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88 Why did the Tokyo Olympic Games open on October 10th? 2008/7/4
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91 Japan's Goal to Rule the World 2008/7/23
91-2 Ethnic cleansing is the purpose of war. 2008/7/27
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92 Olympic Games and Japan's Conspiracy 208/8/7
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  2008/7/7  #131
Japan's Conspiracy (85-5)

Japanese Policy toward the Jews after the End

Nothing changed in the Japanese policy toward the Jews after the end of WWII. In short, history repeated itself again. However, there was a subtle change. This time, the way Japan is going on is the one it once went on.

The relations between Japan and the Jews expanded to a large extent, not because their relations were special but because globalization has been accelerated. Today their relations are diversified. I take a few examples but I think that one instance shows all the rest.

The word "yudayajin" sounds most unusual.

I don't like the Japanese word "yudayajin". "Yudayajin" means Jews in Japanese. I respect Jews in a sense. But a prejudice toward the Jews was ingrained into my brain at school. But I had no idea how it was ingrained. Then I investigated a little bit. I soon found that the word "yudayajin" was rarely used in the Japanese media. And I believe that the prejudice was created by the regulation on the usage of words in the media.

"Yudayajin" is not an off-limit word, but "Ju" is regarded as a discriminative word. In fact few Japanese know that "Ju" is the word borrowed from the English word "Jew". It is really nonsense to prohibit the usage of the borrowed word. Instead, Japanese are confused and they stop using the decent expression "Yudayajin". To make matters worse, this regulation is not legal or administrative restraint but voluntary restraint. In a sense it is against the Constitution. There is another word manipulation. The word is "monchi" meaning the family origin.

I tried searching the word "yudayajin" in the Japanese newspaper web site. I looked at 100 related sites. But the word was always used, related to the Holocaust and gypsies. For example in Japan, a Jewish person is not referred to as a Jew but as a foreigner. So, Jews are not told as Jews but told as only foreigners. Under such circumstances, Japanese have difficulties to have a clear idea about Jews. This is part of the reason why I don't like the Japanese word "yudayajin". The circumstances need to be corrected.

Today, a guest commentator in the TV program said,"Mrs. Fukuda used to be a stewardess." The word "stewardess" is an off-limit word, too. But the very TV companies neglect their rule. All in all, The Japanese media industry control their expression for their convenience.
Japanese are Jewish?

Japan Anthem Kimigayo

National Anthem of Israel

Israeli Prime Minister
Ehud Olmert
came to Japan

The Policy toward the Jews in the Foreign Affairs Ministry

The Togo family was greatly affected by the policy toward the Jews in the Foreign Affairs Ministry. The destiny of this family shows the Japanese government's true intention.

Fumihiko Togo

Fumihiko Honjo married into Ise Togo's family. Ise's father, Shigenori Togo, was the foreign affairs minister. Ise's mother was Jew. The Togo family was Korean Japanese. The foreign minister made a serious blunder at the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Fumihiko became the vice minister of foreign affairs. His son Kazuhiko became the ambassador to the Netherlands. Their family line and career should never be a coincidence. There are many people in and around Japan who get married, work and commit crimes, on the government's instruction.
Some of them are members of stalker groups or government agents. Their lives are really sad stories that reflect the anti-cultural, hierarchical and totalitarian society in Japan.

The 9/11 attacks broke the duo of Junichiro Koizumi and Makiko Tanaka. In fact it was the moment Japan did a complete turnaround. Japan didn't have to beguile innocence. Koizumi started a vengeance drama. The Togo family was exploited according to the scenario. He has recently said that Japanese politicians are something like disposable goods. Yes, all the well-known Japanese are such people.

After the end of WWII, Japan promoted peaceful diplomacy for the purpose of expanding national power and restoring military power. The Togo family was necessary to solicit Jewish society that controlled the international finance. After the 9/11, dissimulation became meaningless and the Togo family became the nuisance. They were extinguished from the political stage through dramatic scandals. They were all the government's plots.
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

You may think that it should be a traditional Negro spiritual(WIKIPEDIA). I think you are right. Japanese mockery is very complicated. This Japanese song is just a parody. Its title is "tokiniwa haha no nai ko no youni" or "Sometimes I feel like a motherless child". Their meanings are exactly the same. The Japanese song is sung by Carmen Maki.

Few Japanese know that she is a Jew. Few Japanese know that there is a traditional Negro spiritual that has the same title in English. Few Japanese know the story about the opera "Carmen". Few Japanese know the Fugu Plan. But, to tell the truth, there is a persistent implication among them.

This song strongly insinuates that Jews, Negroes, Carmen and fugu are very useful in a sense but often are dangerous because they include poisonous elements.

It is really a terrible story. But there is no way for Jews other than to follow the government's propaganda. Probably, Carmen Maki herself knows nothing about it. I have seen quite a few foreigners to do bad things on the government's instruction. They harass some Japanese, particularly the government's nuisance like me.

Dave Spector

Spector is a Jewish celebrity. He is well-explained in the WIKIPEDIA. In the Japanese WIKIPEDIA, a rumor that he may be a CIA agent is picked up. But I think that Japanese celebrities are expected to act as they are told by the Japanese security police. And the police want foreign celebrities to do so much more. Few Japanese know that he is a Jew though he is well-known. Probably, he is fighting an uphill battle.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is one of the most famous Jews. And he had some impact on Japanese history. Sanehiko Yamamoto, the president of Kaizosha printing company invited Einstein and his wife to Japan in 1922. Since then, Yamamoto's life had been affected by the Government's policy toward the Jews.

Just after the end of WWII, Yamamoto regained his political power under the occupation forces, but his political clout disappeared soon. His successors including Takeo Miki and Susumu Nikaido were abandoned without exception. They drew the short straw as Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda has said. The destiny of politicians who once had something to do with Jews is determined by the government. When a large-scale political realignment took place in Japan in 1955, the domestic administrative system to ignore the Jews was completed. In 2002, Japan changed its attitude toward the Jews also in the international community.

reference History of Japan and Jews The Russo-Japanese War and Jews
Jews took advantage of the expulsion order against Christian missionaries.
Bullying Jews to the Last Albert Einstein was Japanese, too.

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/6/21   #140
Japan's Conspiracy (86)

2008 Iwate earthquake and Treaty of Lisbon

There was an artificial earthquake again. Japan never learns. This time, I skip the detail and explain the fact and the reason. I need more time.


0:57 Japan time , June 14, 2008 (15:57 GMT, 13 June 2008)

Substantial vote tallies across Ireland show the European Union Lisbon reform treaty has been rejected.

8:43 Japan time , June 14, 2008 (23:43 GMT, 13 June 2008)

The 2008 Iwate earthquake occurred in the south of the inland of Iwate Prefecture.

The Reason why the Japanese Government Caused the Earthquake

a road cut by a massive landslide
One of the long-term strategies of the Japanese government is to create the highly centralized super power Europe that will rival the US. But the Japan's attempt turned out to be a failure. Under such unfavorable situations, there often occurs an earthquake. You may think that it is too absurd. But the absurdity itself is very important for a conspiracy. I will talk about the meaning of the absurdity later. The ostensible purpose was to interrupt the Related European news. In fact the EU news was mostly ignored in the Japanese news. Few Japanese know the Treaty of Lisbon.

Why does Japan adhere to the EU?

Japan's prime target is to rule the world. The first obstacle is the US. The US still occupies Japan under the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty. So, undermining the US control is its priority. Under the Cold War, Japan was successful in strengthening the Soviet Union. But now it is not easy to entice Mr. Putin to cooperate with Japan. France, Germany and Italy are old Japanese allies, but they are reducing their clout. So, Japan believes that, with the creation of extended Europe added with small neighboring countries, Japan will finally have the casting vote in the international arena.

Japan hopes that WWIII will take place between the US and the EU in the near future. Japan will rise again as it did during WWI. Buying European legislators is not a difficult thing. A billion dollars will be enough to influence the European parliament. It is a small amount of money compared to Japan's secret backdoor money of about 2 trillion dollars a year. There is no other country that could use freely such amount of money except Japan. If it is true, it is an organized crime. It is almost demonic. This kind of doubt deepens unless the Japanese government gives a clear explanation.

The EU flag reminds me of the Japanese rising sun flag.

There are quite a few flags that are similar to the Japanese flag.

Al-Qaeda, Nazi Germany and the Tibetan government in exile, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Palau

Treaty of Lisbon

The Treaty of Lisbon was drawn up to create the united powerful European organization. And the EU chose legislative votings rather than national referendums due to the unpopularity. However, Ireland dared to choose the national referendum because of its constitution. The result was that the Irish people rejected the treaty. Now that the treaty needs all the countries' approval, it ran aground.

July 26, 2003 Northern Miyagi Earthquake was a conspiracy

The Self-Defense Forces couldn't hide their delight. The law which allows the dispatch of a Ground Self-Defense Force unit to Iraq was enacted before dawn on July 26, 2003. Before and after the enactment, at 00:13 am and at 07:13 am, there were earthquakes.

Matsushima Air Base, which is located near the epicenter of the quake, was preparing the next day air show. But they canceled the show, and went out into the town in order to inform the people about the cancellation.

February 7, 1993 Noto Peninsula Earthquake was a conspiracy

The Japanese government pays careful attention to detail. An earthquake occurred on February 7, 1993 off Noto Peninsula. The earthquake was an insinuation against some European countries which opposed the Maastricht Treaty with the signing of the treaty on February 7, 1992.

The treaty was the basic treaty targeting the united Europe. But British parliament reacted against the treaty. Their slogan was "The NO to the Treaty of Maastricht". The Noto Peninsula earthquake was the pun on the slogan.

Another Japanese Emperor Assassinated in 1894

Japan was at war with China in October 1894. Japan was winning the war. But during the war, another Japanese Emperor was assassinated. This emperor had been backed up by the former samurai government. He had ascended the throne in 1868 in Tohoku region. He had been called Emperor Tobu. Soon the samurai who had supported the emperor had been defeated by the new Meiji government and he had been held under house arrest. But he had been pardoned soon. According to the official record, he became the commander of the Household Division and was sent to Taiwan in 1895. He died on October 28, 1895. But there have been different days and stories about his death.

After his death, rumors about his assassination spread. In those days, information about inconvenient matters was often false. In addition, the war between China and Japan had ended on April 17, 1895. So, it is probable that he was assassinated in October 1894.

To tell the truth, on October 22, 1894, a big earthquake occurred in Tohoku region where he had ascended the throne. About 700 people were killed and 8400 people were injured. I believe that the earthquake was created by the Japanese army for the purpose of camouflaging the assassination. But the story doesn't stop here.

At that time, a major political scandal divided France. There were historic controversies in France. Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a young French artillery officer of Jewish background, was abruptly arrested for treason on October 15, 1894. The French society was embroiled in the scandal for several months. In the end he was acquitted in the court.

This scandal injured the prestige of the French army and weakened the power of conservative people. Since then the French army has not won any wars except for the wars in its former colonies.

I think this was also the conspiracy of Japan and France. France has been Japan's co-conspirator and the Jews have been abused.

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  2008/6/25  #141
Japan's Conspiracy (87)

Epicenter of Conspiracy, "Star Festival Club"

I finally knew that I had been in a fool's paradise. I had consistently insisted that Japan's conspiracy had something to do with the date "July 7th". But I finally knew that it had been an open secret among bureaucrats. But I was surprised that people could become so stupid once they have very powerful positions.

A Tabloid TV Show Last Sunday

I was casually watching a tabloid TV in the morning. I know that I can get little information from the Japanese TV programs. Nevertheless, I often watch such boring TV programs. They occasionally spill the beans. But, in fact, it is almost a waste of time. Suddenly I felt that a former chief Cabinet secretary said a strange word. I checked the Internet search engine to confirm it. Then I knew that it was critical information. It was "Tanabat-kai" or "Star Festival Club". Tanabata, meaning "Evening of the seventh", is a Japanese star festival, derived from the Chinese star festival.

Star Festival Club

The Star Festival Club is explained in the website of the Economics Department at Senshu University. I have no idea for what purpose the corrupt structure of the central government is lectured in this university. Probably university students nowadays accept the corrupt government and complete a graduation thesis on worldly wisdom. It's appalling. But, to tell the truth, Japanese universities have been corrupt, as far as I know. Competition in school entrance exam has been just a government propaganda. Foreign media as well as the public have been deceived completely. In fact, backdoor entry to a school has been an open secret in certain societies. Nowadays, it is just a farce.

Though I can't confirm this information, let me translate its brief summary. Because it is an official site of the university.
The G8 summit
Are governments
playing catch-up?

Marco Polo Bridge Incident

Lugou Bridge near Beijing

  1. The director of the Coordination Division of the Budget Bureau has important things to do. The ministry of finance is called "the finance family". They take care of their bureaucrats for the rest of their lives. The regiment the director leads is the retired bureaucrats' club; "the Star Festival Club".

  2. The club was created by Kaya Okinori, who had been given a life term as a Class-A war criminal and served as justice minister under the administration of Prime Minister Ikeda Hayato in 1963. The criminal became a guardian of the Japanese law. To tell the truth, he concocted a conspiracy in anticipation of atomic bombing.

  3. The first meeting of the Star Festival Club was held on July 7, 1952. The day was carefully chosen. Plays on words and dates are the Japanese tradition in terms of harassment.

  4. The club takes care of its members until they die. There is more. It takes care of them even after they die. It organizes the funeral for the dead members.

  5. The club members land cushy jobs at public corporations, mostly in the accounting department, after they retire. This power is the bastion of the Star Festival Club.

My Assumption is Right.

I have pointed out that the Japanese government repeats conspiracy sticking with the date "July 7th". This club gives a perfect answer. Some related conspiracies are as follows.

reference July 7, 1937 July 7, 2005 July 7, 2007 Trojan Horses

The 34th G8 Summit This Year

The 34th G8 summit is to take place in Toyako, Japan 7-9th of July 2008. In fact, Chinese President Hu Jintao and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown would hide embarrassment behind a smile. The day is an ominous day for both of them.

reference The 34th G8 Summit was synchronized with the Bilderberg meeting.
This is the very meeting through which Japan controls the world

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/7/4  #142
Japan's Conspiracy (88)

Why did the Tokyo Olympic Games open on October 10th?

I have been skeptical about the reason why the Tokyo Olympic Games opened on October 10th. First of all, I didn't feel that it was always fine on the day though I frequently heard that the day had been chosen because the day had been one of the finest days in autumn. In a sense, I thought it was a reasonable decision. Nowadays, however, the Japanese media make no bones about telling lies.

As far as I have recently seen weather terrorism, I must admit that I doubt it. I investigated it the hard way. It turned out that the day had never been one of the finest days. I looked at the Wikipedia page and I was surprised. The question had already been well explained. That's the stuff. But I want to talk about my opinion here.
1964 Tokyo Olympics

What was the real reason?

Then, I wonder why the Japanese government had to deceive people. In addition, it is obvious that the government attempted to cover it up. The weather was finer on October 10th for a few years just before the Olympic year and about 30 years after the Olympic year. When thing calmed down, it began to rain on the days. Nature has no will. Human beings do. If the Japan Self-Defense Forces and the Japan Meteorological Agency have manipulated the weather for such a minor purpose, and for other vicious reasons for sure, the impact on the environment is beyond imagination.

Then I investigated the date. The day was a holiday in North Korea. The day was "Party Foundation Day". The party was the Workers' Party of Korea, the ruling party of North Korea. When I investigate something, I never think of particular target. But I am always perplexed when I find a vicious group.

What was North Korea doing on the day?

Surprisingly enough, the North Korean team was staying in Tokyo the day before the opening day. Although Japan wanted North Korea to participate in its Olympic games, the IOC was adamant in its refusal to grant admission to North Korea to the last.
After Taiwan and Israel were excluded from the Games of the New Emerging Forces (GANEFO), a competition that had been held in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1963, the IOC declared that any athlete participating in that sports festival would be ineligible for the Olympics. Indonesia and North Korea then withdrew from the Tokyo Games after a number of their athletes were declared ineligible.
Why did North Korea choose October 10th as its foundation day?

Historians dispute the date and claim that the foundation meeting was in fact held on October 13. So, I again examined the reason, checking similar foundation days earlier than 1945 in related countries. The Bank of Japan was established under the Bank of Japan Act and began operating on October 10, 1882, as the nation's central bank. This historical event is described on Japanese Wikipedia. I believe that North Korea changed its foundation day following BOJ's foundation day. North Korea owes a lot of things to the BOJ. I could hardly find any other major events on that day in East Asia.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan Was Born on First Anniversary of Foundation of Korean Workers' Party

There is more to it than that. I sometimes feel that he thinks himself as the Constitution. In fact, Kan was born on the day of the promulgation of the Japanese Constitution, according to the Japanese calendar, too.

Aum Shinrikyo and Bank of Japan  Shinginko Tokyo bank  Weather Terrorism
The precipitation data is taken frpm this site.

reference The Ly Dynasty was established in Vietnam and moved the capital to Hanoi
on October 10, 1010. Vietnam held "Great Ceremony of the Millennial Anniversary"
on October 10, 2010. Then, Japan and North Korea celebrated the event
Tokyo Olympics commemorated the 10th anniversary of Vietminh's reentry to Hanoi.
The Tokyo Olympic Games commemorated the 100th anniversary of the formation
of the General Council of the International Workingmen's Association
. (Timeline)
Olympic Games and Japan's Conspiracy. September 11, 2001 attacks
Russo-Japanese War and Jews Colgan Air Flight 3407 Japan's Conspiracy in English History
Michael Jackson and Japanese Cult Stalin and Ringo Starr
People Chosen and Destined by Birthday Olympic Games, Wars, Disasters and Incidents

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/7/15  #143
Japan's Conspiracy (89)

Teresa Teng

I had thought that there was no country, except for Japan, that conducted national conspiracies in the global scale. And I often pointed out that France often colluded with Japan as I knew that France appeared on the scene. But this time France seemed to have formed a conspiracy on its own. France has the foreign intelligence agency (DGSE). This organization is very similar to the Japanese Public Security Intelligence Agency. We can't know what is their secret and what is their real scheme. I am going to talk about my hypothesis at random.

Making someone defenseless with false compliments

Teresa Teng was born in 1953 in a village in
Yunlin County, Taiwan, to a mainland Chinese family originating from Hebei province. As early as at the age of 11, she won a major award for her singing at a talent competition. She soon rose to fame in Taiwan. In 1973, she sang with Polydor Japan records label, took part in Japan's Kohaku Uta Gassen, a year-round singing match of the most successful artists of that year, and won the prize for "Best New Singing Star". In 1974, with the song "Airport", she conquered Japan, where she remained a leading star.
Teresa Teng "Airport"

(part of words in the song "Airport", my translation)

You said, "A lonely trip will be good."
You didn't know anything about me.
As you faded away, I watched you at the airport.
You go to her, please.
I am leaving alone.
In 1979, she was deported for having entered on a fake Indonesian passport, bought for $20,000, a subterfuge rendered necessary by a break in relations between Taiwan and Japan on China's entry to the UN Security Council. This scenario seems to have been set in accordance with the word of the song. This kind of bullying is common in the Japanese society. I have seen a variety of cases.
I think she was told that she didn't have to be worried about the passport inspection. She felt safe. But once her technically illegal immigration was out in the open, things were reported with exaggeration by the media.
A French Man Having Something to Do with Teresa Teng's Death

Since I heard the news about Teresa Teng's death, I have mistrusted her boyfriend. This time I examined her death and I think my doubt is natural. In fact I have to say that I have been misled to a large extent. The story about her death in Japanese is different from the story in English. Even the name of the French man is different. To make matters worse, there is a variety of stories in the Japanese web sites, but they give quite different information. Occasionally, we can't know where the story is her biography or simply a fiction related to her life. This Japanese site is one example.

In a Chinese Internet forum, I asked about the French man. And there was a response. I personally believe that the following explanation is quite correct.
His name was Paul. Teng actually kept her personal life, including family, private. When she died in Thailand, her family was outraged by the Thai TV coverage surrounding her death. Later the Taiwan government gave Teng the second highest civilian medal in her honor to her mother at her state funeral in Taipei. Even Lee Teng-hui and Chen Shui-bian, two people whose "affiliations" diverge greatly from Teng's, attended her state funeral.

As I think such stories are very similar to the harassment committed by group stalkers organized by the Japanese security police, I put some comments about them below.


This trick is almost the same as false compliments in its basic structure. But it is carried out by several groups that are vertically controlled by the central organization. These groups affect a person for a long period of time, forcing him or her to increase apathy toward public affairs and to become more isolated from others. The trick is so complicated that the targeted individual often fails to recognize that he or she has been targeted. Unfortunately, he or she deplores his or her own failure, quarrels with others or even hates someone. In the end, he or she will suffer physical, financial and psychological burdens.

Enclosing is often carried out against minors. For example, if there is a smart child in the targeted family, the child is praised in sports and soon becomes a hero of a sport team. Naturally, the child gives up studying. This kind of trick is also supported by the Chamber of Commerce, the police and the school. They often conduct some campaign and deliberately give awards to the child. In the end the child is surrounded by hypocritical children. Once the child drops behind, bullying suddenly takes place. It is almost impossible for the child to return to the past circumstances. But most of the bullying cases at school reported by the Japanese media are fabricated cases. In fact, the most serious bullying against children is such an enclosing trick. It is very complicated and is full of manpower and money. It causes serious results, for sure.

The Federation for a Democratic China (FDC) has played a similar role to take Teresa Teng to Paris. Its headquarters are located in the city. There is no natural reason why the organization was established in France.

Conspiracy to Drive a Wedge

This conspiracy is to drive a wedge between close individuals or groups. Their strategy is very simple. Let me show one easy-to-understand example.
A conspiracy to break up a couple's marriage is planned. Private information is collected through wiretapping and stalking. Some spies are infiltrated into the police as top officials by buying powerful politicians. Some spies are employed at some related police stations. Some spies work as ambulance staff and doctors. In order to achieve these circumstances, millions of dollars are spent.

One day when the wife is alone at home, there is a telephone call from a young woman with a beautiful but very suspicious voice. It is part of conspiracy. Similar conspiracies are carried out to the husband, too. Rumors are spread around the couple. Then quarrels begin. Both of them try to investigate their counterparts. They are like moths to flame. Detectives they call for are also spies. They give each of the couple false reports, which cause them to get divorced. The systematic conspiracy is very complicated and is rarely revealed.
The conspiracy against her was carried out in a similar way. In her case, the wedge was driven between her and people or nations. People were cooperative supporters around her. And the nations were Taiwan, China and the UK. Some supporters were actually spies. Some unknown people in the disguise of these nations' spies repeatedly annoyed her with stalking and harassment. She was completely confused. In the US, Japanese spies in the disguise of spies of
CIA and FBI often annoy targeted celebrities.

Chiang Mai

It seemed to be odd that she chose Chiang Mai as her last resort. Thailand is one of Japan's closest countries in the world. In the 16th century, many Japanese lived in some places. During WWII, Thailand was included in the Axis. Chiang Mai was near to Myanmar, whose military junta has enjoyed Japan's support for many years.


The French man was said to be Teresa Teng's boyfriend, but I believe that he was a government agent indirectly employed by France or Japan. It is a piece of cake for the government to make a particular man become a woman's boyfriend. Aphrodisiac is a well-known drug. It is said that she smoked cannabis. But I think an unimaginable medicine may have been used. Japan is one of the most advanced nations in this field. During WWII, Japan carried out vivisection experiments on live Chinese prisoners. They naturally included special aphrodisiac development. Japan handed over part of their records to the occupation forces only to escape from war crime indictment. After WWII, Green Cross Corporation was founded by some members of Unit 731 of the Imperial Japanese Army. They were again involved in the HIV-tainted blood scandal. Yet they are heroes for some Japanese.

Teresa Teng was taken to Chiang Mai by means of false compliments, driven wedges and enclosing. Ambulance staff, coroners and hotel workers included spies. Japan and France has deployed spies throughout the world.

Her last scene shows a conspiratorial character. Eyewitness testimonies are mostly wrong. The fact would be beyond imagination. That is their target and satisfaction.

In the end, she was frequently harassed by unknown people outside the hotel and became reclusive. The French man might have been getting in touch with outside stalkers. It is organized stalkers' common maneuver. Doctors are often spies. They prescribe ineffectual medicines. Gradual deterioration of health is very important. Sudden death is very risky for spies. Her suffering of a few asthma attacks made their conspiracy almost perfect. I believe that some doctors conspire with the security police in my region. My parents died at the hospital, but the circumstances were unusual and nurses behaved suspiciously. Today I believe the whole systems of those hospitals in Japan are part of the security police.

A Congratulatory Gift to Jacques Chirac

There is always an answer in the date. The date of her death shows that it was a congratulatory gift to Jacques Chirac for his victory in the presidential election. Today, Franco-Japanese relations are somewhat special.
His electoral victory was confirmed on May 7, 1995. She died on May 8, 1995. Considering the time difference, she was killed just after the electoral confirmation.

But the day was not an ordinary day. The day was Victory in Europe Day, a public holiday in France. In addition, the year marked the 50th anniversary of the victory.
There was another congratulatory gift to Jacques Chirac from Japan. In the same year, Japanese traditional comic storyteller Tachikawa Shiraku was promoted to a full-fledged master. His name "Shiraku" was named after Jacques Chirac. Japan often prepares a double for a conspiracy. Shiraku's top master is Tachikawa Danshi. He used to be a legislator and a parliamentary vice minister of Okinawa Development Agency. They have had a lot of things to do with politics. They collect much money from their supporters. Their group is very traditional but anti-democratic.

This kind of persistent harassment and unclear purpose is a typical pattern in Japan's conspiracy. But when we think about carefully from the point of economic and political benefits, we can see the whole perspective. I understand the reason why officials of the police, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Self Defense Forces look down on ordinary citizens.

A Chinese Version of the French Revolution

The Tiananmen Square protests were a Chinese version of the French Revolution. Japan and France could not accept the normalization of U.S.-China relations and the peaceful handover of Hong Kong to China. In 1989, Japan and France engineered a Chinese version of the French Revolution in celebration of the 200th anniversary. Both countries mobilized the media. Exaggerated reports have been spread. The Chinese government acknowledged the danger of the conspiracy and cracked down on it. It was a wise decision. That is the reason why France was concerned about Teresa Teng so much.

No Shortage of Examples

In Japan, the police that should have cracked down on stalking have been corrupt. For victims, the police have been regarded as stalkers' supporters. After many years of personal investigation, I have finally reached a conclusion. The whole Japanese authorities including the police and the court are the mastermind of stalkers behind the stage. This murder case is one suspicious example. A judge who was in charge of the trial of the case and played an important role of enacting the anti-stalking law later became another stalker. He was recently arrested for stalking. It is really a parody or a farce.

There is a variety of examples of spies. Tsunetomi Noguchi is most famous for performing autopsies on Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy. He is Japanese. I don't believe that a Japanese can be an excellent coroner with fluent English.

A Typhoon Attack

I began to edit this page on July 15. Last year,
my house had been attacked consecutively by two typhoons. I was happy because no typhoons had hit my region so far. But it occurred to me that Typhoon Kalmaegi landed Taiwan. The typhoon had been born on July 15, when I began to edit this page in Japanese. I was unaware that a typhoon was going to hit Taiwan. Japan's conspiracy is complicated. Victims often fail to realize what was going on with them.

I wonder what Japan's real purpose is. Maybe Japan believes that the world will follow Japan because of the fear. As far as I know the Japanese Self Defense Forces control typhoons very precisely. I knew her homeland, Yunlin County, and it was a question why the typhoon deviated to the north. I uploaded this page in Japanese at 5:00 am on July 18. But finally I knew that the typhoon didn't target her homeland but it targeted Chin Pao San where the Teresa Teng Memorial Garden is located. She is sleeping there. My God!

Typhoon Kalmaegi landed on Taiwan on July 17, 2008.

Taipei County in Taiwan

My Internet communication is completely monitored. There are full-time workers in NTT or my provider company. I gather information through the Internet. For this reason, they had created a typhoon before I uploaded this site in Japanese. The typhoon moved slowly, probably because I was late to edit this page due to lack of basic information about her in my mind. I hope that there will be no casualties in Taiwan and that the typhoon will never come to Kagoshima in Kyushu Island.

This story doesn't stop here.

They never give me a break. Maybe I'm worrying about it too much, but a timely terrorism occurred again. In the city of Kunming in China, two bus explosions killed two people and injured 14 on July 21, 2008. Kunming is quite a big city with the population of 5.74 million. It is the capital of Yunnan province, which is the nearest province to Chiang Mai in China. Japan's aim may be to decrease the number of Japanese tourists who go to China to watch Beijing Olympic Games. Japan will never be able to build international goodwill as long as it continues to do evil things.

Another Typhoon Strike

Japan often attacks its enemy twice. Typhoon Fung-Wong lashes Taiwan on July 28, 2008 on almost the same course as Typhoon Kalmaegi took 10 days ago.

Outrageous Tyhoon Onslaught

This time again, the tird typhoon, Tyhoon Sinlaku has hit the same area and then turned around toward Kagoshima in Japan. It is outrageous.
Typhoon Fung-Wong

Tyhoon Sinlaku

Japan's past double whammy a typhoon strike on the Beatles
two typhoon strikes on September 11
two typhoon strikes on my region

reference ■ It is highly probable that Teresa Teng was a member
of the Japanese imperial clan.

She was born on the day when Japan China
Friendship Association of Kyoto was established.
She died on the 100th anniversary of Taiwan's secession to Japan.
She died on the 100th anniversary of the death
of a Japanese prominent composer, Takatomo Kurosawa
Typhoon Sinlaku attacks Teresa Teng again. Korean Air Flight 858

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Japan's Conspiracy (91)

Japan's Goal to Rule the World

I happened to read this Myanmar news. According to this site, it covers Myanmar and Southeast Asia, providing in-depth news and information to international readers. It is published by an independent, nonprofit media organization. It was established in 1993 by Burmese journalists living in exile and is not affiliated with any political organization or government. The story really surprised me. There can be no doubt about that. So, let me introduce it here.

Japanese Idea about the Defeat in the War

The article drove me home how much Japanese people confuse war with sports. In sports participation is more significant than winning. Victory or defeat is simply the outcome of games. It is important for all the athletes to do their best.
It is the ultimate goal for Japan to rule the world. It is really a bumpy road. Japan's first uphill battle is "ethnic cleansing". Japan is an ethnically homogeneous nation. But it does not mean that it was originally such a nation. The current situation in Japan has been created through successful ethnic cleansing for the past 140 years. Unfortunately the ethnic cleansing is still going on.

Ethnic Cleansing

  1. people with genetically critical attitude
  2. disabled people or people with recessive heredity including hemophilia
  3. genetically different race of people
Unit 731
Japanese Torture
& Human Medical Experiments

Racist Mexican Gangs "Ethnic Cleansing" Blacks In L.A.

These people are the target for ethnic cleansing. Even in a peaceful society, ethnic cleansing is possible. But the war gives the most effective opportunity. Japan has been successful in carrying out ethnic cleansing in the past. And there are quite a few people who want to use the war to promote ethnic cleansing again. The Japanese militarism lies here.

True Desires and Public Comments

Under such circumstances, the Japanese government seems to be united to achieve its goal "to rule the world". But it is not really so. Japan is an ambiguous nation. Bold conspiracies are tolerated out in the open in the name of ruling the world. Their true desires are misappropriation of tax money. In order to continue this crime for eternity, the slogan was created and conspiracies have been carried out. Tremendous amount of money has been embezzled in the confusion.

Its main enemy is losing people.

In order to ensure its ruling, the existence of the ruled is absolutely necessary. Without ruled people, it is impossible to rule the nation. In addition, the ruled should be absolutely obedient. During the samurai period, there was an important slogan among samurai warriors. It was "Don’t let the farmers live, but don’t let them die". In another words, "Let the farmers live only well enough to work but don't overwork them and kill them." This slogan represents the Japanese government's attitude toward the losing people. Japan can not flourish without exploiting losing people.

Corrupt democracy is more evil than dictatorship.

Japan knows the benefit of democracy very well. When the nation is united under parliamentary democracy, it displays its great power. And foreign countries reveal their impotence. If Japan was an autocratic state, the world could impose punishing sanctions on it. Facts aside, as long as a nation is technically democratic, the world can do nothing. Here lies Japan's conspiracy. A critic once has said that corrupt democracy is more evil than dictatorship.

A hundred billion dollars of bribes are the tip of the iceberg.

According to the
OECD's research, large-scale bribery is rampant.
Still, every year an estimated US$100 billion is paid out in bribes worldwide. To put it in perspective, this sum is equivalent to nearly twice New Zealand’s GDP. And that may be just the tip of the iceberg.
The problem is that simple bribery is inefficient. A lot of manpower and bribes are necessary to defeat one's competitors. To make matters worse, there is a danger of being arrested by the police. On the other hand, the most efficient bribery is terrorism. A single terrorist and one bomb can burn down the competitor's factory and drive the firm into bankruptcy.

reference Japan won World War II. Ultimate Ethnic Cleansing
Ainu people and Ethnic Cleansing Ethnic cleansing is the purpose of war.
Immigration to Brazil was Landmark of Japan's Ethnic Cleansing.

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/7/27  #146
Japan's Conspiracy (91-2)

Ethnic cleansing is the purpose of war.

This conclusion was beyond my expectations. Conspiracy theory is too complicated to explain briefly. But I want to get to the core of the problem directly. Here, I don't talk about the cleansing of other ethnic groups but I talk about the cleansing of the Japanese itself.

A Clue to the Conspiracy Theory

Just after the Great Hanshin earthquake, an opposition legislator said, "Strangely enough, some opposition politicians were involved in the earthquake, but I have not heard any ruling politicians who were involved in the earthquake."

I suspected that earthquakes could be predicted. But another suspicion came to my mind. The Seismological Society of Japan failed to step into research though the study of the earthquake gathered momentum. I thought that earthquake prediction was a risky business but that the government could take advantage of the information to increase its centripetal force by giving it only to their supporters.

Not Earthquake Prediction but Artificial Earthquake
Tsushima Maru
Goodbye Okinawa

Tsushima Maru

However, when I examined some past earthquakes, they had often coincided with major events. The earthquake prediction theory cannot explain it. I was convinced that earthquakes had been artificially created. Later examination on disasters showed that the Japanese government had had something to do with disasters. Political trends are particularly important.

Tsushima Maru Sinking

The other day, when I heard a testimony of a survivor of the sinking of Tsushima Maru in the TV program, I believed that Japan had conducted ethnic cleansing against its own people. The old man said, ......
When Tsushima Maru was sinking, I was on the deck. I saw many people floating on the sea. Suddenly, Japanese army soldiers began to grab up children one by one and threw them into the sea. I barely survived after drifting at sea for some days. But I was threatened not to say anything to anybody about the incident by army soldiers and the police. So, until today, I have never told this story even to my wife.
It was really a scary story. But a former crew of the submarine USS Bowfin said in the US TV program, "Tsushima Maru suddenly emitted strong electric waves as if it had let its enemy know its location. That would never happen under normal circumstances." I strengthened suspicions.

Huge Explosion and Typhoon

When Japanese ships sink under suspicious circumstances, they often explode. There was no way Tsushima Maru was loaded with a lot of explosives. The Japanese government has tortured people with artificial typhoons since before WWII.
It is said that Tsushima Maru exploded and sank 11 minutes after a torpedo hit on its engine chamber. The lifeboat was capsized by the explosion and survivors had to drift with rafts under the typhoon storm. Their drifting was actually the battle against the severe storm, the choppy sea, sharks, sleepiness, thirst and illusion.
reference Battle of Okinawa Japan won World War II.

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/8/1  #147
Japan's Conspiracy (91-3)

Ultimate Ethnic Cleansing

The fact that ethnic cleansing is the purpose of war has been gradually revealed. I thought that the more extreme the case was, the more persuasive the proof would be. The extreme case was the atomic bomb. I had no previous knowledge. I simply practically investigated it. But the result was something like an abyss. The story is complicated and I abbreviate it as much as I can.

Japan had prepared for the atomic bombings for two years.

I thought that, when Japan had conducted an ethnic cleansing conspiracy, there had been some relations between the atomic bombings and the movements of some politicians. I tried to check the movement of the then Hiroshima's mayor. A bizarre revelation came out at once.

The mayor was Senkichi Awaya. He was the man the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters hated the most. He had been almost under house arrest as a result of his conflict with the military. But in 1943, the then Finance Minister Kaya Okinori persuaded him to become Hiroshima Mayor out of the blue.
Kaya was a Class-A war criminal initially sentenced to life in prison, but he was paroled in 1955 and later pardoned.
To tell the truth, Mr. Awaya had been the governor of Oita prefecture from 1937 to 1939. In Japan there was no way a former governor accepted to become mayor. It is needless to say with what intention Kaya tried to persuade the former governor. I believe that it was the tip of the conspiracy iceberg.

The Japanese government created a new regional government in Hiroshima in June 1945. The then Hiroshima Governor Korekiyo Otsuka was transferred to the new government, which was located in Hiroshima. So, he supported the new governor for two months until the fall of the atomic bomb.

It was a matter of joy to kill those who stood in its way, but the loss of two political leaders would be detrimental to the ensuing reconstruction. So, it is thought that the Japanese government deliberately created another local government only for the job takeover period. Mr. Otsuka was killed by the atomic bombing but the next governor survived and did well.

The mayor and the governor were not the only people the Japanese government wanted to die. But also there were many people, in the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters, it really wanted to die. In April 1945, the Second General Army was established in Hiroshima in preparation for the anticipated Allied invasion of the Japanese home islands. Shunroku Hata was requested to take its command. He was mild and good in nature. He was arrested by the American occupation authorities after the end of the war, and charged with war crimes. It was a wrong accusation based on false evidence. He was paroled in 1955. The Second General Army in Hiroshima can be said to have been an organization in which the nuisance were included. Their preparedness was amazing. Fortunately or unfortunately, Mr. Hata survived the atomic bombing.

Japan knew
the Manhattan Project very well.

In 1943, huge plants were built to produce plutonium in south-central Washington. In the same year Mr. Awaya was persuaded to become Hiroshima Mayor in Japan. Japan had built a spy network in the US. But it could obtain enough information through spy networks including the Japanese spy network code named "TO" in Spain. Although most messages were decrypted by US and other Allied authorities, Japan obtained some classified information including the Manhattan Project.

Some Suspicious American Commanders

While I was editing this topic, I was listening to a Japanese war movie on TV. Suddenly, I heard one piece of amazing conversation.
"Captain, one of our submarines is in pursuit of the USS Indianapolis, which is loaded with atomic bombs"
It was a movie. It was fiction. Nonetheless, I was surprised. Because, Japanese fiction books often insinuate serious facts. So, I examined the historical fact. I was surprised again. A Japanese submarine actually torpedoed the US cruiser. I believe that the Japanese navy knew that it transported atomic bombs. However, it was not until the USS Indianapolis delivered critical parts for the first atomic bomb to be used in combat to the United States air base at Tinian Island on July 26 that the Japanese navy attacked it.

On July 30, four days after the delivery of the atomic bomb parts, the Japanese submarine I-58 torpedoed the USS Indianapolis. At that time, Captain Charles Butler McVay III is said to have hazarded his ship by failing to zigzag. Later he was court-martialed but restored to active duty. But he committed suicide in 1968.

His father was the Commander in Chief of the United States Asiatic Fleet. I suspect that there was some contact between the Japanese navy and him. His situation is somewhat similar to that of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur. Let me talk, later, about the suspicion they shared.

No Way of Bombing without Warning

The story of the atomic bombing leaves many questions unanswered. American policemen never shoot a person who is not resisting. First and foremost, they have to fire a warning shot and then start a persuasive negotiation. At that time there were some hotlines between the two countries.
On April 1, 1945, USS Queenfish, a Balao-class submarine, sank 11,600-ton passenger-cargo ship Awa Maru. Unfortunately her victim was a ship whose safe passage had been guaranteed by the United States government, since she was to carry Red Cross relief supplies to Japanese prisoner-of-war camps. The sinking occurred in heavy fog, and Awa Maru was not sounding her fog horn, as required by international treaty. The incident caused considerable controversy......

In this case, there were persistent negotiations between them through the diplomatic channel though they were at war.
Naturally, there must have been negotiations on the atomic bombing. The US asked in advance about the location and the date. But Japan must have said, in the end, "We cannot let the nation know about these negotiations. Keep these negotiations just between us." This is a Japanese traditional style of deal. But there was more to it than that. Japan could carry out vivisection experiments on A-bomb victims. People were moved to or from Hiroshima and Nagasaki secretly in advance. A-bomb victims were actually victims of the national ethnic cleansing.

Nearly 500 pumpkin bombs were built and 49 dropped on Japanese targets by the 509th Composite Group. However, the bombings were not warning but training.

Yasukuni Shrine was established on August 6, 1869.

Yasukuni Shrine was constructed in June 1869, by order of the Meiji Emperor, to commemorate the victims of the Boshin War who fought on the side of the Restoration.
According to Wikipedia, it was constructed in June 1869. But the explanation follows the lunar calendar. According to the solar calendar, it was actually constructed on August 6, 1869. This expression is exceptional even on the sites of Wikipedia. I really doubt the intention of the author of this page.
It was never a coincidence. The US would have never known the history of the shrine. The day of atomic bombing was carefully arranged by the Japanese government through the previous warning negotiations. The US would have allowed Japan to set the date because the US needed a good excuse for the future. On this point, the Japanese government must give clear information. Otherwise it will be regarded as a hypocritical country for eternity.

The only Nation in the World to Carry out Vivisection Experiments on A-bomb Victims

Japan was not the only nation in the world to be bombed with atomic weapons but the only nation in the world to carry out vivisection experiments on A-bomb victims. Japan exclusively provided medical treatment to the victims. Japan kept the occupation forces from them. Medical data given to them were almost useless. I think the following description is just the excuse made by the Japanese government.
As the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission was erected purely for scientific research and study, not as a provider of medical care and also because it was heavily supported by the United States, the ABCC was generally mistrusted by most survivors and Japanese alike.
Cleaned up by a Super Typhoon as Planned

On September 17, 1945, Typhoon Ida struck the Japanese Archipelago. The Japanese government later named the typhoon "Makurazaki Typhoon". Makurazaki was the name of a small city in the Southern part of Kyushu Island. In fact, many typhoons hit this city and the naming was meaningless. When the Japanese government gives something a nonsense name, there is often a conspiracy.

It is obvious that the typhoon was controlled to hit Okinawa, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, in line, that had been the most devastated by the battle and the atomic bombings. Hiroshima prefecture suffered more than 3,000 deaths and injuries.

Typhoon Ida must have been an artificial typhoon. It was spawned on the next day of September 11, when Class-A war criminal Hideki Tojo was arrested by the occupation forces.

The same Track as Hurricane Katrina's

When an artificial typhoon is to hit the target precisely in the center, the typhoon is moved to the south of the target and then it begins to move exactly to the north. When I looked at the typhoon track map, I remembered Hurricane Katrina. While Typhoon Ida moved exactly to the north and hit Okinawa, Hurricane Katrina moved exactly to the north and hit New Orleans. Hurricanes in the US nowadays frequently hit big cities.

The same in Nagasaki

In the case of Nagasaki bombing, it is said that Kokura was the primary target and Nagasaki was the secondary target. But I doubt this story.
By the time they reached Kokura a half hour later, a 7/10 cloud cover had obscured the city, prohibiting the visual attack required by orders.・・・・・・

At 11:01, a last minute break in the clouds over Nagasaki allowed Bockscar's bombardier, Captain Kermit Beahan, to visually sight the target as ordered.
Although they missed the central part of Nagasaki, they hit another important targets; Nagasaki Prison and Urakami Cathedral, the largest Catholic church in East Asia when it was completed in 1914. I visited the ground zero several times. The site is a very narrow valley between mountains. I believe the ground zero was an original target. The US forces' explanation was an excuse. The explosion took place almost exactly at 11 am. In the cathedral, two priests hearing confessions and some 30 parishioners were killed by the atomic bomb, which exploded at 11:02 a.m. To the north of Nagasaki there was a camp holding British Commonwealth prisoners of war, some of whom were working in the coal mines and only found out about the bombing when they came to the surface. At least eight known POWs died from the bombing. I don't believe the number of victims completely. And, when I think about the location and the time, the story is too good to be true.

There were tragic stories among foreigners in Nagasaki. But the life of Kuraba Tomisaburo was the worst. Unless he had killed himself, he would have made great contributions to Japan's reconstruction after the war. I once read his book in the library and I was impressed to know how much he loved Japan. The Japanese military could not allow him to go his own way. He is said to have bequeathed his all huge fortune to Nagasaki City. I believe that his death was a conspiracy.
Despite his Japanese citizenship, Kuraba Tomisaburo was hounded as a potential spy by the Japanese military police during World War II. His wife Waka died in 1943, and Tomisaburo committed suicide on August 26, 1945, soon after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and a few weeks before the arrival of American Occupation forces in Nagasaki. Since the couple had no children, this marked the end of the association between Nagasaki and the Glover family.
Relief for Victims is Hush Money

In Japan, there are groups of atomic bomb victims including the Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations. The Japanese government spends taxpayers' money for them according to laws including the Atomic Bomb Victims Relief Law. But, believe it or not, Japanese receive little information about the relief scheme. To tell the truth I have got some critical information from Japan Times news above. I often read foreign newspapers and watch foreign news only to get critical information in Japan. It is quite absurd.

In Japan, workers are protected by the Minimum Wage Law and needy families receive money according to the Daily Life Protection Law. But needy families are said to receive more money than the working poor. Minimum wage is lower than welfare payment. To make matters worse, they don't know how much is actually paid to the people. According to the laws, the amount of money differs from region to region in both cases. It is ridiculous.

During WWII, many people suffered from various injuries. They are not necessarily atomic bomb victims. If the atomic bomb victims have the right to demand compensation to the Japanese government, why not the rest of others who are also war victims. On that point, there is no difference between them. If there is, it is the Japanese government's motive to carry out ethnic cleansing.

reference Government-run Lottery, Final Decisive Battle Scheme
and Manhattan Project (Trinity) were Actually "Trinity"
Pearl Harbor Attack was Parody with US-Japanese Collaboration
in Commemoration of Mongol Invasions of Japan.

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/8/7  #148
Japan's Conspiracy (92)

Olympic Games and Japan's Conspiracy

I have already said that Japan has conducted medal buying and weather control in the Olympic games. But Japan's conspiracy is endless. Japan asks other countries to carry out, particularly during the Olympic games, events that are disadvantageous to Japan,

Significant Events that Occurred before the Tokyo Olympics

In 1963
November 22: John F. Kennedy assassination
           (the first satellite TV broadcast between
           Japan and US)

December 8: A Japanese professional wrestler, Rikidozan, was stabbed by a gangster. Later he died.
           (the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack)
Rikidozan was one of the most influential men in the Japanese wrestling history. His biggest feud was the Destroyer, an American masked professional wrestler. In the Japanese TV program, Rikidozan always beat the Destroyer by figure four leg lock. But to tell the truth, Rikidozan was born in North Korea and the wrestling match was really a parody of the Korean War, indicating that North Korea was winning. Japanese people didn't understand the English word "destroyer" and they thought that the name was a personal name without any particular meaning. Generally speaking, a special figure like Rikidozan is often killed when the person is no more useful.
Voskhod 1 (USSR) image

Voskhod 1

professional wrestler
Rikidozan image

In 1964
March 21:
The then ambassador to Japan, Reischauer, was stabbed by a mentally disturbed Japanese man. He received a blood transfusion and recovered from the wound, but the transfusion inflicted him with hepatitis. Reischauer never fully recovered. He died of its complications after over 25 years. In Japan, assassins often pretend to be mentally ill.

(On March 21, 1945, the Imperial General Headquarters declared that all the Japanese soldiers had launched a suicidal attack at the Battle of Iwo Jima and that all of them had been killed.)
March 27: The 1964 Alaska earthquake occurred on March 27, 1964.
           (the next day of the day when the Battle of Iwo Jima actually ended)

The Japanese government expected that, with so much provocation, the US would boycott the Tokyo Olympic Games. Although it would make the Japanese Olympic history disgraceful, the Japanese government believed that the numbers of Olympic medals mattered in the end. Japan really wanted the most Olympic medals in the world. The US intentionally or unintentionally didn't take a dare. Maybe Japan misread the consequent US response. Then, as usual, we frequently see earthquakes related to Olympic Games.

Significant Events that Occurred during the Tokyo Olympics

In 1964
October 10: the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games
October 12: The Soviet Union launched the world's first multi-manned spacecraft, Voskhod 1.
October 14: Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was removed.
October 14: Martin Luther King, Jr. became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.
October 16: China's first nuclear weapons test

This continuity of events is extraordinary. Wikipedia takes particular note of it.
Unfortunately for Japan, several big international events also took attention during the Olympics, including the sudden removal of Nikita Khrushchev and the first nuclear test in China.
The comments are somewhat positive. From a different point of view, however, Japan's conspiracy comes out clearly.

Japan's Conspiracy with the Administrations of the Soviet Union and China

Money-driven conspiracy works very well in the negotiations with authoritarian governments. Japan wasted a lot of secret money in the political maneuvering with the Soviet Union and China. Naturally, both countries penetrated Japan's conspiracy. They tried to take advantage of other's attempts to the full.

Their relations are easy to understand if they are compared to those between a prodigal son and his artful friends. The son lavishes money on them and he feels that they are his errand boys. On the other hand, his friends take as much money as they can but they never follow blindly. These relations explain the events that took place in October 1964.

Japanese-style Public Opinion Control System

Japan conducts two different public opinion controls. Within Japan, the government controls the media. In foreign countries, Japan buys influential people in the country. For Japan, ruling the world is not to have all the people to its side but to have only the powerful to its side. However, as long as it superficially upholds democracy, opinions among Japanese citizens are important. They are important not because they cherish the people but because superficial democracy is necessary in order to have foreign governments to its side and to sell Japanese products to foreign consumers. Here lies the reasons why Japan fabricates and manipulates foreign events in a strange manner.

Foreign Events Japan Wants to Cover up

The launch of Voskhod 1, Martin Luther King Jrs Nobel Peace Prize, and China's nuclear weapons test were such events. Dates of event were slightly changed due to Japan's political maneuvering. Huge amount of money was moved publicly and privately. You may doubt why Japan pays such a large amount of money to such minor matters. But these deals are key points of conspiracy. Japan later insinuates the possibility of the revelation of the past illegal things and intimidates the powerful into carrying out a much larger conspiracy. Events above were very appropriate cases.

Of course, Japan controlled the domestic media and covered up those events. In fact, I was a child at that time and I remember some important events those days. But I have no memory about the events above.

Each of these events had individual background. So, let me talk about them later.

Boosting Japan's National Prestige

Japan does everything to boost its national prestige. Japan won 16 gold medals, placing it third after the United States and the Soviet Union. Japan had already carried out a conspiracy in both countries. The then President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. The incident tarnished the auspicious first satellite TV broadcast between Japan and the US. In the Soviet Union, Premier Nikita Khrushchev was removed during the Olympic Games.

reference September 11, 2001 attacks The Russo-Japanese War and Jews
Colgan Air Flight 3407 Japan's Conspiracy in English History
Michael Jackson and Japanese Cult Olympic Games, Wars, Disasters and Incidents

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