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Conspiracy CalendarFebruary 11

Establishment of Japan's National Foundation Day

The Japanese government established the national foundation day twice. But the story was very complicated. So, I only put the story in order according to the timeline as follows.

Japanese November 15, 1872 ★The Japanese government proclaims its national foundation day as January 29, 1873.
Gregorian December 15, 1872

Japanese August 23, 1873 ★The Japanese government chnges its national foundation day to February 11, 1874.
Gregorian October 14, 1873

Conspiracy CalendarJanuary 29
Birth and Death of Tersa Teng

Everybody admits that the life of Teresa Teng was full of ups and downs. But the very important historical facts of her life, the birthday and the deathday, obviously insinuated the Empire of Japan. Regrettably, It seems that Teresa Teng was included in the Japanese imperial clan.

Teresa Teng's Birthday
Gregorian December 15, 1872 ★Japan proclaims its national foundation day as January 29, 1873.

Japanese December 15, 1952 ★Japan China Friendship Association of Kyoto is founded.
(birth) Teresa Teng.
Taiwanese singer.

(the 80th anniversary of Japan's national foundation day)
Gregorian January 29, 1953

Teresa Teng's Deathday
Gregorian April 9, 1895 ★(birth) Takatomo Kurosawa, Japanese musician, composer.
His musical research on Bunun music in Taiwan gets a great response from international musicological society.
Gregorian May 8, 1895 ★The Treaty of Shimonoseki takes effect. Taiwan is ceded to Japan.

Japanese April 9, 1995 ★Jacques Chirac is elected president of France.
(death) Teresa Teng,
Taiwanese singer.

(the 100th anniversary of Kurosawa's death)
(the 100th anniversary of Shimonoseki Treaty)
Gregorian May 8, 1995

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