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104 Los Angeles Train Crash 2008/9/19
105 My Computers Attacked 2008/9/27
105-2 My Computers Attacked (2) 2008/9/28
105-3 My Computers Attacked (3) 2008/9/30
105-4 My Computers Attacked (4) 2008/10/6
106 Automatic Ballot Reader 2008/10/8
107 National review of the judges of the Supreme Court may be illegal. 2008/10/9
108 Non-permanent Seat at the Price of 350 Million Dollars 2008/10/18
109 Life Insurance and Daredevil Japanese Soldiers 2008/10/20
110 The End of the Statue of Liberty 2000/10/28
111-1 Reading Comics as Prime Minister's Hoby 2008/11/3
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  2008/9/19  #160
Japan's Conspiracy (104)

Los Angeles Train Crash

Two trains collided head-on in Los Angeles (map, picture). It is said that the Metrolink engineer failed to stop at a red signal. Nevertheless we have to keep in mind that it is easy to create a train accident without manipulating the train system. Let me show an example of the tricks. Los Angeles Train Crash

The first thing to do is to get a signal that is almost the same as the signal that stands at the targeted collision site. Then the signal is carried hung by a small crane truck.

The fake signal is hung just in front of the existing signal so that the next train engineer sees the only blue light on the fake signal. As soon as the train has passed, the crane truck is moved away in a hurry. If the crane truck is remote-controlled, the crime is more perfect.

Automatic Train Stop

This kind of roguish terror cannot be eradicated only by the engineer's attention or the cooperation of the people around the train. Some mechanical safety device is necessary. Japan is an advanced nation in this field too.


Generally speaking, people who conduct illegal activities and harass others install safety devices beyond necessity.

For example, some thieves live in the high-class residential district, installing complete safety devices and enjoying security firms' services. Why do they spend money for their security beyond necessity? That's because they will be asked some day by their neighbors why no thieves have broken into their houses. And they have to prepare a plausible excuse that no thieves break into their houses just because their houses are equipped with perfect security systems.

Japan prepares many things beyond necessity. Automatic Train Stop Systems have been introduced preferentially though there were no serious train crashes at that time. A recent big train crash, Amagasaki rail crash, occurred due to different causes. This accident is suspicious for some reason.

Retaliation Against Court Decision in Nothern Mariana Islands

The trial court in Saipan denied Kazuyoshi Miura's writ petition and ordered his extradition to California on September 12, 2008. Miura was actually an agent of the Japanese government. The conspiracy was very complicated, and on that day Miura gave up. But the Japanese government probably carried out the retaliation in California.

It is one of the typical Japanese conspiracies to take revenge on someone in an unlikely place. About the detail of Miura's case, please refer to this page.

P.S. Pictures above are composite pictures of train collision conspiracy. They have nothing to do with the actual train crash site in Los Angeles.

reference The two fuel trains' collision in North Korea celebrated
the 100th anniversary of the birthday
of "the father of the atomic bomb", J. Robert Oppenheimer
When the Olympic torch arrived at Pyongyang, a train collision occurred in China.
A train was involved in the landslide disaster in Kagoshima 2004 Madrid train bombings
A train collision in China coincided with the death of a former Sudanese president.
The Eschede train disaster in Germany was Japan's conspiracy
in combination with the curry poisoning incident.
7 July 2005 London bombings

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/9/27   #161
Japan's Conspiracy (105)

My Computers Attacked

For the past two weeks, I have been in hot water. The problems suddenly came to me. There have been a variety of troubles. And I have wasted more than 100 hours to fix the problems. The circumstances were almost crazy. But unfortunately I don't have enough time to express the details in English. So, let me inform you about the recent troubles in a very brief manner.

September 22

This day the troubles have started to come out. I had a glitch in my desktop PC. I had bought the Japanese-made PC about three years ago. I wasted all the day to pin down the cause of the glitch. I have had such inexplicable glitches frequently. And I have bought a notebook PC just for the data backup and for the work during the repair period.

September 23

But on that day, things were not so simple. The notebook PC didn't work. Again I wasted almost all the day for fixing the notebook PC. But all my efforts turned out to be in vain. I couldn't do my work at all. I was totally dismayed. Then I decided to renew the desktop PC instead of sending the whole unit in for repair. The next day I bought a new one at the price of about 2500 dollars.
Cyber Terrorism

Most Extensive
Cyber Attack
On American Banks Ever!

I asked the electric shop worker to set up the PC, for value, at my office on September 24. But the story didn't stop there. The telephone connection between my brother and me began to repeat on and off situation frequently. I examined the cause of the problem. I had to make sure what was wrong, my telephone, brother's telephone, my internet cables and electric appliances, or the local cable network's problem.

Those problems are not rare for me. I usually try not to pay a lot of attention for such troubles, but this time I was totally dismayed.

September 24

On September 24, a new PC was installed at my office. Everything was OK. I could watch the TV on the PC screen. I asked the electric shop worker to make sure that everything was OK in terms of the TV reception since the former PC had problems. He said nothing was wrong with it.

However, only thirty minutes after the worker went back, I couldn't get a picture on the PC screen for some TV programs. I called the PC maker's customer service center. But their responses were beating around the bush. I was afraid that I would have to send the new PC again for repair unless I could pin down the problem quickly.

If the PC originally had TV reception problems, I wanted to cancel the purchase. I studied the problem very much. But I couldn't understand the situation.

To make matters worse, the PC made eerie responses. When I was alone at office, suddenly TV reception problem came out. I called the customer support center in a hurry and desperately talked about the problem to the service operator. But at the same time the TV reception condition was suddenly recovered. For a moment I was very happy. I ended the talk and put the phone down. However, again at the same time the TV screen lost the image. To make matters worse again, during the telephone conversation I often heard my own resonated voice louder than my voice. I was completely embarrassed. But I was busy and I had no time to be depressed.

reference September 22: Taro Aso accepts the leadership of the LDP.
September 24: Taro Aso is designated by the Diet as Prime Minister.
The day was August 23, the day of Ninja, in the Japanese calendar.

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/9/28  #162
Japan's Conspiracy (105-2)

My Computers Attacked (2)

continued from previous page

September 25

On September 25, I asked the electric shop to check the cause of poor TV reception of the PC. But I added that the problem would not be necessarily found since the PC frequently repeated good and bad conditions.

But the reception troubles continued. The reception condition was not gradual ly changed but simply repeated visible and black screen.

September 27

On September 27 at 10.00, there was a phone call from the electric shop. The worker said that he was going to come to my office around noon. But I believed that the TV reception would be recovered just before the worker comes. As I had expected the coincidence happened again.

The recovery was really ill-timed. When two electric shop workers came to my office, I said to them that the reception problem had just been recovered. But the response of one of them was incoherent. He said that my TV antenna on the roof was degraded and partly bent over and that it was the reason for the TV trouble.

He rubbed me the wrong way. Just on that moment we could watch the clear vision on the screen. Why do I have to buy a new antenna? Did I tell a lie? I had a strong hunch that I had been forced to buy new products one after another for wrong and minor glitches.

I said to him, "How do you say if the TV reception problems occur again after changing the antenna? You mean I should buy another TV set? It is a fraud if you attempt to sell me unnecessary products one after another."

I said, "I'm concerned about the time rather than the money. I'm busy with my work. I can't send the whole unit in for repair. Enough is enough." But a worker said to me, "I came here just to help my brother. I am off duty today. I go back". I almost lost my temper. I said, "Who are you? Tell me your name. Give me your name card. Are you really an employee? Are you a temporary worker from an agency or a sub-contractor?" He was speechless. I continued, "I paid more than 100 dollars for the installation. You should have made sure that TV antenna condition was perfect." But another worker said, "I'm just in charge of PC installation." I retorted, "Then, why weren't you accompanied by an antenna specialist? You actually did an antenna cable distribution work"
George Washington

George Washington:
First American President

War of Independence
History of the United States Navy

Anyway, the TV image was clear and there was no guarantee that there would be no problem in the future. I demanded a clear explanation. But there were no appropriate responses either from the electric shop or the PC maker.

My question was how many people suffered the similar problems in my neighborhood and how they solved the problems. I was not sure that my problem was unusual or common. I didn't know if I should give up.

reference September 25; Former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi
announces his retirement from politics
September 25; Supercarrier George Washington arrives at Yokosuka, Japan.
First President of the United States George Washington was born
on Japan's National Foundation Day.
And The Beatles played their first concert in the United States
on February 11, 1964, commemorating his birthday

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  2008/9/30  #163
Japan's Conspiracy (105-3)

My Computers Attacked (3)

continued from previous page
September 27

The electric shop employees didn't have their name cards. They showed their driver's licenses. But I knew that identity cards including police notebooks and driver's licenses were not necessarily trustworthy from my past experiences. I have heard a public worker brag about having used a fake police notebook. I have seen a public worker carry the lawyer's notebook, virtually the lawyer's symbol. For many years, quite a few policemen have come to my office and have allowed me a glance at their police notebooks. But they mostly have worn jumpers and caps and their attitude has been mostly rude and suspicious.

September 29

On September 29, I called the electric shop manager and asked him to do anything right. I have been harassed by many organized stalkers, but now I am harassed by the coalition of companies and organizations. I am desperate for any help. Then I demanded their press interviews with clear comments something like the one below.
Government Hacking
Your Computer Forever
- Glenn Beck

We are not systematically involved in any illegal or immoral activities. If any of us is violating our policy above, we hand him or her to the police.
It is a matter-of-course condition in most societies. But in Japan, it is not. Every Japanese knows that companies do immoral and even illegal things behind the stage with hidden permissions from the government.

I told the manager to report my claim to the president. But he refused. I asked him if he had full powers on this case. He said, "Yes." Then I said that I would make all the things public. Then he was dismayed for the first time. Eventually, Japanese believe that they can do everything if they are supported by the police. I don't reveal the names of the electric shop and the PC maker right now. But I am going to reveal them once they turned out to be evil. Just for that reason, I keep the record. Internet viewers are often very helpful. But unfortunately, problems continue.

When tensions in the negotiation reached a peak, suddenly I couldn't hear the manager's voice.
This trouble frequently occurs on me. The pattern of the trouble is always the same. While I am speaking, the telephone lines often go dead. As I am not aware of the problem, I continue to speak for a while in vain. I am always dismayed. The problems never occur when my counterpart speaks. And it is clear that they are man-made troubles. The telephone connection between my brother and I repeated such troubles more than fifty times, and my brother has just bought a new telephone modem.
I put the phone down and waited. The phone rang. I took the phone. But at the same time, I heard a busy signal.
This phenomenon often happens to me.
Then I finally got through. I made a telephone connection complaint against the manager. But he made an artful excuse. He said, "Sorry, our office is partly in course of cable network construction". I thought that he was simply speaking for the monopolistic telephone company or telling a lie. Such complicated problems are beyond imagination.

He said, "First of all, I want to check the reception circumstances. After the typhoon passes, I will bring a TV signal tester". Though I was not satisfied with it, I accepted his offer. But strangely enough again, all the problems were recovered soon for no reason. I can't deny that someone is manipulating my computers. I'm writing the fact and there would be further twists and turns. It's really annoying.

to be continued

reference The Police Show Their True Color. Paranoia Japan
Performance-based Conspiracy Pay System is Revealed. Corrupt TOYOTA
Toyota is pulling the strings of organized stalkers. Government's Responsibility
The Japanese Communist Party is a detachment force of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.
Verification of Weather Manipulation (1) Verification of Weather Manipulation (2)
Most Japanese companies are virtually controlled by the Japanese government.
The association of crime victims and surviving families is cheering supporters for the police.
The landslide was the government's conspiracy. Aim of Organized Stalkers
Japanese Politicians Policemen's Rebellion Artificial Eruptions in Japan (1)
Mt. Pinatubo Eruption was Revenge against US.

My Computers Attacked ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/10/6  #164
Japan's Conspiracy (105-4)

My Computers Attacked (4)

continued from previous page

October 2 at 9:00 AM

There was a telephone call from the electric shop and they said that two workers were going to come to my office. At that time, the PC TV reception had been intermittently poor with regard to BS and CS digital broadcastings and terrestrial digital media broadcasting. The PC's sound output terminal didn't work. I did all I could to fix the problems, but in vain.

10:00 AM

There was a telephone call from the electric shop worker. He said that his colleague and he were coming to my office in thirty minutes. I said that the TV's reception condition was good at the moment. Problems are recovered every time before the repair worker comes.

10:30 AM

The two repair worker came. They conducted a TV reception test for about an hour. They changed part of the TV antenna cable, saying that the inappropriate use of cable was the cause of the problem. But I couldn't understand. Anyway, the problems seemed to be solved. That was good,

I asked them to check the sound output terminal of the PC. However, strangely enough, the problem had been solved. I was puzzled. But everything was OK at the moment. My regular life was recovered though nothing was guaranteed. And I took my broken notebook PC to the electric shop for repair.

There have been no additional problems so far. I am very busy and I decide to forget the PC problems for the moment.

The Presidential Inauguration Days of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Bank of Japan

By the way, when I remembered the twists and turns, one important fact came to my mind. The trouble suddenly occurred to me on September 22, 2008, when the presidential election of the LDP was held. On that day, de facto Japanese prime minister was elected.

And then I remembered another coincidence on March 20, 2008. On that day my office was something like a battlefield. There were three shovel cars moving around my office. One of them was used by workers of the waterworks department of my city. They were digging the road in front of my office. Other two shovel cars were used by construction company workers. They had started building a house in my neighboring site. It was obvious that in reality they needed no shovel cars and that they deliberately used shovel cars creating a lot of noise and tremors. I made a complaint against them in vain.
sample image

And as I had expected, Two square meters of exterior mortar wall of my office at the second floor fell in flakes. I protested furiously, but all of them acted stupid. They neither apologized nor paid the damage. Finally I called members of the municipal assembly. They apologized and the construction company accepted the repair work. However, as their attitude was suspicious, I asked them to write about the repair work for me. But they complacently said that they repaired my office not because they had destroyed part of my office but because they thought I was miserable. Suddenly I felt that I was taken for a ride. I retorted, "I will take the matter to the public." They said, "That's good." But, as I have been very busy, I have not done so.

But when I carefully thought about things on the day, I remembered that it was the day when Mr. Shirakawa was nominated as the top of the Bank of Japan.

back to top story

reference When the house of the editor of this site, "Japan's Conspiracy", was partly broken
by a building constructor's deliberate jolts. Another rogue company was in celebration.
TBS, a Japanese broadcasting company, opened "Akasaka Sacas",
a wide variety of entertainment facilities, in Tokyo.
But it was obvious that the opening was a mere conspiracy
The Great Hanshin earthquake and Bank of Japan Governor Yasuo Matsushita
Japan Airlines Flight 123 crash and Commandant of Japan Coast Guard Nagashi Yamamoto

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/10/8  #165
Japan's Conspiracy (106)

Automatic Ballot Reader

I wrote about the possible deception in counting ballots on page 102. But I never imagined that there would be automatic ballot readers. I was stunned.

Deception in counting can be conducted by people. But machines can deceive voters too. Many people believe that developing technology prevents frauds. But in reality, the frauds themselves develop too, taking advantage of the technology development. Frauds are getting more complicated and more impenetrable.

These machines are sold under the name of "automatic ballot reader". I don't say that those machines are wrong, but I do say that they are potentially abusable and that there should be some preventive measures.

Some Japanese web sites on this Google search engine give related information.

Rigging Elections With
Vote Counting Machines

Vote Counting Fraud
in Georgia

Zeitgeist: Addendum

reference Collusion in Political Parties The Police Show its True Color. Feudalistic Democracy
US Presidential Election And Japanese Red Army General Election in Bangladesh
Notorious Japanese Criminal And US President Obama Presidential Election of Political Party
Elections in Spain And Madrid Train Bombings Hosokawa Administration And Flood Disaster
Sinking of Ship And Australian General Election Election Campaign for President of Bar Association
Election of Chairman of Chamber of Commerce in Japan Presidential Election in Brazil
Tokyo Massacre And US Presidential Election National Review of Judges of Supreme Court
Insidious Attacks on Presidential Election of Political Party
Death of Japanese Prime Minister And Russian Presidential Election
No Better than General Election during War Votes Closely Monitored by Government
Death of Teresa Teng And French Presidential Election
Mongolian Sumo Wrestlers Become Politicians Fairness And Equality in Japan

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/10/9  #166
Japan's Conspiracy (107)

National review of the judges of the Supreme Court may be illegal.

National review of the judges of the Supreme Court is considered to be illegal.

Voters are required to cross out the names of the judges that they want to dismiss. This voting procedure seems to be reasonable. Yet quite a few voters disagree. There are some reasons.

This system was introduced in 1947. It followed the voting system that had been conducted in communist countries including the Soviet Union.

In those countries, lawmakers were elected through the process. But on deeper consideration, there was serious cheating in the election.
Supreme Court of Japan

In the voting, the voter drops the ballot paper into the ballot box if he or she wants to cast a vote in favor of the candidate. But if the voter wants to cast a vote against the candidate, he or she has to move to the ballot booth in order to fill in the ballot paper. Naturally, election workers watch the voters all the time. Voters have no secret. In the end, in communist countries, voters feared the reprisal by the authorities and more than 99 percent of them voted for the candidates nominated by the government.

No Pencils on the Writing Desk in North Korea

North Korea implements the same election system. More interestingly, there are no pencils on the writing desk. In addition, voter turnout stands at 99.8 percent. In Japan, we feel similar atmosphere in remote areas. If the current political reform goes on, we will see some different voting system similar to that in North Korea.

North Korea held a national election on July 29, 2007. On the same day, Japan held the Upper House election. This means that North Korea is virtually Japan's de facto protectorate.

Japan implements the same election system but very artfully.

Japan implements the same election system in the case of electing supreme court judges. However, the election is conducted with the Lower House election and every voter goes to the writing desk. So, secret ballot seems to be guaranteed. Yet the election law itself has a legal defect. Because, there is no rationale for allowing voters only to put cross marks on ballot papers. It is obvious that the loophole was deliberately included in the law. Japan has many laws full of such loopholes.

reference Votes Closely Monitored by the Government Automatic Ballot Reader

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/10/18  #167
Japan's Conspiracy (108)

Non-permanent Seat at the Price of 350 Million Dollars

On October 17, 2008, Japan was elected to a nonpermanent seat on the U.N. Security Council for a two-year term beginning in January 2009, displacing a bid by Iran to win the one seat allocated to Asia. Japan defeated Iran overwhelmingly in view of the confrontation between Iran and other U.N. members, especially the United States and European countries, over its nuclear program. Austria, Mexico , Turkey and Uganda were the four other countries elected to nonpermanent seats. Japan will be taking its place on the Security Council for the 10th time, the most of any U.N. member. Japan's previous stint at council duty was in 2005-2006.

Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations Yukio Takasu said, "We hope that Japan's active participation as a nonpermanent member over the next two years will be conducive to the reform that will include expansion of permanent members and nonpermanent members."

Dollar and yen are often confused in media reports concerning the Japanese diplomacy.

This time again we read two different articles. Originally, the information had come out from the Japanese government and we can't confirm which is right. This is the reality in the disclosure of official information in Japan.
Russia and China
veto UN resolution on Syria

the United Nations

There have been reports that Japan granted official aid to Mongolia in exchange for Mongolia's withdrawal from the UNSC permanent seat competition. On the one hand, some media including the Japanese Wikipedia website say that Japan has paid 350 million yen (3億5000万円) , on the other, other media including Asia Times report that Japan has paid 350 million dollars (equivalent of about 40 billion yen). Who knows which is right?

reference UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is Japanese

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/10/20  #168
Japan's Conspiracy (109)

Life Insurance and Daredevil Japanese Soldiers

Until the end of World War II, Japanese soldiers fought for their lives. They fought for the Emperor and their homeland. Most foreigners as well as many Japanese believe so. But there seems to be some Japanese unique system behind the fact. This is "too Japanese" for foreigners to understand.

First of all, there is a clear contrast between Western and Japanese responses to a difficult situation. To put bluntly, Japanese try to solve a problem with money. I don't want to argue about which is right. In fact it is almost forgotten through cover-up, though there is a critical problem in the contrast.

The way to balance the conflicting interests of people

One of the most important social activities is to balance the conflicting interests of people. For example, how do young people react when one of the five young men has to join the armed forces? The most equal solution would be a lottery. The second one would be setting a precondition beforehand. First of all, the person who has the most brothers. Then, the youngest. These conditions are incontrovertible. Yet, the chosen man may be disgruntled.

Kamikaze attack against
a US aircraft carrier

But the least unsatisfactory selection is money. For example, men who don't want to join the troops give money to the man who accepts it in exchange for joining the troops. The amount of money increases until all the men agree. It is a nasty solution because money tells a lot. But few are dissatisfied with the result. This kind of draft system was institutionalized in the late 19th century in Japan. Maybe the system had been rooted in the Japanese society during the samurai period.

Conscription Evasion Not Allowed

Generally speaking, conscription evasion is punished by the law. Contumacy and desertion are punishable by death in some countries. But Japanese often come up with extraordinary ideas.

But let me introduce an ingenious Japanese system on this point. It was "conscription insurance". Joining the troops is a big loss to the people. So, the developed countries usually offer favorable conditions such as higher salaries, benefits and government pensions. However, Japan introduced the conscription insurance system. Favorable benefits were paid not by the government but by the people who could avoid the conscription. This system was implemented in the form of "insurance". At that time the government didn't pay soldiers enough salaries. And young men had to save money for the future conscription. The government took advantage of the situation. A lot of insurance must have been paid to those who joined the troops.

But it is easy for Japanese to imagine another ingenious trick. Young men from rich families didn't need money. They wanted to avoid conscription. Then they tried to sell their military service to poor men at the price of the conscription insurance. It was illegal, strictly speaking, but no problem. It was easy to persuade politicians and bureaucrats to tolerate such deals. They said, "I really want to join the troops. But my friend needs the insurance money. His family is extremely poor. I want to help him." It was a perfect excuse.

Thus, the satisfactory militarism began. It was the source of strong Japanese militarism. When the war escalated and the universal conscription was introduced, Japanese militarism began losing its power. The number of emotional resisters and stubborn pacifists increased. If Japan had maintained the conscription insurance system with the loophole of evading conscription, the morale of Japanese soldiers would have been much higher.

Conscription Insurance Companies

The insurance system created unique Japanese insurance companies. Toho Mutual Life Insurance company, Yamato Life Insurance Company and Chiyoda Mutual Life Insurance Company have survived. Others have already disappeared. Yamato Life Insurance Company went bankrupt this month. Toho Mutual Life Insurance company went bankrupt and was merged by AIG in 1999. AIG was put under government control in September.

Economic Animals

This Japanese mentality derives from Japanese Shinto religion. It tolerates money, labor and sex. But the Japanese unique trait began to become apparent in the late 19th century. But it became decisively obvious after the end of World War II. Now the Japanese government believes that money can solve all the problems regardless of whether it is right or wrong. This attitude is considered the root of all evil.

reference The USS Washington was launched on June 1, 1940,
when Japan put the Mariners Insurance Act into effect.

Washington suffered no losses to hostile action
during the entire course of the war, although she had some close calls.
Because George Washington was very special for Japan
Japan's pension and life insurance system
Alive and safe, the brutal Japanese soldiers who butchered 20,000 Allied seamen in cold blood
Mongol Invasions and Pearl Harbor Attack

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/10/28  #169
Japan's Conspiracy (110)

The End of the Statue of Liberty

I happened to come across a theme that anti-Americans would be wild with joy. Today is October 28. On this day in 1886, the copper-clad statue was dedicated to commemorate the centennial of the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence. The erection had been planned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the independence of the United States and it was completed in 1886.

In Japan, however, there was a big earthquake on the very day in 1891, just 5 years later. It struck the central region of Japan. It is believed to be the largest earthquake that has ever occurred whose epicenter is beneath Japanese soil. According to records, there were approximately 7,273 deaths and 17,175 casualties, as well as complete destruction of over 140,000 homes.

The End of America and Beauty

The earthquake was called "Mino-Owari earthquake". Mino and Owari are traditional names of the region that the earthquake struck. But it took little time for me to realize that there was an ugly pun in the name of the earthquake. It was an artificial earthquake. It was natural that it has been the largest epicentral earthquake beneath Japanese soil. Probably, Japan has not needed further earthquake tests with regard to the large epicentral earthquake.

In those days, the US was called "bikoku" (美国) or "beikoku" (米国). Traditionally speaking, "bikoku" was generally used. In China and South Korea "bikoku" (美国) is currently used too.
Statue of Liberty

An anti-American mural in the Iranian capital Tehran.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shares the same birthday with the Statue of Liberty. The mural conveys all the more profound messages to the world.

For patriotic Japanese, the name was beyond all bearing. "Bikoku" (美国) literally means a beautiful country. On the other hand, "beikoku" (米国) literally means a rice country. It is quite confusing to call the US a rice country. It is so absurd that I doubt that the Japanese government renamed it just to ridicule the US.

To tell the truth, the name of the earthquake, "Mino-Owari", literally means "the end of beauty" and "the end of the US" in Japanese, too. "Mi" (美) means beauty, "no" means "of" and "owari" means "the end", in Japanese, too. It is really a pun. But I wonder how Japanese army came up with the outrageous pun.

In Japan, people stopped using the name "bikoku" (美国) around the time of the earthquake. Nowadays, most people know nothing about this fact.

But a politician remembered the pun. He fired off a sarcastic wisecrack against the US again. It was "a beautiful country campaign" by Shinzo Abe, the then Japanese prime minister. He wanted to say to Chinese and Koreans as well as Japanese that the beautiful country is not the US but Japan.

It's enough. But this is part of the history. When we find an important new fact, we have a responsibility to inform others about the historical fact. Readers and listeners will decide whether the story is true or false. But let me allow to stop here. I don't have much time.

Japan-Brazil Cooperation in Ridiculing Statue of Liberty

Brazil joined Japan's conspiracy against the Statue of Liberty. Japan instigated an earthquake just five years later in the Gregorian calendar. But Brazil declared a "state of emergency" on November 3, 1891. The day was the 5th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty's dedication according to the traditional Japanese calendar. The then President of Brazil Deodoro da Fonseca was Japanese. This kind of cooperation is not unusual among Japanese collaborators. Since then most of Brazilian presidents have been Japanese.

Gregorian calendar Japanese calendar events
October 28, 1886 October 2, 1886 In New York Harbor, President Grover Cleveland dedicates the Statue of Liberty.
October 28, 1891 September 26, 1891 The Mino-Owari Earthquake, the largest earthquake in Japan's history, strikes Gifu Prefecture.
November 3, 1891 October 2, 1891 President Fonseca dissolves the National Congress and declares a "state of emergency" (Brazil).

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Commemorated Freemason's Memorial Day.

 ■ On September 21, 2011, Typhoon Roke made landfall over Japan.

   On the same day, 5.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in Eastern Japan.
  The day was Abe's 57th birthday.
  The day was the 18,000th day anniversary of the birth of his wife, Akie Abe.
  The day was the 100,000th day anniversary of the foundation of the first German
  Freemason's lodge.
  The day was the 100th anniversary of the Great Blue Norther of 11/11/11.
Japan won World War II Japan's Conspiracy in Battle of Okinawa
Poisoning in Bagladsh Yasukuni Shrine and Catholic Churches
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Japan's Conspiracy (111-1)

Reading Comics as Prime Minister's Hoby

A Country of Comics.

On a Japanese Internet message board, a poster pointed some suspicious events in the 1980s in the Japanese history. Then I began to investigate them. But the story was very complicated. So, let me write them by a run of the item and a list.

Japanese history Something like a Scripted Cartoon.

The trio of prime ministers (Obuchi, Mori and Koizumi) turned out to be the copy of the former trio of prime ministers (Ohira, Suzuki and Nakasone). Let me prove the fact a little.

Characteristics of the Trios of Prime Misters and Their Changes of Government

Ohira and Obuchi suddenly disappeared from the political stage due to illness. The next administrations were tentative ones and they ended up without clear reasons.
Mount St. Helens

Gwangju Democratization Movement

The third administrations were well-prepared and enjoyed longtime rule of the government. But, though they adopted pro-American policies, they put the US off its guard and supported anti-American terrorists behind. It would be better to say that Japan blatantly engineered anti-American terrorism.

the trios of prime ministers Ohira, Suzuki and Nakasone Obuchi, Mori and Koizumi
Period 1978.12-Ohira-1980.7-Suzuki-1982.11-Nakasone-1987.11 1998.7-Obuchi-2000.4-Mori-2001.4-Koizumi-2006.9
Conspicuous events Ohira suddenly died. Obuchi suddenly suffered a stroke and died.
Suzuki suddenly resigned. Media suddenly reported Mori's resignation.
Nakasone pretended to be pro-American and supported terrorism behind. Koizumi pretended to be pro-American and supported terrorism behind.
The copies of events Events with which the Japanese government wants to hide its relations.
Eruptions of volcanos
Prime ministers' sudden death
Political turmoil
The ends of the events
a vote of no confidence in the Japanese Diet.
The Gwangju Democratization Movement in South Korea
Mount St. Helens erupted in the US.
Ohira called a snap election.
Ohira suddenly died.
Russian presidential elections; Putin won.
A Japanese volcano, Mount Usu, erupted for the first time in 28 years.
Obuchi was immediately hospitalized.
Mori became prime minister.
Putin became president.
Obuchi died.

These events are something I have noticed recently. I never know how many conspiracies have been engineered by the Japanese government.

A vote of no confidence was held in the Japanese Diet two days before the Gwangju Democratization Movement in South Korea. The vote result was unusual. The ruling party itself voted against its administration. It cannot be denied that Japan had prepared the turmoil in the Diet before the Korean event. In addition, Japan plotted an eruption of Mount St. Helens, a volcano in the US. It was another Japanese conspiracy. As I mentioned it already with regard to an eruption of Mount Vesuvius, some volcanic eruptions are conspiracies. There have been quite a few artificial volcanic eruptions in Japan. Let me talk about it later.
Eruptions of Mount St. Helens have often been related to some events. Its eruption on March 8, 2005 was created during China's National People's Congress. When the congress was opened on March 5, the adoption of the Anti-Secession Law was expected. Actually, the law was adopted on March 14. Japan made a feint on the media in and around Japan with regard to its report and intimidated the Chinese government. On the same day, there was another intimidation. Thirty-five pirates stormed a gas tanker in Malacca Strait and captured its captain and chief engineer for ransom. In another attack, pirates captured three members of a Japanese tugboat. For Japan which aspires to recapture Taiwan, the law itself was unacceptable.

In addition, Japan hopes Mt. Fuji to be the most beautiful mountain in the world. The eruption reduced Mount St. Helens into an ugly mountain. The eruption actually transformed the mountain from the legendary pretty Loowit to the very old Loowit.
Putin won the presidential election in Russia in March 2000. Five days later, Mount Usu erupted for the first time in 28 years in Japan. Then, Prime Minister Obuchi was immediately hospitalized. But this time, Obuchi didn't die soon like former Prime Minister Ohira. The reason was Putin. Though he was elected President accordingly, he dragged his feet in assuming the presidency. Obuchi's hospitalization was a kind of suicide attack for the purpose of letting people look the other way. It cannot be denied that Japan undertook a covert action in the Russian presidential elections. Putin is a politician on whom Japan has had strong influence behind the stage. Obuchi died a week after Putin became president. This is a hypothesis. But there is enough circumstantial evidence.

Vladimir Putin

Japanese judo has strange relations with France. Historically speaking, it is unusual to call a foreign celebrity with the honorific title, but Pierre de Coubertin is always called with "Baron". He stole the British traditional Olympic Games. He chose Japan as his collaborator. He chose Jigoro Kano as his partner. Kano was the founder of the Kodokan Judo Institute. Putin says that he respects Kano. Although Putin is a veteran judoist of the fifth rank, his judo history is unclear. Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin had corrupt relations with Japan. Given the Putin's promotion under Yeltsin's regime, there is no doubt that Japan had something to do with Putin's advancement. After the war, Japanese judo community has played an important role in backroom politicking in Russia. Shigeyoshi Matsumae was one of important political judo players between Russia and Japan.

2005 Sumatra earthquake

A major earthquake occurred, on 29 March 2005, off the west coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Approximately 1,300 people were killed by the earthquake. At first, I thought it had something to do with Chinese affairs. But soon, I realized that the earthquake was the intimidation against the appointment of Mr. Paul Wolfowitz to the presidency of the World Bank. US President George W. Bush announced his support for the nomination on March 17. But his appointment was reported simultaneously in the media on March 28. From 1986 to 1989, Wolfowitz was the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia. There was much opposition against his nomination for his relations with the Indonesian government and his reform-minded proposal to the World Bank. In the end, he was forced to resign in 2007 due to his special relationship with a female staffer of the World bank. But I suspect some conspiracy in the scandal. Japan often employs females to engineer a conspiracy. The earthquake must have been Japanese conspiracy. Japan had a critical interest about the nomination of the World Bank president. There was a huge amount of vested interest in the bank.

Anti-Secession Law

Japan created a strange phrase on this law. This law is "反国家分裂法" originally in Chinese, literally meaning "anti-secession law". But the Japanese government rearranged the Chinese characters and coined a new phrase "反分裂国家法". I found this trick when I tried to look at Chinese related sites on the Internert through the search engine. At that time I knew only Japanese expression and could not find any Chinese related sites. Through an English site, I finally knew that the order of Chinese characters was different.

To tell the truth, in the Japanese expression, most Japanese believe that the meaning of the Anti-Secession Law is a ban on secession, indicating a ban of future secession within the mainland China.

The Japanese government is good at fabricating this kind of pun. Probably it ridicules the Chinese government by limiting the Japanese people's access to their home pages due to the different orders of Chinese characters.

reference Putin's birthday is the 100th anniversary of the dispatch
of a Russian expedition for Japan
The coincidence of the birthdays of Putin and Medvedev strongly insinuates
that they are Japanese descents. In fact both of them are short-legged
Putin is well-known for his advanced-level of judo. But his black belt is probably
a parody on the coincidence between his birthday and barcode
Gwangju Massacre was Japan's conspiracy in commemoration
of the 100th anniversary of enacting the Law of Public Meetings
Korean War was a retun match of the Battle of Okinawa.
North Korean surprise attack began on the 5th anniversary of the end of the Battle of Okinawa
Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge Petronas Twin Towers Korean Air Flight 858
Park Chung-hee assassination Pachinko parlors and money laundering
South Korean President Lee Myung Bak UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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