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  2007/12/27   #74
Japan's Conspiracy (44)

No Difference between the Left Wing and the Right Wing

Kagoshima Prefecture and the Underground Community in Japan

Samurai in Kagoshima and Yamaguchi pushed ahead modernization and westernization of Japan through Meiji Restoration in 1868. Since then Kagoshima has had many things with the underground community in Japan. If Yamaguchi is said to be the front side, Kagoshima should be said to be the other side of Japan.

Japan's Underground Community and Government Agents
Politics Cross Party
Collusion and Corruption

Rightists and leftists in Japan are specially treated by the administration and invariably admired by mass media, and part of the public. They are often big-shot masterminds and virtually government agents. When I was a child, I met such a man. He was an eerie person. I hear he got married with a minority woman in a Western country and came back to Japan alone, like Alberto Fujimori and Yoko Ono.

Some well-known figures who were born and brought up in Kagoshima are as follows

Fusako Shigenobu

Yoshitaka Yotsumoto

Sanehiko Yamamoto

Kozo Okamoto

Takeshi Okamoto

Rightists and Leftists in Japan, and Government Agents

There have been rightists and leftists in Japan all the time. Nevertheless, those who appeared in mass media were always included in fanatic groups.

In these groups, government agents carry out political propaganda in disguise of rightists or leftists. Their purpose is to tarnish the image of antigovernment activists in Japan and to glorify the current regime. Another purpose is to increase the number of pro-Japan terrorists throughout the world in order to conquer the world without war. These tactics seem to be successful. Opinions of the Japanese and the world community are up to the Japanese government's expectations.

reference The Japanese Communist Party is a detachment force
of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party
The Japanese Communist Party commemorated the Mongol invasion of Japan,
which was related to Adolf Hitler

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  2007/12/30   #75
Japan's Conspiracy (44-1)

Assassination of John Lennon

It was a conspiracy of Japan and Yoko Ono.

Attack on Pearl Harbor

He was killed on December 8, 1980. On the same day in 1941, according to the Japanese calendar, Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor.
The air portion of the attack on Pearl Harbor began at 7:48 a.m. Hawaiian Time (3:18 a.m. December 8 Japanese Standard Time).
Japanese Style Assassination

The behavior of the assassin, Mark David Chapman, was similar to that of Japanese assassins.
  1. He had met Lennon before he killed Lennon. It is important for an assassin to confirm the target. It is also important to let the victim know his face beforehand.

  2. He said something to Lennon just before the shot. When a person is suddenly talked to by an acquaintance, he or she usually stops off-guard for a moment. But the moment is a critical one for an assassin.
The John Lennon Assassination

Samurai Hitmen
Hissatsu Shigotonin

  1. After the shooting, he tried to pretend to be somewhat crazy. In Japan, criminals often pretend to be crazy for the purpose of avoiding the indictment

  2. He knew that he would not be executed. In fact, he maintained an exemplary disciplinary record in the prison and requested parole, which was denied in 2000.

  3. Gloria Hiroko Chapman was married to Chapman at the time he killed Lennon. She still lives in Hawaii, visits once a year on average, sometimes more often. According to her name and appearance, it is obvious that she is Japanese-American.

  4. Though I don't mean this case, huge amount of secret reward is kept on the premise of future parole, in general. However, if the criminal dies in the prison, the secret money goes to his or her heirs-at-law. So the criminal should be married. In addition, the spouse must be another conspirator. This scenario is often seen among Japanese extremists.

There are also suspicions for the part of Yoko Ono.

  1. Her great-grandfather, Zenjiro Yasuda, was the founder of the Yasuda zaibatsu, the predecessor of Mizuho Bank. In those days, zaibatsu were actually owned by the government. He was assassinated in the end.

    We often see cases in which children of assassinated or executed parent assume special duties in the future. Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh and Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan are two examples.

  2. Yoko Ono's father worked for a Japanese bank in the US before and after WWII. In those days, most Japanese businessmen working overseas were almost government agents.

  3. Her grandmother was born in Kagoshima, where many terrorists including Japanese Red Army members were born (refer to the following pages).

  4. Yoko Ono was born on February 18, 1933, the first anniversary of the establishment of the State of Manchuria. Manchuria was a symbol of the Greater East Asia War.
John Lennon

Yoko Ono

Mark David Chapman

Gloria Hiroko Chapman
  1. They were a remarried couple. But the way they began to love each other was unusual.

  2. Yoko Ono walked before Lennon. This action is a formula for leading a target.

  3. The assassin didn't run away. As a result, Yoko Ono got off with the indictment.

  4. For Yoko Ono, who had suffered miscarriages, it was timely that Lennon was killed after the first childbirth. A biological child has the priority for succession of property.

  5. There had been negotiations for divorce between them before the assassination.

  6. At exhibitions which Yoko Ono mounts in Japan, there are few mementos that commemorate Lennon's death. Exhibitions are mostly related to peace and atomic bombs. Attendants are eerie and are something like prison officers. Visitors seem to be mobilized.

  7. She is said to have been reluctant to bring the assassination to light.
There have been suspicions around members of Beatles such as Ringo Starr and George Harrison.

reference Japanese media synchronized John Lennon's assassination with two TV dramas.
The first live concert of The Beatles in the US on February 11, 1964 reveals
that Beethoven, George Washington and The Beatles were Japan's conspiracy
On John Lennon's birth day, the Nazis bombarded St. Paul's Cathedral

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  2008/1/2   #76
Japan's Conspiracy (44-2)

Sanehiko Yamamoto

Sanehiko Yamamoto was born into a poor family in 1885. He went to Tokyo relying on a politician. He was employed by a newspaper company. He stayed in London as a newspaper correspondent for two years. It was unusual for a poor man to be transferred overseas on business. He was sent overseas as a correspondent just because he was a government spy. At that time most Japanese businessmen working overseas were government spies.

He suddenly bought a newspaper company and ran for the Diet, but failed due to a bribery scandal. Then he went to Vladivostok, where he was given 600 dollars (equivalent to the current 6 million dollars) by Fusanosuke Kuhara, the founder of Hitachi, Ltd. With the fortune, he had a crowded life.

No company gives a lot of money to an unknown quantity. So, it's safe to say that this was part of the money laundering by the government. Even now we often hear that bold money laundering is carried out through the flow of the business fund.

After WWII, he led the Japan Cooperative Party and became the chairman of the Lower House. One of his private secretaries was Susumu Nikaido, who later became a chief cabinet secretary.
Japan Cooperative Party, chaired by Sanehiko Yamamoto, was formed on December 18, 1945.
Like this, there is no difference between politicians and spies. They become politicians by some chance, and become spies by other chance.

In ordinary countries, these two occupations are totally different. But they are somewhat similar in Japan. They are just performing their roles. On this point, they are no different from each other. In other words, politicians are spies who pretend to be politicians.


Monument of Yamamoto


Nikaido (right)
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  2008/1/3   #77
Japan's Conspiracy (44-3)

Yoshitaka Yotsumoto

Japan has not yet overcome the failure of WWII. On the contrary, the political world in Japan is still haunted by zealots who fueled war during WWII.

Yoshitaka Yotsumoto, a member of the League of Blood, was one of them.

chronological order

1908 He was born in Kagoshima, Japan.
---- He dropped out of the Tokyo University.
---- He was the secretary of Foreign Minister Hidehara, a son-in-law of Iwasaki Yataro (the founder of Mitsubishi zaibatsu).
1932 He was arrested for the League of Blood Incident and was sentenced 15 years in prison.
1940 He was freed under an amnesty. Then he became a strategist of prime ministers.
1955 He became the president of a construction company.
---- He was a mentor on political matters for prime ministers after WWII.
---- He became a director of the Anzen Credit Union, which later went bankrupt.
2004 Yotsumoto died.

It is very strange, but mysterious class systems have been maintained among rightists, nationalists and zaibatsu. This is something like the relations between feudal lords and ninjas in the samurai period. Yotsumoto can be said to have been a czar of the modern ninjas. He seemed to work for both zaibatsu and the government.
February 26 Incident

Yoshitaka Yotsumoto (center)

Members of League of Blood
Yoshitaka Yotsumoto
(bottom right)

There are class systems within zaibatsu and within the modern ninja society. The number of such modern ninjas has increased and now they form part of stalker organizations.

reference February 26 Incident

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  2008/1/4   #78
Japan's Conspiracy (44-4)

Takeshi Okamoto

Takeshi Okamoto was a member of the Japanese Communist League-Red Army Faction which hijacked Japan Airlines Flight 351 on March 31, 1970. He was an elder brother of Kozo Okamto, who was a member of the Japanese Red Army. Kozo Okamto and his two comrades carried out a terrorist attack at Lod Airport in Tel Aviv on May 30, 1972.

chronological order

194? Takeshi Okamoto was born in Kagoshima.
1970 The Japanese Communist League-Red Army Faction, which included Okamoto, hijacked Japan Airlines Flight 351. They went to North Korea in the end.
1976 He married a Japanese woman who was abducted by North Korea.
1978 They published a magazine titled "Oh Japan". It was actually a propaganda of North Korea.
1982 Takako Doi met the hijackers in Vienna. She contributed special articles to the April 1982 issue of the magazine.
2003 The Social Democratic Party, headed by Takako Doi, suffered a crushing defeat in the election.
---- It is said that Takeshi Okamoto and his wife were killed by a landslide.
Japan Red Army hijackers
out of the shadows

Takahiro Konishi and
Moriaki Wakabayashi

"Yodo-go" hijackers currently placed on the international wanted list by Japan

It is strange, but Japanese terrorists in North Korea have been openly supported by many Japanese. The Social Democratic Party, which supported North Korea and the Japanese hijackers, treaded the path to self-destruction. The Japanese security police rarely crack down on them.

It is said that Kim Jong-nam, the eldest son of Kim Jong-il, made clandestine visits to Japan, and had spent most of his time consorting with prostitutes in expensive bathhouses in Tokyo's Yoshiwara district.

North Korea is an important beachhead for Japan to recapture Korean Peninsula.

Japan has unique duplicity. If you penetrate its disguise, you can understand the whole inexplicable events.
Why North Koreans Were Kidnappers

U.S. delinks JAL hijackers, North Korea terror status
1. The police seem to crack down on gang organizations, but they are colluding with each other in Japan.
2. The opposition parties seem to stand against the ruling party, but they are comrades who have the same purpose in Japan.

reference Japan Airlines Flight 351 hijacking was a mere parody
which was fabricated by the government.
The Japanese government wanted to commemorate the glorious achievement
by Hideki Yukawa, the first Japanese Nobel Prize laureate.
To tell the truth, on the same day, he retired

Japanese political extremists Sanehiko Yamamoto Yoshitaka Yotsumoto
Kozo Okamoto Fusako Shigenobu (1) Fusako Shigenobu (2) Japanese Red Army.
America versus Japanese Red Army leader Fusako Shigenobu

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  2008/1/6   #79
Japan's Conspiracy (44-5)

Kozo Okamoto

I have been interested in history, but I have only slight memory about Japanese extremists. This is because there is little information about them in the Japanese mass media.

chronological order

1968 Okamoto entered the Kagoshima University.
1972 Okamoto and other two Japanese Red Army members undertook a terrorist attack for the Liberation of Palestine at Tel Aviv's Lod airport.
1985 Okamoto was released as part of a prisoner exchange with Palestinian militant factions. He finally returned to Lebanon with other members of the Japanese Red Army.
1997 Lebanon detained five Red Army members, but it granted political asylum to Kozo Okamoto.
2008 Kozo Okamoto is still wanted by the Japanese government.
Lod Airport massacre

A Kyoto University auditorium seibu Kodo

There is a strange story about Okamoto. In 1937, an auditorium was built in the Kyoto University to celebrate the current emperor's birth. But, of all things, the three stars of the constellation Orion are now shining on the roof of the Kyoto University West Auditorium. The three stars were depicted in remembrance of the three members of the Japanese Red Army who undertook a terrorist attack at Tel Aviv's Lod airport in 1972.

A British three-piece rock band, the Police, once held a concert at the auditorium. Its name is strange and it consisted of three members. And they were out of place. I feel that they are suspicious because sometimes sales of records and concert tickets are laundered by terrorists.

The Imperial Household Agency and the university authorities openly allow them to display such an inhuman symbol. For Japan, Yasukuni Shrine and the Japanese Red Army are the same because they are heroes who devote themselves to the national interest. The Japanese Red Army actually brought a huge national interest, such as the increase of export to Arab countries, the sabotage against competing countries and rival companies, and the obstruction of development in advanced countries (See Note 7).

I studied economics at a national university, but the learning was almost brainwashing. Once I talked back against Marxism, my classmates made absurd arguments and said, "Have you ever read 'the Capital'? The capitalism ends up with the revolution."

Yet, I made retorts. I refused lectures. But I could graduate from the university without attending classes. I simply gave a box of sweets to the professor. The diploma was no more than a sheet of paper.

This is Japan's educational situation. A Nobel Prize is awarded to a Japanese not because he or she has achieved a breakthrough in some field but because the Japanese Foreign Ministry demands it.

reference No Difference between the Left Wing and the Right Wing.
Japan's Goal to Rule the World The DAY of the Pearl Harbor Attack
Nobel Prize and Japan's Secret Takeshi Okamoto

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  2008/1/31   #80
Japan's Conspiracy (44-6)

Fusako Shigenobu (1)

Shigenobu led the Japanese Red Army, an armed militant organization.

chronological order

1945 Shigenobu was born in Tokyo. Her father, who was originally from Kagoshima, was a member of the League of Blood.

---- After graduating from a senior high school in Tokyo, Shigenobu entered Kikkoman Corporation but she studied in the evening session of Meiji University as well.

1971 She faked a marriage to Takeshi Okudaira, another Red Army member who died during an attack in Tel Aviv in 1972.

---- Red Army was eliminated in Japan. Shigenobu went to Europe, where she came in contact with the PFLP, and established the Japanese Red Army. She married a Palestinian.

1973 She gave birth to a female baby. Now, she has two daughters and a son.

2000 She was arrested in Takatsuki, Osaka.

2001 Shigenobu declared that she was disbanding the Japanese Red Army.

2007 The Tokyo High Court upheld a 20-year prison term for Shigenobu.

Why Shigenobu?
Japanese Red Army
Leader Fusako Shigenobu

1970 Japan Airlines Flight 351
1972 Asama-Sanso incident
1973 Exclusive Interview with Shigenobu
1974 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries building bombing
1975 AIA building hostage crisis
1977 Japan Airlines Flight 472

Japan Red Army hijackers
out of the shadows

I had a basic question about why Shigenobu was the leader of the Japanese Red Army. There should have been many young people whose father was rightists originally from Kagoshima.

I searched in the Internet, but I could find nothing except for the contents in Wikipedia. I thought the information was manipulated.

But, I found one reason at last. It was again her birthday.

She was born on the date of Japan's defeat. Japanese may think that the war ended on August 15. But the day was the day when Japan decided to give in. Japan actually surrendered on September 2. And main American troops landed on Japanese soil on September 3. The day was really the day of humiliation for Japan.

To tell the truth, Japan intentionally chose August 15 as its surrender day. August 15 was Napoleon's birthday. Napoleon has been one of Japan's most important persons.

Probably, the Japanese government looked for a would-be vendetta hero, a rightist's child who had been born on September 3, 1945. Fortunately or unfortunately, Shigenobu was chosen and she was raised to be a leading extremist. Under such circumstances, Japanese could hardly resist it. Even more hardly they could resist, if supported by the government.

reference Japanese Red Army was actually a detachment force of the Japanese army and police.

continued to the next page hypotheses are included
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  2008/1/31   #81
Japan's Conspiracy (44-7)

Fusako Shigenobu (2)

Another Example of Inheritance

But the chain of misfortune didn't stop there. Shigenobu gave her three children special names. If their names are combined, they literally mean "victory of revolution" in Japanese. Her eldest daughter Mei Shigenobu is a regular commentator of a TV program broadcast by Asahi Broadcasting Corporation. But she seems to reiterate her mother's belief. They may think that it is their destiny.

However, giving a baby a name which is offensive to public order and morals should be illegal. Even if it is given by the parent, it is still a serious violation of human rights. Babies have no ability to choose their names. If they hope so, they can change their names when they become adults.

This epitomizes the Japanese tradition of succession. Bad things as well as good ones are succeeded. The roles of stalkers and government agents are inherited as well.
Mei Shigenobu

Timely Arrest

There was a controversy about the recount process in the presidential election in Florida in December 2000. Shigenobu's arrest was suddenly announced on December 8 when there were a lot of US news about the election. She returned to Japan almost without people's knowledge.

This coincidence was created also to ridicule the US. This year is also the election year. I hope nothing bad will happen.

Okinawa University

In Okinawa University, there were two professors who supported Japanese Red Army, Environmental scholar Jun Ui and Guest Professor Kyoko Otani. Ui had a connection with a hijacker, Takeshi Okamoto. Ui died on November 11, 2006. Okinawa is a very important place for the anti-American movement.

These are hypotheses.

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  2008/1/1   #82
Japan's Conspiracy (45)

Ugly Coincidence

Japan-China relations have developed greatly in 2007. But ugly terrorist attacks continued behind the stage. If they are conspiracies, the following hypotheses can be made.

1. Terrorists throughout the world are monolithic and form the common command structure. And the organization goes against the interest of Japan and China that try to improve their friendly relationship.

2. Not China but Japan may have something to do with the terrorist organizations.

April 22, 2004

A train disaster occurred in the town of Ryongchŏn, North Korea near the border with China on April 22, 2004.

The disaster occurred when a flammable cargo exploded at the railway station at about 1300 local time. Up to 3,000 people had been killed or injured in the blast and subsequent fires. The North Korean government declared a state of emergency in the region, but little information about the accident has been made public.

The incident reportedly happened nine hours after North Korean leader Kim Jong-il passed through the station on his way home from a visit to Beijing. Mr Kim had been in China to meet Hu Jintao and to discuss North Korea's nuclear programme.

April 11, 2007

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao made an address at the Japanese parliament.

The deadliest attacks in Algeria's capital in a decade killed 24 people and injured 222.

December 1, 2007

Foreign Minister Masahiko Koumura visited Beijing. He held a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi.

Koumura and Yang also signed agreements on mutual cooperation in criminal investigations and on Japan's final batch of yen loans to China after their talks.

ETA killed, in France, two Spanish Civil Guards on counter-terrorist surveillance duties in Capbreton, Landes. This has been its first cold blood killing after it ended its self styled "permanent ceasefire" and the first killing committed by ETA in France of an Spanish police agent ever since 1976, when they kidnapped, tortured and assassinated two Spanish inspectors in Hendaye.

December 27, 2007

Japan's Prime Minister, Yasuo Fukuda, has visited China for the first time since he took office last September. He had talks with his Chinese counterpart, Wen Jiabao, and President Hu Jintao. He called for increased co-operation with China in the future, at the end of a four-day trip to the country.

Benazir Bhutto was killed whilst leaving a campaign rally for the PPP at Liaquat National Bagh, where she had given a spirited address to party supporters in the run-up to the January 2008 parliamentary elections.

January 17, 2008

Gordon Brown has told the BBC there is a "huge opportunity" for British businesses in China, on his first visit to the country as prime minister on January 18. He said trade was not "one way" - while Britain would import more goods, it would export its financial services. He and Chinese premier Wen Jiabao have agreed to boost trade by 50% by 2010. Mr Brown has also offered China £50m to help the country tackle climate change.

A British Airways flight from Beijing to London with 152 people on board has landed short of the runway at Heathrow airport near London on January 17. The incident has delayed the flight carrying UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who is flying to Beijing today on a visit to China and India.

April 28, 2008

The Olympic flame arrived in North Korea early Monday for the first torch relay in the country to be held later in the day. The torch arrived at Pyongyang's international airport after midnight on a plane from the South Korean capital of Seoul.

Seventy people were killed and 420 injured early Monday when a passenger train from Beijing careered off the rails and slammed into another train in eastern China. The first train was travelling to Qingdao -- the coastal city that will host the Olympic sailing competition in August -- when it derailed, causing a train coming in the opposite direction to leave the tracks.

reference The birthday of Chinese President Hu Jintao coincided with the day
when the imperial conference which decided the implementation
of the "New China Policy" was held in Tokyo.
Thus, it is highly probable that Hu Jintao is included in the Japanese imperial family

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  2008/1/31   #83
Japan's Conspiracy (45-2)

Is it a coincidence?

At the moment when I heard the death of Sir Edmund Hillary ( Wikipedia) in the TV news, I thought Hillary Clinton had been dead. I had thought the climber who had first reached the summit of Mount Everest had been a British man. I once had heard of his name, but I had forgotten it completely.

At that time, Hillary Clinton was waging a presidential campaign in a desperate mood.

Another Coincidence in the Past

As I was concerned about the coincidence, I examined their articles further. Soon, I found an article about the emergency hospital admission of Sir Edmund. He had been admitted to an intensive care unit with a lung infection on February 11, 1998.

And I examined articles about Hillary Clinton, too.

I was surprised. She had been in desperate mood because of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.
Bill Clinton denied having had "a sexual affair," "sexual relations," or "a sexual relationship" with Lewinsky while under oath, and on 26 January 1998 claimed "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky" in a nationally televised White House news conference.

The couple had been in such a terrible pinch that British Prime Minister Tony Blair had hurried to their aid several days before.

Lewinsky and Japanese Red Army (added on January 26, 2011)

In fact, Lewinsky was born on the day of Japanese terrorism. She was born on July 23, 1973. On that day, Japan Air Lines Flight 404 was bombed by the Japanese Red Army.

In 1999, the love affair led to a period of pop culture celebrity for Lewinsky as a younger-generation focus of a political storm. In early 1999, Lewinsky declined to sign an autograph in an airport, saying, "I'm kind of known for something that's not so great to be known for."

However, on her birthday in that year, a crazy hijacking occurred in Japan, again.

Another Coincidence with the National Foundation Day in Japan

Though I did not find the day on purpose, the day was, again, National Foundation Day in Japan.
Vatican and the Workers' Party in Brazil

※ I respect all the celebrities on this topic. I have no intention to tarnish their reputation. I pray for the soul of Sir Edmund.

Sir Edmund Hillary was probably Japanese.

On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 successfully made the first manned landing on the Moon. The day was Hillary's 50th birthday.
On February 11, 1998, Hillary was admitted to an intensive care unit with a lung infection. But on that day, a Japanese freestyle skier, Tae Satoya, won gold in women's moguls at the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. The day was Japan's National Foundation Day.
On January 11, 2008, Hillary died. But on that day, the Replenishment Support Special Measures Law was enacted in Japan.
Japan Airlines Flight 123

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  2008/2/4   #84
Japan's Conspiracy (46)

Government's Responsibility

Japanese don't understand the meaning of government. In fact, they are misled.

This is the definition of the government in English Wikipedia.

A government is the organization that is the governing authority of a political unit, the ruling power in a political society, and the apparatus through which a governing body functions and exercises authority.

But the definition in Japanese Wikipedia is different as follows.

(my translation)

In a democratic country, the government is controlled according to the idea of the people. The sovereignty is based on the people's trust.
In Japan, different forms of government are not taught. At schools, it is not taught that there are countries with different political systems. Japanese may think that there are no countries with a political system better than that of Japan. Most Japanese think that even autocratic states in Africa have the same political system we have in Japan.
Build up to WW3
The Nightmare Scenario
The System is Imploding

Japan Will Lead
the Coming Government Bond
Ponzi Scheme Collapse

Japan's problem

  1. Corporate Japan

    In Japan, the government is regarded as an enterprise which operates the people's assets. They don't say so, but they think so from the bottom of their hearts.

  2. Winners and Losers

    While companies pursue profits, the government naturally pursue profits. While there are shareholders, customers and other citizens around the company, there are special people (politicians, their supporters, bureaucrats and government workers) and other ordinary citizens around the government. Former prime minister Koizumi once called them "winners and losers".

  3. Ignored Losers

    Companies run business always with their eyes set on shareholders and customers. Outside citizens are ignored. For the government, outsiders are simply tax payers. In foreign countries, Japan thinks of its profit first and mostly ignores foreigners.

  4. Strange Democracy

    The election systems function well in Japan. As even narrow majority shareholders can control the company, a narrow majority is enough to control Japan. With the more losers, the stronger can be winners. On this point, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party has been successful. It still enjoys its narrow majority in the Diet. Yet the election result is suspicious.

  5. Japanese have no idea about public relations

    They don't know the meaning of PR though they are familiar with the word. When Japanese say, "pi-a-ru", they mean advertisement or announcement.

  6. Social Security Plan and Foreign Assistance

    Japanese companies organize charities such as donations, for sure, but they are part of benefit maximization. Expenditures for charities are planned in consideration of cost-effectiveness. In the same way, social security plan and foreign assistance are planned by the government in consideration of cost-effectiveness. The most important profit is acquisition of foreign money and foreign assets. For that purpose, Japan needs a good reputation. Social security plan and foreign assistance are carried out just because Japan has many customers in developed countries, where they have strict attitude for that policy.

  7. No Ethics

    Japanese companies have little ethics. They think it prevents from making profits. If a worker achieves a big sales increase with unethical activities, but without revelation and lawsuit, he is admired. This ability is a must to become an excellent businessman in Japan.

    The same can be said in the case of the government. When I was a junior high-school student, there was a subject of ethics. But the teacher was often absent. Students just killed time. There was no evaluation in the subject of ethics.

  8. Polite Japanese

    Japanese are all the more trained to be polite. If the lack of ethics were to be revealed, the whole scenario would collapse.

    Japan has been admired as the safest country with the best policemen in the world. At least Japanese think so.

    In the world history and politics, the more autocratic a country is, the less crimes it has. This is not because people are ethical but because people are too fearful to commit crimes.

    Relatively high crime rate may be the reflection of real democracy.

  9. Embezzlers work the hardest.

    When I worked for a Japanese company, I heard some embezzlement cases among my colleagues. They were fired at last. But I blamed myself for having failed to find out the embezzlement. I thought that criminals always displayed suspicious behavior. But in fact their job performance was perfect. They worked harder than everybody. They were kind to everybody.

    In comparison to these workers, you can understand Japan very well.
reference Paranoia Japan No Difference between the Left Wing and the Right Wing
Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics Japan's Goal to Rule the World
Most Japanese companies are virtually controlled by the Japanese government.
Japan's Money Laundering the Japanese Food Production System
Japanese Politicians

to be continued hypotheses are included
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  2008/1/11   #85
Japan's Conspiracy (47-1)

Japanese Empire within Brazil

Brazil is far away from Japan, but it has a very close relationship with Japan.

chronological order

1895 Brazil entered into a commercial treaty with Japan.

1897 The two countries exchanged legations.

1908 Japanese migration to Brazil started.

1942 They broke diplomatic relations.

1952 They resumed diplomatic relations.

1980 PT(Workers' Party) was founded.
    (led by Lula da Silva until 1994)

1982 PT was legally recognized.

2001 The first World Social Forum was held.

2008 The eighth WSF won't be organized at a particular place.
Japanese-Brazilians go 'home'
to tap economic boom

Flag of the Workers' Party

Japanese Brazilian

A Japanese Brazilian is a Brazilian citizen of Japanese ethnic origin, or a Japanese immigrant living in Brazil. Brazil is the Latin American country that has received the most ethnic Japanese immigrants, as well having the largest Japanese population outside of Japan, numbering an estimate of more than 1.5 million considerably bigger than that of the 1.2 million in the United States. Nowadays most of them have been assimilated into Brazilian society.

But the purpose of migration was originally the expansion of Japan's influence. So, Japan allowed their descendants to go back to Japan as migrant workers in 1990.

PT (Workers' Party)

Here, there is also the Japan's national foundation day.

The Vatican became an independent country within Italy thanks to Benito Mussolini on February 11, 1929. On this day Japan also celebrated its own foundation because this day was also Japan's most important national holiday, the National Foundation Day. It was obvious that the Vatican had something to do with Japan.

The Workers' Party was founded on February 10, 1980, and legally recognized on February 11, 1982. Sometimes the date of other country is a day behind that of Japan. And it is obvious that the Workers' Party has something to do with Japan.

World Social Forum

The World Social Forum is a summit that was created to counter the World Economic Forum. It tends to meet in January when its "great capitalist rival", the World Economic Forum is meeting in Davos, Switzerland. This is not a coincidence. The date was chosen because of the logistical difficulty of organizing a mass protest in Davos and to try to overshadow the coverage of the World Economic Forum in the news media.

This is a media manipulation which we often see the Japanese government carry out. It interrupts unwelcome media coverage by making up events and accidents.

The WSF was established with the support of the Workers' Party. Anti-American movements often seem to include Japanese tricks.

reference Religions of Japanese origin in Brazil Presidential Election in Brazil.
Foro de Sao Paulo The End of the Statue of Liberty

to be continued hypotheses are included
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Japan's Conspiracy (47-2)

Religions of Japanese origin in Brazil

There are many Japanese religious organizations in Brazil. But let me introduce three of them here.

  1. Seicho-No-Ie

    Seicho-No-Ie means "The Home of Infinite Life". This religious organization has about 2 million believers. It has many believers in Brazil. It was founded in Japan by Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi who was born in Kobe, Japan in 1893. He was a former staff member of Omoto-kyo, a fanatic and nationalistic religious group. Omoto-kyo was clamped down on by the government in the end.

    "Omoto-kyo" is written as "大本教" in Japanese. And "Imperial Headquarters during WWII" is written as "大本営". They are very similar. Some people say that Aum Shinrikyo Cult is a modern version of Omoto-kyo. In fact, in a sense, Omoto-kyo was renamed after the government's suppression. And Aum Shinrikyo Cult changed its name into Aleph as well. But nothing seems to have changed in Aleph.

  2. Church of World Messianity

    It has 800,000 believers. It has many believers in Brazil, too. It separated from Omoto-kyo.
Soka Gakkai International

soka gakkai songs
forever sensei

  1. Soka Gakkai International

    It is said to have about 500,000 believers in Brazil. But in the light of its foundation day, it cannot be denied that the religious organization is controlled by the Tokugawa samurai clan behind the stage.

    Soka Gakkai International

    ■ establshment
    November 18, 1930
    (Japanese calendar)
    September 28, 1930
    related events:
    ■ Japanese Emperor Kammu allocates residence of Nara, Nara to Kyoto.
    ■ Tokugawa Ieyasu took over Osaka Castle.
    ■ (birthday) Tokugawa Ienari, the eleventh and longest serving shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan who held office from 1787 to 1837.
Japanese Associations

Japanese immigrants are controlled by prefectural associations which are under the auspices of the Japanese Foreign Ministry. Their network is similar to that of neighborhood associations in Japan. In Brazil, there are 44 Okinawa Associations of Brazil (Japanese, Portuguese). Now that there are 47 prefectures in Japan, there should be about 2,000 prefectural associations, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, in Brazil. Except for Japan, I have never heard of such cases in the world.


Japan has concluded extradition agreements with just two countries, the United States and South Korea. There are many cases in which criminals who have committed crimes in Japan flee from Japan into other countries including Brazil. I wonder why Japan doesn't negotiate with other countries a treaty which is the nearest way to eradicate terrorism.

Infringement of Sovereignty

Japanese prefectural associations can be breeding grounds for money laundering or terrorism. If Japan needs organizations in a foreign country which support Japanese immigrants, it should increase legations or consulates. In a country, foreign organizations whose purpose are unclear may hurt the national interests of the country.

I don't mean to restrict the foreign intercourse. It should be promoted instead. But there should be clear rules and purposes in it.

reference The Independence Day of Brazil celebrates 2 Japanese shoguns.
It means that the Portuguese who colonized Brazil were Camouflaged Japanese.
This kind of trick and deception is seen
throughout the history of the Japanese imperial clan
United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice was born on the day
when Komeito, or “Clean Government Party” in Japanese, was founded
by the Buddhist society Soka Gakkai

The crime of Soka Gakkai is said to be constructed
so that it is not told by the people
Japanese Empire within Brazil Japan-Brazil Cooperation in Ridiculing Statue of Liberty
Foro de Sao Paulo Japan and Caracas Brazil and Japan's National Foundation Day
Presidential Election in Brazil

to be continued hypotheses are included
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Japan's Conspiracy (48)

Collusion in Political Parties

In fact, there is no opposition parties in Japan. Politicians including the prime minister and the Tokyo governor are actually supported by all the political parties. Struggles among political parties are just gestures for foreigners and the media. This can be said in the case of Osaka, where the gubernatorial election campaigns have been kicked off, to say nothing of that of Tokyo.
A lecture on FCCJ by Yasuo Tanaka 

(I'm not Mr. Tanaka's supporter. I only found this site as a good example describing "the collusion in Japan" written in English.)

WIKIPEDIA in Japanese about "the collusion among political parties in Japan"
In Japan, politicians are de facto comedians. Some politicians are professional comedians or professional wrestlers.

Osaka Governor

Osaka has 8.8 million people. It is the largest city in Western Japan.

Former Governor Knock Yokoyama was a professional comedian. He was accused of, and indicted for, molesting a young woman who worked for his election campaign. He resigned in the end.

Current Governor Fusae Ohta was elected in 2000 with the support of all the parties. Nowadays in Japan, it is not rare for all the parties to support the same candidate. I once heard that she had been chosen for the candidate as she had danced as well as a male politician at a drinking party. She is a symbol of corruption of Japanese women.

Osaka is almost bankrupt.
Osaka Governor
Toru Hashimoto
Shaking Hands with
Tokyo Governor
Shintaro Ishihara

Welcome to Kagoshima

Kagoshima Mayor
Hiroyuki Mori

Osaka is suffering from financial difficulties. The outstanding balance of Osaka prefectural government bonds was about 4.3 trillion yen in fiscal 2006, which ended in March 2007. Corruption is still spreading.

Laugh is the point of issue in the Osaka gubernatorial election.

Osaka is the center of food and comedy. Laugh is at issue in the election campaigns, too.

The candidate of the ruling party says,

"Let's make Osaka the place where children laugh, adults laugh and old people laugh."

And the candidate of an opposition party says,

"Let's make Osaka the place which is never laughed at by the people in the world."

In the English newspapers, however, their topics are mostly serious.

Voter turnout stood at only 25 percent in Kagoshima.

The mayoral election in Kagoshima City on November 30, 2008 was devastating. There were only two candidates, incumbent mayor Hiroyuki Mori and a female fresh candidate, Michiko Katsurada. But the female candidate belongs to the Japanese Communist Party. She is little-known and seems to be no better than an ordinary woman.

The election committee provides the information of the election on their website, but they give only the names of the candidates with no picture or with no related information.

In the local elections in Japan, opposition candidates are only Communists. Other political parties are always supporting the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. However, as I described in another page, the Communist Party is a detachment force of the LDP. And their candidates are always little-known and dull.

It's not an overstatement to say that the Taisei Yokusankai (Imperial Rule Assistance Association) has finally revived. The Japanese society is seemingly peaceful, but if they are deceiving the naive voters, they must know that they will face the justice in the future, for sure.

reference Okinawa and Kagoshima The landslide was the government's conspiracy.
Japanese Red Army Leader Fusako Shigenobu Paranoia Japan Traitor Politician
Toyota is pulling the strings of organized stalkers. Corrupt TOYOTA Japanese Politicians
2004 Madrid train bombings and High-speed Railway Line (Shinkansen) on Kyushu Island in Japan
A glorious battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy Battle of Iwo Jima
Naples is a sister city of Kagoshima, Japan. My Computers Attacked.
Russo-Japanese War and Jews Artificial Eruptions in Japan Stalin's Secrets
Shimazu Clan and Japan's Conspiracy Policemen's Rebellion Insulting Okinawa and Kagoshima
Chile Earthquake was a conspiracy created by Japan and Fujimori. Poisoner Masumi Hayashi
Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Kagoshima Prefecture and the Underground Community in Japan
Japanese Food Production System

to be continued hypotheses are included
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Japan's Conspiracy (49)

the Death of Princess Diana in a Car Accident

I have little information about Diana's death. But this case is similar to conspiracies which we see in Japan.

=== Hypotheses ===

1. The purpose of the group of paparazzi was originally the assassination of Diana.

(1) to disrupt the accident investigation

to disrupt the investigation by revealing the pictures having been taken just after the accident

to show the evidence that contradicts the police announcement

(2) Those who took pictures just after an accident may be charged with assassination. But they can get away with it if they are regular paparazzi.

2. The collision with a car ahead is doubtful.

(1) If Diana's car had hit the rear left of a car ahead, its rear part would have been swung to the left and would have hit the pillar at the center of the tunnel.

(2) The car ahead should have hit the right side of the tunnel with its rebound. But there are no marks there.
Princess Diana Conspiracy
The Accident image

(3) The pillars in the tunnel stand at intervals of seven meters (estimated from the pictures). Diana's car collided head-on with a pillar. So, the collision angle is estimated to be around 20 degrees.

(4) In order to hit the pillar at 20 degrees' angle with the speed of about 80 kilometers per hour, a lot of lateral force to the left is needed. Simply hitting a car which is moving ahead cannot create a lateral force enough to let the car swerve.

3. The accident may have been caused by oncoming cars on the opposite lane.

(1) Direct obstruction by vehicles moving abreast may have left evidence.

(2) The evidences about vehicles which were moving parallel seem to be false information to disturb the investigation or confused information.

(3) Oncoming vehicles on the opposite lane are often used to carry out assassinations in Japan.

(4) Diana's car may have been pulled toward the center line of the tunnel by the large wind pressure created by a specialized vehicle moving on the opposite lane.

( creating a large wind pressure with powerful vacuum devices or using a combination of several vehicles )

( When two large trailer trucks on both sides go by each other at full speed, they may create a large wind pressure at a moment. Small but powerful tornadoes may be created. )

(5) The wind pressure can be maximized inside the tunnel.

(6) The wind pressure is not made in the tunnel which is separated with the wall. But it is made in the tunnel which is separated with the center line. But in this case, Diana's car may jump into the vehicle which creates the wind. Then a tunnel in which there are pillars on its center line is desirable to create the seemingly one-car accident.

(7) A short tunnel may have been chosen for the assassination. At a short tunnel, the vehicles may not have been conspicuous too much.

(8) Although their videos were taken, they may have got away with it because they were moving on the opposite side of the tunnel.

(9) Paparazzi moving parallel with Diana's car were used to draw investigators' attention.

(10) Midnight was chosen for the assassination. They wanted to avoid including innocent drivers.

(11) There are few roads which meet all the conditions.

3. A tiny clue to the solution

(1) to investigate similar traffic accidents at similar places.

Rehearsals are done for a terrorism aimed at important people.

(2) The place, time, car, and so on may have been carefully prepared for the assassination. People who had led Diana to that situation may be doubtful. Sometimes, such conspiracies have been prepared for more than a year.

(3) to examine the vehicles which were moving on the opposite side of the tunnel at that time.

※ This case may have nothing to do with Japan. But as I respect Princess Diana, I would like to offer even a tiny suggestion. If you think it is absurd or boring, please forget it.

reference Death of Princess Diana in a Car Accident (2) 7 July 2005 London bombings
Assassination of John Lennon Japan won World War II. Japan's Conspiracy in English History
Tokugawa Ieyasu and Forty-seven Ronin Brighton Hotel Bombing
Nobel Prize and Japan's Secret

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