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21-1 Typhoon and Hurricane 2007/7/31
21-2 Typhoon and Hurricane 2007/8/1
22-1 Japan won World War II. 2007/8/3
23-1 Verification of Weather Manipulation (1) 2007/8/10
24-1 Manipulation of Information on the Internet 2007/8/13
25-1 the Baiji Yangtze Dolphin and a seal called Tama-chan in Tokyo 2007/8/14
26-1 Bombing of Train in Russia 2007/8/16
26-2 Bombing of Ttrain in Russia (follow-up report) 2007/8/17
26-3 harakiri aesthetics 2007/8/19
27-1 "I love you." is an artful excuse. 2007/8/20
27-2 "I love you." is an artful excuse.(2) 2007/8/22
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  2007/7/31   #32
Japan's Conspiracy (21-1)

Typhoon and Hurricane

I read articles on the site of WIKIPEDIA about hurricanes.
Artificial dissipation

In the 1960s and 1970s, the United States government attempted to weaken hurricanes through Project Stormfury by seeding selected storms with silver iodide. It was thought that the seeding would cause supercooled water in the outer rainbands to freeze, causing the inner eyewall to collapse and thus reducing the winds.
Hurricane Wilma Video
Miami Beach, Florida

The winds of Hurricane Debbie, a hurricane seeded in Project Stormfury, dropped as much as 30%, but Debby regained its strength after each of two seeding forays. In an earlier episode in 1947, disaster struck when a hurricane east of Jacksonville, Florida promptly changed its course after being seeded, and smashed into Savannah, Georgia. Because there was so much uncertainty about the behavior of these storms, the federal government would not approve seeding operations unless the hurricane had a less than 10% chance of making landfall within 48 hours, greatly reducing the number of possible test storms. The project was dropped after it was discovered that eyewall replacement cycles occur naturally in strong hurricanes, casting doubt on the result of the earlier attempts. Today, it is known that silver iodide seeding is not likely to have an effect because the amount of supercooled water in the rainbands of a tropical cyclone is too low.

Other approaches have been suggested over time, including cooling the water under a tropical cyclone by towing icebergs into the tropical oceans. Other ideas range from covering the ocean in a substance that inhibits evaporation, dropping large quantities of ice into the eye at very early stages of development (so that the latent heat is absorbed by the ice, instead of being converted to kinetic energy that would feed the positive feedback loop), or blasting the cyclone apart with nuclear weapons. Project Cirrus even involved throwing dry ice on a cyclone. These approaches all suffer from the same flaw: tropical cyclones are simply too large for any of them to be practical.
I think that Americans are too honest in a sense. I understand they are honest just because they are born and brought up honest. Most of them live honest.

On the other hand, unfortunately, there is a variety of countries and regions in the world.

Some people are born and brought up dishonest. They mostly live dishonest. Some of them are even hypocrites by nature.

I think that critical tests, such as disaster prevention tests, should be conducted behind closed doors. These tests can be easy targets of sabotage for terrorists.

For example, if a farmer has developed new variety of strawberry and tries to show the strawberry to his customers about the process of growth in the field, malicious rival farmers could hamper the growth of the strawberry by a variety of means including scattering pollutants and pests even at night. Economically speaking, sabotage is cheaper than fair competition.

In these cases, the honest farmers are usually criticized by the third party for the failure.

It's totally unfortunate.

reference Artificial Rain Weather Terrorism Typhoons Are Manipulated
Hurricane Disasters and Economy. Verification of Weather Manipulation (2)
World Trade Center Attacked Twice

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/8/1   #33
Japan's Conspiracy (21-2)

Typhoon and Hurricane

to leaders of nations

to leaders of international organizations

to meteorologists

(particularly, to the secretary general of the United Nations, the US president, the UK prime minister, the Chinese president and the Russian president )

I sincerely hope that nations will conduct large scale research on generation, manipulation and prevention of typhoons and hurricanes immediately. I know for sure that I am not qualified or in a position to ask such an administrative issue.
weather manipulation machine

But things are urgent now. I suffer from weather terrorism. I know many other Japanese are in the same situation. The number of people who are tortured throughout the world is beyond imagination.

I am taking the liberty of asking this sudden request. I believe that the research would benefit your country and your people to a large extent. Things victims including me can do are only to express gratitude. But gratitude to your country can be a great asset for your country for the future.

It has been already clear enough that unusual weather throughout the world is not only the result of global warming but also the result of artificial weather manipulation.

At first, I thought that this kind of weather manipulation was conducted just against some specific individuals or specific areas. I know little about weather system. But I studied meteorology privately a little just in the circumstances in which weather manipulation was carried out. Some data I have may be critical.

As I don't have enough time to summarize it, let me talk about it later.

The reason why I make such a request was already said.

There is a common saying that offense is the best defense. I think that the US keeps a excellent missile defense system just because it has the technology enough to develop an ICBM system. The same thing can be said in the case of a hurricane prevention system.

I believe that some rogue countries have already developed complicated disaster manipulation systems.

I hope that the world community will conduct a research on the generation, manipulation and prevention of disasters such as tropical cyclons, heavy rainfalls, heat waves and dry weathers.

The research can be a double-edged sword for sure. Needless to say, it would be conducted in secret and with great morality.

reference Artificial Rain Weather Terrorism Typhoons Are Manipulated
Hurricane Disasters and Economy. Verification of Weather Manipulation (2)
1993 Kagoshima Flood World Trade Center Attacked Twice

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/8/3   #34
Japan's Conspiracy (22-1)

Japan won World War II.

I was surprised when I knew that Japan was a victorious nation for the Japanese government and for some nationalists. Unconditional surrender was a foregone conclusion for Japan. Unconditional surrender was dissimulation.

As early as World War I, there were events that smelled of conspiracy.

World War I Documentary

Elisabeth of Bavaria (the Austrian queen) and her son Archduke Rudolf (the Crown Prince of Austria) were assassinated in 1898 and in 1889, respectively. Finally, a great battleship with the name of the queen, Kaiserin Elisabeth, had been invited by Japan to a Japanese port at the start of World War I, when Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was assassinated by a Bosnian Serb student on June 28, 1914. Being attacked by the Japanese navy, the battleship Kaiserin Elisabeth blew up itself.

On September 10, 1898, in Geneva, Switzerland, Elisabeth of Bavaria, the Empress consort of Austria and Queen consort of Hungary, was stabbed to death with a needle file by a young anarchist named Luigi Lucheni, in an act of propaganda of the deed. Bleeding to death from a puncture wound to the heart, Elisabeth's last words were "What happened to me?" Reportedly, her assassin had hoped to kill a prince from the House of Orleans and, failing to find him, turned on Elisabeth instead as she was walking along the promenade of Lake Geneva about to board a steamship for Montreux with her lady-of-courtesy, Countess Sztaray. As Lucheni afterward said, "I wanted to kill a royal. It did not matter which one."

At his trial, Luigi Lucheni openly admitted to his crimes, and at the age of 25, was sentenced to life in prison. After his memoirs were confiscated by prison guards, he was found hanged in his cell by his belt, apparently from suicide.

The bodies of Elisabeth's son, Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria, and his mistress were discovered at Mayerling, Rudolf's hunting lodge, in Lower Austria on January 30, 1889.

Before her death in 1989, Empress Zita, widow of the last Austrian emperor, Karl (r. 1916 - 1918), repeated the claim, on March 11, 1983, that the young couple had been murdered as part of a conspiracy to silence Rudolf after he had refused to take part in a French plot to depose his pro-German conservative father and assume the control as a pro-French liberal Austrian emperor.

Elisabeth of Bavaria

Crown Prince of Austria

Upon an urgent message from its homeland, the cruiser "Kaiserin Elisabeth," which was again on the way to a friendship visit to Japan, was turned toward Tsingtau.

After the declaration of war by Japan, German youths became part of the volunteer corps to Tsingtau under Governor Meyer-Waldeck. They fought bravely in isolation, and against violent assaults from the Japanese troops. The crews of the Austrian cruiser "Kaiserin Elisabeth," together with the German gunboat "Jaguar," made a suicidal explosion on November 2, 1914. The beautiful ship, the symbol of friendship, disappeared into the depth of the night sea of Tsingtau.

Japan eliminated imperial families in China and Korea. A conspiracy theory can not be denied in this case.

World War II was thought to be a great success for Japan's next 100 years.

(1) The Meiji Restoration was successful thanks to the support of Western countries. But Japan was afraid of the modernization of other Asian countries. It was a matter of time before other Asian countries caught up with Japan. Japan took advantage of the global confusion during World War II and expanded its battle line. It was expanded toward South America and South Asian countries in the 1950s, Middle East in the 1960s and Africa in the 1990s. Now we can see its battle line at every corner of the world.

(2) the Japanese death toll was 3.1 million, the US death toll was 290,000

On the other hand, the death tolls of Soviet Union, China, Germany, Poland and Indonesia were 23 million, 20 million, 7 million, 5 million and 4 million, respectively. Historically speaking, the number of death tolls does count. The result is just a nominal one. In this sense, Japan might have reached some important goals at the war.

(3) During the war, experiment on human bodies and ethnic cleansing were carried out. Such information is never acquired in the normal circumstances. Inside Japan, some of the nuisance were eliminated through suicidal attacks, battles in Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Saipan and so on. Some were deserted on board the battleship Yamato. Some were given to the Soviet Union as pawns for the security of Japan proper.

This ethnic cleansing enabled Japan to develop rapidly after the war.

(4) Predicting a rapid inflation, the Japanese government spread yen bills to the people and bought property and foreign assets including dollar bills. Government contractors borrowed money from the bank as much as possible and bought up property. They tried to buy up even agricultural land. This is the reason why the occupation forces carried out emancipation of farming land. Nowadays, wealthy politicians and companies are the result of these past tricks.

(5) North Korea is neither a foreign nation nor part of Japan, according to Japanese laws.

North Korea is probably something like an island with many people and with no government or autonomy. Japan may negotiate with a would-be leader of the region. It is easy to go into and come back from the country. Once Japan establishes diplomatic relations with North Korea, it will lose any possibility of recovering it.

(6) Japan believes that it will be able to recover its past territory some day. The US, Australia and other countries know it very well. For ordinary Japanese, immigration to those countries is very difficult.

(7) Both Japanese and German armies were defeated. But there was a difference between their processes of getting on the run. German army was in disorder. But Japanese army withdrew in order with enough time. In Manchuria, Japanese army withdrew quickly leaving ordinary citizens including little babies. The nuisance were handed over to the Soviet Union as pawns for the future cooperation. Japan had enough time to organize local and ethnic underground agent groups before withdrawal. If I had been a army general, I would have organized local underground organizations in foreign countries.

(8) Unit 731

Many former members of Unit 731 became part of the Japanese medical establishment. Some of them became bureaucrats in governments. Dr Masaji Kitano led Japan's largest pharmaceutical company, Green Cross.

Green Cross failed to distribute safe blood to hemophilic patients. Many of them were infected with AIDS. It was a serious human error.

But I suspect that they took advantage of the circumstances for both carrying out perfect human experiment and eliminating the nuisance.

They had the same criminal record.

(9) After the end of WWII, Japan could keep the war regime. Under occupation forces, Japan continued terrorism warfare as well as economic warfare. It bought foreign politicians, police and mass media. Now there are quite a few foreign celebrities who apparently speak in favor of Japan.

(10) The US was surprised at the obedient and peaceful attitude of Japanese. But, in reality, it was natural. Japanese were obedient and peaceful not because they respected Americans, not because they were afraid of Americans, but because they were ordered by the government simply to pretend to be obedient. Some blindly followed the government's order. Some knowingly pretended to be obedient. Nothing has changed.

Even if North Korea returns to the global community, nothing will change in reality as far as the current regime continues.

reference Nepal Earthquake turns out to be another Japan's conspiracy.

The day is the 100th anniversary of the ANZACs' landing on Gallipoli during World War I.

In Papua New Guinea as well as in Turkey, ceremonies are held by Australia, New Zealand and other nations.

The ceremonies are obviously against Japan. And the Japanese government has no patience for their euphoria.

Then Japan has planned an earthquake in Nepal.

In fact, Nepali soldiers fought for the ANZAC forces. Their bravery was significant.

And Japan releases the romantic fantasy film "Cinderella" on the same day.

As usual, there is an ugly pun between the film and the ANZAC celebrations
The Great Hanshin earthquake was a parody which commemorated
the fake suicide of General Anami and also commemorated
the fake surrender of the Japanese government in World War II
The day when cases of AIDS were recognized for the first time
was the day when Japan had signed the Red Cross convention
The date of the implementation of "AIDS prevention Law" marked
the 100th anniversary of the establishment of "Banzai" cheers.
The coincidence epitomizes the character of Japan's conspiracy very well
Government-run Lottery, Final Decisive Battle Scheme
and Manhattan Project (Trinity) were Actually "Trinity"
World War II Was Fake War Alive and Safe, Brutal Japanese soldiers

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/8/10   #35
Japan's Conspiracy (23-1)

Verification of Weather Manipulation (1)

Today is the 62nd anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. I remember that the weather is usually fine on this day. And I looked into weather records in Hiroshima.

In the weather records from 1945 to 1986, I could hardly find any abnormality. But, since 1987, the amount of precipitation has clearly decreased.

How about the weather on August 15th, the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War? It frequently rains on August 15th in Tokyo. The annual Memorial Ceremony for the War Dead is held on this day in Tokyo. But the ceremony is held inside the building such as the Nippon Budokan. But this does not necessarily mean that rainfall is welcome.
Aerosol Crimes

I looked into it further. Finally, I found that it rains more during the bon holiday particularly in Tokyo.

Tokyo is a large metropolis. Keeping nice weather during business period and having rainy days during holidays is cost-effective to a large extent.

In the case of the Emperor's Birthday, December 23rd, it has been conspicuously fine in Tokyo since 1988, when the Emperor Akihito ascended to the throne.

In Okinawa, the weather is usually fine on June 23rd, the Memorial Service Day.

Precipitation Data

These weather manipulations seem to be legal at a glance, but I think it runs counter to the Constitution. The weather belongs to the people. Nobody is allowed to manipulate the weather on his own. In order to do it, special laws and information disclosure are needed.

No matter how many people expect a fine weather, there can be some people who expect a rainfall, for sure.

Not only that, the impact of this weather manipulation can be maximized with maximum volume of energy and chemical agent.

Naturally, it is more cost-effective to inflict damage to its enemy or competitor rather than to enjoy the benefit of manipulating the weather.

The phenomena I mentioned above are yet the tip of the ice berg. I have experienced some terrible and tiny weather manipulations. So, there must be more complicated weather manipulations that are not easily identified.

There can be a variety of weather manipulation requests; public events, bargain sales, concerts, athletic meetings, group tours and so on.

As far as I have known, the weather manipulation has been gradually used for national events, economic benefits and other private purposes. I don't know the exact scale of the manipulation, but I believe that there is a considerable scale of manipulation under the circumstances.

I hate myself for having been too serious about the weather forecast. I have been a simple soul. I now believe that the Meteorological Agency announces the weather forecast after discussing the manipulation effect with the Air Self-Defense Force.

If you want to be a prestigious meteorologist, I suggest that you develop your skill in convincing others of your close-mouthed character and that you set up contacts with the Air Self-Defense Force.

It cannot be denied that this manipulation technology is used for terrorism. Because, I am also the person who has little confidence in controlling the impulse to manipulate the weather for evil purposes.

reference Director of Manhattan Project, Oppenheimer, was Japanese
Verification of Weather Manipulation (2) Landslide Conspiracy
Floods in Bangladesh and Poisoned Curry in Japan Typhoon and Hurricane
Kyoto Protocol, Blatant Lie Rainfall Artificial Rain Typhoons Are Manipulated
Hurricane Japanese Secret Weapons Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/8/13   #36
Japan's Conspiracy (24-1)

Manipulation of Information on the Internet

National power is more exerted overseas than in the country. It happens on the Internet, too. It was not until I criticized the Japanese government that I realized this fact.

In Japan, I clearly feel that there is political interference on the Internet, from major providers to smaller ones. Some free bulletin board providers even took down my bulletin board. It was really a surprise. Major message board providers often delete my threads. But their criteria are uncertain. Deleted threads are probably those that are placed high in search engines and that are inconvenient for the government. Nowadays, people come to a message board not from the top page of the message board but through a search engine. Now that there are quite a few abusive but undeleted comments in some message boards, it is apparent that deleting criteria are biased.
Zeitgeist - The Movie: Federal Reserve

But there is so much more to foreign providers than that. For example, most of the comments I posted on Asian message boards have been deleted at once. I was amazed at their quickness. Even Bangladeshi providers and administrators delete comments criticizing the Japanese government.

What happened to Asian people? Is Japan loved by Asian people? Is Japan respected? Don't Asian people want to hear Japanese scandals?

I was confused. But I finally reached a conclusion, after my comments were deleted. Asian providers take the side of the Japanese government much more than Japanese providers do. Though I don't have much information about Asian Internet systems, let me put some of my hypotheses here.
  1. Among Asian countries, Japan has built Internet network systems in which providers affiliated with the Japanese government censor internet content on behalf of the Japanese government. This is a very tricky manipulation. Postings criticizing other countries are occasionally grave and critical ones. But such censorship is inconspicuous because their number is small.

  2. Japan can use its influence with overseas providers through ODA, investment and Japanese companies. For example, inconvenient comments on message boards can be deleted with a mere telephone call from Japan.

  3. Japan has created complicated human networks also in foreign countries. Japan's foreign ministry officials can call any foreign government officials. Deleting some internet comments is a piece of cake for them.
But censorship is seen not only in Asian countries but also among Western countries. Some Western forum administrators often delete my comments at once and without notice. Some administrators even intimidate me, saying, "Your comments are nonsense." But such message boards share similar themes.

Their themes are related to global warming and environmental issues. What happened? Regular members of such message boards are mostly academic people. Why do they dismiss my comments? Generally speaking, academics are supposed to be tolerant of different opinions. I tried quite a few message boards and I reached a conclusion.
  1. Global warming campaigns fall into two main categories. One is purely academic discussions and another one is seemingly academic discussions used to camouflage some weather manipulation. The latter discussions prevail for sure. They have a lot of financial background.

  2. In search engines, such hypocritical message boards are usually placed higher.

  3. Japan often buy foreign celebrities, scholars and analysts in order to propagate advantageous opinions. Though I remember several cases, let me put one example. In the past, a Japanese tobacco manufacturing company once bought an American analyst, who was finally accused of his inappropriate comments.
I synthesized these hypotheses into another hypothesis.

Kyoto Protocol is an imitative deception camouflaging weather manipulation. Most major environmental disruptions and natural disasters are caused by weather terrorism, though there are some natural environmental changes. This is an amazing hypothesis.

Unfortunately, such camouflaging attitudes are commonly seen in the Japanese society. For example, the president of a Japanese company may assume the chairman of a crime prevention association just to camouflage collusion with gang organizations. The Japanese government may advocate alliance with the U.S., while getting in the way of the US behind the stage. The list goes on and on.

reference Facebook was founded on the 100th anniversary of Japan's decision
of war on Russia in the Russo-Japanese War

Its founder Mark Zuckerberg was born on the 100th anniversary
of the enactment of Japan's first trademark law.
Is media mogul Rupert Murdoch a big gun in the Japanese conspiracy?
Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Japanese Secret Funds to the Russian Revolution
The real truth about the Japanese police system and its psychological espionage
Blatant Conspiracy of the Public Security Intelligence Agency Artificial Rain
2008 Iwate earthquake and Treaty of Lisbon Japanese Red Army Weather Manipulation

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/8/14   #37
Japan's Conspiracy (25-1)

the Baiji Yangtze Dolphin and a seal called Tama-chan in Tokyo

Japan's mass media are often obsessed with something. Although their reports are often blatantly hypocritical, it is difficult to learn about their plots. It is something like outfoxing the foxes.

A few days ago, a media hoopla over a dolphin in Tokyo suddenly came out. I instinctively knew something was up. I have criticized Japanese mass media as a symbol of protest. But now I feel that it is my duty to investigate their plots. That's enough.

Let me bypass specific explanations this time. It would be understandable.

Their Plots In Chronological Order

On July 14, 2002, the only white-finned dolphin in captivity in the world died in Wuhan, China at the approximate age of 24. It was a surprise since the dolphin was normal on the previous day. It is said that dolphins could live to 50 years.

On August 7, 2002, The first sighting of the seal was reported heavily in the Japanese media amid speculation as to whether the normally arctic seal could survive in a Tokyo river during summertime. I remember that I was fed up with the news and that I frequently changed channels.

On August 8, 2007, Liu Qi, BOCOG president, said, "The year ahead is a crucial year for preparation for the Beijing Games. We will carry out the instructions of President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao, and focus fully on preparing and organizing the 2008 Games.

On August 8, 2007, in Internet news in Japan, the US and the UK, the extinction of Yangtze river dolphins was reported with some exaggerations (CNN, BBC). I can't see any related news in Chinese media sites (See Note 4).

On August 8, 2007, extensive media coverage on a dolphin in Tokyo suddenly began. This coverage spree reminded us the coverage on a seal called Tama-chan in 2002.

On August 10, 2007, a Chinese researcher quickly refuted their claim that Yangtze river dolphins were extinct.

At 10:35 AM on August 13, 2007, I posted a question about the Baiji Yangtze Dolphin on the CHINAdaily message board.

At 11:31 AM on August 13, 2007, a report that a dolphin was found dead in Northern Tokyo around 9:40 AM was reported.
Chunichi Newspaper 2007/08/13

イルカの死骸見つかる 東京・新河岸川で

( A dolphin was found dead in Tokyo.)


( A dolphin was found dead in Northern Tokyo around 9:40 AM on August 13, 2007. )

The Yomiuri Shimbun Aug. 14, 2007

Dolphin found dead in Tokyo river

A dolphin, believed to be the same one spotted earlier this month in the Arakawa river in Tokyo, was found dead Monday in an adjoining river in Kita Ward, Tokyo, local officials said. ・・・・・・

Earlier this month, a pacific white-sided dolphin was often spotted in the Arakawa and nearby rivers in Tokyo.
Conclusion (Hypothesis)

Japan has something to do with the extinction of the Baiji Yangtze Dolphin. Japan made up Tama-chan seal hoopla after the death of the only white-finned dolphin in captivity in the world died in China in 2002.

This time, a declaration of the extinction of the Baiji was made up at the very day of celebration in China. This declaration was made by American, British and Chinese researchers as well as British and American reporters. They had been got into Japan's camp.
Japan is good at getting scholars and journalists into its camp. Japan tries to use such people in countries that have little to do with targeted issues. It is very hard to prove that they acted in malice. For that reason, they readily assume the role.
Again, Japan dramatized a discovery of a dolphin in a river in Tokyo. It is familiar sarcasm by the Japanese government. This attitude represents a monomaniac character of Japanese top-officials.

China wanted to refute the claim, but China gave up because it knew that it would play into Japanese hands if it simply refutes in China. So, China refuted only on a Japanese site in Japanese. It was a deliberate policy.

But once I found some conspiracy and made a question on a Chinese message board, a news about the death of a dolphin suddenly came out at 11:31 AM. In addition, it said that the dead dolphin was found at 9:40 AM, earlier than my posting. It is apparent that they made up a cover story.

All I can say is that they are organized monomaniacs.

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  2007/8/16   #38
Japan's Conspiracy (26-1)

Bombing of Train in Russia

On the night of August 13, 2007, an express passenger train was bombed between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Terrorism in Russia smells of Japan's conspiracy. Japan has a persistent pattern of attitudes. Let me make a hypothesis in chronological order once again.


On August 11, 2007, the SCO military maneuvers got underway.
Chinese President Hu Jintao and Russian President Vladimir Putin were going to meet twice the next week, both at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Bishkek, Kyrgystan, and at the SCO joint maneuvers near the Russian Ural city of Chelyabinsk. Security cooperation and joint energy projects were on the agenda. The SCO nations, which include China, Russia, and the four Central Asian nations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, were to sign a "long-term good-neighbor treaty of friendship and cooperation" in Bishkek, aimed at strengthening ties between the SCO nations.
Nevsky Express bombing

St. Petersburg

At 9:38 PM on August 13, 2007, a Russian express passenger train was derailed by an improvised bomb in northwest Russia.
Bomb derails train in northwestern Russia; criminal investigation launched

The CNN Wire: Tuesday Aug 14

The Russian Prosecutor's Office launched a criminal investigation Tuesday after the derailment of a Russian express passenger train by an improvised bomb in the country's northwest.

"The incident happened near the village of Malaya Vishera in the Novgorod region north of Moscow," according to Russian Railways representative Natalya Olegovna Akafyeva. She said the derailment took place around 9:38 p.m. Monday.

Authorities said at least 60 people were injured in the incident, with around 25 still hospitalized. About 1,300 feet (400 meters) of track were destroyed when the train derailed.

Malaya Vishera is located about 300 miles (500 km) northeast of Moscow, or about 100 miles (160 km) southwest of St. Petersburg.
At 7:02 AM on August 14, 2007, the Japanese Cabinet put off the decision about whether the vice minister of defense is dismissed or not. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuhisa Shiozaki and Defense Minister Yuriko Koike cut each other's throats over the issue.
NIKKEI NET at 7:02 AM August 14, 2007

The Japanese Cabinet put off the decision about whether the vice minister of defense is dismissed or not.

Defense Minister Yuriko Koike failed to dismiss Vice Defense Minister Takeaki Moriya. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuhisa Shiozaki and Ms. Koike cut each other's throats over the issue. Finally, the cabinet put off the decision about whether the vice minister of defense is dismissed or not.
On August 14, 2007, Russia suddenly changed its attitude and accepted Japan's aid supply (See Note 4).
nikkansports.com August 14, 2007

Russia suddenly changed its attitude and accepted Japan's aid supply.

Russia had refused to receive Japan's aid supply to Nevelsk in Sakhalin, which had been affected by an earthquake on August 2nd. But, on August 14th, Russia suddenly accepted Japan's aid.
On August 14, 2007, Russia returned Zuisho Maru, a Japanese fishing boat, to Japan (See Note 5).
Hokkaido Newspaper 2:00 PM August 14

Russia returned Zuisho Maru to Japan

On August 14, Russian maritime security authorities returned Zuisho Maru, a Japanese fishing boat, which they had seized on January 21 off the coast of Kunashiri Island.
Since August 14, 2007, President Hu Jintao has paid state visits to Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Kazakhstan.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People's Republic of China 2007/08/07

President Hu Jintao To Visit Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Attend the SCO Summit

At the invitation of President Bakiev of Kyrgyzstan, President Putin of Russia and President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, President Hu Jintao will pay a state visit to Kyrgyzstan, attend the 7th Session of the Council of Heads of States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Bishkek, observe the SCO joint anti-terrorism military exercise in Russia, and pay a state visit to Kazakhstan from August 14 to 18.

Conclusion (Hypothesis)

Japan is a potential enemy of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The formal purpose of the SCO is to fight terrorism. But Japan can't stand their joint exercise because Japan is somehow close to terrorist countries. Russia immediately responded to the bombing of a train. Japan took a precaution on the same day as well. Japan orchestrated a political knockabout in the Ministry of Defense.

Russia immediately made concessions on two pending issues with Japan. It is unusual for a country to dispatch aid without request and to get a refusal.

Mr. Hu Jintao would have felt a chill going down his spine. Most foreign politicians go out to St. Petersburg when they visit Russia.

reference The two fuel trains' collision in North Korea celebrated
the 100th anniversary of the birthday
of "the father of the atomic bomb", J. Robert Oppenheimer
When the Olympic torch arrived at Pyongyang, a train collision occurred in China.
A train was involved in the landslide disaster in Kagoshima 2004 Madrid train bombings
A train collision in China coincided with the death of a former Sudanese president.
The Eschede train disaster in Germany was Japan's conspiracy
in combination with the curry poisoning incident.
7 July 2005 London bombings

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/8/17   #39
Japan's Conspiracy (26-2)

Bombing of Train in Russia (follow-up report)

In the previous posting (26-1), I introduced the news that Russia returned Zuisho Maru, a Japanese fishing boat, to Japan. But Russia again returned another fishing boat to Japan.

Hokkaido Newspaper 2:00 PM August 14

ロシア警備当局 拿捕の瑞祥丸を返還

(Russia returned Zuisho Maru to Japan)


(On August 14, the Russian maritime security authorities returned Zuisho Maru, a Japanese fishing boat, which they seized on January 21 off the coast of Kunashiri Island.)
Shanghai Cooperation

combined maneuvers

Nikkei Newspaper August 16th


(The Japanese Foreign Ministry announced that a Japanese trawler, Hoshin Maru number 88, which had been seized by the Russian maritime security authorities, set sail from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in Russia for Japan.)


Japan seeks release of trawler seized by Russia

TOKYO: Japan said Wednesday it hoped Russia would promptly implement an international maritime tribunal order to free a Japanese fishing trawler it has seized. ・・・・・・・・The Hamburg-based International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea on Monday ordered Russia to free the trawler, Hoshin Maru number 88, on a bond of 285,000 euros (393,000 dollars).
・・・・・・・・・・・・・The two countries have never signed a peace treaty formally ending World War II, as Japan claims four islands off its northern coast which Soviet troops seized days after Tokyo's surrender.


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harakiri aesthetics

We frequently hear the word "suicide bombing" in the news. Even on some TV programs, we occasionally hear this word used as a metaphor.

Japan has a unique philosophy called "harakiri aesthetics". I thought that most Japanese and some pro-Japanese foreigners knew harakiri-related culture well.

But I have recently known that some Japanese and few foreigners understand this philosophy. So, let me explain about the philosophy a little, though it is too much to well-informed Japanese. For some time in the past, I was a typical "ideal Japanese". And I know so well how Japanese bureaucrats feel.
Samurai Seppuku


  1. I think that Vice Defense Minister Takeaki Moriya is an excellent bureaucrat. If I had been him, I would have done the same thing. Mr. Moriya invented the knockabout in the Defense Ministry and the defense minister and the prime minister simply acted and spoke according to the scenario.

  2. The scandal in the defense ministry had an impact on the Japanese politics. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe replaced the defense minister. Shortly after that, the Abe administration lost the Upper House election.

  3. Once again, the leadership of the prime minister is questionable. Was the replacement of the defense minister a failure? Is Prime Minister's leadership in question? The government did need some scapegoat. Then, the vice defense minister, a person in the turmoil, got an idea of resignation.

  4. The important difference between excellent bureaucrats and ordinary bureaucrats begins here. The outgoing vice defense minister thought of the way of resignation as his final, biggest and best contribution to the central government.

    He was obsessed with how to boost the approval rating of the Abe administration. His conclusion was as follows.

    He raises an ugly quarrel with the defense minister about his own dismissal. The minister is calm but cannot control the turmoil. Finally, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe intervenes and makes a courageous decision like a knight on white horse.

  5. There have been quite a many similar cases, but now I remember only one case. It is a political knockabout over the replacement of the then Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka in January 2002. As far as I know, this kind of knockabout began there.

    1. the facts about Ms. Tanaka's dismissal

      From April 2001 to January 2002, Tanaka was the first female foreign minister of Japan, but was fired from the cabinet after making remarks critical of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.

      In September 2001, Ms. Tanaka inadvertently leaked classified information of the US to journalists just after the 9/11 attacks. But Mr. Koizumi failed to dismiss her and the scandal lingered.

      In January 2002, Ms. Tanaka antagonized the then vice foreign minister over the participation of some NGOs to the Afghanistan Reconstruction Conference. She also quarreled with Mr. Suzuki, Chairman of the Lower House Committee on Rules and Administration.

      On January 29th, 2002, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi dismissed all the three persons all together.

      From February 17th to 23rd, 2002, President Bush officially visited Japan, South Korea, and China. He had postponed this visit due to the 9/11 attacks.
      日本は、ブッシュのリップ・サービスの対象でしかなく、アメリカ外交の対象としての位置づけすら与えられていないことが浮き彫りになった。 (Japan was a mere country that deserved lip service for Mr. Bush. It was clear that Japan was never an American diplomatic counterpart.)
    2. the aim of the knockabout replacement

      After the 9/11, some people looked at Japan suspiciously. Mr. Bush finally decided to visit Japan. Japan wanted to avoid a serious debate. Japan tried to convince the Bush administration that there were no alternative prime minister other than Mr. Koizumi.

      Mr. Koizumi replaced problematic politicians and plunged stock prices and his own approval ratings just before President Bush's visit.

      He emphasized a Japan in turmoil. But he absolutely had to avoid people's impression that he made an arrangement for Mr. Bush. So, he staged the political knockabout.

      In Japan, performance of politicians and bureaucrats is always conducted following some scenarios. Those scenarios are made for making arrangement in favor of its counterpart and for letting people feel that Japan never bows to its counterpart. This is the root cause of the elusive politics.

  6. the aim of the knockabout this time

    This time, Defense Minister Yuriko Koike was called to the US and the head of the leading opposition party, the Democratic Party of Japan, Ichiro Ozawa, was called to the US Embassy in Japan.

    The current situation is very similar to the situation in which the then foreign minister was replaced in 2002.

    This time, former Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma was replaced with Yoriko Koike due to a slip of the tongue. The vice defense minister was replaced due to internal bickering.

    This time again, arrangement was made in favor of the US and few people felt that Japan bowed to the US.

    Stock prices fell again. The world would think that Japan is in turmoil and that it could really be a disaster to force Japan into a corner. Japan really hopes so.
    Nikkei shed 874 points on August 17, 2007.
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"I love you." is an artful excuse.

It is natural for a man to say to his girlfriend, "I love you." But, when we think about it carefully, we find that it is a well-made expression. He says it in the present tense. Therefore, however he loved another woman yesterday, or he will love another woman tomorrow, the man will be able to say, "I didn't tell a lie."

On the contrary, if the man once says, "I love you forever," he bears the risk of being accused of telling a lie or betraying his girlfriend.

So, a smart man rarely adds the word "forever".

But, if the man who once said, "I love you forever," changes his mind, loves another woman or gets divorced, what will happen to him?

Naturally, he will be regarded as a betrayer and will lose credibility.

The same thing happens in the social agreement. But, on this point, Japan made a mistake in the past. The mistake is a really serious mistake for some people, but is a major relief to others.
Constitution of Japan

It is Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution (Wikipedia).
Article 9:
Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.
Japan forever renounces war and use of force. If Article 9 of the Constitution is devised as the Abe administration hopes, Japan's credibility will come into question. Then it will be meaningless to read the Constitution carefully, because it can be changed into any kind of Constitution at any time.

But the real problem doesn't stop there. The Japanese military understands the circumstances and orchestrates a conspiracy of dominating the world without the use of force. It can be easier to defend a frontal attack, but not easy to defend a conspiracy in the seamy side of the world, let alone a large-scale conspiracy by a country.

Japanese politicians and mass media make little reference to the issue. Most Japanese are unaware of the conspiracy. The Constitution would be revised in the confusion at the moment, for sure. But, if Japan crosses the line, it would never be able to come back as a leading advanced country.

reference "I love you." is an artful excuse. (2) Definition of Family Origin
Definition of Family Origin (2) Hitler and Japanese Constitution
Japan won World War II.

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Japan's Conspiracy (27-2)

"I love you." is an artful excuse. (2)

In the previous posting, I said that if a man promises his girlfriend he will love her forever, he bears the risk of being accused of telling a lie or betraying her. However, there can be yet some tricky loopholes.
  1. Female helpers can be employed as necessary.

  2. The range of work for the helpers will be decided later.

  3. If neighbor females are in trouble with their household burdens, or in emergency, I can help and support them. I always think about my wife.

  4. Criteria for the help and support are set later.
Politics under the Postwar Constitution

These four clauses above are figurative expressions for part of the constitutional amendment proposed by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (below).
self-defense military

(Article 9: 2) Japan maintains its own self-defense military.
第九条の二 わが国の平和と独立並びに国及び国民の安全を確保するため、内閣総理大臣を最高指揮官とする自衛軍を保持する。

(Article 9: 2-2) Approval of the Diet is necessary for the activities mentioned above.
2 自衛軍は、前項の規定による任務を遂行するための活動を行うにつき、法律の定めるところにより、国会の承認その他の統制に服する。

(Article 9: 2-3) Coordinated activities with other countries
3 自衛軍は、第一項の規定による任務を遂行するための活動のほか、法律の定めるところにより、国際社会の平和と安全を確保するために国際的に協調して行われる活動及び緊急事態における公の秩序を維持し、又は国民の生活若しくは自由を守るための活動を行うことができる。

(Article 9: 2-4) Control and organization
4 前二項に定めるもののほか、自衛軍の組織及び統制に関する事項は、法律で定める。

The constitutional amendment proposal doesn't delete nor revise the war renunciation clause. But it adds some clauses. I compared the political agenda to the agenda of a womanizing man and I put figurative expressions above, because it is easier to read the figurative expressions to understand the major point of the constitutional amendment.

If a man tries to make such a promise to his wife, he will get a slap for sure. It is apparent that these clauses presuppose some romance.

On the contrary, when it comes to the Constitution, things go on smoothly. It's strange.

I've read the amendment proposal carefully for the first time. Mass media rarely show the full text or rarely give an explanation of the amendment. Even in the Internet, it is confusing, because vertically written Japanese context is expressed horizontally on the web site. Some may misunderstand. I think few Japanese understand correctly.

The basic idea for Japan's Constitution and laws is similar to the figurative analogy below.

"Now that I love you in my mind, I never betray you whatever I do."

Once the Constitution is amended in this way, Japan will be able to forge a military alliance as it did with Italy and Germany before World War II.

It's scary.

reference Constitution of India Constitution of Hawaii Public Prosecutor's Act
Russian Constitution Constitution Memorial Center Iranian Constitution

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