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  2008/3/17  #102
Japan's Conspiracy (60)

Typhoons Are Manipulated

I have been arguing against the Japanese terrorism. I have struggled to find objective and reliable articles, but I finally found this web site, which mostly supports my hypothesis. So, let me express my comment relating to the idea.

  1. Typhoons can be manipulated in their creation, navigation, moving speed, precipitation, speed of wind, and atmospheric pressure to a large degree. There is some evidence that strongly indicates long period of manipulation.
  1. The simulation of the typhoon manipulation is almost useless because there are many factors that influence each other. So, theoretical prediction of the typhoon is probably impossible.

  2. Trial and error would be the last and the only solution.
    For example, if it is almost impossible to get the best method to make the canary sing the most beautifully, the best method can be acquired after trial and error including a variety of combination such as temperature, moisture, sound, wind, feed and water.

    to sing the most beautifully
    to sing the most loudly
    to sing for the longest time
    In the same way, the technology of artificially manipulating the typhoon has been gradually accumulated. Japan conducted experiments on creating and controlling enormous typhoons for some time after WWII. And it has recently conducted experiments in pinpoint typhoon manipulation. To maintain certain level of manipulation technology, periodical exercises are necessary like atomic tests. For that reason, typhoons often move through the Japanese archipelago, through Okinawa Island to Hokkaido Island. But nowadays, in other areas including North America, some huge hurricanes seem to be manipulated.

  3. It is easy to move a spinning solid body because friction is generated only on the contact point. Mere puff of air can move a spinning top. Dynamic friction is far less than static friction. In the same way, friction between spinning mass of air and other object is far less than that between static mass of air and other object. It needs a lot of power to move a parked car by even 10 centimeters. However, if the car is moving very fast, a little finger can steer the car by 10 centimeters without using the power steering.
  1. The Japanese Meteorological Office used a unique fan-shaped track forecasting pattern in the past. The design was convenient for artificial manipulation. The design has been changed a little, but the basic idea is the same. In Japan typhoons often move following the predicted courses. But in the US, it is almost impossible to predict correctly the course of a hurricane. Hurricanes are probably manipulated not by the US government but by the people with bad intentions. In Japan, the typhoon prediction is probably the target given to the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

  2. From now on, disastrous weather such as typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones requires careful monitoring.

reference Verification of Weather Manipulation Verification of Weather Manipulation (2)
Rainfall Artificial Rain the relationship between the date and the amount of precipitation
Weather Terrorism Hurricane Ultimate Ethnic Cleansing
Japanese Living under Car Washing Machine

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/3/20  #103
Japan's Conspiracy (60-1)


I have explained that typhoons in and around Japan are almost artificially manipulated. But I also have felt that hurricanes in and around North America are also artificially manipulated. And I analysed the data and got the result almost as I had expected. I can't think of anything except for artificial manipulation.

The theory of hurricane terrorism requires the following verification.
  1. Hurricanes are likely to move along the course which could cause more damage.
  2. The abnormality apparently should have started at a certain time.
Meteorologist: Hurricane Sandy Manufactured

Then I looked through some past hurricane data and I realized that their numerical data were indicating some unusual phenomena. So, I picked up at random some observation points where hurricanes frequently land, divided them into the urban city group and the small town group and compared their average data. I also divided the data, according to the period, into two groups. I had a perception that the hurricane terrorism had become rampant since a certain time. And I tentatively set two periods, one is from 1969 to 1987 ( See Table 1 below) and the other is from 1988 to 2006 ( See Table 2 below). The data since 2007 are not available.


The total number of the hurricanes that hit metropolises has increased 3.5-fold from 6 during the former period to 21 during the latter period, while the total number of the hurricanes that hit small towns has slghtly decreased from 17 to 16 ( See Table 1 below).

Table 1

The number of hurricanes and tropical depressions that passed through the area within 25 miles from the city center.

 indicates a metropolis .

State City the Number of Hurricanes from 1969 to 1987
the Number of Hurricanes from 1988 to 2006
Texas ①Houston 3
Louisiana ②Vinton 3
③Abbeville 3
④New Orleans
Mississippi ⑤Ocean
Alabama ⑥Mobile 1
Florida ⑦Niceville 3
⑧Tavernier 3
⑨Miami 1
⑩Sebastian 4

State City the Number of Hurricanes from 1969 to 1987
the Number of Hurricanes from 1988 to 2006
small towns total ②、③、⑤、⑦、⑧、⑩ 17
metropolis total ①、④、⑥、
⑨    .

Table 2

The number of hurricanes and tropical depressions that passed through the area within 50 miles from the city center.

State City the Number of Hurricanes from 1969 to 1987
the Number of Hurricanes from 1988 to 2006
Texas ①Houston 6
Louisiana ②Vinton 6
③Abbeville 5
Mississippi ⑤Ocean
Alabama ⑥Mobile 3
Florida ⑦Niceville 3
⑧Tavernier 6
⑨Miami 8
⑩Sebastian 9

Observation Point Information

State Texas Lousiana Lousiana Lousiana Mississippi
City Houston Vinton Abbeville New Orleans Ocean Springs
Latitude 29.45N 30.11N 29.58N 29.57N 30.24N
Longitude 95.22W 93.34W 92.07W 90.04W 88.47W
Population 5,539,000 3,000 11,000 1,319,000 17,000

State Alabama Florida Florida Florida Florida
City Mobile Niceville Tavernier Miami Sebastian
Latitude 30.41N 30.30N 25.00N 25.47N 27.46N
Longitude 88.02W 86.28W 80.30W 80.13W 80.28W
Population 399,000 11,000 2,000 5,463,000 16,000


1. Hurricanes and tropical depressions have passed through metropolitan areas more frequently since around 1988. This is not a natural phenomenon.
2. There are no countries that are reported to have carried out weather terrorism except Japan. Its beginning period was almost the same as the period when Japan established the related technology.
3. Disasters caused by hurricanes in the US are probably Japan's conspiracy.

Reference site

Nationa Hurricane Center
Related Cases

Hurricane Katrina and Typhoon Ida
reference Global Warming to Decrease Hurricanes, Study Says
Verification of Weather Manipulation Verification of Weather Manipulation (2)
Rainfall Artificial Rain the relationship between the date and the amount of precipitation
Weather Terrorism Typhoons Are Manipulated Ultimate Ethnic Cleansing
Japanese Living under Car Washing Machine

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/3/28  #104
Japan's Conspiracy (61)

Two Men Named Kazuyoshi Miura with Different Kanji Characters.

Performance-based Conspiracy Pay System in International Terrorism (1)

They share a name, but it is never accidental. They have quite a few things in common. Let me talk about the conclusion first.

Kazuyoshi Miura (三浦和義, businessman), a clothing importer who often traveled to the United States, was suspected of conspiring to kill his wife, Kazumi Miura on November 18, 1981, while visiting Los Angeles, California, United States.

Kazuyoshi Miura (三浦知良), a Japanese football striker, is often known simply as Kazu.

  1. Businessman Miura is a collaborator of the security police who carries out a conspiracy campaign against the US. The reason why he had been chosen for this role is explained on this page. The strategy in which he played his own work is obviously the covert action. At first, there were two aims.
Kazuyoshi Miura

The Japanese Legend, Kazuyoshi Miura
  1. Footballer Miura's role was to remind people of businessman Miura all the time. Without the footballer, people would have forgotten the businessman. The government had prepared the second event.
  • Japan's family registration system does not require the registration of the pronunciation of a person's name. So, people can pronounce their names in different ways regardless of their written names.

  • Footballer Miura suddenly dropped out of high school and went to Brazil, just after the murder case in Los Angeles. Since then, he quickly stepped up the ladder as a professional footballer. There seemed to be the Japanese government's support for him. He came back to Japan with flying colors.

  • It is inexplicable that a high school student suddenly goes abroad alone without any guarantee for his future job. It is apparent that the government gave him a promise for his future job.

  • The footballer is the oldest professional player in Japan. It is because he had to keep outstanding until another Miura creates another incident.

  1. This time, the businessman's role is money laundering. He intentionally went to Saipan. He was arrested in the island. His money may go to his lawyer, Armenia and a presidential candidate, Obama.
  • His lawyer, Mark Geragos, is a criminal defense attorney who is well known for defending celebrities. He is Armenian-American. One of his clients, Michael Jackson, paid him a lot of money. His income and assets may derive from money laundering. The money may go to Armenia, which is Japan's strategic beachhead to Russia and Central Asia. Armenia has dragon's teeth. Armenian expatriates are united. They send a lot of money to their homeland.

  • Japan desperately supports Obama. But as money laundering came under scrutiny in the US, it may have returned to the orthodox way.

  • Armenia is not a major financial center. Armenia has no offshore banks and few non-banking financial institutions. Nevertheless, high unemployment, low salaries, corruption, a large shadow economy, and the presence of organized crime contribute to Armenia's vulnerability to money laundering. Armenia's large shadow economy is largely unrelated to criminal activity other than tax evasion, but schemes that are commonly used in Armenia to avoid taxation are similar to those used for money laundering, including the fraudulent invoicing of imports, double bookkeeping and misuse of the banking system. The large number of diaspora Armenians and those temporarily working abroad helps explain the large volume of money transfers and remittances into Armenia, mostly sent through the banking system. There are also about 30 casinos on the outskirts of Yerevan that will be subject to the new anti-money laundering regime that the Government plans to implement in 2005.

This is hypothesis. I would like you to confirm my story by consulting other sources. I am simply criticizing the Japanese government. I have no intention to criticize any person on this page. I hope that my hypothesis will be wrong.
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  2008/4/1  #105
Japan's Conspiracy (62)

Shinginko Tokyo bank

Shinginko Tokyo bank is in financial difficulties. The management of this bank has been chaotic since it was established. I believed that this bank was established only to go bankrupt. And the reason why Tokyo Metropolitan Government accepted a French bank with financial difficulties was open to question. But I now know that there was give-and-take between them.

1. the Tokyo metropolitan government ⇔ France
The Tokyo metropolitan government is in talks with Paribas International SA over the purchase of the French financial group's Japanese trust bank, Gov. Shintaro Ishihara announced Friday.

The purchase of the French trust bank (=the establishment of the new bank) was part of the two countries' cooperation on the Anti-US and pro-terrorism campaign. The French bank, BNP Paribas, was the only foreign bank active in Iran and supported the terror sponsoring regime by funding its infrastructure and export projects. BNP Paribas bankrolled Iranian schemes.

Tokyo Metropolitan
Government Building
2. the Japanese government ⇔ the Tokyo metropolitan government
The Tokyo metropolitan government bore the cost of purchasing the French trust bank in return for the financial donation from the central government through the so-called Trinity Reform package, which involved the transfer of tax-raising powers to prefectural governments and the reduction of the central government subsidies for local governments and the review of the system under which tax grants are allocated to local governments.

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara finally admitted its excessive revenue surplus through the Koizumi reform package.
It was national money laundering. The Bank of Japan and the Ministry of Finance could not give financial aid to a foreign bank directly. The Tokyo metropolitan government artfully intervened the deal.

Japan punished some foreign banks including Citibank N.A.'s Japanese unit over minor irregularities, while they themselves blatantly engaged in money laundering..

Few people know the meaning of the so-called Trinity Reform package. The Japanese government often uses puns with regard to names and dates in order to insinuate some different ideas. Why did they use the difficult and unfamiliar word "trinity"? But it was easy to understand. Koizumi ridiculed the US and the UK by using a Christian term and insinuated the three party; Japan, Tokyo and France. Trinity is a sacred idea for Christianity.
The Trinity is a Christian doctrine, stating that God is one Being Who exists, simultaneously and eternally, as a mutual indwelling of three persons: the Father, the Son (incarnate as Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit.
Thanks to Koizumi's trick, Japanese children will answer, "Junichiro Koizumi" rather than "Christianity" when they are asked about Trinity in the future. It is really ridiculous.

Official meaning of Trinity Reform includes three measures below.
To tell the truth, this catch phrase is a fallacy. I can't find any articles which give clear explanations. The following site will be understandable at best.

Decentralization will finish road to democracy in Japan.
This reform package by Koizumi devastated the local economy. The Tokyo metropolitan government was the only local government which actually benefited from this scheme.

Tokyo Governor Ishihara recently proposed that the Tokyo metropolitan government provide ¥40 billion to bail out financially troubled Shinginko Tokyo, which was launched in April 2004. But few experts believe the rescue plan will solve the problems of the money-losing bank.

Politicians and businessmen are often accused of their past blunders in developed countries. But nobody dares to stop their blunders even beforehand in Japan. It is one of Japan's worst maladies.
"Shinginko Tokyo, Limited" rather than "New Tokyo Bank"

I wrote the name of this bank not as "Shinginko Tokyo Bank" but as "Shinginko Tokyo bank". There is a reason. Its official English name is "ShinGinko Tokyo, Limited". And I put the "bank" at the end of its name so that you can understand it easily.

It is unusual for a bank to use such a strange name. "Shinginko" literally means "new bank" in Japanese. So, every Japanese regards this company as a bank. However, it is impossible for foreigners to know from its name that the company "ShinGinko Tokyo, Limited" is a Japanese bank.

Possibly, Japan prepared for its bankruptcy in the future. Maybe the bankruptcy had been already planned beforehand.

reference Government-run Lottery, Final Decisive Battle Scheme
and Manhattan Project (Trinity) were Actually "Trinity"
American Physicist Oppenheimer and German Nazi SS Senior Officer Reinhard Heydrich
shared exactly the same birthday in the Japanese calendar
Japan's pension and life insurance system Emperor Meiji and Shoichi Nakagawa
Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/4/4  #106
Japan's Conspiracy (63)

Performance-based Conspiracy Pay System is Revealed
Compensation is paid according to the performance-based pay system.

Recently I have found this system. So, let me talk first about the cases in which the conspiracy is performed against individuals. As I said before, there has been a variety of conspiracies against us. The perpetrators include ordinary citizens, the police, governments, the Self-Defense Forces and the media. And I have been concerned about their motives. I didn't think that they performed conspiracies with high moral values. I suspected that they were paid or benefited. But I wondered how their performance was evaluated and how much was paid.
Cincinnati Public School is 1st on performance-based salary

People with low moral standards often commit a fraud in an organization. In short, they cut corners and receive the full compensation.

But when I observed them carefully, I often spotted supervisors such as unmarked cars around or behind them. This is no wonder, since we tend to waste money. So, we need supervisors and their evaluation. Naturally, there will be compensation standard.

But as we see in any workplaces, they frequently follow some adroit handling, which characterizes their behaviors very well.

Neighbor carpenters who frequently harass and abuse us exploit this handling very well.

I occasionally do gardening in the yard at home, usually for about one hour. Then, the carpenters almost always park their truck with the motor idling on the road in front of my house. It is noisy. But whenever I say something to them, they ignore me and intimidate me in the end. The other day, one of them raised his hand, chased me, tried to hit me and finally kicked the gate violently. It is a crime, but it can't be helped. The police are always useless. Far from it. They participate in the abusing.

But I finally noticed that they repeatedly did the same thing. When I finish gardening and begin to clean up gardening tools, they always come out of hiding and begin to harass me. And, after I enter my house, they leave. This means that their purpose is to force me back into the house. When I escape from their bullying, they get an evaluation point. Actually they choose the moment when they easily get the point.

In other words, they harass me just before I enter the house. They get a point though I escape from them just on the face of it. In fact, I am going to enter the house and my act has nothing to do with their harassment.

At first, it was a real surprise. But I understood soon that their pattern is often seen in the group where the performance-based system is introduced.

And this story doesn't stop here. So, I talk about another case of the performance-based conspiracy system in the next page.

reference Japan created the property right of carpenters.
And Beethoven's Ninth Symphony was the symphony which Japan concocted
in order to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the fake patent system
Nobel Prize and Japan's Secret Albert Einstein was Japanese, too.

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/4/4  #107
Japan's Conspiracy (64)

2004 Madrid train bombings

Performance-based Conspiracy Pay System in International Terrorism (1)

I described a performance-based conspiracy pay system in the previous page and I remembered some conspicuous examples in some international terrorism. So, let me introduce some of them.

2004 Madrid train bombings

The train bombing consisted of a series of coordinated bombings against the commuter train system of Madrid, Spain on the morning of March 11, 2004 (three days before Spain's general elections), killing 191 people and wounding 1,755.

Immediately after the bombing, leaders of the main political party, the People's Party, claimed evidence indicated the Basque ETA was responsible for the bombings, an outcome generally thought favorable to the PP's chances of being re-elected, while Islamist responsibility would have had the opposite effect, as it would have been perceived a consequence of the PP government's involvement in the Iraq War, a policy already extremely unpopular with Spaniards.

The official investigation by the Spanish Judiciary determined the attacks were directed by an al-Qaeda-inspired terrorist cell although no direct al-Qaeda participation has been established.
2004 Madrid train bombings image

al-Qaeda flag image

Surprisingly, the al-Qaeda flag seemed to be another Rising Sun flag.

  1. The general elections were going to be held three days later, on 14 March. Some commentators said that the opposition parties won the elections because they had promised to withdraw Spanish soldiers from Iraq. The terrorism seemed to have been successful.

  2. In a sense, they may be right. But the Spanish politics has been constantly changing. The governing and opposition parties often replaced each other. Then Prime Minister Aznar had already announced his retirement.

  3. At that time, there were several hundred Spanish soldiers in Iraq. Given more than two thousand terrorism casualties, their mission didn't pay. If Spain had dispatched tens of thousands of soldiers, they would not have withdrawn their soldiers so easily.

  4. In other words, the terrorist organization had built up propaganda for the ruling parties' win through the media though they actually had expected a poll disaster for the ruling parties.

    In fact, in the 2003 local elections, the Socialist Party had received a larger popular vote and the party's leader Zapatero had claimed victory.

    The media would have been influenced by the power of money. The popular incumbent prime minister was going to leave. The terrorists took advantage of the circumstances and made people think that their terrorism marginalized the ruling parties.

  5. Although it is widely accepted today that the attacks had an impact on the election, how it influenced the results is widely debated. At the time of the elections, the number of Spanish soldiers had been already reduced to several hundred.
High-speed Railway Line (Shinkansen) on Kyushu Island in Japan

The story continues to Japan. There was a reason that al-Qaeda's attack turned to the railway. Those days, Japan was desperate to sell their high-speed trains to neighboring countries. European countries were Japan's rivals. Japan set the date to 13 March, just two days before the opening of a new high-speed railway line. That is, Japan and Kyushu Railway Company had known the train bombing beforehand.

I'll talk about the Japanese high-speed railway system later.

Performance-based Conspiracy Pay System

Japan's conspiracy is carefully planned in order to get the maximum result. And in fact their goal is often their supervisor's evaluation, which is not necessarily the same as their strategical goal. So, terrorism becomes more complicated.

reference Al-Qaeda was established on August 11, 1988.
But the day was June 29 in the Japanese calendar.
And the day was the 119th anniversary of the establishment of Yasukuni Shrine
Madrid train bombings occurred on February 21, 2004 in the Japanese calendar.
But on this day in the Gregorian calendar, the first European political party
organization, the European Greens, was established in Rome
Nobel Prize and Japan's Secret Albert Einstein was Japanese, too.

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/4/8  #107B
Japan's Conspiracy (65)

7 July 2005 London bombings

Performance-based Conspiracy Pay System in International Terrorism (2)

A series of coordinated Islamist terrorist bomb blasts hit London's public transport system during the morning rush hour on July 7, 2005. At 8:50 a.m., three bombs exploded within fifty seconds of each other on three London Underground trains. A fourth bomb exploded on a bus nearly an hour later at 9:47 a.m. in Tavistock Square. The bombings killed 52 commuters and the four suicide bombers, injured 700, and caused disruption of the city's transport system and the country's mobile telecommunications infrastructure. The series of suicide-bomb explosions constituted the largest and deadliest terrorist attack on London in its history.
The National 2005 London Bombings Coverage image

This terror attack has something in common with the September 11, 2001 attacks and the 2004 Madrid train bombing. One common thing is the time. Those attacks were conducted around 8 am. It was not a mere coincidence. The time was probably set by the mastermind. The coincidence strongly suggests that their dates were also carefully chosen.

When an event occurs in the afternoon in Europe or the United States, its date is a day ahead in East Asia including Japan. In this case, people remember different dates about the event. So, when the terror attack has some important message in its date, it is carried out in the morning. And when the attack is conducted in the morning, there is probably a strong message in its date. In the 2004 Madrid train bombing, the terrorists adhered to the date of March 11, the date a half year after September 11. If anything, they didn't want the date of March 12.

Why was it July 7?

Then, what did the London bombings have to do with the date of July 7? In fact, they indicated the day of a traditional festival in East Asia. But the day is the day people can never forget in China.

On this day, a joint nautical exercise was conducted by China, Korea and Japan in the sea water off the Yangshan Port in east China's Shanghai. It was apparent that the exercise had been planned by China. But Japan had little patience. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China referred to the 68th anniversary of war with Japan at the press interview on this exercise.

July 7, 1937 is the day Chinese people can not forget. In China, the incident is also known as 77 Incident. Some historians believe that the entire incident was fabricated by The Kwantung Army in order to provide a pretext for the invasion of central China. The date itself gives evidence to the fabrication. Japan intentionally chose the day. But it is unthinkable that China chose the day for the start of war. Japan actually disgraced the Chinese history.

Why was the target London, and why the railway?

The next question is the place. Why they targeted London and its railway system. Why didn't train bombings occur in Japan, Germany, France and the US? Because Japan is the mastermind and it is concerned with its high-speed train system and the Olympic games.

The US was reluctant to sell its high-speed trains. France and Germany were Japan's rivals but they were Japan's partners for sure in terms of anti-US and anti-British cooperation. Japan couldn't accept a compromise, not because Japan was concerned about China but because Japan could not allow Western countries to have close relations with China. It was really an inconvenience for Japan. The high-speed train campaign had an economic aspect, but Japan's main purpose was to raise the stakes in the Chinese economy, excluding Western countries, and establish a toehold in China. Japan's attitude had been unchanged since WWII. Spain and Britain were chosen as the target.

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi was in Britain on that day.

To tell the truth, at that time, Japan couldn't stand any longer. At the 117th IOC Session in Singapore, London won the right to host the 2012 Games on July 7, 2005. Of all things, one of Japan's allies, France, was defeated.
To make matters worse, Koizumi was in Britain and he had to offer his congratulations to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. It was really a shame. In fact, thanks to the train bombings, Madrid had been already eliminated.

From July 6 to July 8, 2005, the 31st G8 summit was being held in Scotland and hosted by British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Japan still continued with the day of July 7.

reference The London bombings commemorated the 100th anniversary
of Japan's invasion of Sakhalin in the Russo-Japanese War.
On the previous day, on July 6,
the 2012 Summer Olympics was awarded to London.
In addition, the G8 summit was being held in Scotland, UK.
Those upheavals were probably part of Japan's conspiracy
Japan's first sumo death match was held on July 7, 23 BC in the Japanese calendar.
The first national Sumo tournament in Japan was held on July 7, 734 in the Japanese calendar.
The Rokumeikan, a Western-style guest house, is completed on July 7, 1883.
Tadamichi Kuribayashi, the commander of the Japanese garrison
in the Battle of Iwo Jima
, was born on July 7, 1891.
Ringo Starr was born on July 7, 1940. Live Earth Concerts are held on July 7, 2007.
" New Seven Wonders of the World" is announced on July 7, 2007.
News Corporation announced the closing of the News of the World on July 7, 2011.

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/4/8  #107C
Japan's Conspiracy (66)

July 7, 2007 was a day of warfare.

July 7, 2007 was a day of warfare. There were two camps.

1. Live Earth
  ・・・・the US, the UK, China and so on

Kevin Wall, an Emmy Award-winning producer and new media entrepreneur, created and produced Live Earth -- The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis. He is a native-born American.

2007 marked the seventieth anniversary of the Marco Polo Bridge Incident (July 7, 1937) and the Nanking Massacre. Quite a few movies about the Imperial Japanese Army and Comfort women were produced. The U.S. Congress passes a resolution calling on Japan to make a fresh apology for forcing women into sexual servitude for the Japanese military during the war.
The concert stage at Wembley Stadium

Save Ourselves is the name of activists organized to raise awareness of global climate change. They are the organizers of the July 2007 Live Earth concerts and includes former US Vice President Al Gore.

The Campaign for a Climate in Crisis reached people across the globe through Live Earth, a 24-hour concert on 7/7/07 across all 7 continents.
Second Sino-Japanese War without a Declaration of War

From marco Polo Bridge to Nanking
There was no declaration of war, for Japan feared that such a declaration would activate the Neutrality Act of the United States, which would unavoidably result in a suspension of trade on raw materials for munitions and other war supplies. The ambiguity of the war aim and the unexpected expansion of the conflict made the Japanese troops restless both physically and mentally.

In his memoirs, Japanese journalist Matsumoto Shigeharu, the Shanghai bureau chief of Domei News Agency, recalled a circulating rumor among his colleagues. "The reason that the Yanagawa Corps [the 10th Army] is advancing [to Nanking] quite rapidly is due to the tacit consent among the officers and men that they could loot and rape as they wish."
From 1937 to 1941, Japanese army was by definition a terrorist organization, something similar to Al-Qaeda. When it comes to terrorists, we think about contemporary extremists. But Japan has conducted such warfare, exploiting rogue groups for many years.
Since the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, the US and the UK has been consistently sympathetic to China. The celebration of the day of July 7, 2007 signified their alliance all the more.

2. New Seven Wonders of the World・・・Japan, France and so on

There is a lot of ambiguity about this project. According to the New 7 Wonders milestones page, Swiss-originated Quebecois filmmaker and aviator Bernard Weber launched the project in September 1999. His origin is doubtful. UNESCO supported the New 7 Wonders Foundation at the beginning of the campaign, with providing advice on nominee selection, but it has distanced itself from the undertaking in 2007. Its irresponsibility was too much to tolerate.

The current Director-General of UNESCO is Koichiro Matsuura (born in 1937 in Tokyo). According to WIKIPEDIA, He studied law at the University of Tokyo. But he graduated from the university when he was a third-year student. It is quite unusual in Japan. His management is going to end up with a total waste of money according to Japanese WIKIPEDIA.

UNESCO has been the centre of controversy in the past, particularly in its relationships with the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the former USSR. During the 1970s and 1980s, UNESCO's support for a "New World Information and Communication Order" and its MacBride report calling for democratization of the media and a more egalitarian access to information was condemned in these countries as attempts to curb freedom of the press.
UNESCO was perceived by some as a platform for communist and Third World countries to attack the West, a stark contrast to accusations made by the USSR in the late 40s and early 50s. In 1984, the United States withheld its contributions and withdrew from the organization in protest, followed by the United Kingdom in 1985 and Singapore in 1986. Following a change of government in 1997, the UK rejoined. The United States rejoined in 2003, followed by Singapore on 8th October 2007.

Although New 7 Wonders is not connected with UNESCO, Federico Mayor, a former UNESCO Director General, was the president of project's expert panel. Since nothing prevented fans, government or tourism agencies from casting multiple votes, the poll is considered "decidedly unscientific". UNESCO is based in Paris.
The UNESCO Headquarters
in Paris, France

reference The London bombings commemorated the 100th anniversary
of Japan's invasion of Sakhalin in the Russo-Japanese War.
On the previous day, on July 6,
the 2012 Summer Olympics was awarded to London.
In addition, the G8 summit was being held in Scotland, UK.
Those upheavals were probably part of Japan's conspiracy
Japan's first sumo death match was held on July 7, 23 BC in the Japanese calendar.
The first national Sumo tournament in Japan was held on July 7, 734 in the Japanese calendar.

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Japan's Conspiracy (70)

The real truth about the Japanese police system and its psychological espionage

Conspiracy of the Japanese police was revealed in the TV program with the title of "Psychological Espionage" in the pay television system provided by TV Asahi Corporation in Japan. It was televised from 8:00 PM through 9:00 PM on March 19, 2008.

Title: Psychological Espionage
Guest: Hironari Noda, a journalist
Host: Tetsuya Miyazaki, a commentator
Subtitle: Conspiracy and opinion manipulation carried out behind the international politics・・・・ Mr. Noda discloses the fact in conspiracies. He used to be an officer of the Public Security Intelligence Agency.
Japanese Police
Harass Pedestrians

Conspiracy of the Japanese police was revealed in the TV program with the title of "Psychological Espionage" in the pay television system provided by TV Asahi Corporation in Japan. It was televised from 8:00 PM through 9:00 PM on March 19, 2008.

Title: Psychological Espionage
Guest: Hironari Noda, a journalist
Host: Tetsuya Miyazaki, a commentator
Subtitle: Conspiracy and opinion manipulation carried out behind the international politics・・・・ Mr. Noda discloses the fact in conspiracies. He used to be an officer of the Public Security Intelligence Agency.

I happened to watch the program and I pick up some of the conversation on this page. The original whole conversation can be read on another page in Japanese.
Miyazaki : ・・・・・・・・・・・・
Noda   : ・・・・・・・・・・・・・
Miyazaki : Do you think that there is too much sectionalism in the polis?
Noda   : The security police have overwhelmingly strong power. But there is little transparency in the organization.
Miyazaki : For example, the Protection Department of the Prefectural Police seems to engage in protection operation, but their real purpose is espionage. Ordinary citizens cannot see their real activities.
Noda   : Yes, there is probably no country which has the intelligence organization that is as powerful as the Japanese espionage organization. I think the Protection Department of the Prefectural Police is too much strong. I think it is better to have balanced intelligence organization.
Miyazaki : So, you mean the Prefectural Police have much more power than the Public Security Intelligence Agency of the central government?
Noda   : That's right. Particularly with regard to manpower, the Public Security Intelligence Agency has now 1,500 personnel. It has reduced 200 workers for the past several years. Compared to the agency, the total number of the officers of the prefectural security police is overwhelming.
Miyazaki : Has the workforce in the Public Security Intelligence Agency been decreased?
Noda   : Yes, it is. But I don't know how many officers are there in the prefectural security police. Probably there are as many as around 50,000 officers in the prefectural security police if riot police is included.
Miyazaki : Their sizes are different at all. In addition, their authorities are different. The prefectural police have arrest warrants while the Public Security Intelligence Agency has only the power of investigation.
Noda   : Their power and authority is actually very different.
Tsutsumi : You mentioned that there was little transparency in the security police. Are there any merit or demerit for the people?
Noda   : If anything, I should say there is demerit. People talk about it but, in fact, they know little about the police intelligence activities.
Miyazaki : ・・・・・・・・・・・・
Noda   : ・・・・・・・・・・・・・
reference No Difference between the Left Wing and the Right Wing Japanese Politicians
Japanese Motorboat Racing and Myanmar Junta Japan's money laundering
Japanese Whaling Fleets are Detachment Force of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Driving a Wedge between China and North Korea by a Train Collision
Votes Closely Monitored by the Government
Most Japanese companies are virtually controlled by the Japanese government.

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Japan's Conspiracy (71)

Blatant Conspiracy of the Public Security Intelligence Agency

The TV Asahi Corporation's TV program which I introduced in the former page is a blatant media manipulation by the Public Security Intelligence Agency and the broadcasting corporation. I explain the circumstances lest I should mislead readers. Japan's information manipulation level would be one of the best in its evilness. But I don't necessarily mean their ability to collect and analyse information is superb.

For example, some thieves have more excellent technique than that policemen who crack down on them have. But it is only useful for the crime and never instrumental for crime prevention. Originally speaking, the security police is the organizations that brush up their crime prevention skill. Even if they brush up their criminal skill, their skill will only end up a social corruption.
The Asama-Sanso incident
Fake history
and fake documentary films
one after another

1. Double Standard (Equivocation)
This is the skill the security police are particularly good at. It takes root in the Japanese society. People who are good at manipulating double standard are mostly promoted faster than others in Japan.

(1) The PSIA seems to endorse the content in the televised conversation.

The PSIA didn't interrupt the broadcast of the program though the journalist, a former PSIA officer, disclosed its internal affairs in the program. This means that the PSIA authorizes the information in a sense.

(2) The PSIA still can deny the content in the televised conversation.

The PSIA can deny it just because the journalist once got involved in a scandal in the PSIA and because he has an arrest record, though these events are probably fabricated ones. They would ask, "Do you believe the ex-convict?

(3) Hironari Noda

This journalist's information is not found in English in the Internet. Wikipedia provides his information only in Japanese. But I believe that, as he is the government's spy, even the Wikipedia's information is too good to be true. So, I'd like to show you a newspaper article. But please take it with a grain of salt. Nowadays, most Japanese news are fabricated by the police.
2. But the double standard is the goal the PSIA has. They want people to have intangible fear for them. They want people to be convinced of their conspiracy though there is little crucial evidence. In other words, the PSIA want people to feel psychological stress.

3. This kind of trick is somewhat traditional in Japan. Obedience to the nation has been ingrained in people's mind in the school for so long that they can not understand the trick. They may realize the reality at last, but they find themselves having had hands in the conspiracy or they find themselves having been victims of the conspiracy. But unfortunately it is too late in most cases. They are too old to make a fresh start in life.
(1) the government, government workers and the police ⇔ gangsters, extremists, rightists, cults, the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan and terrorists
(2) Japan ⇔ North Korea, Tibet, Myanmar, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Islam extremists
(3) the police ⇔ foreign criminals, particularly in the case of crimes committed by American soldiers
(4) the Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito Party ⇔ opposition parties (the Democratic Party of Japan, the Communist Party, the Social Democratic Party and so on )
4. I don't know why they perpetrate such childish farces. They probably think people are stupid.

reference The Asama-Sanso incident (the battle between the left wing extremist group
and the police in Japan) was the government's fabrication.
The day was the 100th anniversary of the installation
of the Ministry of War and Ministry of the Navy in the Japanese calendar

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2008/4/13  #112
Japan's Conspiracy (72)

"Do I look like a demon?"・・・Dalai Lama

No, you look like an idiot.

Dalai Lama has been speaking with a double tongue at every opportunity. As his attitude was similar to that of Japanese, I have thought about the reason for a long period of time. But finally I think I have reached a conclusion. Dalai Lama revealed his true character at last.

Most Japanese thought that there were little violence because Dalai Lama called for peaceful protest. In Japan, we saw Dalai Lama's interview in Tokyo in the TV news. And we also saw Tibetan protesters faked out by torchbearers in the US at the same TV news.

But I checked the time just in case. And I knew that his interview had been held in order to mislead the public. In fact, his interview was conducted about 10 hours after the 80 torchbearers had run along unlined streets inside San Francisco and near the Golden Gate Bridge. I believe that the Japanese government told Dalai Lama to come to Tokyo immediately after the torch relay in San Francisco in order to make up a cover story. Nowadays we often see such a childish performance in Japan.
10 Questions
for the Dalai Lama
Time Magazine

Torch Relay in San Francisco

Japan Time Event
April 10
5:20 AM
San Francisco
The torchbearer was routed away from thousands who turned out to cheer and protest the flame's journey to Beijing. (Japanese News)
April 10
3:00 PM
Dalai Lama reiterates support for games, urges nonviolence. (Japanese News)

Reminder of the Emperor Showa

When I first heard Dalai Lama's remarks this time, I felt that I had ever heard a similar comment by somebody in the past. But when I happened to come across this site, I remembered that the person was the Emperor Showa.

This site translates some confidential archive documents kept by the British government. Since I can not find the original content, let me briefly re-translate the content from Japanese to English.
When the British ambassador to Japan came to Japan after the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937, the Emperor Showa expressed his apprehension about the deteriorating relations between Britain and Japan. He said he really hoped that the two countries would continue to have good relations. He asked the ambassador to give him a helping hand.

And when the ambassador said that the only thing for Japan to keep good relations with Britain was to keep good friends with China, the emperor expressed his full consent.
I studied about Dalai Lama a lot. Yet, I don't know about him very well. But I feel that I am gradually understanding his true colors. Mongol peoples including Japanese are good at separating their good and evil selves. But when we carefully see their faces, their faces slightly change according to their true colors.

Date Puns among US, Nazi Germany and Dalai Lama (added on January 22, 2011)

Those date puns are not coincidences. Let me talk about the detail later.

Japanese calendar April 4, 1935 ■ The Works Progress Administration is created (US).
It was the largest New Deal agency, employing millions
to carry out public works projects.
Gregorian calendar May 6, 1935
Japanese calendar May 6, 1935 ■ The Reichsarbeitsdienst (or RAD, Reich Labour Service)
is established by Nazi Germany.
Gregorian calendar June 6, 1935
Japanese calendar June 6, 1935 ■ Dalai Lama is born.
Gregorian calendar July 6, 1935

Dalai Lama Accepted His Retiremnet (added on June 27, 2011)

On May 29, 2011, Dalai Lama ratified the amendment to the charter of Tibetans delegating his administrative and political authorities to the democratically elected leaders of the Central Tibetan Administration."

This seems to be natural course of events, but the past investigation has revealed that Dalai Lama is a fake authority which Japan and China collaborated to create. This conspiracy is almost the same as the conspiracy about Cuba's Castro and Venezuela's Chavez which were created for the sake of the US government, and the conspiracy about North Korea which was created for the sake of the Japanese government.

In other words, the purpose of the conspiracy is to create a rogue nation in the neighborhood in order to enhance the centripetal force of its own nation by increasing the sense of crisis among people. But this kind of manipulation will not work any more.

reference China and Dalai Lama Stop Japan from Buying Olympic Medals
Rebiya Kadeer is Another Dalai Lama Dalai Lama and Confucian Temple in Tokyo
Japan won World War II

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