. But the repetition of the same scandal strongly indicates that there is a manual for manipulating people's attention. Maybe bureaucrats who are in charge of it have lost even the ability to fabricate a scenario.

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Japan's Conspiracy (138)

February 26 Incident

Today is February 26, which every Japanese knows is the day of a military coup in 1936. Like other incidents, it is obvious that it was staged by the military. It even seems that the victims were in fact collaborators.

As it happened in Japan, the day must have had a message. The World Trade Center bombing occurred on this day in 1993. Then why did the military coup take place on February 26?

I have talked about collusion between Japan and France repeatedly. But in retrospect the collusion is too profound for me to deny that it is conventional wisdom among historians and that I am the only person who is surprised at the collusion.

Napoleon who had been exiled to Elba escaped the island and returned to France on February 26, 1815. Louis XVIII fled Paris and Napoleon was on the throne again for the Hundred Days. As early as that period, Japan had serious relations with some communities in Europe. Unfortunately as I have little time, let me talk about it later. But I take up some outstanding related events below.

The Last Samurai

This movie is popular among Japanese. Its leading actor was Academy Award-winning actor Tom Cruise. Japanese actor Ken Watanabe played the role of a samurai. The movie drew an audience of 14.1 million in Japan. One out of 9 Japanese are said to have gone to see the movie. Who believes the figure? It is not difficult to fabricate the ticket sales. It is only necessary to transfer 100 million dollars of secret money and to buy the ticket in lump sum. They don't necessarily go to see the movie. The sale is true and they say they don't tell a lie. And it is never exceptional in the Japanese business society.

Ken Watanabe got nominated for an Oscar. Tom Cruise played the role of an American soldier during the Civil War. The film's plot is based on the story of Jules Brunet, a French army captain who fought for the samurai government in the 1860s. Japan had special relations with France. Information manipulation is particularly Japan's strong point. Japan often takes advantage of American false stories.

Charlie Chaplin and the May 15 Incident

Four years earlier than the February 26 Incident, the May 15 Incident occurred on May 15, 1932. Chaplin was going to meet the then prime minister Inukai Tsuyoshi. He had come to Japan the day before. It is said that he was lucky enough to get out of trouble. But it was Japan's insinuating propaganda. Chaplin was a double of Hitler. Japan had something to do with them. Chaplin had a longtime Japanese assistant, Toraichi Kono. He had strong control over Chaplin's domestic arrangements. At one point in the mid-20s, all 17 male workers at Chaplin's estate were Japanese. This situation reminds me of a Japanese spy in North Korea, Kenji Fujimoto.

Sadao Yamahana
(Japanese Wikipedia, online translation into English)

The birthday of a well-known politician is February 26, 1932, the day of the military coup. It's hard to think that it was just a coincidence. He had the special feature which politicians chosen by the birthday usually have. He was never a charisma. He lead his Social Democratic Party to ruin and, by doing so, prompted the corruption of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. He died on July 14, 1999. The day was the 210th anniversary of the French revolution. Though I have no intention of disgracing the dead, a roundabout insinuating comment was heard at his funeral (I translated the comment into English below).

...... However, he suddenly talked about his own retirement in July. And he suddenly died. At that time he was trying to complete his job.........
Strangely enough, on the same day in Afghanistan, the father of Afghan President Hamid Karzai was assassinated.
The Last Samurai

Shogunal samurai troops in 1864
(Illustrated London News).

Two-sworded samurai in Westernized clothing,
during the Late Tokugawa shogunate, 1866.

magnified image
Saigo Takamori (seated, in Western uniform), surrounded by his officers, in samurai attire, during the 1877 Satsuma rebellion. News article in Le Monde Illustré, 1877.

Japanese ironclad Kotetsu (1869)
Japan was Already Military Power

Around the time of the Meiji Restoration in 1868, Japan was armed with Western war weapons. It is said that Japan took the policy of increasing wealth and military power only after the Meiji Restoration. The story was the government's propaganda for the purpose of concealing the earlier militarization. At that time, French soldiers participated in the wars in Japan.

The popular image of Saigo Takamori is obviously the government's fabrication. The fact that no pictures of him have been found in Japan proves it to be true.

reference The coup occurred on February 4 in 1936 in the Japanese calendar and the day
was the Koki 660th anniversary of the Surrender of Song China (February 4, 1276).
The coup was obviously a parody ridiculing the Chinese shameful history

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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Japan's Conspiracy (139)

All Japanese Political Parties Are Birds of a Feather

It's a sad thing but there has never been democracy in Japan. Instead, Japan is a country of fake democracy. It is increasingly refining its hypocrisy skill. I talked about the meaning of the birthday of former Socialist Party Chairman Sadao Yamahana in the previous page. And surprisingly, his father named him after the man who had been supposed to be his own political enemy.

Sadao Yamahana's father, Hideo Yamahana, was a leftist activist throughout his life. He joined leftist parties.

He organized May Day protest under martial law which was introduced due to a military coup. He was arrested by the police. But, strangely enough, his son, Sadao Yamahan, was born on February 26, 1936, the day of the coup. He gave his baby the name of "Sadao". To tell the truth, the name was supposed to be no joke to Yamahana.

Baron Sadao Araki was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army before World War II. He was a charismatic leader and one of the principal nationalist right-wing political theorists in the late Japanese Empire. He was said to be the de facto leader of February 26 Incident. A leftist activist never gives his baby the name of a rightist heavyweight. It is a good example of the collusion among all political parties in Japan.

Japan is, after all, continuing the samurai government system. The Meiji Restoration never ended the samurai system. Under its fake democracy, government offices and parliaments are just fake organizations. Politicians are actors and actresses who are employed by the government for fooling naive people, foreign press and foreign governments. Nothing has changed for hundreds of years. Koizumi Theater was the tip of the iceberg.
Hideki Tojo image

Picture of class-A war criminals sitting on the bus of the US forces. They were being transported from Sugamo Prison to trial locations. A prisoner at the lower left is Sadao Araki. Hideki Tojo is sitting behind left. There is no atmosphere of surrender among them. From a different perspective, Japan was winning the war.

reference The timing of the Great Hanshin earthquake was arranged
in accordance with the 50th anniversary
of Japan's surrender at the end of World War II.

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