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Conspiracy CalendarJune 4
London 2012 Olympics logo


Vancouver 2010 Olympics logo  

Japanese April 23, 1905 ★The Battle of Tsushima begins.
(Russo-Japanese War, Japanese Navy Day)
Gregorian May 27, 1905
Gregorian April 23, 2005 ★The 2010 Winter Olympics logo is unveiled.
(the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Tsushima)
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penal code
London 2012 Olympics logo

Gregorian April 24, 1907 ★Penal Code is promulgated (Japan).
Japanese (Jun 4 is April 24 in the Japanese calendar)
Gregorian June 4, 1907
Gregorian June 4, 2007 ★The London 2012 Olympics logo is unveiled.
(the 100th anniversary of the promulgation of the Penal Code of Japan.)
Japanese ★Japan accedes to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC).
(the 100th anniversary of the promulgation of the Penal Code of Japan.)
Gregorian July 17, 2007
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Conspiracy CalendarJuly 7

2005 London bombings
(the 100th anniversary of Japan's invasion of Sakhalin)

Gregorian June 5, 1905 German Crown Prince William marries.
Japanese Japan invades Sakhalin (Russo-Japanese War).
Gregorian July 7, 1905

Gregorian March 29, 2005 Northern Sumatra earthquake.
★Junya Hattori, a Japanese rapist, is sentenced to death.
Gregorian April 15, 2005 ★Doraemon anime series begins aring (Japan).
Gregorian May 29, 2005 The French people vote down the proposed EU constitution.
Gregorian June 1, 2005 The Dutch electorate rejects the EU Constitution.
★Paul Wolfowitz becomes the president of the World Bank.
★A skirmish between Japanese and South Korean patrol vessels.
Hebrew March 29, 5765 ★The IOC awards the 2012 Summer Olympics to London.

★The 31st G8 summit is held (Scotland, UK).

★The European Parliament rejects software patent.
Iranian April 15, 1384
Islamic May 29, 1426
Japanese June 1, 2005
Gregorian July 6, 2005
Ethiopian October 29, 1997
Gregorian July 7, 2005 London bombings.
East China Sea joint search and rescue exercise is held.
(the 100th anniversary of Japan's invasion of Sakhalin in the Russo-Japanese War)
Gregorian October 29, 2005 Three bombs explode in Delhi, India, killing 61 people.

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Conspiracy CalendarJuly 27

★(plan) 2012 Summer Olympics is scheduled to be held in London.
(the 100th anniversary of the missing incident of Japanese marathon runner
Shizo Kanakuri in the 1912 Summer Olympics)

Japanese June 15, 1242 ★(death) Hojo Yasutoki, the third shikken (regent) of the Kamakura shogunate.
Koki Japanese June 15, 1902
Gregorian July 14, 1242
Koki Gregorian July 14, 1902

Gregorian June 15, 1902 ★The 20th Century Limited train is inaugurated.
(The Koki 660th anniversary of the death of Hojo Yasutoki)
Gregorian July 14, 1902 St Mark's Campanile in Venice collapses.
(The Koki 660th anniversary of the death of Hojo Yasutoki)
Gregorian July 14, 1912 Japanese marathon runner Shizo Kanakuri disappears in the 1912 Summer Olympics.
(the 10th anniversary of the collapse of St Mark's Campanile)

Gregorian April 11, 2012 Kim Jong-un is elected First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea.
★A legislative election is held in South Korea.
★A magnitude 8.2 earthquake (Sumatra, Indonesia).
★Michoacan earthquake (7.0 magnitude, Mexico).
★The world premiere for The Avengers is held.
Gregorian May 6, 2012 François Hollande is elected President of France.
★A legislative election is held in Greece.
★A communique is adopted in the TICAD meeting.
Gregorian May 8, 2012 Medvedev is appointed Prime Minister of Russia.
Gregorian June 9, 2012 ★Tour de Suisse starts (Lugano, Switzerland).
Old Hindu
April 11, 5113 ★ (plan) Olympics is scheduled to be held in London.

(the 100th anniversary of the missing incident of Japanese marathon runner Shizo Kanakuri in the 1912 Summer Olympics)
Iranian May 6, 1391
Hebrew May 8, 5772
Japanese June 9, 2012
Julian July 14, 2012
Gregorian July 27, 2012

Conspiracy CalendarNovember 11
NPB/ Giants chairman hammered by another team exec
The Asahi Shimbun November 11, 2011

Tsuneo Watanabe, the influential chairman of Japanese professional baseball club Yomiuri Giants, was blasted by another team executive on Nov. 11 for overstepping his authority in appointing the team’s head coach.

Hidetoshi Kiyotake, representative and general manager of Japan’s oldest and the most popular baseball team, revealed the recent feud that has unfolded between himself and Watanabe, who is chairman and editor-in-chief of The Yomiuri Shimbun Holdings, at a Nov. 11 news conference in the press club at the science ministry.

“Watanabe’s statement is not based on the truth,” said Kiyotake, referring to an issue regarding the appointment of the team’s head coach, who is the top assistant to the manager. “Such an act (denying what he initially agreed to) is not something that should be done by the chairman. We cannot let this go because he acted as though Japanese professional baseball and the Giants were his own personal playthings.”

It is highly unusual for baseball team executives to disclose conflicts within their own organizations at a news conference.

The 85-year-old Watanabe has been compared to former New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. Both men were headstrong individuals who controlled the marquee teams in their sport and at times exerted extreme pressure on others in the league in order to benefit their own ballclubs.

Conspiracy CalendarOctober 8
Pope Innocent III
Catholic Encyclopedia

There was scarcely a country in Europe over which Innocent III did not in some way or other assert the supremacy which he claimed for the papacy. He excommunicated Alfonso IX of Leon, for marrying a near relative, Berengaria, a daughter of Alfonso VIII, contrary to the laws of the Church, and effected their separation in 1204. For similar reasons he annulled, in 1208, the marriage of the crown-prince, Alfonso of Portugal, with Urraca, daughter of Alfonso of Castile. From Pedro II of Aragon he received that kingdom in vassalage and crowned him king at Rome in 1204. He prepared a crusade against the Moors and lived to see their power broken in Spain at the battle of Navas de Tolosa, in 1212. He protected the people of Norway against their tyrannical king, Sverri, and after the king's death arbitrated between the two claimants to the Norwegian throne. He mediated between King Emeric of Hungary and his rebellious brother Andrew, sent royal crown and sceptre to King Johannitius of Bulgaria and had his legate crown him king at Tirnovo, in 1204; he restored ecclesiastical discipline in Poland; arbitrated between the two claimants to the royal crown of Sweden; made partly successful attempts to reunite the Greek with the Latin Church and extended his beneficent influence practically over the whole Christian world. Like many preceding popes, Innocent had at heart the recovery of the Holy Land, and for this end undertook the Fourth Crusade. The Venetians had pledged themselves to transport the entire Christian army and to furnish the fleet with provisions for nine months, for 85,000 marks. When the crusaders were unable to pay the sum, the Venetians proposed to bear the financial expenses themselves on condition that the crusaders would first assist them in the conquest of the city of Zara. The crusaders yielded to their demands and the fleet started down the Adriatic on 8 October, 1202. Zara had scarcely been reduced when Alexius Comnenus arrived at the camp of the crusaders and pleaded for their help to replace his father, Isaac Angelus, on the throne of Constantinople from which he had been deposed by his cruel brother Alexius. In return he promised to reunite the Greek with the Latin Church, to add 10,000 soldiers to the ranks of the crusaders, and to contribute money and provisions to the crusade. The Venetians, who saw their own commercial advantage in the taking of Constantinople, induced the crusaders to yield to the prayers of Alexius, and Constantinople was taken by them in 1204. Isaac Angelus was restored to his throne but soon replaced by a usurper. The crusaders took Constantinople a second time on 12 April, 1204, and after a horrible pillage, Baldwin, Count of Flanders, was proclaimed emperor and the Greek Church was united with the Latin. The reunion, as well as the Latin empire in the East, did not last longer than two generations. When Pope Innocent learned that the Venetians had diverted the crusaders from their purpose of conquering the Holy Land he expressed his great dissatisfaction first at their conquest of Zara, and when they proceeded towards Constantinople he solemnly protested and finally excommunicated the Venetians who had caused the digression of the crusaders from their original purpose. Since, however, he could not undo what had been accomplished he did his utmost to destroy the Greek schism and latinize the Eastern Empire.

Conspiracy CalendarFebruary 16
Poisoned curry: accused's home burnt
IOL news February 16 2000

Suspected arsonists on Wednesday burnt down the former home of Masumi Hayashi, a Japanese housewife who is charged with cooking up a poisonous curry that killed four people.

"The fire gutted the first and second floors of the house," said a police official in Wakayama, on Japan's Pacific coast, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Hayashi and her husband Kenji, who has admitted insurance fraud, were arrested months after the curry killings following an investigation involving more than 34 000 police.

"Since no one has lived there since their arrest, we suspect the fire was caused by arson," said the police official, adding that an investigation had been launched.

The home no longer belongs to the couple after being seized by tax authorities last year.

The Osaka regional taxation bureau said in April last year it would auction it off to cover for taxes imposed on their huge undeclared insurance benefits totalling about R14,4-million.

Hayashi is on trial charged with preparing the arsenic-laced curry which killed two children and two adults and made 63 others ill at a community festival in July 1988 in the Sonobe district of Wakayama.

The 38-year-old housewife denies murder and attempted murder charges but she has admitted three counts of health insurance fraud for separate incidents.

Conspiracy CalendarApril 3
Establishment of Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.

In December 1949, Toyota Motor Co. was able to avoid bankruptcy as a result of cooperative financing from several banks, and the banks proposed a rebuilding of Toyota in January 1950. The banks agreed to provide the financing conditioned on dividing the company and establishing a separate sales company.

Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. was established on April 3, 1950 and began operations that June. During this time of free competition, Toyota Motor Co., which was engineering and production oriented, and Toyota Motor Sales Co., which was marketing oriented, exchanged opinions from their respective point of views to create a unique Toyota management foundation based on balanced and appropriate policies.

Conspiracy CalendarMarch 14

(From Bernama The Malaysian National News Agency)

KUALA LUMPUR, March 14 (Bernama) -- A Japanese tugboat was attacked by pirates in the Melaka Strait tonight, a spokesman of the Bukit Aman Police Operations Room confirmed.

He said the incident occurred in Malaysian waters.

"Yes, we have a report but we are unable to give details," he said when contacted by Bernama.

The French news agency, AFP, quoted Noel Choong, regional manager of the Piracy Reporting Centre of the International Maritime Bureau, as saying that the tugboat's crew put out a distress call at 7.20 pm.

"The pirates are on board the boat. We are communicating the details of the attack to the Malaysian marine police so that they can despatch a patrol craft to rescue the crew," he was quoted as saying.

Conspiracy CalendarDecember 27
Ex-Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui arrives in Japan
AccessMyLibrary Asia Africa Intelligence Wire December 27, 2004

Excerpt from report in English by Japanese news agency Kyodo

Nagoya, 27 December: Former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui arrived in Nagoya, central Japan, on Monday [27 December] to begin a week-long trip, a move that has triggered strong protests from China.

Lee, along with his wife Tseng Wen-hui, several other family members and a doctor, arrived at Nagoya airport at 6.45 p.m. [local time] Lee last visited Japan for five days in April 2001 for heart treatment in Okayama Prefecture, western Japan.

He received a single-entry tourist visa last Tuesday from the Japanese government, which says the trip does not violate Japan's promise not to have official contacts with Taiwan as the former president is travelling here as a private citizen, with no political purpose at all.

Conspiracy CalendarDecember 21
Birthday of leader of the Soviet Union Josef Stalin

Although there is an inconsistency among published sources about Stalin's year and date of birth, Iosif Dzhugashvili is found in the records of the Uspensky Church in Gori, Georgia as born on 18 December (Old Style: 6 December) 1878. This birth date is maintained in his School Leaving Certificate, his extensive tsarist Russia police file, a police arrest record from 18 April 1902 which gave his age as 23 years, and all other surviving pre-Revolution documents. As late as 1921, Stalin himself listed his birthday as 18 December 1878 in a curriculum vitae in his own handwriting. However, after his coming to power in 1922, Stalin changed the date to 21 December 1879 (Old Style date 9 December 1879). That became the day his birthday was celebrated in the Soviet Union."Prominent figures". State and Power in Russia. Retrieved 19 July 2008.

On this conspiracy calendar, both birthdays are listed. But the existence of the two different birthdays itself has a profound meaning in the conspiracy.

Probably Stalin's true birthday

December 18, 1878
November 25, 1878 in the Japanese calendar

Stalin's formal birthday

December 21, 1879
November 9, 1879 in the Japanese calendar

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