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14 June 23rd is the day when the headquarters of the Japanese army in Okinawa finally collapsed. 2007/6/26
14-2 The landslide was the government's conspiracy. 2007/6/27
15-1 Japan's Money Laundering 2007/7/3
15-2 the Japanese Food Production System 2007/7/6
15-4 Latest "Trojan Horses" 2007/7/8
15-5 July 7th 2007/7/10
16 July 14th 2007/7/15
17 Typhoon (Tropical Storm) Man-yi 2007/7/16
18 Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake in July 2007 was Conspiracy. 2007/7/21
18-2 Another Timely Earthquake 2008/1/31
19 Polonium, Peacock and Japan 2007/7/24
19-2 a Nobel laureate and 300 million yen robbery 2007/7/26
20 Japan is a Demon Nation. 2007/7/28
20-1 Bangladesh Flooding and Curry Poisoning in Japan 2007/7/29
20-1B Bangladesh Flooding and Curry Poisoning in Japan 2008/7/27
20-2 Bangladesh Flooding and Curry Poisoning in Japan 2007/7/29
20-3 Bangladesh Flooding and Curry Poisoning in Japan 2007/7/30
20-4 Arsenic poisoning 2007/7/31
20-5 A new typhoon is going to hit Kagoshima City again. 2007/7/31
20-6 This time, the name of the typhoon is "Usagi". 2007/7/31
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  2007/6/26   #14
Japan's Conspiracy (14)

June 23rd is the day when the headquarters of the Japanese army in Okinawa finally collapsed.

June 23rd is the day when the Japanese super commander, Mitsuru Ushijima, committed suicide and the headquarters of the Japanese army finally collapsed. On this day Air-India Flight 182 exploded above the Atlantic Ocean.

This year, things went strange on that day.

U.S. nuclear envoy Christopher Hill left Japan to Pyongyang.

But he ignored the Japanese government. There was no consultation with or notice to the Japanese government. And he returned to Japan on Jun 23, when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was in Okinawa.

Controversy over School Textbooks

The Japanese government and Japanese mass media say that Okinawans are angry about the education ministry's instructions to textbook publishers to modify statements that Okinawa residents were forced by the military into committing mass suicide during the Battle of Okinawa.

But the real issues are not such simple ones. The real problem is that the Japanese government supports terrorists only to retaliate its enemies during World War II including the US. And this process is a very convenient one. Rogue politicians, bureaucrats and merchants actually take advantage of this rotten scheme to the full.
Battle of Okinawa

General Mitsuru Ushijima

Okinawa and Kagoshima

The Japanese super commander, Mr. Ushijima, was born and brought up in Kagoshima. Kagoshima is located in the Southern tip of the Southern proper island of Kyushu. Geographically, this prefecture is the nearest prefecture to Okinawa. Most people in Kagoshima know that they are hated by Okinawans. But they are completely misled. They believe that Okinawans hate people in Kagoshima because of their exploitation of Okinawa's agricultural product during the feudal period. But it is wrong. Okinawans still hate the enforced mass suicide during World War II. Most Okinawans believe that Mr. Ushijima ordered it. But in reality he was also a victim. Everything was ordered by the Tokyo headquarters.

Visit Shuri Castle and you will find the closed entrance of Japanese Army Underground Headquarters behind it. In a different place, there was a Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters. It is one of tourist destinations in Okinawa. But nobody is allowed to step into the Japanese Army Underground Headquarters though it is located beneath Shuri Castle. This blatantly shows that the Japanese government wants tourists not to know that the Japanese army used Shuri Castle as a shield and hoped that the US navy would destroy it completely. Shuri Castle was never useful for shielding Japanese army from bombs and artillery shells just because it was a castle.

There was an important and blatant challenge for the Japanese government. It has never been changed. It is to go "Toward a Beautiful Nation." This is the title of a book published by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. One of the biggest obstacles to this goal is the existence of neighboring dynasties. Japan virtually destroyed Chinese, Korean and Ryukyu Dynasties. But Japan also wanted to destroy their historical relics and their histories. It was apparent that Japanese army intentionally chose Shuri Castle as its shield. In the South China Sea, there were islands suitable for the location of headquarters, such as Taiwan, Amamioshima Island and Tokunoshima Island.

The final battle location between the Japanese and the US armies was not chosen by the US but was chosen by the Japanese government.

The US army usually tries to avoid residential and historical areas for the war target. But Japanese army often take advantage of such areas as shields. They also take advantage of this opportunity for letting their enemies destroy historical relics that they want to destroy.

This is why the entrance of Japanese Army Underground Headquarters is closed. The Japanese government cannot explain why the headquarters were located beneath Shuri Castle.

Their evil didn't stop there. They also wanted Okinawans to be killed by the US army or kill themselves. But in this conspiracy, the Japanese government thought about the future grudge. So, they chose Mr. Ushijima as the super commander in Okinawa. Kagoshima once rebelled against the government. People in Kagoshima was marginalized since them. It was apparent that the government hoped that people in Okinawa and Kagoshima would hate each other.

In Japan strong people often let weak people harass and bully another weak people. They rarely fouls their hands. In addition, they later take advantage of it. They later bully those who bullied others and say that they are the knights in shining armor.

Mr. Abe cannot help laughing at it. His family is included in famous clans that created and originated the modern Japanese government. At that time Okinawa and Kagoshima were their enemies.

Shuri Castle was completely destroyed by the US bombing. As is often seen in the Japanese society, some complicated tricks are used to deceive ordinary citizens. Gang organizations, gang motorcycle riders and Aum Shinrikyo Cult often bully people only to be arrested by the police. They are usually made-up crimes and crackdowns.

The Japanese government let the US navy destroy Shuri Castle and later reconstructed it. The Japanese government is proud of its great contribution to Okinawa though they know the imitation is meaningless as a historical heritage.

"Hate America and thank the Japanese government"

"Hate Kaogoshima and thank Tokyo"

North Korean Abduction Issue

Families of victims who were abducted by North Korea nowadays rarely appear on the TV news. I am always skeptical of their attitude, scenario, the motives of North Korea. For the Japanese government. North Korea always help them in variety of issues.

The world would forget Japanese army's atrocity during World War II, concentrating on Japanese abductees issues.

The world would finally allow the Japanese government to equip itself with nuclear arms, as North Korea has nuclear arms and threaten Japan with the weapons.

The world would finally allow Japan to intervene in the internal affairs of Korean Peninsula.

So far, Japan has been able to do any kinds of illegal and evil activities throughout the world through North Korea. The entry from Japan and to North Korea and vice versa is almost unchecked. The Japanese government has no formal relationship with North Korea. Japan doesn't recognize North Korea. And, for that reason, people who come from North Korea are technically treated as those who come from a desert island.

Miki Nakasone (added on December 19, 2008)

Miki Nakasone is a Japanese popular singer. Particularly in the 1960s she attracted many people. Her name remained at the back of my mind for many years. But her name always reminds me not of her songs but of a scam I was involved in many years ago. The scam was so complicated that I would like to talk about it later. In fact one of the scammers was a local leader of the Nakasone Beauty Salon Chain. He was accused of swindling money from a general contractor on building a school building.

I do not necessarily blame her on his crime, but I want to talk about her birthday. The problem is again the birthday.

The Japanese prime minister is often accompanied by a popular female actor with the same family name. She is used for the purpose of enhancing prime minister's image. Miki Nakasone is one example. I have been wondering if she has something to do with former prime minister Yasuhiro Nakasone. But now I am convinced that they share an important thing, the Olympic Games.

Mr. Nakasone became Minister of Science and chairman of the Japanese Atomic Energy Commission in 1959. The next year, Miki Nakasone made a debut and won the New Artist Award.

Miki Nakasone was born on June 23, 1944. One year later, on the same day, General Ushijima committed ceremonial suicide in Okinawa. I thought Mr. Nakasone asked bureaucrats to look for young female singers with the family name of "Nakasone" who had been born on June 23, 1945. She sang songs of Okinawa. In general, a special person who was born around a particular date is selected (Kyu Sakamoto). And I wondered why Miki Nakasone who had been born one year earlier was chosen.

But the question was solved soon. On her birthday, June 23, 1944, Showashinzan erupted (Wikipedia). I suspected that the eruption of the volcano had been artificially created. Then I examined why it erupted on that day. The answer was easy. Fifty years earlier, on 23 June 1894, at an international congress at the Sorbonne in Paris, Pierre de Coubertin proposed a revival of the ancient Olympic Games. The congress led to the establishment of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), of which he became the general secretary.

Then, how can we explain the consequences? To tell the truth, at the end of the battle of Okinawa, The Japanese Imperial General Headquarters ordered Genereal Ushijima to kill himself. But the Japanese GHQ appointed a particular date for it. He killed himself on June 23 as scheduled. It cannot be denied that, during World War II, Japan was obsessed with France and the Olympic Games. Just for that reason Miki Nakasone, who had been born on June 23, 1944, one year earlier than the end of the Battle of Okinawa, was chosen. Japan and France are really bizzar countries.

Battle Continued until September 7, 1945 (added on September 9, 2009)

In fact, the battle ended on September 7, 1945. Both Ushijima's suicide on June 23, 1945 and the broadcast of the voice of Japan's Emperor Hirohito, on August 15, 1945, which indicated the end of the war were mere ceremonies for people and soldiers who were struggling to survive.

Memorial days in Japan have been created by the government. They never represent the actual conditions of the lives of people.

This is how the history is rewritten.

reference Battle of Okinawa Was Synchronized with Battle of Iwo Jima.
Pearl Harbor Attack Was Parody on Mongol Invasions of Japan
Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Ultimate Goal of Conspiracy

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/6/27   #14(2)
Japan's Conspiracy (14-2)

The landslide was the government's conspiracy.

(a story of coincidence of a political upheaval and disasters in Japan)

Disasters that took place around southern part of Japan on August 6 in 1993 seem to have been a conspiracy.

At 2 pm Friday on that day, I was traveling northbound from Kagoshima Prefecture to Miyazaki Prefecture on Route 10 in Kyushu Island. I was driving my company's car through Ryugamizu district in Northern Kagoshima City.

Of course, I was on business. One of my colleagues was sitting in front with me. A gangster was on the back seat. Everything was unusual at that time.

I knew that the company was having a problem with a criminal syndicate, but I never thought that my boss would order me to deal with the syndicate. We were going to negotiate with the gangster at his office. My boss, however, suddenly told me to pick up another gangster on the way to the office.

Since I hated to act in collusion with gangsters, I persistently refused to do so. I said, "I want to pay my own money to the gangster and ask him to take a taxi." But my boss said to me, "Please do so once and for all."
Somuta Kagoshima City

Ishiki Kagoshima City

(It was the first and the last time that I have ever driven with a gangster in my life.)

I finally agreed with his proposal. I left Kagoshima and drove to Miyazaki Prefecture. I picked up the gangster on the way. He didn't act strangely. I was relieved to some extent.

It was not raining at that moment. Though we had had stormy days on and off for a few months and saw bizarre clouds on that day, I never predicted on that moment that a disaster would occur later.

It began raining soon. It rained off and on. But there was no problem for driving.

But when I came to Ryugamizu district, traffic suddenly started congestion. Route 10 was a double lane road. I remember that cars on both lanes almost stopped. I thought that there might have been a traffic accident on the moment. But it was strange a little bit because cars on the oncoming lane also stopped. It was raining gently. I clearly remember that it was raining only GENTLY because I could open the window. I shouted to the drivers ahead of my car, "Get out of my way! Clear the way! We are in a hurry." Nobody seemed to listen to me. No cars moved. My voice might have been not loud enough. The gangster at the backseat shouted at last in a loud and low voice, "Clear the way!!" Cars on the both lanes began to pull off the road. I drove ahead almost on the centerline between the congested cars.

I had a good reason to shout in a loud voice.

(1) I wanted to part with the gangster as soon as possible. I didn't want to stay at the place for so long.

(2) Those days I was often annoyed by some unknown cars. They often chased my car. Sometimes they interrupted my car. Some cars were vehicles like jeeps. At that moment, I had a hunch that something bad might happen. I decided that I had better leave the site as soon as possible.

I drove through congested cars for about 1 kilometer. Then there were few cars on both the lanes. Suddenly it began to rain torrentially. I couldn't see ahead. Windshield wipers moved in vain. Though visibility was almost zero, I drove at the speed of 30 to 40 kilometers per hour with few cars around us. Suddenly I saw a train moving toward us. Route 10 was a double lane road with a steep cliff on the left side and a bay on the right side. There was a railway between the cliff and Route 10. I shouted, "Look! A train is moving. The railway is full of water. Why doesn't the train driver stop the train? It's dangerous."

I thought that the railway could not withstand the weight of the train and that the train would be derailed and overturned.

I could hardly see ahead while driving. But I could see the left side of the road through the window beside the passenger seat. I knew that the train was overturned later from the TV news.

We arrived at the gangster's office in Miyazaki Prefecture behind schedule. We were surprised at the TV breaking news. We tried to call to the headquarters of our company. But the there was a problem with the telephone connection. We gave up driving back to our office in Kagoshima on that day. Roads to Kagoshima were severed at several places. We stayed at a hotel in Miyazaki. The next day was Saturday. Though our office was closed on Saturday, I drove back to Kagoshima with the colleague. Kagoshima City was devastated by the flood. But I managed to drive the colleague his home.

After giving the colleague a ride home, I was driving on Route 3 to the center area of Kagoshima City around 3 pm on August 7. There was traffic congestion after the flood. Roads were covered with mud. Traffic lights were flashing as usual.

I saw two small police cars. I thought they were just controlling traffic. But, to tell the truth, I had an ominous foresight that something wrong might happen. Those days I often came across bad things when there were policemen.

Suddenly a motorcycle passed at the left side of my car. Its driver knocked my car's hood, shouting something. I could hardly understand what he was saying. I watched him for a while. He got off the motorcycle and began to intimidate me, saying, "Your car trod on my foot." I was struck dumb and watched his face. He stretched his hand into my car, grabbed my necktie and choked me.

I realized that it was not a trifling matter. I listened to him out of my car. He was furious. I tried to stay calm.

I said, "Are you all right? Let's go to see a doctor."

He said, "I don't need to go to see a doctor. You should apologize first."

(I thought it was blackmail. Though it was Saturday, the car I was driving was owned by my company. I knew I had to behave very cautiously.)

There were four policewomen in the two police cars. I asked them to deal with this accident. But they were actually coward and try to leave the site. I felt that things were unusual and asked them about their names and what I should deal with the accident. They said, "Go to the Central Police Station and consult the policeman in charge."

I wondered what they were trying to do without on-the-spot inspection. But I decided to go to the police station to know the intention of the police. The motorcycle rider also went to the police station.

There was a policeman in charge of traffic accident at the first floor of the police station.

The motorcycle rider and I were told to show our driver's certificates and car registrations. I said to the policeman, "This motorcycle rider demands compensation but I can't find any damage on his body or on his motorcycle. He refuses to go to see a doctor." The motorcycle rider simply spoke nonsense.

I again told the rider that, if he wants to get compensation, he must go to see a doctor or show the damage on the motorcycle. I took my car's registration back to the car and returned to the police station. But the rider and the policeman were talking in whispers.

(It was not an unfamiliar scene. When I called the police, policemen often spoke with troublemakers in whispers. I felt that their attitude against troublemakers were almost the same in my case.)

The policeman finally told me to negotiate with him at the lobby of the police station. I argued that doctor's certificate was necessary for an insurance claim.

But the policeman said, "I have never met such a defiant man like you. What a man!" I was the person who really wanted to say the same thing against him.

The rider was in his 20s and the motorcycle was registered at the registration office in Miyazaki Prefecture. Extortionists usually use borrowed vehicles. Car registrations have often nothing to do with his identity. Since the counterpart with whom I had negotiated the day before in Miyazaki had been a gangster, I wondered if the rider had something to do with the gangster. I asked him about the company he worked for. He said he worked for a major electricity company. I doubted his reply because, when there were a lot of blackouts, he should have had no time to ride around the city

When I said that I had several acquaintances in his company, he suddenly changed color and said, "That's good!" and ran away.

After all, I didn't know either if the rider was a phony or if there was a conspiracy among the rider, the gangsters, the police and my company. There was no time for that then.

The next Monday I talked to my boss about events I mentioned before. But nobody showed any interest. Generally speaking, it is very important for a company or a boss to know troubles with gangsters and the police for the future. It should have been much more important because the rider had said he worked for a major electricity company.


(Since then, time has quickly passed. I almost forgot these events. However, recent unusual weather, events and natural disasters including earthquakes have gradually reminded me of my past experiences. Now I am almost skeptic about some coincidences since the end of World War II.)

First of all, rumors around artificial precipitation and carbon dioxide. And then earthquakes.....

Speaking of rainfall, there have been quite a many unusual rainfalls these days. Colors and shapes of clouds are sometimes bizarre. We often have slightly cloudy days, on which it may rain at any moment.

Though I thought I worried too much, I tried to investigate the landslide and flood disasters in Kagoshima that occurred on August 6 in 1993.

I was surprised when I found some web sites relating the first change of government since the end of World War II under Hosokawa administration.

The day just before the disastrous day, long-powerful Liberal Democratic Party regime collapsed.

But I could hardly remember the remarkable political upheaval. This is no wonder, since the disaster blew off most auspicious memories.

I immediately delved into the history around that period. And I finally reached a conclusion that the disasters that had occurred during that period were mostly the result of conspiracies by the Liberal Democratic Party with bureaucrats, the Meteorological Agency, the Self-Defense Forces and the police.

basis of argument for the conspiracy theory

(1) LDP's Miyazawa administration was so unpopular that the collapse of LDP regime was a matter of time. But political tug of wars among political parties made the political drama unpredictable. Nobody would have been surprised the LDP regime collapsed at any moment. Typhoons, long spells of rainy weather and disasters hit southern Kyushu Island one after another. But the 8.6 disaster was the hardest. To make the disaster more serious, it was necessary to keep it raining as long as possible.

(2) We have witnessed quite a many disasters that seem to have been created artificially.

(3) Considering Japan's technical level, it would be less costly and less dangerous for Japan to develop natural disaster weapon systems rather than to develop nuclear weapons. It is no wonder a country should develop such weapon systems. And like nuclear weapons, natural disaster weapon systems need quite a many experiments. Such a country would like to know the limit of the scale of such weapons.

(4) Recently, there are more bizarre events and news in Japan. Most cases seem to have been fabricated by the government, the police and mass media. In the case of large disasters and serious crimes, they seem to make the most of the catastrophes in order to torture their enemies. That can be the reason why I was involved in the disaster so deeply.

(5) Southern Kyushu was the then new prime minister, Mr. Hosokawa's homeland. He worked as a journalist in Kagoshima. The collapse of the LDP's regime was a world breaking news. LDP wanted to disrupt the news within Japan, intimidating their enemies. But LDP didn't want to spread the news worldwide. So, the location of the disasters seems to have been carefully chosen. Mr. Hosokawa would have thought that they got him. Later He resigned his post just after escaping a shelling attack by a gangster.

(6)At Ryugamizu, there was traffic congestion before the landslide for no reason. At first, traffic congestion was created on both lanes though it didn't rain hard enough. Then a train came and stopped. Then, a large scale landslide hit the area where many cars and a train had already stopped. I had a hunch and could get rid of the disaster. It was not very difficult to do so. Why did they stop for no reason?

I now remember the strange move of some group of cars was similar to current stalking cars. At that time I was occasionally harassed by some cars. But I didn't recognize organized stalking vehicles. But now I believe that some of the vehicles were stalkers.

(7) It is now an open secret that the police organize illegal stalkers though they argue that there is no evidence on their illegality.

(8) We often hear some improper words such as "bomb tropical depression" and "weather terrorism" from Japanese mass media.

(9) Nowadays we see more forest fires, floods, unusual earthquakes, large hurricanes and large typhoons throughout the world. Some of them apparently seem to be somewhat artificial.

(10) In 1997, Kyoto Protocol was adopted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But it is somewhat a mystery why Kyoto was chosen as its venue. Japan has been quite reluctant to follow the deal. Maybe Japan intentionally invited the conference. Maybe International community intentionally chose Kyoto for its venue just in order for Japan to stop such conspiracies.

(11) Thanks to the goal set by Kyoto Protocol, there are increasing amount of dry ice available for controlling the weather. Factories try to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission through their chimneys by creating more dry ice. There are more needs for spreading large amount of dry ice into the air.

(12) At some outdoor sports events, we occasionally see some sudden weather changes during the games. It sometimes suddenly begins to rain. Some are natural, but some seem to be unusual.

(13) The events I have experienced were a combination of coincidences. Strangely enough, all the parties such as gangsters, the police, the company and disasters were there. It sounds too bad to be true.

(14) Later I heard some my colleagues say that they predicted the flood, put their old cars near the river and received the insurance after the flood. I could hardly forget their grinning faces. It was unbelievable.

※ These stories were just according to my memory. As I wrote in a hurry, there would be lack of talk. Please excuse me.

I sincerely hope that my story is too much imagination and that there is no conspiracy at all. Nevertheless, if you want to make sure that our world is safe, I would like you to investigate in detail.

I would like related international organizations in the world to realize these facts.

reference In 1993, the arrogant Japanese government bullied regions
of ethnic minorities, manipulating evil combinations of date puns
Weather Terrorism (Summery 1) Hurricane Paranoia Japan
No Difference between the Left Wing and the Right Wing Japanese Red Army
Toyota is pulling the strings of organized stalkers. The Police Show its True Color.
Weather Terrorism Okinawa and Kagoshima the Japanese Food Production System
Corrupt TOYOTA Artificial Eruptions in Japan Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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2007/7/3   #15
Japan's Conspiracy (15-1)

Japan's Money Laundering


Money laundering is a new word for most Japanese, but its idea itself is a familiar one. As far as we can know now, a variety of money laundering has being made in the form of fraud, corruption, embezzlement and bribery since the fourteenth century. Such conspiracy was not only made in the domestic commercial society but also in the foreign trade. And the money laundering was made through the piracy in the East China Sea. Some historians say that they were not Japanese, but their activities apparently were closely connected to the Japanese affairs.
The Failure of Anti-Money Laundering Laws (US)

Even nowadays, you hear that some rogue Chinese and Koreans are said to commit serious crimes in Japan, but most of the cases, their news are just exaggerations and such people were often masterminded by more rogue Japanese.

Since the modern Japanese government was established, the money laundering fraud was developed in both the underground societies and official secret organizations.

Types of Money Laundering

  1. Embezzlement of official money

  2. Handover of official money to criminal organizations

    This kind of practice has been conducted for a long period of time in every society in Japan. Samurai lords, thriving merchants, politicians, police officers, doctors, artists, professors and monks are often known that they have gained their powers and positions with the help of illegal money and criminal organizations.

  3. support for an individual by governments and companies

    In order to glorify the nation and the company, special secret money is spent. For example, in the sports competition, money is often handed over to the athlete's competitors in exchange for making a fixed result or default.

  4. On the face of it, Japan has been ruled under clear rules. For all these strict rules, illegal money flow has been officially tolerated.
I think there are more cases with money laundering. And let me stop here and explain detailed cases later.

reference Japanese Food Production System Sanehiko Yamamoto
Most Japanese companies are virtually controlled by the Japanese government.
Two Men Named Kazuyoshi Miura with Different Kanji Characters Shinginko Tokyo bank
The real truth about the Japanese police system and its psychological espionage
Hitler and Seven Samurai The Kyoto Protocol, a Blatant Lie
Spam Mail and Terror Organizations (2) Spam Mail and Terror Organizations (3)
Cup noodles and Taro Aso Death Merchant Japan's International Strategy
French Revolution, and Contact between Japan and Russia

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/7/6   #16
Japan's Conspiracy (15-2)

the Japanese Food Production System

I feel that there are no food production companies that produce and distribute food in complete compliance with the rules in Japan.

Once we look into the food industry, every kind of fraud can be seen, including false labeling, false ingredients, false origins and false displays of agricultural chemicals.

I am not a professional. But it was not difficult to know the fact. That means that many managers and workers are knowingly engaging in such dubious work. However, they have no sense of guilt at all.

What happens there?

------------Behind the stage, there are traps in common with those in money laundering and organized stalking-----------

1. False food production is forced by the government to some extent.


(1) to increase the number of people who blindly follow the government including the voting in the elections.
Kagoshima green tea

pickled Japanese radish

In Japan traffic regulations are a little bit unique. Usually, the police give silent approval to speeding, up to 10 kph. But this is always at their mercy. For that reason, companies pay money to police-affiliated organizations periodically in order to make sure that their business goes smoothly.

In the food industry, there are similar practices. One of them is false labeling. Although this fraud is a serious crime and betrayal against the consumers, there are no hygienic and diagnostic problems on them.

You may think these frauds are committed by individual immoral managers, but, in reality, most of those frauds are forced by the government. The degree and level of frauds differs case by case.

The real purpose of such illegal abetting is not money making but "the increase of the number of blind followers"

Immoral, even illegal, misdemeanors can be crucial proof for blind obedience.

People who dare to conduct such misdemeanors when they are asked are much more trustworthy than those who simply say that they promise. Sometimes people who promise whatever they do if asked often resist to do illegal things at the last moment.

In most Japanese organizations, workers are several times asked to do such misdemeanors. But the moment is usually a critical one for the workers' future promotion. If a worker shows a smack of anger or reluctance, the boss would regard him or her as a would-be whistleblower or even a traitor. Such a worker usually begins to be harassed not only by bosses, but also by colleagues and even his or her subordinates. Those subordinates are mostly guaranteed for their future promotion by the management behind the stage.

Such workers can't quit the company. They know what happens next. When they go to job interviews at another company, the company's job interviewer always calls to the worker's former company, asking their opinion about them. If the former company says that they don't like him, the worker can never find a new job in Japan.

All the organizations are monolithic under the government in Japan. Economically and seemingly this system works, but it turns out to be a complete debacle as you know.

This kind of conspiracy works very well to maintain the same party's rule for mostly 60 years in Japan in particular. It has deepened the conspiracy network and made the whole society obscure and incomprehensible. Such obscurity also works very well to deceive foreign mass media and politicians.

Related News: Pork Disguised as Ground Beef

Uji Green Tea and Kagoshima Green Tea (added on December 12, 2009)

There have been many cases of origin fraud in my region. But I have been wondering why this kind of unnatural tradition continues. Generally speaking, every kind of fraud ends up in scandals. But this Japanese tradition works very well.

Japanese origin fraud is somewhat opposite. Usually, retailers who sell products of inferior quality try to sell them in the name of other products of high quality. But farmers in Kagoshima try to sell their green tea under the name of Kyoto green tea though Kagoshima green tea is in higher quality. The reason is that there is a government-led discrimination in the market.

Farmers in Kyoto actually rake off some profits from farmers in Kagoshima through this system. However, this system is carefully arranged and naive farmers in the rural areas don't know this trick. And most people are afraid of the consequent purge by the government. But some daredevils complain in the Internet. This taxi driver in Kyoto is one of them.

Pickled Japanese Radish

One day, I saw a pile of cardboard boxes that were printed with "Pickled Hokkaido Radish". I asked the worker why other region's name was printed. The worker said that the Osaka wholesaler ordered them to use the cardboard boxes. Their fraud was somewhat full-fledged.

I complained about the fraud to the people concerned, but everybody turned a deaf ear to my words. But nowadays I have realized that executives in agricultural organizations are puppets of the central government. Their task is to strangle the industry in Kagoshima.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few traitors in my region. For many years, the Tokyo government has changed Kagoshima from the most prosperous region in Kyushu Island into the poorest region.

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  2007/7/8   #18
Japan's Conspiracy (15-4)

Latest "Trojan Horses"

There have been so many news insinuating conspiracy that I can't write all of them. But I pick up some of them.

1. This US petty officer is a Japanese collaborator. When the Japanese government is angry against the US, some US officers commit funny crimes coincidentally.

Usually their families are all Japanese collaborators. Since before World War II, there have been a variety of Japanese collaborators in most countries, particularly the US.

Check the officer's family. But you should know that it is very difficult to find evidence. They are well-prepared.

Behind this case, the victims, the police, doctors, prosecutors, lawyers and judges are also collaborators. some of them are forced and others are willing collaborators.

---JAPAN TODAY----------------

TOKYO — Police arrested a U.S. Navy sailor Thursday on suspicion of attempting to murder a Japanese girl and a woman who were found stabbed in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, in the morning. The 19-year-old petty officer 2nd class, from the frigate USS Gary stationed at the U.S. Navy's Yokosuka base, was taken into custody by police after he was found at a department store in the city at around 11 a.m.


2. These policemen are also Japanese collaborators.

This kind of coincidence is impossible without conspiracy. Sometimes American celebrities fall into such complicated traps. Those conspiracy often occur at the time which is very convenient for the Japanese government.

Al Gore's Live Earth concert in Shanghai on July 7th was a damned occasion for the Japanese government.

Kyoto Protocol has revealed its defect. He has ignored Japan. On the day of the concert, Kyushu Island, one of the nearest islands in the Japanese archipelago to Shanghai, was hit by torrential rain. Somebody might have spread carbon dioxide above the East China Sea as a mockery against the concert.


LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) ! Former Vice President Al Gore¨s son, Albert Gore III, was arrested early Wednesday morning in Orange County, California on suspicion of possessing marijuana and prescription drugs, Jim Amormino of the Orange County Sheriff¨s Department told CNN.


3. Every summer the UK see terrorism.

Radical Islamist cause has nothing to do with the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. The mastermind has something to do with it.

The UK is an obstacle for the Japanese government's dream to rule the world.

(1)Noble British Monarchy

(2)Prevailing English language

(3)Anti-corruption campaign

(4)Pro-developing country attitude

(5)Substantial business and financial control

Those terrorists are the same kind of people I mentioned above.


SOGGY days at Wimbledon, the tinkle of ice-cream vans and now a terrorist plot: a typical summer in Britain. A year after police foiled an alleged plan to blow up ten transatlantic flights, and two years after four suicide bombers killed 52 people in London, two new attacks in the capital and one in Glasgow have pushed the tennis!and the new prime minister!off the front pages. For all their efforts to disrupt the British way of life, such annual conspiracies are instead becoming part of it.


4. The day is very special.

Japan, again, interrupted the UN efforts by launching an irrelevant campaign on the same day.

This time, it was "the seven wonders of the world" campaign. Japan successfully excluded Egypt, Brazil and other poor countries. Japan recommended its "Kiyomizu Shrine" for the wonder. But who knows.

The Japanese government really hope that developing countries continue to lag behind for ever, because its aim is to become the world No.1 country.

I sincerely hope to hear the argument from the people and organizations concerned.

And I also hope that every country will be more careful about these conspiracies. I hope this hypothesis will end up to be just a pipe dream.


MAKE poverty history is a compelling slogan. Halve it by 2015, in contrast, is a measurable commitment. That is the logic behind the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a host of targets in the struggle against global deprivation, disease and illiteracy, set by the world¨s leaders at a United Nations jamboree in 2000.

Quick to spot a resonant date in the calendar, the UN has declared Saturday July 7th as the official halfway point towards these 2015 deadlines.


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2007/7/10   #19
Japan's Conspiracy (15-5)

July 7th

Japan often sticks to the date too much. Even when they go to war, they carefully choose the date that is particularly auspicious for their enemy. This day is celebrated as the Star Festival in China, like Valentine's Day, though it is celebrated according to the lunar calendar.

Of all things, Japan provoked the war against China on July 7, 1937 (Asahi Shimbun). But the cause of the war was unclear. In a war between two countries, it is usually not the case which country's soldier shoots first.
Marco Polo Bridge Incident

But I think the date should be the case. I believe that Japan conspired because they do the same thing this year.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Sino-Japanese War.

The organizers of Live Earth concerts on July 7th hoped that the entire world would hear a crystal clear message: Climate change is the most critical threat facing the planet. Planned by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, Live Earth was the biggest, most mass-marketed show of celebrity activism in history.

I believe he also thought about the Chinese anniversary.

Japan was very busy on that day for the selection of world's seven new wonders. The campaign to find the new wonders was started in 1999 by a Swiss adventurer, Bernard Weber. But Japan supported the campaign with UNESCO behind the stage. You believe it or not, UNESCO used to be a bastion against the US and the UK. Its headquarters are located in Paris. Japan did what they wanted in this organization for a long time. France was a Japanese ally in Indochina area during World War II.

I am surprised that Japan goes all the way like this.

Fronted by former U.S. Vice President and environmental campaigner Al Gore, the concerts was held at eight locations including Shanghai, China on July 7. It was just cloudy there, but, around Shanghai, there were disastrous floods. In addition, there were also floods across the East China Sea in Japanese Kyushu Island. Aso region in Kyushu received more than 400 mm of precipitation from July 6 through July 7.

reference Hong Kong administrator Tung Chee-Hwa was born on the day
when the Battle of Lugou Bridge started
The first sumo wrestling death match was held in Japan
on the 7th day of the 7th month in the 7th year of the Suinin Era
"Seven" means "death" in the Japanese language,
in which "seven" is pronounced "shichi" and "death" is pronounced "shi"
7 July 2005 London bombings July 7, 2007 was a day of warfare.
Epicenter of Conspiracy, "Star Festival Club" Ringo Starr was born on July 7, 1940.
A thoroughly Western style dance hall, Rokumeikan, was completed on July 7, 1883.

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/7/15   #20
Japan's Conspiracy (16)

July 14th

Though I'm not sure why Japanese sticks to something so much, Japan's terrorism has distinctive features. I now remember three factors.
  1. They are obsessed with particular dates.
  2. They try to fabricate the fact through tricky translation.
  3. Convenient new words and phrases are coined by some individual.
On July 14th, a typhoon hit Kagoshima City, where I live. Though I thought it was a weather terrorism, I didn't check the date.

I was surprised, however, when I read an article in the Economist. Nowadays, strangely enough, some articles insinuate some particular dates that have something to do with Japan.

What?? Isn't this day "Paris Festival"? I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew that an attack on the Bastille prison led to the French Revolution. But I didn't think that "Paris Festival" had something to do with the French Revolution.
Bastille Day

Typhoon Man-Yi

You may be confused. I think you have not heard of "Paris Festival". You are right.

Soon, I understood that July 14th was not called as Bastille Day but that Japanese coined a new phrase instead. The new phrase was "Paris Festival", or "Pari-sai" in the Japanese language. But the explanation still didn't make sense to me.

Why was the name of the day changed? Why don't Japanese call the Bastille Day as it is?

Pari-sai Represents Day of French Revolution

I checked Wikipedia.

Wow, Japanese coined the word "Pari-sai" or "Paris Festival" in English. And a mere translator did it and the government and mass media followed. Few Japanese know that "Pari-sai" represents the day of the French Revolution. I used to think that Pari-sai was something like Cannes Film Festival.
I translated part of the Japanese article into an English one

"Pari-sai" is a national holiday, Fete Nationale, that is celebrated on July 14th in France. It originated from the National Foundation Celebration, Fete de la Federation, in 1790, a year after the French Revolution.

And this day is simply called as "Quatorze Juillet (July 14th)" in France and the Japanese translation "Pari-sai" was coined when a movie whose title was "Quatorze Juillet" was translated by some Japanese translator.
Japan promotes a pro-France campaign, tempting the nation to regard France as a beautiful nation with superb food, wine, fashion, movies, music and so on.

The Japanese government always adores France while it bullies most foreign firms very harshly. It praises AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and Renault. On the other hand, Schindler elevator manufacturing company (Switzerland) and Bombardier aircraft manufacturing company (Canada) have been bullied harshly.

Japanese, particularly Japanese women are poor at expressing their love. It is an ordinary way for ordinary Japanese women not to say, "I love you", but to say, "I hate you a lot", when they want to show their love.

They rarely say, "I hate you," against the men they really hate. Far from it, they behave themselves as usual. But this indifference is a clear message of dislike. Japanese women try to attract their favorite men not by acting kindly but by harassing them to draw their attention.

The Japanese diplomacy is very similar to such behaviors.

Japan desperately needs Russian oil and gas. Russia gives a big gift to France. It is a good thing. Japan has to give more surprising gift to Mr. Sarkozy. The typhoon is a good gift for Japan to show its love, envy and anger. I think Japan secretly told the two politicians the time and the place the typhoon hits. Japan believes that they can't tell this to anybody. They are embarrassed and depressed to some extent.

This could bring a great advantage to Japan in the future negotiations. But, in reality, the world has changed and this kind of intimidation and insinuation would not work as Japan expects.

reference The birthday of Deputy Prime Minister of Japan Katsuya Okada is
the 100th anniversary of the day when Matthew C. Perry,
the Commodore of the U.S. Navy, visited Japan (July 14, 1853).
Perry was Japanese descent. They look alike.
So, Okada is probably Perry's Descendant
Baiji Yangtze Dolphin And Seal Called Tama-chan in Tokyo French Revolution And Japan
Napoleon's Secrets Coming of Age Day Japan's First Simultaneous Attacks
Hamid Karzai Tokyo Sky Tree And Tohoku Earthquake

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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2007/7/16   #21
Japan's Conspiracy (17)

Typhoon (Tropical Storm) Man-yi

Japan often sticks to the date too much. Even when they go to war, they carefully choose the date that is particularly auspicious for their enemy. This day is celebrated as the Star Festival in China, like Valentine's Day, though it is celebrated according to the lunar calendar.

Of all things, Japan provoked the war against China on July 7, 1937 (Asahi Shimbun). But the cause of the war was unclear. In a war between two countries, it is usually not the case which country's soldier shoots first.
Typhoon Man-yi

Few Japanese know that the typhoon No.4 is called as typhoon Man-yi in Asian countries. Even if they know any of it, they may think that it is natural for foreigners to call the typhoon in their ways.

They are awfully mistaken.

Since the end of World War II, Asian countries followed American navy rules about how to call typhoons. In Japan typhoons were also called by American women's names, such as Kathleen and Ruth. At that time Americans had major responsibility for the observation of typhoons.

In 1951, Japan restored its virtual independence with San Francisco Peace Treaty. Japan restored its original way of naming typhoons by their yearly numbers though all the other Asian countries continued to follow the American system.

Then, Japan attempted to weaken American influence. But the attempt was almost conspiracy.

1. All the related nations including Japan and the US stop calling typhoons by the American names and agree to introduce the unified name table for the typhoon.

2. The unified name table includes all the languages of participating countries in a fair manner.

In 2000, a treaty for the unified typhoon name table was signed. I now remember that, at that time, I thought it was wonderful. For the first a few months, Japan used unified typhoon names as well as Japanese original typhoon names. But I wondered which way the Japanese government would take at the end.

The end soon came. A few months later, Japan gave up using the unified typhoon name. Since then I have not heard any unified typhoon name in the TV weather forecast program. It is a kind of betrayal.

Other Asian countries may not have known the betrayal. But, even if they knew, they couldn't be helped. The US had already given up their original typhoon naming system, expecting all the countries would use the unified system.

Japan ignores the unified system while other Asian countries use the unified name table that includes even Japanese names. This is none other than a betrayal.

Japanese names that are used in the unified name table

Japan ignores the unified system while other Asian countries use the unified name table that includes even Japanese names. This is none other than a betrayal. This is one example of the reason why Japan is hated by many Asians.

The table includes some Japanese words, such as Tenbin, Usagi, Kanmuri, Koppu, Tokage, Yagi, Kaziki, Kujira, Kompasu, Washi.
That's nothing new. Japan abetted Asian countries to go to war against Western powers during World War II. But Japan's scale of robbery, carnage and rape against Asian countries was no comparison. Comfort women's case is just a tip of the iceberg.

Japan is walking the same path and I believe Japan is resolute for continuing it. This is the reform that Koizumi and Abe talk of. People may begin feeling that Japan smacks of conspiracy. Japan has had it.

reference Russia suspended the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe on July 14, 2007,
when Typhoon Man-Yi landed on the Osumi peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Some political major incidents in Russia coincide
with disasters in Kagoshima, where the editor of this site lives.

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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2007/7/21   #22A
Japan's Conspiracy (18)

2007 July Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake was

First of all, I have to talk about 2007 March Noto earthquake. The following topic will remind you of the conspiracy theory about the earthquake. At that time, I was actually intimidated with an earthquake notice by a Japanese net stalker. Intimidation was nothing new. But an earthquake notice was an unusual one.

2007 July Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake
Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake

  1. Location near Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant

    One of the conspicuous figures related to the nuclear power plant is Toru Hasuike. He was born and brought up in this city. He is the leader of a group of Japanese relatives of people abducted by North Korea. In 1977, He entered the Tokyo Electric Power Company. In 1978, his brother, Kaoru Hasuike, was abducted by North Korean agent. In 2002, he was transferred to Japan Nuclear Fuel as a vice manager of the fuel production department. In 2006, he was promoted to the manager of the nuclear fuel cycle department.

  2. Timing : July 16, 2007 10:13 AM

    North Korea announced that it shut down and sealed off its 5 nuclear facilities including those at Nyongbyon and that it allowed IAEA inspectors to examine them.

  3. Characteristic : A fire broke out at the nuclear power plant.

  4. Conspiracy theories

    1. Japan was isolated and took a beating in the six-country negotiations. The earthquake symbolizes anger and intimidation against North Korea as well as menace to other countries.

    2. Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant has a lot of things with North Korea including abductees' issues and problems around Mangyongbong-92, a mixed passenger-cargo ferry running between Wonsan in North Korea and Niigata. This earthquake is particularly suspicious.

    3. When 2007 Noto earthquake took place on March 25, the adjacent nuclear power plant had already shut down. There was a doubt that it might be a conspiracy.

      This time, there is a possibility that the fire was intentionally set, that the extinction activities were conspicuously slow and that the news coverage was exaggerated.

I have to wonder how long the government intends to continue this funny series of conspiracy.

reference Mino-Owari Earthquake and End of Statue of Liberty Great Kanto Earthquake
Obama's Visit to Iraq and L'Aquila earthquake Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
Chile Earthquake was a conspiracy created by Japan and Fujimori
2008 Iwate earthquake and Treaty of Lisbon 1906 San Francisco earthquake
Northridge Eearthquake and Great Hanshin Earthquake Artificial Earthquakes
2008 Sichuan earthquake 2005 Sumatra Earthquake Meiji Tokyo Earthquake
US-Japan Alliance Talks and Haiti Earthquake 1703 Genroku earthquake

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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2008/1/31   #22B
Japan's Conspiracy (18-2)

Another Timely Earthquake

A quake hit the Noto peninsula on the west coast of Japan's main island of Honshu at 4:33 am (1933 GMT) on January 26, 2008 at a depth of 11 kilometers (seven miles), the agency said, adding there were no reports of casualties and no risk of a tsunami.

Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, who will chair the annual Group of Eight (G8) summit in July, was scheduled to deliver a speech on the same day at the annual gathering of world business and political leaders in Davos.

This earthquake is probably an artificial earthquake that was created for the purpose of distracting people's attention from Mr. Fukuda's speech in case it ended up a failure.
Japanese Prime Minister
Yasuo Fukuda at Davois

A quake hitting the Noto Peninsula

People are already familiar with these kinds of artificial earthquakes in Japan. Media reporters seemed to get turned off.

Japan calls for environmental protection while using its technology for conducting violence behind the stage.

reference Both Prime Minister Fukuda's proposal, "Cool Earth 50" at the Davos conference,
and the Noto Peninsula earthquake were probably parodies which ridiculed
the new President of South Korea Lee Myung-bak

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/7/24   #23
Japan's Conspiracy (19)

Polonium, Peacock and Japan

Japan is a peacock

Because it's a signal to countries of its power, beauty and general good quality and desirability. Japan is saying to any country that might be watching, "Look at us! We are so powerful. We can afford to grow this gigantic ornamental tail. Come and follow me, countries!"

This is just what the Japanese prime minister is saying.

This attitude is almost the same as that of peacocks. It's original sentence is as follows.
Look at the most famous of wasteful traits -- the adult male peacock's tail. This huge, elaborate structure is no use for flying. In fact it hinders him, and makes it easier for predators to catch him. And he has to expend a significant amount of energy just growing the thing. So, in evolutionary terms, why do they do it? Because it's a signal to females of the species of his power, beauty and general good quality and desirability. The peacock is saying to any peahen who might be watching, "Look at me! I'm so powerful, I can afford to grow this gigantic ornamental tail. Come and get me girls!"
Japan's conspiracy is so humongous, stupid and unimaginable that you can't believe it. I understand your objections. Although I am a very sceptical person, I couldn't realize Japan's conspiracy for many years. Some of my acquaintances claimed that there was conspiracy, I often failed to understand the whole perspective.

The following sentence is part of a Japantimes article.
There is another hypothesis. Some speculate that the real beneficiaries of Mr. Litvinenko's death are those who want to see Mr. Putin put on the defensive.
I don't want to talk much about Litvinenko's case. But Japan has hated Mr. Putin. Japan tried to buy not Northern Territories (Kuril islands) but to buy the concession by the then Russian President Yeltsin about the territories' handover to Japan. The Japan's attempt seemed to be almost successful. But the next President Putin suddenly stopped the negotiation.
Who Killed Litvinenko?

Itsu sushi restaurant

Indian Blue Peacock


When Mr. Yeltsin died on April 23. Most countries sent the then leaders of them. But Japan ignored this opportunity. I can't find any articles about who represented Japan and attended the funeral.

Litvinenko was Japanese (added on November 3, 2010)

I'm ashamed to say that I have been completely deceived by Japan's precisely the opposite conspiracy. Though my previous explanation above should be deleted, I want to dare to keep it on this page as it shows the development of my idea. Please forgive the confusion.

Now that the whole story is very long and complicated, let me describe the conclusion here and explain the detailed story later.

First of all, there are two different birthdays about Litvinenko on the internet. Even Google gives two birthdays. But the confusion indicates further conspiracies all the more.

Litvinenko's birthdays related events
birthday (1)
August 30, 1962

(Japanese calendar)
August 1, 1962
■ August 30, 1590
Tokugawa Ieyasu enters Edo Castle.
■ August 1, 1590 (Japanese calendar)
Tokugawa Ieyasu enters Edo Castle.
■ August 30, 1962 (exactly the same day)
The YS11, a turboprop airliner, first flies.
■ August 1, 1962 (exactly the same day: Japanese calendar)
The YS11, a turboprop airliner, first flies.

※ These coincidences happen once in about 25 years.
birthday (2)
December 4, 1962

(Japanese calendar)
November 8, 1962
■ December 4, 794
The Japanese capital is moved to Kyoto (Heian-kyo).
■ November 8, 794 (Japanese calendar)
The Japanese capital is moved to Kyoto (Heian-kyo).
※ This coincidence happens once in about 25 years, too.

In both cases above, Litvinenko's birthdays strongly indicate the actual change of the Japanese capital.

poisoning related events
November 1, 2006

(Japanese calendar)
September 11, 2006
■ November 1, 110
Yamato Takeru goes to war. He was one of the heroes of the emperor's ancestors.
■ November 1, 1966
"Self Defense Forces Day" is established.
■ September 11, 2001
The September 11 attacks take place in the United States.
■ September 11, 1966 (Japanese calendar)
Roman Abramovich is born. He is a Russian oil magnate and the owner of Chelsea Football Club. It is said that he has something to do with Litvinenko's death.

Russia is actually the Tokugawa samurai regime

To tell the truth, the assassination was a Russo-Japanese collaboration. It can be said that the assassination was a mock suicidal assassination just for the purpose of silencing the dissident. Not only the former Soviet Union but also Russia has been controlled by the Tokugawa samurai clan. In fact Both Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev are Japanese.

birthday Vladimir Putin Dmitry Medvedev
August 19 Putin was born on August 19, 1952 in the Japanese calendar. Medvedev was born on August 19, 1965 in the Japanese calendar.

Putin and Medvedev share the same birthday in the Japanese calendar. This makes them all the more suspicious. They probably celebrated the advance of Augustus to Rome. Their detail will be later described.

Suspicious Name of Sushi Restaurant

Though I don't know the origin of the name of the sushi restaurant, "Itsu", the name reminds me of a Japanese word "itsu". I imagine that the policemen who were investigating the crime would first say, "When? (When was he poisoned?)". To tell the truth, "itsu" means "when" in Japanese.

Positive Attitude of British People

At first I was reluctant to investigate this case. The venue was the Japanese sushi restaurant. The location didn't seem to give any advantage to Japan. Instead I thought that the restaurant would suffer some negative implications. But unexpectedly British people were more cheerful. In fact the restaurant was not stirred by the Litvinenko incident. Far from it. The Polonium Restaurant (a Polish restaurant in Sheffield, England, named after a folk band in the late 1970s) experienced increased interest and business as a result of internet searches for the phrase polonium restaurant.

Then I thought that the Japanese government had expected such positive result because of British characters and had prepared the Japanese restaurant for the incident.

reference Putin is Japanese because he is a descendant of Russian Admiral Yevfimy Putyatin.
Putin is well-known for his advanced-level of judo. But his black belt is probably
a parody on the coincidence between his birthday and barcode
Bombing of Train in Russia Japanese Secret Funds to the Russian Revolution
Collusion of France, Russia and Georgia Ainu people and Ethnic Cleansing
St. Louis Olympics 1904 and Russo-Japanese War Vladimir Putin and Funny Japanese Politics
The Russo-Japanese War and Jews Russia is Japan's Precious Friend
Russian Arms Dealer Viktor Bout Stalin and Ringo Starr Stalin's Secrets
Japanese Women around Stalin Japanese passenger on Ocean Liner RMS Titanic
Japan's Conspiracy on Suez Canal and Russian Baltic Fleet
Russian Revolutionary Lenin and Kato Hayabusa Fighter Wing Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/7/26   #24
Japan's Conspiracy (19-2)

a Nobel laureate and 300 million yen robbery

One day, I happened to read a book, " Snow Country", written by Yasunari Kawabata, a Japanese Nobel laureate. But the book was desperately dull and I began to examine his history. His books were written before and during World War II.

When he made a speech at the Nobel Prize award ceremony, the title of his speech was "Beautiful Japan". At that time, this catch phrase was unusual. But this phrase is just what Prime Minister Shinzo Abe talks of.

I couldn't recognize why he was given the prize. But my story ended there.
Drama "300 Million Yen Robbery"

Later, I watched a TV special program about the 300 million yen robbery affair in 1968. I suspected that the incident was a conspiracy. I examined the back ground of the affair. When I read the next morning's newspaper at a newspaper stack in a library, I found that the Nobel Prize was given to Mr. Kawabata on the same day. But I ignored the coincidence. I almost forgot these stories.
Later again, as many suspicious things were around us, I tried to examine the relationship between the two cases. I soon found that the robbery was a conspiracy.

At the Nobel Prize award ceremony, laureates have to wear tailcoat. Mr. Kawabata tried to ignore this tradition by wearing Japanese formal kimono (See Note 3). Until the moment of the ceremony, it was unclear for Japan to be able to see him at the ceremony stage. It was a brinkmanship that the Japanese government often takes.
On receiving the nobel prize for literature in 1968, Yasunari Kawabata appeared before his audience dressed in Kimono, to present (in Japanese) his lecture ‘Myself of Beautiful Japan’. In it he made reference to the classical Japanese poetry of the 12th Century, and the female-penned Heian texts which are to this day regarded as the finest works of Japanese fiction.

He was a staunch traditionalist, his attitude summed up with just two words Inheritance and Preservation. Even in the late sixties, Kawabata had observed the degradation of what he felt was Japan - Distinct, unique and unfaltering in it’s sense of pride as an Island nation set apart from it’s continental and global neighbours.

The Japanese government believed that Sweden would give up. But they also had to prepare for the worst, cancel of the prize. The Japanese government was concerned about the next morning's headline news. I believed that the 300 million yen robbery was a fabrication by the government. The reasons are as follows.

1. The robber pretended to be a policeman. It was easy for a policeman to pretend to be a robber pretending to be a real policeman.

2. The police could not arrest any suspects.

3. A son of a policeman who live near the robbery site killed himself with potassium cyanide. There were some reports that he was the true culprit. But it was also a red herring.

4. There are increasing number of cases in which it is unclear whether the arrested are really culprits or not.

5. This kind of conspiracy represents the Japanese government's attitude very well.

6. The mass media's coverage was unusual. There were such robberies too, but others were ignored.

7. Mr. Kawabata killed himself later, but the reason was unknown. He might have killed himself on a day whose order of number was opposite to the order of the number of his birthday. He killed himself on the 16th day of the 4th month (1972.4.16). He was born on the fourteenth day of the sixth month (1899.6.14).

reference Nobel Prize and Japan's Secret Manipulation of Information on the Internet

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/7/28   #25
Japan's Conspiracy (20)

Japan is a Demon Nation

Floods in Bangladesh and the case of poisoned curry in Japan

A surprising combination has come out. I was stunned.

Bangladeshis have been poisoned with arsenic. At first, I couldn't understand the situation at all. But I gradually recognized the whole perspective.
Floods in Bangladesh image

For almost 30 years, Bangladeshis have been suffering from arsenic-related diseases. It is a man-made disaster. I remember that Americans often told me not to eat fish in the river in the US. But now I don't think it is natural. Who poisoned fish? Is it a community's failure?

Then, I thought about the possibility that Japan had been involved in the poisoning. For the past 20 years, there was only one poisoning case in Japan, as far as I know, : the mass poisoning of people celebrating a festival in Wakayama Prefecture in July 25, 1998. At that time, there was extensive media coverage on this case for quite a long period. I believe that all the Japanese still remember the case even today. The development of the event was extremely unusual and eerie. I checked the date when the poisoning occurred for confirmation. Again, I was astounded.

On that very day, the impact of an unprecedented scale of flooding reached to the peak in Bangladesh, particularly in Dhaka, the Bangladesh capital. Almost two-thirds of the whole nation was flooded. At least 730 people were killed. The number of victims reached more than 20 million. Rivers in Bangladesh are so big that the scale and period is very extensive in general.
Bangladesh floods: rich nations 'must share the blame'

Today, climate modelers are unable to make accurate predictions about such extreme events. But in the short term, they can say that floods are likely to become more frequent, even if not necessarily more severe.

For example, 'once-in-20-year' events, such as the current flood, could occur every five years. This prediction was supported by the fact that such violent floods did not occur 20 years ago (as we might have expected without global warming) but that they had only six years ago in 1998.

Of course, this does not necessarily prove that the flood is due to global warming. But the modelling work of climate scientists does suggest that the frequency of such floods will be much greater in future than in the past. And it means that we need to be better prepared for such floods in future.

Why Bangladesh floods are so bad? (BBC News)
Since then until October, the extensive flooding continued to inundate Bangladesh. During this period, The media hoopla about the arsenic poisoning was unusual in Japan. The suspected woman, TV reporters, the police and juvenile gangs tried to harass and provoke each other. Most Japanese were fed up with watching such funny and stupid news day after day. The suspected woman splashed water against TV reporters several times. But the scene was televised time and time again. Now I believe that the unusual behavior was just an insinuation to the Bangladesh flooding.

This turmoil suddenly ended when she was arrested on October 4, 1998. In Bangladesh, floods began to recede then.

Evidence of Conspiracy

  1. These periods were almost the same.
  2. Both cases had a lot of things to do with arsenic.
  3. The culprit was a woman. In Japan, Ms. Hayashi was arrested. In Bangladesh, the then female prime minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed was arrested this month.
  4. Ms. Hayashi insinuated floods by splashing water against TV reporters.
  5. Curry was poisoned during a summer festival. Rice and curry was the staple diet in Bangladesh. Curry poisoning was just an insinuation.
  6. Weather terrorism and contamination terrorism were combined and seen in both countries.
  7. In Japan, as usual, there was a variety of red herrings.
  8. On August 15, 1975, the then Bangladesh president was assassinated. Sheikh Hasina Wajed was the president's daughter. Ten years later on the same day, Japanese prime minister paid an official visit to Yasukuni Shrine. It was the first official visit by the prime minister since the end of World War II. This day was the 40th anniversary of the end of World War II.
  9. On August 12, 1985, there was a terrible aeroplane accident. But the cause and consequences were suspicious and eerie.
  10. An Indian airplane was exploded in the air by terrorists on June 23, 1985. On that day, Japan held an 40th anniversary of the fall of Okinawa and the suicide of Lieutenant General Ushijima.
  11. On August 20, 2000, a Japanese prime minister visited Bangladesh. He wasted his time visiting the place where the former Bangladesh president was assassinated on August 15, 1985.
I sincerely hope that this hypothesis is just a nightmare. But I am still afraid that they may be the tip of the iceberg.

reference It is obvious that the mass poisoning was carried out
in commemoration of the oldest blood signature in Japan
Poisoner Masumi Hayashi (1) Poisoner Masumi Hayashi (2)
A Mass Poisoning in Japan and the Father of Pakistan.
Mumbai Attacks on "Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Day"

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/7/29   #26
Japan's Conspiracy (20-1)

Japan is a Demon Nation.

Bangladesh Flooding and Curry Poisoning in Japan

I wrote that the then Bangladesh prime minister was Hasina and that Japan's female suspect poisoner was Hayashi Masumi. But these names rang a bell . Their pronunciations were very similar, particularly in Japanese.

Hasina Wajed

Hayashi Masumi

(Hayashi Masumi is called in English as Masumi Hayashi. In Japanese, they put the family name first and then his or her first name.)

That means Masumi Hayashi was ordered to commit the poisoning crime just because she was female and just because her name was similar to the then Bangladesh prime minister.

Flag of Bangladesh

Japanese Rising Sun Flag
In Japan there are quite a many people who engage in secret jobs. They are said to be 100 percent loyal to a special organization. There are many such people around me. They are sometimes three generations such as grandparents, parents and children.

For that reason, it is thought that they are guaranteed to be given special treatment after arrest.

Masumi Hayashi was shot to death.

Though it was really a conspiratory coincidence, but an American photographer who shared the same name was killed in the US on August 17, 2006. Strangely enough, on the same month in the same year, Japanese Masumi Hayashi published her private papers. The title of the book was, "Death Sentence with the Music of 'Silhouette Romance'". This book was published with the wrong title at the wrong time.
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Japan's Conspiracy (20-1B)

Japan is a Demon Nation

July 25 marked the 10th anniversary of the Wakayama festival curry poisonings. I wanted people to remember the Bangladesh disasters. But nowadays there are too many conspiracies.

I read some news for a change of scene. I found an article in which Indian People's Party (BJP) said that blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad were a conspiracy. I was forced to read it with a bitter smile. Nowadays I see the word "conspiracy" frequently. But the anniversary suddenly came to my mind. It was not a coincidence. Japan continues its terrorism. They never give me a break.
Blasts in Bangalore image

Blasts in Bangalore in Southern India on July 25, 2008

Blasts in Ahmedabad in Western India on July 26, 2008

The first naval battle of the First Sino-Japanese War on July 25, 1894

On this day, the Japanese and Chinese warships exchanged fire. The Japanese flagship under the command of Captain Togo Heihachiro was the cruiser Naniwa. Naniwa is the former name of Osaka.

Wakayama is next to Osaka. And I believe that Wakayama was chosen as the venue for the festival curry poisonings in order to commemorate the anniversary of the first naval battle of the First Sino-Japanese War. It may be quite absurd, but Japan often does such strange things.

reference Poisoner Masumi Hayashi (1) Poisoner Masumi Hayashi (2)

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/7/29   #27
Japan's Conspiracy (20-2)

Japan is a Demon Nation.
Bangladesh Flooding and Curry Poisoning in Japan

On February 16, 2000, the suspect, Masumi Hayashi's house was set on fire, burnt down and demolished.

The site is now a garden park. To tell the truth, the site was auctioned off by the community. It seems that the community has arranged the site for gardening.

The progress of the case was very unusual. Hayashi resolutely refused to answer at the court. And, in the first trial, the judge solely expressed general comments that were apparently made for media coverage.
Poisoner Masumi Hayashi
is arrested.


  1. At the summer festival held by the community, 67 people were poisoned and taken to the hospital. Four people including the community leader died at the hospital. It is unusual that the community itself bought the site and enjoys gardening at the site.

  2. Hayashi's house was a critical property for both the prosecutors and the accused with regard to the detected arsenic. They can't avoid being accused of destroying evidence.

  3. The arsonist was later arrested by the police. But the day of the arson was the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Toyota Motor Sales Co. (February 16, 1950 in the Japanese calendar). And the day was January 12 in the Japanese calendar and was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Josei Toda, one of the founders of Soka Gakkai (January 12, 1900 in the Japanese calendar). The Japanese government (including the police and the military) has an odd tradition with regard to the date pun. In addition, it has been discovered, through conspiracy investigation, that Toyota and Soka Gakkai have particular relations with some conspiracies. And the date pun above is still just the tip of the iceberg in their conspiracies.
reference United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice was born on the day
when Komeito, or “Clean Government Party” in Japanese, was founded
by the Buddhist society Soka Gakkai

The crime of Soka Gakkai is said to be constructed
so that it is not told by the people
Poisoner Masumi Hayashi (1) Poisoner Masumi Hayashi (2)

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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  2007/7/30   #28
Japan's Conspiracy (20-3)

Japan is a Demon Nation

Bangladesh Flooding and Curry Poisoning in Japan

<<< Urgent Terrorism Alarm >>>

Unfortunately, this story doesn't stop here. At today's news, a commentator talked about the 1998 Upper House election. Stories come one after another. I am a little tired of writing.

On July 12, 1998, the Liberal Democratic Party suffered a humiliating setback in the Upper House election. The then Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto was forced into a corner. Current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is in almost the same situation.
Bangladesh Floods 1998

On July 25, 1998, there occurred a mass poisoning of people celebrating a festival in Wakayama, Japan. The impact of an unprecedented scale of flooding became decisive in Bangladesh, particularly in Dhaka, the Bangladesh capital. Two-thirds of the whole nation was flooded. At least 730 people were killed. The number of victims was more than 20 million.

On July 30, 1998 the then Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto resigned. He continued to refuse to resign for some time. But the Japanese political circles and mass media were already running toward a political realignment.

The reason for the terrorism alarm

  1. The circumstances around the current Upper House election are very similar to those around the Upper House election in 1998.
  2. Past terrorism in Japan often occurred around a change of government. The timing would be more convenient for the government to evade its responsibility.
  3. In the UK, the US and the Middle East, terrorism is most active from July through September.
  4. So far, my prediction was often accurate. The devil seems to show off its strength.
  5. I live in Kagoshima City. For the past week, Kagoshima City alone was hit by a heat wave with the temperature of 36 degrees Celsius. Considering the past typhoon disaster, I can't help thinking the unusual weather as part of weather terrorism.
  6. I have nothing to do with any politicians. I hope that my suspicion will end up a nightmare.
reference It is obvious that the mass poisoning was carried out
in commemoration of the oldest blood signature in Japan
Poisoner Masumi Hayashi (1) Poisoner Masumi Hayashi (2)
A Mass Poisoning in Japan and the Father of Pakistan.
Mumbai Attacks on "Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Day"

Japan is Demon Nation. Japan's Conspiracy (20) (20-1) (20-1B) (20-2) (20-3)

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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Japan's Conspiracy (20-4)

Arsenic poisoning

BBC News

Arsenic is known best as a deadly poison, although in small doses it does have medical benefits. BBC News Online looks at the workings of the chemical infamous for its deadly effects.

A new typhoon is going to hit Kagoshima City again.

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  2007/7/31   #30
Japan's Conspiracy (20-5)

A new typhoon is going to hit Kagoshima City again.

Details will be posted here later.

Typhoon Usagi storm surge waves, Japan

reference Typhoons Are Manipulated. Hurricane Typhoon and Hurricane
Manipulation of Typhoons Typhoon (Tropical Storm) Man-yi Another September 11th
Weather Terrorism Teresa Teng Ethnic cleansing is the purpose of war.
Ultimate Ethnic Cleansing Disasters and Economy Disaster and Economy (2)
Mt. Pinatubo Eruption was Revenge against US. Typhoon Punishing Parliament Building

to be continued Hypotheses are included.
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Japan's Conspiracy (20-6)

This time, the name of the typhoon is "Usagi".

This name is a Japanese name meaning "rabbit".

This is REUTERS weather forecast 20:36 July 30, 2007.                    

A Rabbit Moving A Cushion

Japanese Preschool
Rabbit Dance Performance

reference Typhoon Man-yi A new typhoon is going to hit Kagoshima City again.
Weather Terrorism

to be continued                    Go to next page Hypotheses are included.

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