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34 Japan became a member of the International Criminal Court. 2007/11/6
35 Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. 2007/11/12
35-2 John F. Kennedy assassination 2007/11/15
36 Aum Shinrikyo, Bank of Japan, Public Security Intelligence Agency, Japan Federation of Bar Associations, and North Korea 2007/11/22
37 North Korea and Sinking of the Titanic 2007/11/26
37-2 Refueling Mission in the Antarctic Ocean. 2007/11/29
38 Paranoia Japan 2007/12/4
39 the rehearsal of September 11, 2001 attacks 2007/12/4
40 Strange Recruitment Policy 2007/12/13
41 Toyota pulls the strings of organized stalkers. 2007/12/19
41-2 Japanese Communist Party turned is a detachment force of the ruling party, the Liberal Democratic Party. 2007/12/24
42 An assembly is a sanctuary for lawmakers 2007/12/20
43 what I think about at Christmas 2007/12/25
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  2007/11/6   #61
Japan's Conspiracy (34)

Japan became a member of the International Criminal Court.

It was not until yesterday that I knew Japan had become a member of this court. Though I thought I was aware of critical news, I didn't know about it at all before yesterday. it can't be denied that few Japanese know it. Even if they know it, most of them don't understand what the court is and what will change in Japan.

This news was read by a newscaster for a few seconds and I had to check the information in the internet to make sure of it.

I don't understand why Japan, a monolithic nation, became its member. For the current political organizations, it is suicidal.

I think that Japan needs further attention from the world.

Japan acceded to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court on October 1, 2007. Five days before it, the then Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resigned. He might have been afraid of the court procedure.

reference Probably Japan has come up with the logos of Vancouver and London Olympics.

Particularly, the London logo seems to be the combination of 2 Chinese characters
representing the "Penal Code". It is obvious that the logo commemorates
the 100th anniversary of the promulgation of the Penal Code of Japan.

We can't deny Japan's ill intention to include the ominous words
in the Olympics logo which is supposed to be very auspicious in any circumstances

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/11/12   #62
Japan's Conspiracy (35)

Suspicious Japan's Influence in Assassinations in the US

1. Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

"I Have a Dream" speech was really a wonderful speech.

In 1964, King received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end segregation and racial discrimination through civil disobedience and other non-violent means. Then, he made a declaration against the Vietnam war.

On April 4, 1968, King was assassinated at a motel's 2nd floor balcony in Memphis, Tennessee. Two months after King's death, a white man, James Earl Ray, was captured. he made a confession about the assassination (though he recanted this confession three days later).
Martin Luther King Jr.

He was an escaped convict. It was obvious that he was set up by some criminal organization. He didn't seem to be a lone murderer. The scenario seemed somewhat Japanese. It would be more interesting to investigate further.

But the problem was not the case itself. The problem was his father, Reverend Martin Luther King Sr. He was Japan's enemy. He had executed Japan's top military officer, General Hideki Tojo.

Tojo was going to be executed by an American executioner. But no one didn't dare to execute Tojo. They were afraid of future revenge by some crazy Japanese. When he heard Tojo's short shrift before execution, he proposed to execute him on behalf of the executioner. This story suddenly made him popular. His son took his father's name.

This is the information I have got so far from the Internet and from books in the library. But most related sites in the Internet has disappeared and I don't remember the titles of related books.

I'm not confident of the credibility of this story very much. If you know something about it, I'd like you to let me know.

reference It is highly probable that Martin Luther King, Jr. was Japanese
and that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is the American-style Coming-of-Age Day.

The first Coming-of-Age Day was celebrated in Japan on January 15, 1949,
which was King's 20th birthday.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed a bill creating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
on November 2, 1983. But the signing coincided with the new Constitution
in South Africa in the Japanese calendar
The assassination occurred on the 100th anniversary
of the reopening of the Gakushuin Peers School in Japan.
The assassin was born on the Japanese Army Day
and died on the Japanese Navy Day
Olympic Games and Japan's Conspiracy Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (2)

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/11/15   #63
Japan's Conspiracy (35-2)

Suspicious Japan's Influence in Assassinations in the US

John F. Kennedy assassination

John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dalas, Texas on November 22, 1963. The site of assassination is the place where Japanese businessmen often visit. I was taken to the building. I couldn't understand the reason why I was taken there.

This was really a shocking event for Japanese, too. But there was another confusion in Japan.

The day was a holiday (Labor thanksgiving Day) in Japan. Many families in cities looked forward to watching the first satellite TV broadcast between Japan and US. Some families had bought a new TV set for the broadcast.

Kennedy cooperated with the broadcasting staff by allowing them to take the video record for his congratulatory speech to Japanese. Everything was ready.

Then, the news of Kennedy's death suddenly stopped the broadcasting of his recorded speech. The first satellite broadcast between the two countries started with the live broadcast from the assassination spot.

At that time, Japan's control over domestic mass media was flawless and nobody suspected Japan's connection with the crime. But now we can't be unaware of the conspiracy theory when we think about other related affairs including the connection between Oswald and Japan.

Around that time, the prime minister was Hayato Ikeda and the finance minister was Kakuei Tanaka. Tanaka rapidly gained strength and later became the prime minister. Takeo Fukuda, the father of the current Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, was after the next prime minister.

The then prime minister, Hayato Ikeda, was attacked by a rightist during his political campaign on November 5, 1963, two weeks before the assassination. Extremists rarely attack ruling politicians but they often attack opposition politicians in Japan. This case seems to be a kind of camouflage attempt, a familiar attempt in Japan.

Oswald was killed by another man, who later died in prison. This story is somewhat a familiar one in Japan. Hit men are often killed or seem to kill themselves just after the assassination. Such crimes are rare in other countries.

This kind of combination of conspiracy, the combination of an auspicious occasion and a catastrophe, is often seen in Japan.
JFK assassination:
Secret Service Standdown


JFK Assassination
Digitally Remastered


Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination

Lee Harvey Oswald

In Kennedy's assassination, Japan took advantage of this combination by exaggerating American stupidity and tarnishing American superbness in technological development. This conspiracy seems to be one of the most successful attempts since the end of WWII.

Though I'm not completely confident of this theory, I wonder why few people have talked about this coincidence.

November 22, 1943 (added on November 22, 2008)

I was vaguely looking at the calendar. I was beginning thinking seriously that people's political and military impulse was influenced by seasons as we see fewer historical events, particularly those including puns Japan often uses in October and November. But again I found an ominous evidence.

Kennedy was assassinated just 20 years after the Cairo Conference started. The meeting was a really insulting one for the Japanese military who believed that they were invincible at that time. The topic of the Cairo Conference was how to share the Japanese colonies. It was a clever prediction. Without the agreement among the allied forces, there would have been another world war after Japan's surrender. Actually, soon after the Japanese surrender, the whole world became peaceful. It was really the result of the Cairo Declaration.

Nonetheless, the whole story is inexcusable for the Japanese military.

Another Surprising Figure

Maybe, I am going too far, but let me talk about the funny coincidence here. The day above is the birthday of Paul Wolfowitz, a former United States Ambassador to Indonesia, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense, and President of the World Bank.

Sumatra Earthquake was created for the purpose of intimidating related people with regard to the nomination of Paul Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank. I feel that there are a lot of Japanese conspiracies.

One More Decisive Fact (added on February 25, 2011)

November 22, 1963 was October 7, 1963 in the traditional Japanese calendar. However, there was an epoc-making event Kennedy was significantly involved on October 7, 1963. The event was Kennedy's signing of the ratification of the Partial Test Ban Treaty.

I don't think it was just a coincident. People who planned the signing schedule would have had something to do with Kennedy's assassination.

reference The assassination marked the 22nd anniversary of the Imperial Japanese Navy's
final decision on the Pearl Harbor attack

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto ordered the meeting of the Imperial Japanese Navy
strike force for the Hawaii Operation attack on Pearl Harbor, in Tankan
or Hitokappu Bay, in Iturup Island, South Kurils.
Teresa Teng Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/11/22   #64
Japan's Conspiracy (36)

Aum Shinrikyo, Bank of Japan, Public Security Intelligence Agency, Japan Federation of Bar Associations, and North Korea

These five organizations represent the double standard of the Japanese society very well. On the face of things, they contend with each other or have nothing to do with each other. But, when we look into them further, strange connections among them emerge. Japanese seldom feel the strangeness. Domestic information control has been successful. Even in foreign countries, the foreign ministry harasses foreign mass media.

Aum Shinrikyo and Bank of Japan

March 20th in 1995 is a critical day for both organizations. On that day the religious cult conducted a sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway. The real purpose of this terrorism was to dispel the doubt why there were no terrors in Japan.

The Bank of Japan previously had known this attack. It established its subsidiary company, the Resolution and Collection Corporation (RCC: at first, the name of this company was "Tokyo Kyodo Bank"), on the very day. The company's real purpose was to buy bad debts from Japanese banks and to gradually smother them up.
Libor-Fixing scandal

※ This film describes the corrupt figure of the global financial system. But now I'm convinced that the financial problem in developed nations is Japan's problem, too, and that the global problem is just part of the problem that Japan has built up since ancient times.

Bank of Japan Governor Yasuo Matsushita Was Central to Problems
(added on January 25, 2011)

On further investigation, outrageous facts have come out. But here let me describe the summary by a run of the item.

Since 1964, the governors of the Bank of Japan have continuously taken office on December 17. But Matsushita changed the tradition probably because of awful events that happened on related days. Even so, he had some nerve. He chose March 20 for the alternative date. Events below are some conspicuous ones. For details, please refer to the Conspiracy Calendar.
Megumi Yokota is said to have been kidnapped by North Korea in 1977 at the age of thirteen.

Calendar Date Events
Gregorian December 17, 1994 ★Yasuo Matsushita becomes the governor of the Bank
of Japan
Japanese December 17, 1994 ★The Great Hanshin earthquake. A magnitude 7.3
earthquake hits near Kobe, Japan, causing extensive
property damage and killing 6,434 people.
Gregorian January 17, 1995
Gregorian March 20, 1995 ★A sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway kills 12 and
wounds 1,300 persons.
★The Resolution and Collection Corporation (RCC: at
first, the name of this company was "Tokyo Kyodo Bank") is
established by the Bank of Japan.
Japanese March 20, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The Alfred P. Murrah Federal
Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, is bombed,
killing 168.
Bad odors fell train riders in Yokohama, Japan. At least
51 people are taken to hospitals.
★The dollar hits the postwar low of 79.75 in the Tokyo
foreign exchange market.
Gregorian April 19, 1995
Gregorian December 17, 1996 The Japanese embassy hostage crisis takes place.
Gregorian March 20, 1998 ★Masaru Hayami becomes the governor of the Bank of
Gregorian March 20, 2003 Invasion of Iraq: The United States and three other countries
begin military operations in Iraq.
★Toshihiko Fukui becomes the governor of the Bank of Japan.
Gregorian March 20, 2008 ★Masaaki Shirakawa becomes acting governor, the de facto
governor, of the Bank of Japan.

Bank of Japan and Public Security Intelligence Agency

Shigetake Ogata is a man who symbolizes the relations between the two organizations. He had many things with them, from the establishment of the RCC (BOJ's subsidiary) in 1995 to his arrest this year.

When the RCC was established, he was the head of the Public Security Intelligence Agency. He was arrested this year on suspicion of fraud related to a Chongryon's building, which had been seized by the RCC.

Public Security Intelligence Agency and Japan Federation of Bar Associations

PSIA always tries to create spy networks within enemy organizations (nations) and to get intelligence. Its activity is exactly "the spy activities".

It is natural that PSIA controls JFBA. PSIA is part of Ministry of Justice, which controls lawyers.

JFBA and North Korea

Chongryon lawyer Koken Tsuchiya is a former president of the JFBA. Police raided his office in June for suspicious transactions related to a lawsuit between Chongryon and the RCC. He always champions North Korea.

Aum Shinrikyo and the PSIC

On March 30, 1995, Takaji Kunimatsu, then chief of the National Police Agency, was shot by an unidentified gunman and seriously wounded as he left his condominium in Tokyo. It occurred after the sarin gas attack by Aum Shinrikyo and subsequent police raid on it. The police determined that Aum Shinrikyo organized the shooting.

But the next day was an accounting date for banks. It was obvious that the PSIC wanted people to look the other way on that day. It was also obvious that the police played it by themselves. Kunimatsu later left Japan as a special ambassador to Switzerland.

PSIC and North Korea

The PSIC keeps classified information on North Korea. The PSIC president directly informs the prime minister about North Korean information.

Bank of Japan and North Korea

Quite a few Japanese abductees are said to be printing engineers. I suspect that they were not abducted but that they voluntarily went to North Korea. I hear that Japan imported special printing machines from a Swiss manufacturing company. Japanese Wikipedia says that they probably work for printing counterfeit dollar bills. A brother of an abductee, Toru Hasuike, works for a Japanese atomic power plant. The father of a well-known abductee, Megumi Yokota, worked for Bank of Japan.


The president of the RCC, Kohei Nakabo, was formerly the chairman of the JFBA. When we look back at his history, he has been always supported by the government. But when I once read his homepage, the content was disgusting. He talked about the election campaign for the president of the JFBA. It is absolutely legal to buy votes in the case of so-called private organization. He was really a snobbish man. The nation was completely taken in.

reference Typhoon Haiyan, the second-deadliest Philippine typhoon on record,
made a landfall in the Philippines on November 8, 2013.
But the day was the 60th birthday of Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke.
Probably it is part of the conspiracies of Jews and the Japanese imperial clan
Megumi Yokota's birthday is the same day with the formation
of the Palestine Liberation Organization in the Islamic calendar
The Tokyo Olympic Games commemorated the 100th anniversary of the formation
of the General Council of the International Workingmen's Association
. (Timeline)
Shinginko Tokyo bank My Computers Attacked Tokyo Olympic Games
Japanese Politicians

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/11/26   #65
Japan's Conspiracy (37)

North Korea and Sinking of the Titanic

The relations between them are beyond imagination. Kim Jong-il's father, Kim Il-sung, was the North Korean Communist leader from its founding. He was born on April 15, 1912, the very day of the sinking of the Titanic.

He wasn't born exactly on that day, but he did set the date as his birthday. The birth record in those days was inaccurate.

Quite a few people say that Daisuke Ikeda, president of a Japanese religious group, Soka Gakkai International, is Korean Japanese. He established a political party called New Komeito Party in Japan.

In Japan, when two groups are in collusion, they often attack each other in order to hide their cozy relationship. And their attack is often propaganda in the end.

some example cases

1. Liberal Democratic Party and Democratic Party of Japan

2. major company managements and labor unions

3. police and gangster organizations

4. police and Aum Shinrikyo cult

5. The Ministry of Education and Japan teachers' union

6. New Komeito Party and Aum Shinrikyo cult

Mr. Ikeda was once attacked by Aum Shinrikyo cult, but he escaped unharmed. Nobody knows this man's private assets. In 2001, when a Swiss bank stopped accepting personal deposit, he was reported to send about 10 billion dollars to banks in the US and in Brazil. Large amount of financial assets of Japanese major companies, wealthy families and celebrities can be regarded as part of backdoor money of the Japanese government.

Fall of the West and Rise of the East

It is said that Kim Il-sung set the date as his birthday in order to symbolize the fall of the West and the rise of the East. It is implausible that the dictator liked the ominous date. But, in those days, the nation that was concerned about the global hegemony was Japan rather than Korea. This story tells very well that Kim Il-sung was a Japanese-made puppet monster.

The Titanic story didn't stop there. The passengers on the ship included a Japanese man. And he was not an ordinary tourist. His name was Masabumi Hosono. I believe he was a Japanese spy. In those days, quite a few Japanese spies were committing sabotage in Russia. Japan poured a lot of manpower and money. These attempts produced results through WWI and the Russian Revolution. The Russian Royal family was destroyed.
The Korean War

the Great Spirit of Unity

Titanic - Official Trailer

Kim Il-sung Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-un

This man boarded the ship on the way from Russia to Japan. He shoved old people, women and children and jumped onto a lifeboat, while other men stayed on the deck until the ship sank. I think that he had to survive and report this successful sabotage to the government. Later, he was accused of it for sure.

He was rehabilitated later. But this kind of rehabilitation is a familiar story in Japan. History is often fabricated here.

At that time, Japan formed a military alliance with Britain. But their relations had been always strained. Japan gave Britain a serious blow.

There are full of question marks from the collision with an iceberg to the sinking.

Another Japanese man on the Explorer in the Antarctic

Please refer to " Japanese Secret Funds to the Russian Revolution around 1910".

Kim Jong-il and the fall of Singapore

British forces surrendered to the Japanese in Singapore on February 15, 1942. The next day, on February 16, 1942, Japanese troops marched through the streets of Singapore, celebrating the victory. In Japan, there held celebrations in many places.

Kim Jong-il was born on the very day. This is another coincidence. This is why I argue that North Korea is a Japanese puppet state.

Nowadays in Japan, the doctor usually issues a birth certificate. But it is not compulsory. So, some parents may notify the birth with a different birth date for the baby at the registration office. At that time in Korea, parents rather than doctors wrote the birth certificate. So, Kim Jong-Il's birthday was not a coincidence but just the arrangement in accordance with the celebration of the fall of Singapore.

North Korean Surprise Attack was Tit-for-Tat Battle

The Japanese army in Okinawa finally collapsed on June 23, 1945. But the day when the Japanese government officially admitted the defeat was June 25. And five years later, on June 25, 1950, North Korea started a surprise attack on South Korea.

reference The Chinese communist party synchronized the election of the Chief Executive
of Hong Kong with the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic
and the birth of Kim Il-sung, President of North Korea
North Korea and a Mongolian sumo grand champion Japanese Red Army
the strange relationship between Japan and North Korea Fusako Shigenobu
Aum Shinrikyo, Bank of Japan, Public Security Intelligence Agency,
Japan Federation of Bar Associations, and North Korea
2007 July Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake was Conspiracy Terrorism in Japanese diplomacy
Japan is a Demon Nation September 11, 2001 attacks
Why did the Tokyo Olympic Games open on October 10th? Korean Air Flight 858
No Pencils on Writing Desk in North Korean Voting Stations
Driving a Wedge between China and North Korea by a Train Collision
Successor of North Korea, Kim Jong-un Poisoner Masumi Hayashi
North Korea, Firm Supporter of Japan Mongolian Sumo Wrestlers

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/11/29   #66
Japan's Conspiracy (37-2)

Refueling Mission in the Antarctic Ocean

Japanese supply vessels are refueling ships not only in the Indian Ocean but also in the Antarctic Ocean. Here, they support fleet of whalers. It is impossible for them to sail into ports around the Antarctic Ocean. Whaling makes no business sense. The Japanese government says that whale meat is good for beauty care and that grilled whale meat with curry is popular. But I have never heard of it. This is just a propaganda for foreigners.

I like whales but I hate whale meat.

I ate whale meat at the school lunch. Its taste was terrible. I felt as if I was eating something like shit. I remember the agony which I felt when I swallowed it.
The MS Explorer sinking on November 23, 2007
Japanese people ate 2,000 gm of whale meat a year 40 years ago, but by 2005 that had fallen to just 50 grams.
The government intended to clear away leftover whale meat and to encourage children to eat more whale meat.

Slaughter rather than Meal

Japan is obsessed with fishing. Resources monopoly in the high seas is the biggest national interest. And the Japanese government compels people to eat more sea food. Demanded by the IWC, Japan stopped commercial whaling and began research whaling in 1988. Since then sardine catches have been dramatically decreased.

Labor Party's Overwhelming Victory

The overwhelming Labor Party victory in Saturday's general election bewildered Japan. The Labor Party is considering mobilizing the Australian Navy to chase and watch Japanese whaling ships in the Antarctic Ocean. Their opposition is no joke.

The Explorer Sank near Antarctica's South Shetland Islands

The Explorer hit a submerged piece of ice and sank near Antarctica's South Shetland Islands on November 23, 2007. This event seems to be an ordinary accident, yet there are some suspicious coincidences.

1. There was a Japanese on board like the sinking of the Titanic.

2. Japan could hardly miss the result of the Australian general election.

3. The ship sank just a day before the election.


Let me venture a hypothesis, though it is too early and some information is unconfirmed.

The Japanese government intimidated Australian voters and Labor Party into giving up their opposition to the Japanese whaling. It was really a ridiculous conspiracy. But the Japanese government has a extreme propensity of conspiracy. It is something like the story of the adult male peacock's tail.

I hope my hypothesis will turn out to be wrong.

reference It is highly probable that the sinking of the MS Explorer was Japan's conspiracy.

American psychological thriller movie "The Number 23" was released in Japan, too.
The movie explains the enigma about the sinking of the Titanic. But, to tell the truth,
the movie was released on the very day when the MS Explorer sank
The sinking of MS Explorer was very similar to the sinking of the Titanic.
Olympic games and the sinking of the Titanic

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/12/4   #67
Japan's Conspiracy (38)

Paranoia Japan

I live in Kagoshima City in Japan. But the central government's Kagoshima-bashing is beyond common sense.

Flood Disaster on August 6, 1993

On that day and the next day, I had a terrible time. I had a narrow escape, but the police persistently harassed me. I was unaware of the weather conspiracy though I was suspicious about the strange situations. As the weather manipulation in my region became obvious last year, I started investigation on the events that had occurred around me.

Now, I believe that the day, August 6, 1993, was a day that the whole government (the Liberal Democratic Party, bureaucrats and the police) staged a terrible attack at Kagoshima City.
Landslides in Kagoshima

The day was the day of collapse for the LDP, though the period was short. The next prime minister from the opposition camp was Mr. Hosokawa. He was a former governor of Kumamoto, which is located next to Kagoshima.

The floods killed 49 people in Kagoshima while people in Kumamoto celebrated the first prime minister from their region.

It was a systematic abuse against Kagoshima. The miserable end of Hosokawa's political career well explained his role. He was simply utilized by the government and was discarded at the end.

Rainfall on January 21, 2007

At that time, I had been harassed by the weather conspiracies. When I left my office for a while, it frequently began to rain suddenly, usually in 30 minutes, though the weather had been fine. This means that it takes about 30 minutes to make a rainfall though everything is prepared well enough. On that day, January 21, 2007, I had expected the weather conspiracy in advance because the situation was almost the same as the day, August 6, 1993. I remember it rained quite heavily. Today, I checked the official weather record and I knew that it had rained the most on that day in January this year.

This day was the day when Mr. Higashikokubaru was elected Miyazaki governor. Miyazaki is another region next to Kagoshima. The central government and Japanese mass media fervently support him though he is a mere stupid entertainer. He was again simply utilized by the government and the day of discard will come soon.

Japanese Style Gerimander

Kagoshima City, with the population of 605,000, is divided into three constituencies. Two of them was integrated into other areas. As the result, though the city accounts 35 per cent of the total voters of the 5 single-seat constituencies, no candidates from it has been elected for some years.

The government again utilizes two tarnished politicians. Both of them are from Southern islands. They are actually elected through this conspiracy. Their region accounts only 10 percent of voters of 5 constituencies. They are never popular outside of their region.

The utilization of people in Southern islands is not only seen in the political arena, but also in the mass media.

Japan Broadcasting Corporation is actually a state-run broadcast. Nowadays, most news announcers of JBC Kagoshima are from the Southern islands. Their performance is very poor. I often give up watching their news. TV fees are compulsory. People in Kagoshima pay about 100 million dollars in total as fees. But their performance doesn't deserve the fees.

All of these are part of Kagoshima bashing by the government.

Puppets of the government

So far, the governor of Kagoshima Prefecture, the mayor of Kagoshima City, the police chief of Kagoshima and the public safety commissioners are all puppets of the central government.

Japanese Wikipedia says, "It is often said that all the local police are virtually part of the national police."

But, unfortunately, when it comes to a critical issues for the Japanese government, it is difficult for even Wikipedia to describe the facts. Particularly in English Wikipedia, I see different and completely official comments.

Some people say, "The Japanese government's harassment is so serious that most foreigners have to yield to its demand."

Climate Change

The world community has been already aware of strange phenomena that may be intentionally and artificially caused by somebody.

Environment ministers from around the world are meeting in Bali to decide what are the next steps to take in the fight against climate change on December 3, 2007.

On the same day, Japan held the Asia-Pacific Water Summit in Japan, collecting representatives from 35 countries. This seems as if Japan tries to ignore the Bali Conference on Climate Change.

Japan is suspicious about many things including floods in Bangladesh. The first thing Japan has to do is to clear itself of the charge.

Japanese Judge in the ICC

Fumiko Saiga, Japanese ambassador in charge of human rights and a member of the U.N. Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, was elected Friday to fill one of three vacant judge seats on the International Criminal Court.

Japan officially joined the ICC on October 1. But there can be two conflicting views on this.

1. The world community demanded Japan's participation to the ICC.

2. Japan decided to join the ICC only to control the organization for its convenience. It is a Japanese government's usual practice. By buying foreign diplomats, Japan reduced the UN to a corrupt organization.

The money power is enormous. I mean not the buying of judges but the buying of politicians and bureaucrats of a certain country who are in charge of selecting a judge candidate from the country.

reference The torrential rain on August 1 and the Heavy rains and debris on August 6
were the conspiracy of the Japanese government in which the two rainfall disasters were synchronized with the past samurai incidents in 1333. The Japanese government celebrated the new prime minister on the one hand while they bullied the region of ethnic minorities on the other

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/12/4   #68
Japan's Conspiracy (39)

the rehearsal of September 11, 2001 attacks

I watched the terrorist attacks on the live breaking news. Though I could hardly understand what was going on, I gradually recognized that they were suicide bombings.

And a hijacking of an ANA plane that had taken place two years earlier went through my head.

This hijacking was the rehearsal of September 11, 2001 attacks.

All Nippon Airways Flight 61

ANA Flight 61 is a flight from Tokyo International Airport to New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, Japan.

On July 23, 1999, the Boeing 747 on this route was hijacked by a Japanese man soon after it took off, at about 11:25 A.M. The jet was flying near Tokyo. It was carrying 503 passengers and 14 crew members. The hijacker used a knife to force the flight attendant to let him into the cockpit.
ANA JA8966
(ANA flight 61)

ANA JA8966
(Google Earth)

He then made the copilot leave the cockpit, remaining in the cockpit with the captain, who managed to notify the air traffic controllers about the hijacking. The hijacker then stabbed the pilot and took control of the plane, at one point descending to an altitude of 300 meters. At 12:09 P.M., crew members subdued the hijacker.

The copilot got back into the cockpit and told the ATC, "It's an emergency. The captain was stabbed. Prepare an ambulance." The plane made an emergency landing at the Tokyo Airport at 12:14 P.M. The hijacker was arrested on the spot and later charged with murder. The death of the pilot was confirmed later.

During investigation, it was revealed that the hijacker had taken a large dose of SSRIs before the episode, and he said that he hijacked the plane because he wanted to fly it under the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. On March 23, 2005, he was found to be guilty, but of unsound mind and thus only partly responsible for his actions. He was consequently sentenced to life imprisonment.

Basis for This Hypothesis

  1. A rehearsal is necessary to carry through large scale terrorism like 9.11 attacks. And it was very rare that a hijacker himself moved the control lever of a passenger plane. As far as I know, this hijacking was the first case and the 9.11 was the last one.

    They needed to convince the terrorist supreme leader, as well as actual terrorists, that the hijacking will be perfect and successful.

  2. The hijacker avoided the death penalty using somewhat technical trick.

    He intentionally created a mental treatment record and pretended to have swallowed a lot of drugs just before the hijacking. Situations were too well-prepared for a mere crazy man. Stories were too good to be true.

  3. The period of two years was almost appropriate. The shorter the period was, the more conspicuous the conspiracy was. The longer the period was, the less convincing the rehearsal was.

  4. When a Boeing 747 was exploded above the Atlantic Ocean on June 23, 1985, an related explosion at Japan’s Narita Airport killed two baggage handlers. Japan often pretends to be a victim nation. It is a simple trick that is widely seen in crimes in Japan.

  5. There happened to be another pilot among the passengers. He helped the copilot. The control of a passenger plane by the copilot alone is technically problematic. It was too good to be true.

  6. It is doubtful that the pilot really died. As you see strange criminal cases, the police can do anything. Once a person is carried by an ambulance, any kind of story can be written.

  7. The next explanation in Wikipedia is almost confusing.

    Most Japanese tend to recognize that "life sentence" indicates only "life sentence with no possibility of parole" so that many mistakenly believe that "muki-choeki" is not equivalent to "life sentence" and Japanese punitive law does not allow "life sentence" as other developed countries' do. Although "muki-choeki" in Japanese is often interpreted as "indefinite sentence", "muki-choeki" has legally the same meaning as "life sentence". The reasons why it is often wrongly interpreted are following. As a strange exception, upon the death of the emperor a life sentence is often reduced.
    my opinion: the general understanding in Japan

    "Muki-choeki" is literally and technically understood as "imprisonment for unconfirmed period". The imprisonment period can be from "only a short period of time to the whole life". The period actually depends on the mercy of judiciary bureaucrats. Some convicted criminals may be playing pachinko at a pachinko parlor. How can we trust the prison when highest defense ministry's bureaucrats are corrupt?

    my opinion: English writers are often misled by the Japanese bureaucrats.

    The explanation above is a good example. Amnesty is often applied, when the emperor dies. But the shortening of the period of sentence has nothing to do with the amnesty. The period is originally unconfirmed and changeable.
  8. Shoko Asahara seems to enjoy his prison life. He was the cult leader who organized the Tokyo subway sarin gas attack. The government has promoted the privatization of the prison system. Now the government may be building a variety of prisons, from something like a capsule hotel to one like a suite room of a luxurious hotel according to the prisoner's family and previous vocation.

  9. In Japan, unfortunately, few media companies refer to the similarity between the two terrorist attacks.

reference 1 King Mohammed VI of Morocco and two plane accidents.
The Royal Family of Morocco is probably Japanese descents.

reference 2 Japan Airlines Flight 123 September 11, 2001 attacks
Investigation on terrorism is now a controversy in Canada  Meditating Terrorism in 1985
Takeshi Okamoto British Airways Flight 38 Japanese Red Army Latest "Trojan Horses"
June 23rd is the day when the headquarters of the Japanese army in Okinawa finally collapsed
Olympic Games, the Ultimate Goal of Conspiracy The DAY of the Pearl Harbor Attack
Continental Connection Flight 3407 Korean Air Flight 858 Coubertin's Secret

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/12/13   #69
Japan's Conspiracy (40)

Strange Recruitment Policy

Japan has a tendency to recruit or promote someone following his or her name. Japanese are often named after real people. Some of these names are puns.

Seiji Ozawa ( September 1, 1935 - )

Oazawa is a famous Japanese conductor. But his music doesn't show any extraordinary talent. His father named him after his two friends, Seishiro Itagaki and Kanji Ishiwara. But they were not ordinary people. Itagaki was a class-A war criminal and Ishiwara was a former lieutenant general of the Japanese army in Manchuria. There is no doubt that he became famous thanks to his name. Once a musician is backed by the Japanese government, concert tickets sell infinitely. Ozawa was born on the day when the first Akutagawa Prize and Naoki Prize are awarded in Japan. They are two of the most prestigious literary awards in Japan.

Hideki Matsui

He is a Japanese major-league player. The pronunciation of his first and second name is the same as that of the first name of Hideki Tojo and the second name of Iwane Matsui, respectively. Both of them were class-A war criminals. His nickname is " Godzilla". This monster's theme is "radioactivity". In its movies, nuclear weapons are depicted as evil as if they were the symbol of revenge. Matsui is a government-made hero. He may have been helped by his own name.

Matsui was born on June 12, 1974. But on that day in the Japanese calendar, the Watergate Scandal reached a critical point in the US politics.

Hideki Saijo

Saijo is a Japanese singer. It is obvious that his name was named after Hideki Tojo, a class-A war criminal. "To" in Japanese means east, "Jo" means "a branch" and "Sai" means "west". So, "Saijo" is a pun for "Tojo" in Japanese. He was born in Hiroshima and has been supported by the government. His total record sales reached 10 million in 1981. The figure is beyond his popularity. Money launderers often take advantage of large sales in music in Japan. A title of his popular music, "YMCA", obviously seems to be a sarcasm against America.

Takemasa Moriya ( Japanese)

Takemasa Moriya is a former vice defense minister. He was outstanding in job promotion. There seemed to be a good reason for that. His family name, Moriya, literally means a defense house in Japanese, which is the same meaning as "the defense ministry". Probably, some minister loved this coincidence.

His father, Eifu Moriya, was a legislator. His uncle, Waro Moriya, was the envoy to Afghanistan. He was a consul general to China in the early 1930s. At that time, most Japanese diplomats were government agents who expanded the networks of spies and sympathisers for Japan. Probably, Takemasa Moriya was promoted to the highest position in the defense ministry in 1998 thanks to his uncle's contribution. Three years later, 9.11 terrorist attacks occurred.
Waro Moriya ( Japanese) ( Chinese)

Eifu Moriya ( Japanese)
Last month, Takemasa Moriya was arrested for bribery.

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  2007/12/19   #70
Japan's Conspiracy (41)

Toyota is pulling the strings of organized stalkers.

Since I started to complain about stalking, stalker minions have gradually disappeared and pivotal players have gradually appeared.

The transformation was stunning.

Neighbors →→ Gangsters →→ Taxi drivers →→ School teachers and students →→ Policemen →→ Toyota Motor Corporation

I recognized their attack against my family more than 30 years ago. Now I finally realized that the consistent harassment has been conducted on a national level through not only my father's time but also my childhood and adulthood.

Let me talk about it in detail later. Instead, I would like to inform you about some urgencies today.

The Public Safety Commission Chairman turned ou to be a weasel.

I made efforts to meet the public safety commissioners of my region. I tried to ask them to carry out the audit and to exercise leadership over the corrupt performance of the police.

However, I could know neither their addresses nor their telephone numbers. On the homepage of the Kagoshima Public Safety Commission, only their names, their ages, and the names of the companies they work for are described. I live in Kagoshima Prefecture. The chairman of the PSC is Mr. Hideharu Suwa. He is also the president of Kagoshima Toyota Corporation, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation.
Yoshiharu Shimoyama was indicted for stalking a woman.
He was the presiding judge in a trial at a district court in 1999 over a case in which a female university student was murdered by several men who had persistently stalked her. This court case led to the enactment of the anti-stalking law.

The prefectural police as well as their companies refused to allow me to meet them. They never told me the public safety commissioners' telephone numbers or addresses.

In other words, Kagoshima police is controlled by Toyota. Recently, there was an election of the chairman of the Kagoshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry. There were only two candidates. One was Mr. Hideharu Suwa and the other was the president of another Toyota affiliated company. Most people believe that votes are bought in the election of the chairman of the C.C. in Japan. In the end, Mr. Suwa was elected chairman of the chamber of commerce, too.

Toyota as a Police-industrial Complex

Now Toyota completely controls the police and industry of Kagoshima. I have never heard of this kind of busuiness monopoly before.

The story doesn't stop there. There is a secret organization called "Children 911 Call System" in Japan (Toyota). But I couldn't know the fact of this organization though I asked the police or the school about it. I only recognized that some cars with large stickers that read "Children 911 Call System" often chased me on the road. They sometimes chased me just from my house. And I often saw small stickers, with the same words, at the entrance of a house of people who repeatedly harass my family.

Toyota blatantly support this secret organization.

Japan is an underdeveloped country.

Among advanced countries, Japan may be the only country in which ordinary people neither can meet nor can send letters to the public safety commissioners. The prefectural police tell me to send the letter to them. But It is unlikely that they hand the letter to the public safety commissioners. In fact, the police have no obligation to tell the result to the people.

It is the reality of the Japanese law enforcement system. I sincerely ask the world organizations to apply diplomatic pressure on the Japanese central and local governments and Toyota into stopping the attack against innocent citizens in Japan. It is actually the offense against human rights.

The more I complain, the more the attack against me, and my family, intensifies. And I have realized, through recent activities, that there are quite a few victims who suffer from stalkers' attacks like me. They don't know how to complain and protest.

In a sense, I may be lucky. I speak English. I can ask foreign people for help.


National Public Safety Commission


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  2007/12/24   #71
Japan's Conspiracy (41-2)

The Japanese Communist Party is a detachment force of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

I began to collect signature for presenting a petition to the prefectural governor and the mayor with regard to the police corruption and human rights violations against me and my family members.

Crank Calls

I decided to answer the phone only after checking the telephone number on the liquid crystal display and the caller's voice and business.

Unnecessary Direct Mail and Annoying Pamphlets

I started to send e-mail, or to make a call, to the advertisers of annoying pamphlets as well as the senders of unnecessary mail that had been thrown into the mailbox of my house.

In addition, I put a warning sign on the mailbox. The sign read "a fine of 2000 yen against an unnecessary or annoying pamphlet".

Blatantly Provocative Act
Akahata Shimbun
(Red Flag, Newspaper
of the JCP)

As early as the next day of the day when I put the sign, I was surprised to find a blatant provocation. I found pieces of newspaper of the Japanese Communist Party that had been thrown into the mailbox. I had never read such newspaper before.

I had thought before that those unnecessary pamphlets had been deliberately thrown into the mailbox to annoy me. And I also believed that they would stop such harassment soon because they knew for sure that, if the fine was not paid, I would inform the public about their names.

But the pamphlet from the JCP really confused me. I couldn't understand the situation. But, when I entered a protest against them, I finally recognized the reason why they threw the pamphlet into the mailbox.

Message that Says "Don't Talk to Our Party"

At first, I couldn't understand their intention. I demanded a fine against the communist party, but they were not sincere. Far from it! They provoked me again.

In a word, they behaved as if they wanted to say to me, "Don't talk to us."

I thought that my protest against the government was a welcome story for the opposition communist party. But it is obvious that my action was a nuisance against the communist party, too.


I disclosed the incident on the Internet. Then, I called the communist party and demanded a fine again, but they suddenly changed their attitude and said that a ranking member would visit my house soon. But the person who actually came to my house was a mere porter. He paid 2000 yen but refused to say his name and said, " Sorry, I don't know anything at all."

Past Events

When I look back at the past, I remember that for some time some communist sound trucks frequently chased me with a loudspeaker noise. At that time, I thought that some of organized stalkers were communist party members. But this time I finally understood the whole perspective of the communist party.

The communist party really wants me to speak ill of them in the Internet more and more.

In short, The communist party gives people an impression that they are the last resort and final bastion against the government. But, at the same time, they attack people who really oppose the government on behalf of the ruling party, the LDP.

The Japanese Communist Party turned out to be a detachment force of the government and the ruling party.

Like gang organizations are detachment forces of the police, the JCP was a detachment force, and a supporter, of the ruling LDP behind the stage.

I had been sceptical about the communist party for some time, but I was really amazed when I knew that the communist party was such a dirty party.

Both the JCP and the LDP may be glad to read my story. The approval rate for the government will soar for sure.

reference Shimbun Akahata, the daily organ of the Japanese Communist Party in the form
of a national newspaper, was started on February 1, 1928
. It is obvious
that the party commemorated the Mongol invasion of Japan.

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/12/20   #72
Japan's Conspiracy (42)

The Diet is a sanctuary for lawmakers

Nowadays, the Diet session is frequently extended. And it is often extended time and time again. On the face of it, it seems to be the reflection of seriousness of lawmakers. But I recognized the reason at last.

Lawmakers regard the Diet as a sanctuary from the whole society. The Diet is also a convenient excuse for refusing to meet unwelcome people. Once citizens begin to act aggressively or to say some aggressive opinions, heated debate suddenly breaks out and the session is immediately extended.
Democratic Party of Japan
News Network

Currently, not only the Diet but also the prefectural assembly and city assembly are in session in my region. They don't want to meet some people. Some corrupt people around politicians don't want politicians to meet people.

Legislators continue to stay in Tokyo. Both prefectural and mayoral assembly members refuse to meet ordinary citizens, saying that they are too busy to meet some one.

It is apparent that all the Diet members, including both ruling and opposition party politicians, are colluding.

reference Japan's Main Political Parties

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/12/25   #73
Japan's Conspiracy (43)

what I think about at Christmas

Christmas is the symbol of Western culture in Japan. And, on this day, there have been historic clashes of cultures. But most Japanese have forgotten them long before.

Nowadays, Christmas cake is somewhat tasteless. To eat Christmas cake just after the Emperor's birthday is something like eating it with pickled Japanese apricots on it.

Emperor's Birthday

The current emperor, Akihito, was born in 1933. There had been an attempted military coup in 1932. Japan withdrew the League of Nations in 1933. Those days, fascism rapidly escalated. At that time, birthdays were often changed for convenience.
Santa Claus Is
Coming To Town

Emperor Taisho's birthday was later changed due to the hot weather. December 23 is the current emperor's birthday. The birthday must have been set on this day in order to wipe out Western influence in Japan.


At the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, the accused were indicted on April 29, 1946 (Emperor Hirohito's birthday), and the execution was carried out on December 23, 1948 (current emperor's birthday).

Since most national holidays in Japan had been related to the imperial family, the Allies carried out court procedures on the days. But Japan, neglecting their hope, designated one national holiday, related to the imperial family, after another.

Dissolution of the House of Representatives

The Japanese government dissolved the Lower House, which distracted people's attention from the execution of war criminals on December 23, 1948. It was a kind of suicidal dissolution. The no-confidence motion against the Cabinet was intentionally submitted in order to dissolve the Lower House.

Currently, politics remains in a limbo and made-up events take place one after another. A similar scenario may happen again.

reference Japanese Emperors seem to have been obsessed with Christmas.
For example, Hirohito became Japan's emperor on December 25, 1926

to be continued                    go to next page Hypotheses are included.

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