May 5 Conspiracy Calendar

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  • 1914 - (birth)"Tyrone Power", American actor.
  • 1982 - Shibugakitai releases their debut single "NAI・NAI 16 (sixteen)".
    Shibugakitai is a Johnny's Entertainment group.

    May 5 was a pun on "April 12, 1981" when Columbia made the first flight. The day was May 5 according to the Japanese traditional calendar. "NAI", which means rejection in Japanese, was a pun on the NASA Astrobiology Institute. And 16, which indicated their age, was a pun on the 16 seconds (the space shuttle needs 16 seconds for the preparation on its launch).

    At T minus 16 seconds, the massive sound suppression system (SPS) begins to drench the Mobile Launcher Platform (MLP) and SRB trenches with 300,000 US gallons (1,100 m3) of water to protect the Orbiter from damage by acoustical energy and rocket exhaust reflected from the flame trench and MLP during liftoff.
  • 1982 - A parcel explodes at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn.
    At the university, a parcel addressed to Patrick Fischer, head of the computer science department, explodes, injuring his secretary, Janet Smith. Fischer is giving a series of lectures in Puerto Rico when the package is forwarded from Pennsylvania State University, where he taught before coming to Nashville. Canceled stamps were used to mail the parcel from Provo, Utah, causing investigators to consider that the bomb may have been intended for LeRoy Bearnson, an electrical engineering professor at Brigham Young University, who is listed as the return address. Later, the bomber was identified as Ted Kaczynski. One injured.
  • 1983 - A Chinese passenger plane is hijacked by 5 men and a woman.
    Two crew are injured.
  • 1984 - Two trains collide with each other in Kobe, Japan.
Japanese Traditional Calendar
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